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Zero built a nest in my navel. Blood too— From violent actions It's a nest belonging to one But zero uses it And its pleasure is its own —from The Quietist. She is the author of more than twenty books of fiction and poetry most recently, One Crossed Out , Books Digital Products Journals. Chapter One I'd speak if I wasn't afraid of inhaling A memory I want to forget Like I trusted the world which wasn't mine The hollyhock in the tall vase is wide awake And feelings are only overcome by fleeing To their opposite.

Moisture and dirt Have entered the space between threshold and floor A lot is my estimate when I step on it Sorrow can be a home to stand on so And see far to: Blue peeps through Sunny boys have spacious souls but killers Build war zones in the sky where they go to die Blue poems.

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A V-sign Sails into the elements: But the ranging, tenacious, conceptual-romantic poet, with his linguistically rich but intellectually rigorous voice, is the same, and tracing that voice through nearly five decades will be one of the many pleasures readers take from this book. His work has been widely anthologised, and has appeared in journals nationally and internationally.

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Between and Wedde was head of art and visual culture at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa; more recently he has been an adjunct senior lecturer in the departments of Art History and English at The University of Auckland and is now an independent curator and critic. Readers Authors Media Booksellers. I am thankful I didn't. There are some of his poems I simply don't get, " since feeling is first who pays any attention to the syntax of things will never wholly kiss you; " It's a stroke of luck that this is the first E.

There are some of his poems I simply don't get, and some it took me very long to decipher. To the untrained eye some of what he writes is absolute gibberish. And some I'm not sure I'll ever train my eye well enough to make sense of, which is why I'm only giving this otherwise amazing book 4 stars.

I don't really dig having my poetry-readings resemble a National Treasure movie. BUT, when I get E. Cummings sometimes more easily than others I love him, and I think his style and his insights are works of genius. I am particularly in love with how he uses the words themselves and these incredible grammatical distortions as living things - not just tools, to make his stories and sentences come to life.

The words - even devoid of meaning - tell a story.

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Every comma, and parenthesis, tells a story. It also struck me how his writing reminded me, in places, of my own.

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Especially when it comes to using parenthesis'. I fucking love a good parenthesis. It is the one grammatical device I am emotionally attached to it has a very special meaning for me. And the way it is used by Cummings is heavenly. So I recommend this book. The style is singular and perhaps you won't like it or understand anything at first, but I beg you to keep going - embrace it - keep your head above the water and swim like hell, you will reach land and it will be worth it.

Dermot Healy Collected Poems Book Launch- 24 July

He had an extraordinary mind and a way with words I am inadvertently taken with. Here, have a few examples, and be convinced!: These don't even begin to touch the variety or beauty and wit of the poems in this book - there's a very wide selection, both in themes and in style, so if you feel you want to get to know E. Cummings a pursuit I can only recommend this is a good place to start. Jan 28, Rikke rated it really liked it Shelves: Just one look at one of his futuristic experiments with syntax and punctuation was more than enough to convince me that he was too difficult for me to read.

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But as it turned out it was silly of me to give up on him. I just needed the right guidance to his authorship which this edition happily provided me with. Though I can't claim to underst " I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance " I have always been a little intimidated by E.

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Though I can't claim to understand all of his poems, I have attained a greater and deeper understanding of his writing and themes. Of course some of the poems can only be defined as cryptic; almost equal to the riddles of the Sphinx, and therefore require a tremendous effort and several careful re-readings. But the thing is, when you finally do understand his use of words, parentheses and fragments, you will be completely overwhelmed by the shining, shimmering and bright magnificence of his writing. I have been frustrated and puzzled, but in the end I mostly felt grateful.

Grateful that I made the effort and took the time to let the words speak for themselves. Cummings had a peculiar way with words and even punctuation. There is not one letter or even a single comma that doesn't have a significant meaning. Even the use of 'i' instead of 'I' holds a great purpose. And also, I would like to add that E. Cummings probably wrote some of the most beautiful love poems of all-time. Soft and delicate with a sincere tone of wholeness. Just read 'somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond" and you'll see.

I believe that poem is capable of melting any heart. Apr 19, Rowena rated it really liked it Shelves: Another collection I wish I could give 5 stars to. Cummings was truly a wordsmith and I was in awe by several of his beautiful poems. View all 7 comments. Apr 12, Karin rated it did not like it Shelves: Such a disappointment, since there are moments of poetic brilliance scattered here and there and it is evident he was a brilliant man. If I owned this copy, I'd have highlighted them so that I could share some of those gems.

This is the first time I have read a collection of his poems--hitherto I've just read one here or there and usually liked those. True, e e cummings was doing new things with poetry, but I have read better poets, or at least poets I liked better, who were also brilliant. Also Such a disappointment, since there are moments of poetic brilliance scattered here and there and it is evident he was a brilliant man. Also, to be honest, some of the sections were things I never like, such as a long section of satirical poetry and a section of erotica.

But my chief problem was because in his exploration of new poetry techniques some got overused and often distracted from his point more than helped, even though as someone who spent a great deal of time in poetry for a number of years way back well before the internet I could see those points. I will also admit that when I ordered this book from the library I wrote ee cummings in a brain fart when I wanted to read Ogden Nash--two very different poets. I have never read a collection of Ogden Nash, either, and am not sure how that will go when I someday do that, but hopefully better.

View all 6 comments. Jun 17, Peycho Kanev rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, he gave us the perfect line: He was more modern than the modern poets today. Yes, that's the truth. And, of course he was wonderful painter, artist.

Selected Poems

What else do we need? In times when almost everyone wrote like they wrote years ago he showed us that there is another way to put the lines, another way to go at the subject; you can just cut it in half and to hell with it. One of the best avant-gard poets and he was guarding his style with his mass Well, he gave us the perfect line: One of the best avant-gard poets and he was guarding his style with his massive work, you know.

So read, you all, Edward Estlin Cummings, just to know that there is still some beauty in the poetry today; that not all of it is academic and dry as bacon.

Selected Poems of Fanny Howe by Fanny Howe - Paperback - University of California Press

Until the next book, until the next Word! View all 8 comments. Jun 17, hayden rated it really liked it. Dec 28, Anima rated it it was amazing. Reading this collection was like watching an impressive fireworks show! The greatest moments of excitement did not come instantaneously at the first encounter with the poems —it took me some time to see beautiful images and feel vibrations of meanings penetrating my heart. So much delight to spend some time inside!

To me, the most beau Reading this collection was like watching an impressive fireworks show! To me, the most beautiful poem from the entire collection is the one for his mother from whom he inherited his poetic gift "if there are any heavens my mother will all by herself have one. Aug 18, Malak Alrashed rated it really liked it Shelves: I got to know E.