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Stoici Antichi: A Cura Di Margherita Isnardi Parente Margherita Isnardi Parente : EPUB

Postmetaphysical pondering is, within the first position, the historic solution to the problem of metaphysics following Hegel, while the critical metaphysical figures of concept started to totter less than the strain exerted by way of social advancements and by means of advancements inside of technological know-how. Extra resources for Come essere stoici: Cristiano ingegno of the Mondo Creato 5. But what is the necessity, at this date, for so much animosity against the Latin poet?

But an equally harsh attack is aimed at the man responsible for spreading the contagion of Epicurean impiety through his translation of the DRN: Now, it is clear from the Adamo that just as in his opinion Tasso successfully replaced the Latin Lucretius, Campailla takes on the task of rebuking the new, invigorated Italian Lucretius of Marchetti. It should be noted that, according to Emanuele Zinato, the Introduction was written under the direct control of Campailla himself.

Stoici Antichi: A Cura Di Margherita Isnardi Parente pdf

In a perceptive reading of the Adamo, Emanuele Zinato suggests that we see the poem as an instance of the Freudian return of the repressed, where the attacks on Marchetti and Lucretius, as well as the ostentatiously pious finale are in fact a dissimulating cover for what is ultimately a fully atomistic and Lucretian view of the Universe. Campailla, che voglia portargli le mie somme congratulazioni, specialmente pel suo poema.

Lucretius is praised, but so are Polignac and his Italian translator, Ricci. However, there is no evidence of a deliberate deception on the part of Campailla. Campailla was in many respects ahead of his time: His contemporaries — Ludovico Antonio Muratori and Berkeley among others — appreciated his doctrine. His cultural background, as testified by his works, was vast: Percorsi dei Lumi e anti-illuministi in Italia fra settecento e novecento, , Napoli, Edizioni scientifiche italiane, , pp.

The poem had a second edition: Siracusa, Pulejo Regio, On George Berkeley and Campailla: On atomism and scientific advancement in the 16th and 17th centuries: Teorie e pratiche scientifiche dal Rinascimento a Newton, Roma, Carocci, ; id.

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Elements, principles, and Corpuscles: La natura e la scienza, pp. Zinato, Epica della scienza, pp. However the dynamic between the two opposite models as templates for a new didactic epic is never more significant or more evidently at play than in Marchetti himself, the belated purveyor of the dreaded Italian Lucretius. In other words, when the Italian Lucretius appeared, it was permeated in language and style by the Christian one.

There is one further twist to this seemingly endless string of Italian and Christian Lucretiuses. Del terrestre paradiso libri tre Roma, per Gio. Battista Molo, and the unfinished Filosofia morale: Del terrestre paradiso is published in Ardissino, Poemi biblici del Seicento.

Stoici Antichi: A Cura Di Margherita Isnardi Parente

Contesto europeo e analisi interna di una traduzione. Saccenti, Lucrezio in Toscana p.

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Besides his scientific and philosophical activity, Marchetti wrote poetry all his life. Twenty years after translating Lucretius56, he turned again to didactic poetry, this time to compose his own philosophical poem. He never went further than the proem57, which he nonetheless circulated among friends and admirers, including Menzini One was Maria Selvaggia Borghini, a Pisan noblewoman and poet. Di nuovo date in luce da Antonio Bulifon. In Napoli Presso Antonio Bulifon , pp. A cura di C.

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Tommasi Moreschini, Morcelliana, Brescia, Morcelliana, Neo-Latin and vernacular poets from the 15th and 16th centuries regularly deployed it: In so doing, Marchetti bowed to the Italian Catholic code of Lucretian appropriation and disavowed his own earlier bold attempt to disrupt the dissimulatory code through a real translation of the poem on the nature of things. The impression is strengthened by the dedication of the unfinished new poem — to the Catholic King of France, Louis XIV — and by the particular request for help expressed to God: Almo spirto di Dio, te solo invoco: In reclaiming a role for his new poem in the fight against heresy, Marchetti was in a way making amends for his alleged role in advancing atheism through his translation of the DRN.

Translating the DRN had been a lifelong source of pride, ambition and disillusionment for Marchetti In around , when he tried the alternative course of the Christian didactic poem, he had given up for good on publishing his translation Saccenti, Lucrezio in Toscana, p.

When the former Jesuit Raffaele Pastore set out to publish his own vernacular translation of the DRN, in , almost a century after Marchetti69, he strived to buttress his work foreseeing probable attacks The title — La filosofia della natura di Tito Lucrezio Caro: Translation and confutation go hand in hand: In other words, Pastore was re-applying the centuries-old ways of neutralizing Lucretius in Italy: Il governo della lettura: The book is of great help in reconstructing the fate of Lucretius in the 18th century see Index ad v.