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May 14, L rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Box Car Children are alive and well and their book covers have been updated and refreshed. These will always have a place in libraries for beginning readers and those that struggle - this particular installment is a Jersey Shore tale close to the hearts of our audiences. Feb 10, Sandybear76 rated it liked it Shelves: The Aldens are at the ocean visiting a friend of Grandfather's. The friend recently bought a amusement pier on the boardwalk but things kept breaking down on the amusement rides and items going missing.

Dec 03, Stacie rated it really liked it. People are sabotaging the pier carnival. I mean seriously, why don't the adults get other adults involved. Why is it always the kids solving this stuff? My son 7 loved this story. He was so excited to find out whodunnit.

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He was partially correct. I must say, I enjoy reading with him.

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  4. His mind is quite curious. Nov 25, Allyssa rated it it was amazing. I liked the part where the boxcar children found out who had been trying ruin the amusement pier. Cori rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Remster A Bingham rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Lars Rumpf rated it it was ok Feb 04, Hannah Watkins rated it really liked it May 28, Melissa rated it liked it Jun 04, Andy rated it really liked it Sep 12, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Rachel rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Sarah Rencienna rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Ellyce rated it did not like it Oct 13, Christy rated it really liked it Sep 08, Samantha rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Brielle Nickole rated it really liked it Apr 07, Lyssa Wolf rated it really liked it Oct 25, Carissa rated it liked it Jun 06, Ian rated it it was amazing Jun 10, Justin Ellenwood rated it really liked it Sep 13, Tomas Hajek rated it really liked it Jun 24, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

    About Gertrude Chandler Warner. Her family included a sister, Frances, and a brother, John. Benny becomes a page to the Silver Knight, a top suspect when the valuable antique sword used in the fair goes missing. But the pompous King Richard, who ts to forget that he's an actor and not a real king, seems to think the sword belongs to him. And the beautiful Princess Annabel may also have something to hide.

    The Boardwalk Mystery

    Can the Boxcar Children find the sword and solve the mystery before the fair moves on to Silver City? But it's not fun and games when the other stores at Crossroads mall are robbed. What's more, letters are disappearing from the sign in front of the shopping center! Nobody knows why a famous photographer visited the inn just to take a single picture. And what about the other legary guest-a heroic young stranger who'd come west on an "orphan train?

    The Vanishing Passenger The famous mystery writer, Gilbert Finch, is coming to Greenfield to speak at the library, and the Aldens can't wait to meet him. When they go with Grandfather to pick Finch up at the train station, he is nowhere to be found. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny need to solve this mystery quickly. The Giant Yo-Yo Mystery The Aldens are helping one of Grandfather's friends break a world record by building the world's largest yo-yo!

    As they help with the projectm strange things begin to happen. First someone follows them, and then the plans for the yo-yo turn up missing. Someone is trying to sabotage the yo-yo before it's launched! It seems there are a few people in Greenfield who don't want this yo-yo completed. The Boxcar Children will piece the evidence together to get to the bottom of this mystery. Amy rents cabins to tourists who hope to see the mysterious underwater creature, the Ogopogo, swimming in the lake.

    Works (161)

    Henry, Jesse, Violet, and Benny can't wait to try to spot the Ogopogo from their cabin. Amy tells the children about a riddle that an old friend left for her in one of the cabins that could lead to a small treasure. As the riddle starts to unfold, strange things start to happen around the lake. Something is moving around in the water late at night, and someone doesn't want the Aldens helping Amy. Will the Boxcar Children crack the riddle before it's too late? The largest attraction this year will be the popular Greenfield Four.

    A big-time music producer is going to be in the crowd to catch the show, and Greenfield residents hope their favorite local group will be famous soon. The day before the show, The Greenfield Four arrive at the rehearsal hall to find all of their instruments missing! The band insists that they won't play without them, and now it's up to the Boxcar Children to find the instruments before the show.

    Who would want to sabotage the band's big show? Does someone want to steal the Greenfield Four's spotlight, or is the theft an act of revenge? The Aldens are on the case in this music festival mystery. Violet notices that the mask looks like a Native American mask that she had read about. When the children go to the library to learn more about the mask, they discover that they have found an old Native American mask from the Hopi tribe. When the children learn there will be an Intertribal Pow-Wow at the park over the weekend, they plan to deliver the mask to its rightful owners.

    A strange man is following them around, and an antique dealer is looking for more than her fair share at the Boxcar yard sale. When the mask is stolen from their garage, the Aldens vow to find it before the weekend Pow-Wow. But with such little evidence, will they be able to find the mask in time? On their first day of sightseeing, they start the day at the Hungry Heart Diner where a mystery falls right into their laps!

    Benny finds a riddle taped to the bottom of their table. What does the riddle mean, and where will it take them? When the first riddle leads the children to another riddle, the Boxcar Children begin to wonder how this Seattle puzzle came to them. As each riddle brings the children to a new part of Seattle, the children try to piece the clues together. Where will the final riddle lead them? She tells the children that she has tickets for them to see a mystery play at the Trap-Door Theater. Each day at rehearsal something strange has happened to the front-row seat once occupied by the benefactor-popcorn all over the floor, an old costume laid out, a spotlight shining on her empty seat.

    Is the benefactor's ghost haunting the theater, or is one of Elmford's living residents up to no good? But they're not the only ones on the trail for clues! When several of the treasure boxes go missing, the game is ruined for everyone. Who would steal the boxes-and why? A Horse named Dragon The Aldens are spending a week at the Dare to Dream Ranch, a rescue ranch that takes in horses whose owners can no longer care for them.

    The children help with chores, and Jessie is thrilled to be looking after a beautiful horse named Dragon. But when two of the oldest horses are missing from the pasture, a mystery begins to unfold-why would someone want to steal two old, sick horses? Then Dragon disappears, too, and the children discover that one of the horses has paint on its coat. Just what's going on at the ranch, anyway? The Great Detective Race The local radio station is putting on the Great Detective Race, where contestants must solve riddles and search all over Greenfield for clues leading to the grand prize! One of the prizes would make a perfect gift for Mrs.

    MacGregor, so the Aldens sign up for the contest. Soon they're following the riddles' clues all over town. But when some of the clues turn out to be fake, it's clear that someone is playing unfairly. Could another contestant in the Great Detective Race be trying to stop the Boxcar Children from winning? The children love to eat popcorn in the car and watch movies under the stars. Then, late at night, a ghost is seen walking around the empty grounds of the drive-in!

    Could the old theater be haunted? They work hard to water and weed and take care of the fruits and vegetables that are growing. How could that be happening? When the children hunt for clues they discover amazing things, like a stone path whose pieces fit together into a jigsaw puzzle! But soon the children begin to suspect that there's a mystery inside the mystery.

    They read about a similar puzzle in one of their new Detective Club books, and they meet a woman who looks eerily like the bride in the old wedding photo.

    The Boardwalk Mystery | The Boxcar Children

    Just who is behind this spy game? The Dog Gone Mystery When a new dog obedience business opens in Greenfield, the Aldens decide to enroll Watch for a refresher course. At the first class a Dalmatian goes missing, and everyone wonders if the dog ran away or was stolen. But when a malamute disappears at the second class, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny know they have a mystery on their hands. Could the thief be the class's instructor, the Dalmatian's owner, the dog groomer, or the owner with the very obedient dog?

    Hudson, a local author who is best known for his novel about a vampire. But rumors of a real vampire are going around town - a vampire who haunts the graveyard behind Mr. But since vampires don't exist, the children soon realize that someone must be trying to scare people away from Greenfield! Who brought the old legend back to life - and why? Superstar Watch A big Hollywood agent wants Watch to appear in a commercial for a new kind of dog food! Even though Watch seems to love the food on-camera, he won't touch it at home.

    Someone at the studio has been switching the brand and the Aldens must find out the truth behind the cover-up.

    Об этом товаре

    Should Watch still do the commercial even though he doesn't like the product? The Spy In The Bleachers While helping out at Cogwheel Stadium as the Clayton Cogs try to win the pennant, the Alden kids look for the spy on the other team who is apparently stealing the Cogs' pitcher's signals. A camera crew is following the Aldens around the city of Philadelphia as they compete with another brother-and-sister team in a search for clues. The search isn't easy, though, especially when someone has tampered with the Aldens' map and stolen one of Benny's treasures!

    Why is their team being sabotaged? The Pumpkin Head Mystery This fall-flavored adventure for the Boxcar Children takes the Aldens to a New England farm that has more than its share of strange occurrences. Every year at the Beckett farm, visitors come to buy pumpkins and go on hayrides, but this year something is haunting the old place - a mysterious specter with a glowing pumpkin head that warns guests to stay away! It's up to the Aldens to find out who - or what - is behind the scare. The Cupcake Caper It's a delicious new mystery with the Boxcar Children as they help catch a cupcake thief!

    Mama Tova's shop in Greenfield is so famous that every day, people line up around the block to buy her cupcakes. But when someone breaks into her kitchen, it's clear that her secret recipe is in danger. The Aldens follow the suspects to a bake-off where they must find the culprit using their mystery-solving skills - and their taste buds, too!

    The Clue in the Recycling Bin The Alden siblings volunteer at the local recycling center, where they find plenty of things that can be reused, but when the center is vandalized, they must investigate to solve the mystery The Clue in the Recycling Bin. Monkey Trouble While spending two days touring a zoo to see the baby animals, the four Alden children, aged six to fourteen, help catch an escaped monkey, participate in a photography contest, and investigate a missing camera.

    Boxcar Children #5: Mike's Mystery - Book Review

    As the signs of zombie attacks start to mount, the Boxcar Children recruit the help of a reporter and some locals. But is someone hiding information? Or should the Boxcar Children really be afraid of things that go bump in the night? The Great Turkey Heist A new restaurant is opening up in Greenfield, and the Aldens are first in line to help the owner start up a food pantry. They do everything they can to collect donations, from putting up signs to offering a free Thanksgiving dinner for the whole town, but someone keeps moving the signs and even steals the giant turkey that was meant for the dinner.

    The clock is ticking to get it back, but never fear, the Boxcar Children are on the case. The Garden Thief Grandfather's friend, Mr. Yee, has broken his arm and can't tend to his beloved vegetable plot in the community garden. The Alden children gladly offer their services to help him with his prize-winning veggies. But they soon learn something mysterious is afoot at the community garden. Vegetables go missing, and it appears someone is intentionally vandalizing the garden plots.

    Luckily for the local community gardeners, the Boxcar Children are on the case! The Boardwalk Mystery The Aldens are visiting the New Jersey shore and enjoying the beach and the boardwalk attractions. A family friend has just bought an amusement pier, and the children are excited to help out. But there are rumors that the rides aren't safe, and someone has stolen a zombie from the haunted house! Can the Boxcar Children find out what's behind all the trouble?

    Mystery of the Fallen Treasure On their trip to Oregon, the Aldens are excited to find out that Watch has the right skills to be a search and rescue dog! When they start training him in the woods one of the first things he "rescues" is a backpack filled with valuable jewelry--and it fell out of a plane!

    How could that have happened? When the children try to return the backpack to its owner, the mystery becomes even deeper! The Return of the Graveyard Ghost One stormy afternoon, the Aldens take a shortcut through the Greenfield Cemetery and discover a strange local superstition! According to legend, it's good luck to leave presents in a certain spot in the cemetery--and bad luck to anyone who doesn't. But since there's no such thing as ghosts, there must be a reason for this weird tradition.

    The Boxcar Children are determined to find out what it is. Mystery of the Stolen Snowboard' The winter sports season is here, and the Aldens are excited about all the snow activities--especially snowboarding! But soon they find themselves in the middle of a mystery surrounding a star athlete and a stolen snowboard! But when horses disappear and other pranks threaten to ruin the Wild West show, the Boxcar Children must find out who's the varmint causing all the trouble!

    The Mystery of the Soccer Snitch Jessie's soccer teammate Kayla is such a talented player that she's invited to be the mascot at an International soccer tournament in Brazil! But then an anonymous letter arrives insisting she doesn't deserve to have the honor. Who is trying to ruin Kayla's reputation?

    The Boxcar Children must find out! The old library is about to be torn down. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Boxcar Children Mysteries LibraryThing has 43 suggested works for this series. Related series Boxcar Children. The Alden Family Mysteries. The Boxcar Children Mysteries Specials. How do series work? Villanueva 1 , ablachly 1 , judy 1 , Talbin 1 , dmckeen 1 , michaelhehir 1 , tarpfarmer 1 , chinatowne 1.

    Series by cover 1—7 of next show all. The Boxcar Children Beginning: Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Mystery Ranch by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Mike's Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Schoolhouse Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Caboose Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner.