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Vengeance is Mine (Alexandra Hunter Novels Book 1)

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Sergeant Richard was entrusted Genies help a bandit recover a golden arrow, which will show that he is the heir to the sultan's kingdom. In , in Cornwall, a group of locals discover an underwater city, dating back to , that hides a society of smugglers and aquatic creatures. Outlaw Matt Ringo escapes prison and wants to co-opt his former outlaw brother Billy into robbing a Wells Fargo money shipment, but Billy has gone straight, the town Marshal is Wyatt Earp, and the Clinton gang wants in on the deal.

A newspaper editor in a small agricultural town finds himself going against the people in the town when he gets involved in the plight of the area's fruit pickers, who are mostly Mexican. An army major, himself guilty of cowardice, is asked to recommend soldiers for the Congressional Medal of Honor during the Mexican Border Incursion of San Francisco debutante, Jessica Poole, is marrying Napa Valley cattle rancher, Roger Henderson, and hopes her peripatetic father, "Pogo" Poole, whom she hasn't seen for years, comes to the In , an Allied hospital-ship is sunk by the Japanese in the South-Pacific where a nurse and a Marine become marooned on an island abandoned by natives.

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In a small western town, the local sheriff is looking forward to his upcoming marriage to young Lucy McLaine. The sheriff's old flame Joana, who owns a saloon, is disappointed by sheriff Durango's choice to marry Lucy but wishes him luck. Durango is in town shopping for a nice wedding dress for Lucy. Lucy's parents have sold their big cattle herd for a large sum of money in order to provide Lucy with a nice dowry. The news of the cattle sale doesn't go unnoticed in the community. As a result, four masked armed riders show up at the McLaine farm demanding the money meant to be Lucy's dowry.

When Lucy's parents refuse to fork over the hidden cash, the masked robbers get rough with Lucy and they shoot the farm foreman in the arm. Fearful for Lucy's safety, her mother offers to show the bandits where the cash is hidden inside the house. Unfortunately, Lucy's father unmasks one of the robbers and recognizes him. Unwilling to leave witnesses behind, the robbers kill every member of the If you are a fan of spaghetti westerns, and you're not expecting epic Sergio Leone stuff, you probably will be pleasantly surprised by this little film.

It has a great cast, good direction, an easy to follow story with a good twist in the end. Not to mention a powerful and quite emotional soundtrack theme that suits the quite melodramatic story perfectly. Tab Hunter, does an exceptional job playing the sheriff, whose revenge is among the dirtiest in the genre.

Also worth mentioning is Erika Blanc's performance, adding spice to the story. Do not miss this one if you are a fan of Italian westerns. I hope it will see the light of day on DVD one day, it really deserves better than remaining obscure. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Watch This Week's Trailer Trailer. Los mejores spaghetti westerns de la historia.

Share this Rating Title: Vengeance Is My Forgiveness 5. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Learn more More Like This. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention pantera sex shifters authors sexy romance shifter main men mate magic storyline waiting scenes ivy women laura wildlands steamy alpha.

Swagbucks Book Club - Meet the Author: Chapter 4

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I received the first two books as part of a 99 cent bundle recently purchased. Because of the way the two writers handle the main plot, you kind of have to get the others to know how it progresses. Fair warning, though - the story is not over when you get to the end of book 6. Very clever on their part.

Yes, I will be getting the next books just so I can get to the end of the thing. The heroes are all very hot, very sexy and very horny. I do like the idea of a man who can transform into something fearsome. The women were also very hot and very independent which made for some rather interesting developments considering the men were all very much alpha in personality. The authors have created a fascinating world of magic and intrigue. The lore behind the story seems to be well thought out. I also like the way they carried the same plotline all the way through all six books, although I must admit to being just a bit annoyed at finding that book 6 wasn't the end but then that gives me more chances to revisit this world with future books.

There is a lot of rough language in here that I wasn't too thrilled with, thus the 4 star rating versus a 5. I personally don't think that kind of offensive language helps to tell the story or is even necessary in the vocabulary of the main characters except for an occasional utterance but that's just my personal preference and I was able to look past it and enjoy the books in spite of it. I do recommend this series. Modern day setting, unique in that it takes place near New Orleans in the Bayou fancy name for swamp, but it does sound prettier. This is 6 whirlwhind romance erotica tales where the man is a shapechanger to a cougar.

The short stories take place in the same small community, one after the next, building on a larger plotline. Good writing and plots but way too rushed hurry hurry feeling. Every story ends on an annoying cliffhanger, including the last one, and while there is an over reaching plot with nasty super villains, we never learn much and our heros are never allowed to make forward progress. The romances themselves are pleasant reads. My biggest complaint is to the overarching plot, which involves the super villains murdering all unborn babies of this shapechanger community.

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  • They've killed all shapechanger babies for the last 50 years. Throughout this book, there is one lady pregnant with a shapechanger child, and her child is perpetually on the verge of dying. The authors seem okay leaving her in limbo to perpetuate the motivation for how "boy meets girl", but I was really bothered the nasty background theme of unwillingly imposed infertility and killing babies. The only draw back of this set is the on a couple of them we are left hanging. I mean they really end abruptly and we're left wondering uh what?

    Vengeance is Mine

    Its a good set and enjoyed the stories. So, thats my only issue.

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    • Thank God that didnt happen in the Box Set 2. Raphael- He is a suit or a better word is a diplomat of the Pantera Shifters. He's the head guy pretty much as far as the diplomats go. Anyways, he recently spent the night with a woman who is human. She draws him and he craves her like no other. He goes back to the bar to see if she comes back However, he smells somehting different about her. She is carrying a Pantera cub He kinda goes crazy and tries to convince her what he is and that shes not safe anywhere but the Wildlands.

      Although Ashe has no real memory just flashes which she thought were dreams about what happened. The best sex ever. She later finds she is pregnant and her drunk mother whom she takes care of tosses her out and calls her an unsavory name. So, Raphael does track her to a crappy motel and there starts their adventure. She thinks he's nuts She's a firm believer now. Its a huge deal she is pregnant because theres been a curse for the last 50 years.

      Nobody has been able to have a child or carry to term. She's pretty special but someone wants to stop her from having the baby by killing her. This is the start to the series. Various characters that you just love and laugh at. Parish- I have to say he's kinda my favorite. He's a hunter and the leader of the Hunters. He's the boss man. He's really sexy and really in touch with his puma.

      He's sorta a follow orders and take what I want in the process type of guy. Its kinda cute and funny. He's tasked with bringing a Doctor back to the Wildlands for Ashe. He does technically talk to her and she is intrigued by him for some reason. Anyways when he gets her back.

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      He's in trouble with Raphael and some of the Nurturers. He did break the law in taking her. She really freaks out when she wakes up. It takes a lot of convincing to what she is seeing and believing it is real. She really really likes Parish He sure knows how to please a woman. Unfortunately someone attacks Ashe and she is in a sort of coma. The baby is ok and technically she is but something is trying to take over. Also, there seems to be some traitors among them.

      Pretend You're Safe

      Parish lives in a cave However, he's leaving his cave days behind and building him and Julia a new home because they are so in love and are mates. Bayon- This one was interesting. Parish's sister Keira isnt so dead. She was supposedly killed 25 years ago. Keira was older than Bayon all those years ago. They live a long time so 25 years isn't all that much in their lifespan. They are mates but she felt he was too young and inexperienced to be mated that young.

      Seduction audiobook by Lora Leigh

      So, they mostly fought. Then she disappears and thought dead. So, he's sorta freaked he found her. She wants to only be around him to get her bearings. Not even her brother Parish knows shes alive. She cant remember a whole lot and she needs time to remember things. She basically knows her name and shes Pantera. It slowly comes to her along with her connection to Bayon.

      Its a sweet story actually. They continue to investigate her kidnapping and Ashe is still not responding.

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      He's a nurturer who is having trouble controlling his cat. So, he sees Isi who is a voodoun who has figured out how to help him by putting Malachite into his piercings and tats. Now he is tasked to bring Isi to the Wildlands she seems to be Ashe's only hope. Protect and educate and keep in line the Pantera.

      Genevieve is wanting to be an Elder one day. So, she been tasked to accompany Jean-Baptist to investigate Isi. She is very uptight and I mean the pants button up shirts to the chin. Tightly wound for sure. She hides her figure but he knows under all that there is something about her and she's incredibly hot. He's drawn to her and they BOTH are gagging for it. When they finally come together after all the dancing around on her part I might add its explosive!

      However, things arent all that great because Genny's really mission is to KEEP Isi out of the Wildlands because the Elders think she is going to kill the Wildlands because of some stupid prophecy. She is incredibly naive and oblivious to whats going around her. SHe is so tunnel vision about becoming an Elder she doesnt realize they are wrong about Isi. She sees for herself that it is a possibility and finally comes to her senses and accepts Jean-Baptist as her mate Talon- Isi was brought to the Wildlands in Jean-Baptist's story against her will Anyways, reason she doesnt like it here is because it seriously makes her ill.

      ANyways, as she spends time there with Ashe However, the rumor is that Isi is this evil thing that is going to destroy the Wildlands completely. Raphael has put her under his protection becasue she is helping Ashe get better. Turns out that Isi and Ashe are twins. Isi is a little freaked cause shes always been on her own. Didnt have the opportunities her sister had Isi is skeptical about letting anyone in.

      So, she is put in Talon's home to stay Coming back for a mission he is informed by Raphael that he is to protect her and watch over Isi which pisses him off. Once he sees her though She freaks a little and hellooo sexual chemistry party of 2. Talon is very untrusting when it comes to Isi. He's listened to everyone that she cant be trusted. Calls her evil even which actually really stings. He's realizing that she's his mate because literally him touching her or even being close or holding her shes like all better.

      Isi and Ashe are twins and their father was Chayton their previous Shamen. The story continues and we do find out that Isi's blood actually is healing the lands not killing them. We only find that out because the Elders take her and try to sacrifice her. Xavier- He's the geek The brilliant computer guy and does an awesome job of it. He's been tasked to watching over Amalie while her brother Aristide is in quarantine with Isi. Amalie is in love with Xavier and has been for 10 years.