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All over the world people are creating new ones. And so I decided to include this in the book, along with the Tarot Garden in Tuscany, and Walden Pond in America, and the dazzling Temples of Humankind at Damanhur, which were built inside a mountain in Italy in secret during the s. But then it happened — the turning of the coin, the inevitable revelation of the shadow.

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I was not prepared for this moment, which came when I decided to write a section on the Ganges as a sacred landscape, and there it was: She spoke of the way, with the increasing affluence of India, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims are contributing to the degradation of the environment at the source of the river high up at the Gangotri glacier. Here is the problem: A few statistics convey the size of the ecological footprints involved: Our desire to visit sacred places has resulted in the creation of yet another industry that is pushing us all to the brink of environmental collapse. How can we honour these concepts and respect the Earth at the same time?

In the Sikh scriptures, an attempt is made to curb acts of pilgrimage, with the guru Granth Sahib saying: The Guru has shown me the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage within my own heart, where I now take my cleansing bath. More sad news came from him, but hopeful news too — of the land the Kogi have been able to reclaim as a result of the publicity they received. Slowly a picture began to emerge that, like any relationship, our interaction with sacred sites can either be harmful or beneficial, depending on the awareness brought to the relationship.

However, thanks to grassroots initiatives, it is now being cleared of ordnance and reforested, and is becoming a place of pilgrimage and ritual once more.

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Spiritual care and concern can effect real change. Manufacturer warranty may not apply Learn more about Amazon Global Store.

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Loving Gaia - Earth Healing Meditation - tools for ascension by Wolfgang

Please try again later. Kathy Bornino has thoroughly reviewed great scientific and spiritual texts and translated them in to a meaningful book to help clarify many socioeconomic and political factions in the world.

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Her dedication to personal and world peace is very evident. Many people feel helpless and hopeless to change the violence and pain in the world. Bornino empowers us to use powerful healing practices to bring peace to ourselves and send that healing energy to those who need assistance. Imaging peace and well being for the people of the Earth and our beautiful Blue Planet!

New PDF release: Armchair Travel to Heal the Planet

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world or simply wants to bring love and compassion to an area of suffering. One person found this helpful. Kathy Bornino shows her readers how to move beyond the distressed helplessness we all feel when we consider the political and natural tragedies that plague our planet.

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We may not have sufficient time or the money to fittingly contribute to relief efforts everywhere, but with this book, we still can support healing and conflict resolution through a process of meditative imaging, which Bornino labels "armchair travel. And change is happening. Women in Liberia band together to hold insistent prayer vigils that bring warring parties to the negotiating table. Thich Nhat Hahn spreads healing by teaching the value of meditating for peace and doing simple imagery exercises for healing.

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Rwandans are now learning that through the positive use of imagery in the media, violence abates. Imagery has power for the receiver as well as the sender. Instead of feeling greatly distressed after listening to the nightly news, 'armchair travelers' learn to respond constructively, generating positive physiological conditions in their own bodies such as health-enhancing heart waves and brain waves, which correlate with improved immune response, lowered blood pressure, cholesterol and stress hormones and better mood. Readers may still choose to become activists by supporting relief efforts in causes that touch their hearts, but will be in better shape to do so after reading this inspiring book.

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