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Do you retain all of your clients during difficult economic environments? Do you have time to meet with clients and prospects while properly managing the details of your practice? Do you have systems that maximize efficiency and allow you to work smarter, not harder and less? Do you have a multi-million dollar system? Since , we have been helping financial advisors increase their revenue, improve client services and maximize office efficiency. Through our 2-Day Financial Advisor Boot Camps, we have helped thousands of financial advisors sharpen every aspect of their financial planning practice and approach.

All attendees will learn some very powerful, time-tested systems and ideas, including: Immediate changes you can make to dramatically increase your revenue. Proven techniques to increase your assets under management. You see, after nearly a quarter of a century in the business, working hard and building a financial planning business…. We were pulling into the parking lot behind my office building.

I was shaking inside, scared to death, but trying to appear calm. And after two decades of marriage, Beth could see right through my show of casual bravado. All I could think was how I was letting her down. As I parked, I noticed two men toiling away in the summer heat, tending to the landscaping. I found myself wondering If I could manage a side job, to try and keep us afloat financially. Holding hands, we walked down the hallway to our meeting with my soon to be ex-business partner, and the small army of lawyers who were going to complete the buy-back of his share of the financial planning business I had started almost a decade before.

Was this actually happening? Yes, it was all too real.

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That meant ALL our personal assets would be on the line. It had to be done. It was the only way to save my practice, and try to maintain security for my family. I took a deep breath, grabbed the pen and signed. It was so incredibly hard. Taking Beth the papers to sign was the worst moment of my life. She was so overwhelmed, she could barely sign her name.

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Her Hands Were Shaking…. And at that moment, the fear in her eyes was like an arrow piercing my soul. How could I have let myself and my family down this way? Where was there to turn?


I felt a surge of desperation as I hit rock bottom. Ironically, it is often in moments when we are tested to the extreme, that the greatest clarity can also occur. In that split second, I made the most important decision of my business life. It was my responsibility, and mine alone. There was no time for self-pity or licking my wounds. I set my course to start with a fresh slate. I was determined to learn everything I needed to know about building a profitable advisor business, without losing my soul, my mind, or my family.

In the following months, I invested in working with the best coaches I could find. At first, it was an uphill battle. It was like a life-saving breath of fresh air. Slowly, methodically, as I turned my attention to smart marketing strategies and innovative techniques, I saw a pattern emerging. I discovered new gems of wisdom, that when applied produced profound changes. I experienced bigger, more consistent results with less effort. I had to have predictable results. There had to be repeatable and reliable systems that worked consistently over and over again, and that others could easily duplicate.

So I tested, tweaked, refined, honed, polished, redefined and tested some more. Strategies producing results were explored even further and refined for optimum profitability. At first, I used this goldmine of knowledge to power up my business.

The most tangible result? By God's grace, almost half a million dollars paid in full, while growing my business, taking care of my staff and day to day obligations, and maintaining an excellent quality of life for my family. There was more time for my family, friends, and faith. We became closer, and happier in the process.

2 Day Sandler Boot Camp

They started asking questions, and I started sharing the strategies I was using. The more I helped them, the more I knew how important this was to every financial advisor. I knew I had a calling and a duty to share it with you. Boot Camp always sells out fast! Want a consistently steady flow of pre-qualified, ideal prospects?

Financially Fit Boot Camp Week 4: Find your financial advisor.

This immediately launches you miles ahead of your competitors. How to systematically attract your ideal affluent prospect and stay aligned with the successful business you deserve. No more blood sucking vampire clients! Scientific Secrets of the Affluent: Dig deep into the latest research on the affluent population and leverage it to find, attract, and close more right-fit clients. It goes without saying, these techniques must only be used for GOOD. They are that powerful. Understanding this ONE thing you can easily give them is essential.

These simple, yet powerful, engagement and influence principles will ensure you turn your ideal prospects into appreciative clients. This is like adding rocket fuel to every other strategy you implement. Just a crazy idea to start up a practice that catered only to millionaires. Scott is the real deal.

Estate Planning Bootcamp for Financial Advisors, Session 5, Vid. 5/8

YES you should attend! Because this is what can happen next. Boot Camp Breakthrough Case Study 3: We are now on track to double our business every 3 years.

MEI Bootcamps

Now more than ever, the economy is a potential roller coaster. Advisors who are still stuck in a rut, doing things the old way are rapidly lumped into commoditization, which is the kiss of death for your business. Instead, create unique client experiences that position you as a leader so your business will thrive! Sound unbelievable and counter-intuitive? I can assure you, this works like gangbusters when strategically implemented.

I guarantee this will knock your socks off! In a few simple steps, your team will methodically attract and cater to clients so well, your clients will be thrilled and loyal. Activate the 5 keys to upgrade your clients so you make and KEEP more revenue from every single ideal client. This is just one of the ways you work less and make MORE! My Step Client Retention System: You really can pick and choose exactly who you want to work with.

Stealth Strategies For Client Appreciation: Imagine having an enthusiastic team working in unison to increase your success. They do it consistently, willingly, and effectively. An important measure of your success is a business that may even run better without you.

David Clemenko (Author of Boot Camp for Financial Advisors)

Not when you implement these proven strategies! Using this system will make that process easy to accomplish. The Power Of Rituals: These daily and weekly rituals bring meaning to your staff, and keep every person on your team focused on consistently putting more money in YOUR pocket. The psychology of this is powerful and effective! Curing The Productivity Virus: How to zero in on the 1 productivity destroyer in your office AND banish it forever.

This one thing is like a contagious virus spreading negativity, lack of motivation, and apathy in your office and must be removed! The FOUR motivators every staff person strives for. This is the greatest gift you can give your team. They will go the distance and beyond for you once you have this established. It was better than any industry meeting in the last 20 years. It might have been the best meeting I ever attended in terms of practical, relevant and applicable material I could use immediately to enhance our marketing.

Even better, Scott tells us exactly what to say: Scott gave me a very specific practice roadmap to identify my Target Niches and the exact language to attract and get prospects to action. There are some key points you were probably taught when you first started in the business that are totally wrong. In fact, they are destructive and crippling to your success and happiness. The good news is, with these strategies you can have a reboot in your business that is transformational for your revenue AND your zest for life.

Say good-bye to struggle and hello to happiness! This is how you purposefully rebuild your business around your lifestyle so you can work less, spend little, and bring home more. The Advisor Brain Cleanse: Time to sweep those cobwebs away! The One Number Checkpoint: