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Social inequality exists as such when symbolically legitimised. Do you think that there is a common political and social understanding of the phenomenon in Europe?

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Without running great risks, we can conceive of the hypothesis of a community of common references in Europe, where their most current ways of legitimising social inequality merge. This is because these references are part of cultural origins common to Europe the Graeco-Latin and Judaico-Christian legacy as ideological systems that were born with the development of capitalism liberalism and neo-liberalism possibly moderated by social-democrat tradition.

This in no way excludes national variants that are dependent on the specific histories of the different European nations. For example, the legitimisations borrowed from old Catholic thought are certainly less fertile in France or the Anglo-Saxon or northern European world than in Mediterranean Europe. But together, all the justifications for social inequality lead back to the typology that we sketched in the introduction to our book. To what extent can the current international crisis contribute to the discussion of? Bihr and Pfefferkorn, , more specifically the argument in favour of individualistic naturalism the ideology of the self-made man and criticism of the welfare state?

Nonetheless, while the governments that implemented these policies and their ideologies have had to abandon all their triumphalism, none of them have renounced the essential principles. This is due to the fact that neo-liberalism is purely and simply the policy and ideology that corresponds best to the interests of capital in the current phase of transnationalisation. The level of contestation of the political and ideological credit of neo-liberalism in the next few years will depend essentially on the duration, depth and consequences of this crisis and the ability of popular forces to impose a change in the currently still dominant orientations in the management of capitalism in crisis.

Gender and workplace policies in comparative perspective. O'Reilly, Jacqueline Introduction. Regulating Working Time Transitions in Europe. Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham.

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Les ergonomes peuvent-ils rester borgnes ? À propos de la relation intervention-formation-genre

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Prospective and retrospective memory are differentially related to self-rated omission and commission errors in medication adherence in multimorbidity. Adult , 24 6 , — Prospective memory and intraindividual variability in ongoing task response times in an adult lifespan sample: Memory , 25 3 , Protezione sociale, invecchiamento della popolazione e migrazioni. Psychology and the international labor organization: The role of psychology in the decent work agenda. Quand le genre rattrape l'excellence. Une comparaison des parcours de formation et d'insertion des normaliens et normaliennes Sciences et actions sociales , 8.

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Reformieren durch investieren, Chancen und Grenzen der Sozialinvestitionsstaat in der Schweiz — Investir dans la protection sociale, atouts et limites pour la Suisse. Refugees access to higher education. Comparative insights on a new public issue. Exploring the dynamics between access to higher education, immigration and languages. The relation of education, occupation, and cognitive activity to cognitive status in old age: International Psychogeriatrics , 29 9 , — The relationship between orientations to happiness and job satisfaction one year later in a representative sample of employees in Switzerland.

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Arbeitsmarkt, Prekarisierung und Armut in Basel-Stadt. Musiques actuelles en Suisse romande.

Items for O-Reilly, Jacqueline

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