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Each house had to choose to put the blood on the door. And so is it in Christ.

Only those who come to faith in Jesus and surrender to Him in repentance will be covered by His blood. It is those who choose faith in Christ that will have their sins atoned for by His sacrifice and will be spared eternal death and final judgement from God. Led for Years It took time, 40 years to be precise, but eventually the people of God were led across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. The years of wandering in the wilderness changed them forever, and Moses never left them the entire way. So, in this life, we wander in this wilderness—sometimes for years—before we enter the Promised Land.

We grow, mature, and see the old life die off as we wander — all the while being led by Jesus through everything. All the years of waiting… all the years of strife came to a singular moment when God stopped the waters of the river and they entered. All who follow Jesus will, someday, cross over to that blessed, Promised Land called Heaven. We will cross the river of death, that great barrier that separates us from this life and the next, and God will deliver us safely to the golden shores of eternity.

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Apostle Duncan then moved to Valley Road in Coatesville, which created a bigger edifice. Revivals were conducted in the home and God blessed. While still living on Valley Road, God began to speak to Apostle Duncan concerning a building for the church to worship in. In seeking many places, the choices were narrowed down to two 2 locations, the former location, South 1st Avenue and the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall on Montclair Avenue.

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  4. As Apostle Duncan sought information and with much negotiation concerning the two 2 locations, South 1st Avenue was the place that Apostle Duncan knew God was leading him to pursue. On New Years Eve, at his home on Valley Road before prayer service, Apostle Duncan held a brief meeting to share with the members that South 1st Avenue was the place God had given him. He was met with great opposition and became very discouraged.

    After the meeting and prayer service, Apostle Duncan told Sis. Duncan he was going into a prayer shut-in and was not coming out until he had heard from God.


    Category: Deliverance - Michael Duncan

    DeBoot had called to encourage Apostle Duncan to hold on to what God had already said. Apostle Duncan came out of the room with confidence and told Sis. Duncan they were going to obey God if they had to go by themselves. Greater Deliverance Church began to grow slowly. It was a very long six months.

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    I packed up my car and passed the time in the company of my darling grandmother, four hours south. I worked part-time in a sleepy local boutique, which was such a departure from my recent norm that I remember it as being totally silent, both physically and emotionally. It was a rest that was utterly indispensable to my mental health. And it was professionally and financially frightening, every single day.

    Michael Duncan

    Anxiety and time seemed to unfold before me, as if in the inexplicable vastness of the universe. During this time, I was offered a Great Job, working for a pleasant man at an agency with a fun vibe. It was everything I wanted it to be — except it was managing the Kraft account. Kraft Foods is owned by Philip Morris. God said No, and so did I.