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An enteraining read that will keep you on your toes, filled with supernatural and fantasy. Hunted by the Others is a must read for all Urban Fantasy lovers. It delivers everything you've come to expect from this genre. I cannot wait to read Taken by others tonight! Jun 26, Jacob Proffitt rated it did not like it Shelves: So here's the problem: I'll give an example or two, but note that these are just that: The book is rife with these things. You get the picture to do whatever they want to the human including killing them outright and prevent the human from doing anything at all about it.

Since others have only been out a decade, this kind of legal structure makes no sense whatsoever. No contract is enforceable that allows the arbitrary taking of life. You can't tell me that ten years is enough for this bedrock legal distinction to be overcome so easily. It just wouldn't happen. Not without systemic changes that would make that kind of contract completely unnecessary—in other words, the others would have to already dominate society before that became even possible. On a more personal level, Shiarra makes so little sense that I fail to have any sympathy with the trouble she finds herself in.

Let me ask you this: Do you even consider hiding at your friend's sister's house? Just because the big-bad didn't specifically threaten to go after your friend's family, does that mean you feel safe running there for much-needed rest and recuperation? In the end, Shiarra herself is the biggest drawback to the story. She's supposed to be a professional PI but she has all the cunning of a particularly stupid doorstop.

Her friend comes up with the only reasonable plan in the whole book to as far as I got and her employer gives her the only useful tools she has which, frankly, are another example of nonsensical authorial intrusion but I've already made that point. Generally speaking, that would be using her brains or wit or integrity or Shiarra has none of these. All she has is a sympathetic author willing to manipulate circumstances to protect her from herself. Mar 02, Shera Book Whispers rated it liked it Shelves: Haines has created a fantastic world where the Others vampires, mages, and werewolves have emerged from the dark.

When happened werewolves offered to help locate the victims stuck in the rubble, from there the rest came out. The rules and regulations put in place are very realistic. My favorite touch is that those who are consorting with the others have to sign wavers. So if their lovers kill them or turn them all the legals are covered. This just puts a smile on my face, after Thoughts: This just puts a smile on my face, after all just like the main character thinks, there are people stupid enough to sign these things.

Of course not everyone is happy about the Others living among us.

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One of the names for the more fanatic groups is the White Hats, which just tickles me. Finding out the names of radical factions in UF books is one of the ups of reading the genre. Plus the White Hats, have pins to go with it!! A pleasant change in the standard UF heroine.

There was one sour point about Shiarra that continued to grate on my nerves. At times Shiarra didn't have two cents to rub together, her moments of stupidity had me wondering if that was why her PI business was going under. Evil villains were telling her what they were going to do to hurt her and all of their evil villain intentions. The character blatantly goes home, and has other characters continuously reminding her that she needs to be careful and lay low. An idea of a safe hide away was her best friends sister's place, after the hotel was too creepy to stay at.

A belt that has the spirit--or soul--of an Other hunter in it. If I think about it, maybe ten lines max? Still I have high hopes for the belt. The love interests are something to look forward to. Sure he lied to Shiarra about being a werewolf, but only because she was prejudice against Others. Alec Royce is the missing vampire link in the standard love triangle for UF books.

The plot is agreeably fast past and a rush of fun. I wanted to know why Shiarra was being dragged into this, and the petty excuse just made my day! Jess Haines Shiarra Waynest books are clearly something to keep an eye on. The main character is clearly someone who grows on you, lets hope she grows some smarts. This is a promising debut, with some wicked new ideas to add to the genre. Jun 07, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: This debut novel was enjoyable for a time, but I found myself losing interest the further I got into the story.

Three stars is generous considering that I skimmed the last hundred pages. Perhaps had I been new to the genre, I would have enjoyed this book more. The story centers on a young woman named Shiarra Waynest, a private detective who gets hired by the Circle a group of mages to find an ancient artifact that can control vampires and werewolves.

Since Shiarra is human, she is reluctant to get involved in paranormal politics, but agrees to take on this very dangerous case because the money turns out to be too good to pass up and without it she risks losing her business. The job entails that she get up close and personal with the infamous vampire Royce who owns half the city and is suspected of being in possession of the artifact in question. She also finds that she has become a target of the werewolves and the whites hats an organization of humans who hate supernatural beings and whose goal is to exterminate them.

With the help of her business partner Sara, a quirky mage named Arnold, and a special belt that gives her super strength and speed, Shiarra fights to stay alive and finish what she started. There is something incredibly unappealing about a main character who is afraid of everything. The belt part was nifty, but the main character was annoying and weak and redeemed herself only towards the end of the story. Jan 03, Kenya Wright rated it it was ok Shelves: It was free on kindle and i still feel like i'm owed something! Too much seen before dribble She has no idea how to kill a vampire or shoot a gun Why the hell are you doing this job?

At least the Anita BLa It was free on kindle and i still feel like i'm owed something! At least the Anita BLake series before the books became smutty had Anita afraid of them but her fear gave her the motivation to be excellent at her job. I think the author could have thought of something more original and exciting then that! She shakes in fear as her panties wet with desire. Sounds like BS to me! I stay away from them 5 There were alot of inaction scenes where we are just sitting in her head. That was prob the most creative thing in the book.

Dec 31, Mariya rated it it was ok Shelves: I felt like the main character was so unlikable that I had to put this book down every chapter and pick it up again. Shiarra is a detective that works in the area of the supernatural, but she is oh, so terrified of them. And I am just in the mind of thinking why is this woman the heroine of the story. She also doesn't know anything about any of the supernaturals. I found her quite annoying at times, and sometimes it's hard to be able to read a book when you hate your heroine. Another thing is we here that Shiarra broke up with her ex boyfriend that is a were previous to the start of this book and the reason for the break up is because he is a were and didn't tell her.

I have read many books for break ups previous to the start of the book and this is so lame. Couldn't their break up be something different? The one reason why I wanted to push through this book was the one and only, Alec Royce. I heard rumor of a hot sexy vampire and those rumors are true. Alec Royce is the definition of HOT! I wanted to keep reading this book for him and only for him. The plot of this book was a little slow and I skimmed half the time while reading this and I don't think that is a good sign.

I also think that none of the characters, except Alec Royce were appealing enough to continue. This book is fast paced which is good, but it just to appeal to me enough to keep going. The book would be best described as average. Hunted by the Others is a solid urban fantasy. I found myself thinking about the book after reading the first chapter of the book. A world filled with Others that include mages, vampires and werewolves is such an interesting concept. However, one thing that made it kind of confusing for me was the fact that they had to have contracts with one another in order to have a relationship.

It adds something special, but it wasn't really my thing. I thought the plot was a little slow only because I want Hunted by the Others is a solid urban fantasy. I thought the plot was a little slow only because I wanted much more to happen between Shia and Alec.

Paperback Editions

I kept reading just for him. As for Shia's other interest, Chaz, I found myself annoyed by his possessiveness. He did something awful to Shia and he's in the dog pound for me. So until he can prove he is truly sorry and cares for her, then he can stay there for now. Arnold is a good guy too. I hope he gets together with Sara. They are so cute together.

I know there's a short story about the two in another anthology. I'm interested in reading that and seeing how they get along with one another. One other thing I really liked this book is the fact that Shia is a human and she does show fear. I like my heroines very tough and kickass, but it was refreshing to see Shia show some vulnerability. It makes her character that much more real. I read this book for him. So I'm giving Ms. Haines the benefit of the doubt.

But it isn't going to be easy. Shia is not a witch. Ex-boyfriend is not a wannabe master thief. Vampires aren't quite as sinister. Oh, there are tons of dissimilarities, but far more than the basic premise is the same.

And I don't think this is one of those retelling-of-popular-folklore situations either. At least I've never heard of So I'm giving Ms. At least I've never heard of an artifact that grants the owner control over the supernatural species. Unless it's The One Ring. The story was entertaining and the characters likable enough that I'll probably give the next book a shot, but if it too bares striking similarities to something written five years previously, I'm going to be highly irritated.

Jun 26, Danielle Danniegurl rated it liked it Shelves: I was looking for a slow burn romance, you know the type, the ones where the relationship takes like 3 books to come to fruition, and they sorta fight their attraction for each other? Well, after reading the synopsis of this book I totally though this might be the case, and I had found The One.

But alas, it was a bit of a let down. Shiarra is a human PI who specializes in finding missing persons, thi 3. Shiarra is a human PI who specializes in finding missing persons, things, or cheating spouses. But when we meet her she is at a meeting with Victoria, someone from The Circle, which I gathered are a group of mages or magi as they call them kinda like a coven. She's trying to recruit Shia to do a task for her and since there are bill issues with her business naturally takes up this offer.

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She wants her to get close to the vampire, Royce, to find out where this artifact is. Royce is a smart vampire and always like 5 steps ahead. But things don't go as planned. And we have a lot of half-ass investigating and a lot of Shia relying on a lot of the Others rather than herself. However, I can't really fault her for this since she is human. So she does need help. I did like however that one of the suspects I had thought of that Shia did herself. She didn't sit there ignoring the possible giant elephant in the room and gloss over what the audience might have gleaned from her story, no she analyzed that too.

Which this surprised me. So I loved her logical jump, and how she said this was the best she could come up with because I too thought these same thoughts. But, there wasn't a slow burn romance yet. Shiarra, has an ex boyfriend who showed her one night that he was a Were, and had never mentioned it, or hinted at it before. And Shia is so wrapped up in her own world and things she never noticed him missing on full moons. She freaked, and ended it with him but mainly because he kept it a secret. The Others have been out for about 10 years now, so he didn't have to hide it.

Despite this, she eventually gives into their relationship, but I don't have breath that it will last. Which I'm actually excited for, and I will probably be reading the next book. However if you're looking for a romance focused book, this is NOT it, at least book 1 isn't.

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I'll let you know about book 2. Romance isn't really even a side plot either. But very Urban Fantasy. May 27, Jen Davis rated it really liked it. What took me so long to try this series? OK, I know the answer to that. I've seen mixed reviews. Some people really, really liked it, while others took issue with a few particular elements that essentially ruined the book for them.

I came out on the side of those who enjoyed it. I found it a fun and entertaining ride. Shiarra is a private investigator who works in a world where the supernatural exists. The "Others" came out after September 11th, making awareness of them relatively new, but the kn What took me so long to try this series? The "Others" came out after September 11th, making awareness of them relatively new, but the knowledge has been out there long enough that there isn't mass hysteria. Shiarra doesn't work with the Others as a rule mostly because they scare the pants off her. But her business is in dire financial trouble and a magi offers her a job too lucrative to refuse.

Her mission is to recover a powerful device from an ancient vamp. Royce is sexy, scary and older than dirt. And it takes him no time at all to realize what Shia is after. So she basically gets stuck between two supernatural factions --and somehow ends up more powerful than anyone could have predicted. I won't spoil the details of the plot, but I will say that I found the progression of Shiarra's character interesting.

When I said she was afraid, that was a huge understatement. She was terrified, but over the course of the book, she became pretty bad ass. I know some readers didn't like the Shiarra at the beginning of the book: But I think the reason we meet Shiarra this way is to be able to appreciate the contrast when we see what she becomes I like the cast of characters Yes, some of the names are unfortunate ie.

Shiarra and Chaz, but Jess Haines made me feel like I had a vested interest in them all. I loved Arnold and Chaz --and I was intrigued by Royce. And I believed in each role that they played in Shiarra's mission. I liked the world-building. It's simple and easy to understand. It has a similar feel to Kim Harrison's The Hollows world, but it's not a copycat by any stretch. It has mostly traditional UF elements with its own little quirks.

There's not quite a romance, but there's a hint of one or two --enough to satisfy my need for a love interest. There is no sex, though. I would have liked to see more of Royce --there was lot of build up there-- but I feel like it's more of a setup on him for future books. I'm definitely going to keep reading to see what happens next. Nov 07, Katie babs rated it really liked it. There are some humans who are very bigoted against them, mainly from a group called the White Hats.

Shia is a bit bigoted herself when it comes to the vamps and the werewolves. Both vampires and werewolves make no excuses for what they are and they expect humans to accept them. Shia gets up close and personal with the vampires when she takes on a job in finding an ancient artifact that can control them. This is where she comes in contact with Alec Royce, one of the most publically known vampires in the US who rules over most of the tri-state area. Royce is a near perfect specimen of manhood.

But all is not lost, because Shia has backup and is able to turn the tables on Royce.

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Now not only does Shia have to contend with a more than cranky vampire who can snap her in two, but also with Chaz, her shady ex werewolf boyfriend, who wants to get back with her. Shia is now forced into a world filled with mages, witches and other scary individuals who want to finish her off.

And since Shia is a lowly human and very vulnerable she has to turn to Royce and Chaz for protection. Hunted by the Others sets up this world and new people Shia has become involved with. For a debut novel, this was a pretty solid read. Aug 04, Stacy rated it it was amazing. Review posted at http: Her business is having money issues so she decides to take a mage up on a seemingly easy case of recovering an artifact that is owned by a local, very powerful and sexy vampire Alec Royce. She instantly finds herself in over her head with The White Hats an anti-other group , the vampires and even the Weres who can be controlled by the artifact Review posted at http: She instantly finds herself in over her head with The White Hats an anti-other group , the vampires and even the Weres who can be controlled by the artifact.

She gets help from Sara her best Friend and business partner, Arnold a Mage she has just met from The Circle that has a hidden agenda and eventually her ex boyfriend Chaz who happens to be a werewolf. They all play roles in making the story exciting, dangerous and entertaining. The action was fantastic, I love when I can lose myself in a good fight and there were many points in the book where I refused to put it down to even make dinner. Jan 11, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: Since Shiarra works as a private detective and owns her own agency, I expected her to be observant and intelligent, but she often comes off as a bit of an idiot; for her first meeting as Royce her proposed cover story [which she refers to as a stroke of genius] is pretending to be a reporter or restaurant guide reviewer, but, luckily for her, her business partner points out that Royce owns multiple restaurants and clubs and has staff who would handle media.

Speaking of Royce, he is a high profil Since Shiarra works as a private detective and owns her own agency, I expected her to be observant and intelligent, but she often comes off as a bit of an idiot; for her first meeting as Royce her proposed cover story [which she refers to as a stroke of genius] is pretending to be a reporter or restaurant guide reviewer, but, luckily for her, her business partner points out that Royce owns multiple restaurants and clubs and has staff who would handle media.

Speaking of Royce, he is a high profile vampire and Shiarra refers to when someone tried to stake him at one of his public appearances, and then there is his high profile lawsuit with another company, but she still doesn't recognise the man when she meets him in person. The number one standout moment, over the many other instances, is that she fails to immediately recognize a man who broke into her apartment and held her at knife point.

Being so sharp eyed and a quick-thinker, it was a huge surprise to learn that her business is failing. At one point she worries about what to say to someone, as she doesn't want to sound like an unenlightened raciest. But the thing is, she IS an unenlightened raciest, so the book is actually quite unpleasant to read at times. And as the book is in first person, readers also have to sit through her thoughts too. It's the mages who drag her into the mess in the first place and she already has had some unpleasant dealings with werewolves, so I can sort of understand why she isn't so fond of their races.

However she has had no prior dealings or experiences with vampires to cause her prejudgement. In fact there isn't anything in the book to suggest that she has even been within ten feet of a vampire before. And she doesn't know anything about vampires in general, as evidenced by a scene where she reads a email from Royce - it was sent during the day and she wonders how he sent it, as she thought vampires slept during the day. If vampires are a reality in her world, why does she only know 'movie rules' about them and no hard facts?

Royce is the vampire she is dealing with and he only pays specific attention to her AFTER she initiates contact with him [for their first meeting she wears a crucifix necklace and displays it in full view]. Until he learns about her involvement with the mages and White Hats, he seems very helpful and polite towards her - to the point of applying for a extermination of another vampire on her behalf. So, despite knowing that her target is a high profile vampire, she A doesn't recognize him in person, and, B doesn't bother finding the answers to basic info on vampires of her world.

Shiarra's dumb moments and general bigotry makes me pro-vampire and makes me hope that she does get bitten before the book is over. Not only do I dislike Shiarra, but there is the problem of Chaz - her ex-boyfriend. He is also a werewolf, which means that he is the standard alpha male prototype, so I've taken an instant dislike to him. He's so possessive, he has a secret romantic side It comes of more like she's a toy, that he won't let anyone else touch.

There's nothing much to say about him - he's both irritating and boring. I just knew this would pop up; multiple love interests. Not only is this a angle that bores me and can be a irritant if the heroine picks someone I don't care for, but in this book I just don't get why anyone would want Shiarra; just what do they see in a often brainless raciest? My main grievances are with the heroine [and Chaz], the other secondary characters are much more appealing; Shiarra's business partner Sara, mage Arnold who offers to act as a security guard to Shiarra and poor Royce.

It's a shame, the author has some solid secondary characters, so who knows why she picked the worst one to lead the way? The plot itself is fast-paced and entertaining, mixing drama, horror, action, the odd bit of humour and mystery together successfully, for the most part. Let's just hope that the sequel [Taken By The Others] shows a different side to Shiarra, otherwise these books will be deleted during my next Kindle clean-up. Jan 22, Mandi Schreiner rated it liked it. Author asked for a review Favorite Quote: Or did you want to stay and chat?

Since then, through many court battles, the supernaturals have won against discrimination and have the same rights as humans. However, just because there Why I read: One evening Shia finds herself having dinner with Veronica, a mage whom belongs to The Circle. Veronica needs help — she suspects a vampire, Alec Royce has a focus, a magical device that can allow the owner to control a vampire or werewolf and do evil bidding.

The Circle wants a human to get close to Alec, having no magic or supernatural abilities to make him suspicious and find out where he is hiding the magical stone. Shia is terrified of this job, but desperate for money, and she figures she can do this one job and live comfortably the rest of the year. Alec has other plans for her — and she soon finds herself with the tables turned. When Veronica meets an unfortunate demise and she is forced to work with another magi, Arnold, she realizes many are out to get her, even those that call themselves The White Hats — a radical human group that oppose supernaturals.

After her ex-boyfriend reappears in her life, and surprise he is a werewolf, Shia feels her life is getting out of control and she will need all of her friends help if she is to make it in this supernatural world. Shiarra is a very human person in a very supernatural world. At times I felt like she was way out of her league when dealing with these vampires and magi — which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I like that this heroine is not always in control, and terrified of the things that go bump in the night. The times when an actual confrontation occurred, she seems to turn into a badass girl that could kick butt. There is no mention of her training or anything to fight these evil beings, yet she prevails against some of the evilest of them all.

My other complaint is the lack of action in this book. There is a lot of talking, cute talking, but still a lot of words, and not a lot of action. We are introduced to Alec Royce at the very beginning. Sexy vampire, only to have him barely make an appearance. I wanted something more at times, more than just Shia and friends planning on what they were going to do. That being said, I immensely enjoyed her friends. We have Chazz, her ex-lover who never told her he was a werewolf until he surprised her by changing in her living room.

He wants back in her life badly, and with a little help from over obtrusive mom, he gets that wish. Arnold plays a big role and becomes a friend as well as Magi protector. But he is a good character and brings fun into the story.

Hunted By the Others

Although I have some reservations with Hunted by the Others , I am still interested to see where Jess Haines takes us with the sequel. A decent foundation has been set, and I think Shia and company have some good adventures ahead of them. Review courtesy of AllThingsUrbanFantasy. Shiarra Waynest is about to lose her P.

Jess Haines - Book Series In Order

The only problem is that the client is a Mage and the job involves getting close enough to steal from Alex Royce, the most powerful Vampire in N Review courtesy of AllThingsUrbanFantasy. The only problem is that the client is a Mage and the job involves getting close enough to steal from Alex Royce, the most powerful Vampire in New York.

Working for the Others e. Vampires, Weres, Mages, Elves etc. In fact it ranks just above getting back together with her lying Were ex-boyfriend. But she really needs the money. Fans of Laurel K. Weres were among those rescuing people at ground zero, and Mages provided significant financial aid to prevent economic collapse in the days that followed. While the fanatics formed several hate groups, the more sane yet cautious members of society sought out political means of protecting themselves: One of the more interesting legal arrangements allows humans to contractually sign their lives away to Others the Others have lawyers too.

These forms have to be signed prior to any kind of intimate pleasant or otherwise contact between humans and Others. She exhibits real fear in the face of danger, but she never lets that fear paralyze her. And speaking of danger, Alex Royce is seductive and scary which according to a recent Throwdown makes him the best kind of Vampire. I love books with strong female lead characters, even if they seem a bit damaged and have a lot of baggage.

I won't bore you with a plot summary as I know other reviewers are fond of doing that. There are a few editing issues with this book, but nothing too distracting. I can't wait to read the next book in the series, but it might be a while. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. We UF lovers are probably pretty used to reading about the private investigator chick that gets messed up with the Supernatural, gets involved with a Supernatural being or two and basically has a kick-ass time of the whole thing, right?

Well, at this point it's impossible to invent the wheel when it comes to Urban Fantasy and the way to make your book or series stand out is not to necessarily give something new to the readers, but give it in a different way, and I think Jess does that in spades in Hunted By The Others. Almost 10 years later and Shiarra has nothing against The Others, but she would just rather not get mixed up with them, as if that was a choice she could make. A mage hires Shiarra for a "simple" job and that gets our Heroine mixed up with all sorts of dangers she would much rather avoid.

The anti-Others group, the White Hats, have decided to recruit her in a very unlikely manner, her werewolf ex-boyfriend is back in her life and a powerful Vampire has decided he wants her for his own. What make Hunted By The Others stand out for me is the characters and their relationship with each other and the hilariousness that it ensues when they are together. Jess was able to create a page-turning story with just the right amount of humor to captivate me completely! I can't wait for more from this series!

This is Book 1 in an Urban Fantasy series that features a human PI in a politically tense world of shifters, vamps and mages. Magic is palpable, but kept controlled and understated through the story. Little to no romance and violence was fast and furious but only minimally bloody. There were a few MAJOR issues I had with this book, so I will attempt to explain without giving away any spoilers and I'll list the things that helped to at least partially redeem the book Despite much of this being similar to other books there were some strokes of genius: The body armor was sexy and practical.

The magical belt that talked to her. Those scenes were truly fun to read. The writing that wasn't bogged down with exposition was fun with the right amount of richness. The magical world was diverse and intricate- very well set up for future stories. The way the character worked to position herself between all the various supernatural factions should make for some very fun follow up books.

There were definitely some tense moments! Magic and physical weaponry were well balanced. The climax was very satisfying- everything came together in the end and the pacing picked up to break neck speed. The over-arching ideas were solid, but there was little to no reason to actually believe why the main character got caught in the middle of a power struggle of supernatural beings. It was, frankly, completely and totally illogical. The approach to the power struggle itself was nearly identical to one of the books in Kim Harrison's The Hollows, Book 4.

Also, the most important events were the direct result of errors made by the main character- boneheaded errors at that. Shia, the main character, is a mess. She is bigoted one minute, but then suddenly understanding and tolerant. She's a PI, but constantly makes stupid decisions that indicate she must be terrible at her job. Chaz, the ex-boyfriend, is basically a meat-head: He's even a personal trainer for goodness sakes!! No attempt was made to make the guy interesting. Arnold, Royce and Sara all had HUGE potential as the most interesting characters, but were surprisingly undeveloped and shallow.

Have you ever read a book and wished you could tell it that it talked too much? Well, this was that book for me. I've read books with tons of exposition that still manage to keep the pacing up, but this one just didn't. There was just a veritable landslide of verbal diarrhea from the main character- since this is told in the first person. I understand having to set up the world, but there was just an insane amount of commentary that distracted you from the action. I had a hard time staying engaged at all. How many times did I have to be reminded about the fanaticism of the "White Hats?

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Did I really need to know every time something occurred to Shia when she was in the middle of a conversation? Things were said over the course of three paragraphs, when one sentence would have sufficed.

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Unfortunately, much of these digressions were useless; they added nothing to the plot or character development. I can appreciate a certain amount of set up, but this was like taking a supernatural political science class. I started skipping whole sections halfway into the book just to get through it. Some of these issues might go away as the books progress- less exposition because the world is already set up. Shia might hopefully grow a stronger character and the others will develop.

I will point out some similarities to other books- the political layout was similar to the Morgan Kingsley books by Jenna Black. I already mentioned the similarity to The Hollows by Kim Harrison. This also bore some similarity to the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton before they digressed to soft porn. If you are a die-hard UF fan, then you might give this a try for fun. Be prepared to get annoyed with it, though. I plan on reading the next one to see if these issues get ironed out because it does have a ton of potential. There was also too much exposition here, but it didn't break up the pacing.

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