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  2. Love really is like a drug
  3. Synthetic Cathinones ("Bath Salts")
  4. Why a breakup feels like a drug withdrawal | SBS News

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Alcohol and tranquilizers produce the most dangerous physical withdrawal. Suddenly stopping alcohol or tranquilizers can lead to seizures, strokes, or heart attacks in high risk patients.

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A medically supervised detox can minimize your withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of dangerous complications. Some of the dangerous symptoms of alcohol and tranquillizer withdrawal are:. Withdrawal from opiates like heroin and oxycontin is extremely uncomfortable, but not dangerous unless they are mixed with other drugs. Heroin withdrawal on its own does not produce seizures, heart attacks, strokes, or delirium tremens.

Love really is like a drug

The first stage of withdrawal is the acute stage, which usually lasts for a few weeks. The second stage of withdrawal is the post-acute stage.

Learn more about that on the next page. If you are going through drug or alcohol withdrawal there is treatment and hope. Many people have sought addiction treatment and have changed their lives.

Synthetic Cathinones ("Bath Salts")

There are many medical and non-medical withdrawal units and detox programs. There are also addiction treatment options to choose from including self-help groups and outpatient or inpatient addiction rehab. You have already taken the first step towards addiction treatment.

Learn how to overcome anxiety, depression, and addiction. Intense spells of passion are as effective at blocking pain as cocaine and other illicit drugs, a team of neuroscientists say. In the study, researchers at Stanford University showed eight women and seven men photographs of their partners while delivering mild doses of pain to their palms with a hot probe.

How do people use synthetic cathinones?

At the same time, the students had their brains scanned by a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine. At the end of each test, the students were asked to rate how much pain they felt.

Why a breakup feels like a drug withdrawal | SBS News

Feelings of love, triggered by a photo of their partner, acted as a powerful painkiller. Brain scans revealed that these feelings caused more activity in parts of the brain that are also triggered by morphine and cocaine.

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Looking at an image of an attractive friend rather than their partner had only a mild analgesic effect. The study went on to investigate whether distracting the students also reduced pain by giving them simple mental tasks, such as naming sports that do not involve a ball. The brain scans showed that while both love and distraction reduce pain, they appear to act on different pathways in the brain.

Jarred Younger, who led the study published in Plos One , said: The reduction of pain was associated with higher, cortical parts of the brain.