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GRIEG: Lyric Pieces (excerpts) / Peer Gynt (excerpts)

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  3. Challenge Records International - Grieg: Lyric Pieces - Janina Fialkowska *

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Editor Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe — Samlede verker , Band 1: Lyriske stykker, hefte I Frankfurt: Editor Leopold Godowsky — Art Publication Society , This file is from the MIT archive project. The music was written between and and published in March of the trolls , the third of the set, conjures up the boisterous imaginary inhabitants of the Jotunheimen mountains.

Notturno and March of the trolls were two of four pieces from this set which the composer orchestrated in , publishing it as his Lyric Suite, Op Sylph and Homeward are the first and last of the six Lyric Pieces from Book 7, Op 62, published in After the shadowy colours and introspection of Op 57, Grieg reverts to a cheerful mood—and with some overtly virtuosic writing. Sylph is a coquettish waltz, but perhaps not one to dance to with its central section swerving between triple and duple time signatures.

Homeward is quintessential Grieg: Book 8, Op 65, appeared in From early years is the first of the six pieces of the set. It is another of the pieces Grieg recorded on disc in He also made two piano rolls of it, one for Aeolian in and a second for Hupfeld in Stephen Hough has selected three numbers from the ninth set of Lyric Pieces, published in No 5, At the cradle , is a tender nursery song that only Grieg could have written.

More by Edvard Grieg

It almost cries out for lyrics. Stephen Hough ends his selection aptly with the last of the Lyric Pieces: Vers la patrie est du Grieg par excellence: Elle implore presque des paroles. Welch unnachahmliche und reiche musikalische Fantasie! A few recordings and piano rolls of Grieg himself performing also exist, and they have been published by the Norwegian record label Simax. Four of the six pieces from Book V, Op.

Challenge Records International - Grieg: Lyric Pieces - Janina Fialkowska *

Both Grieg and Anton Seidl had a hand in the orchestrations. Grieg also orchestrated two of the pieces from Book IX, Op.

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Even though it was published in several volumes, some publishers, such as Edition Peters , have numbered the pieces as a whole, thereby numbering the 66 pieces in order, instead of numbering each volume individually. The movement list is as follows:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Grieg plays his butterfly. Notturno Op 54 No 4 by Edvard Grieg.