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This series is in a class of its own. It's like a suspense thriller movie that gets to go on past 2 hours making the cast and situations believable. I watched 3 episodes in a row when I was ill and wanted more but you can't help but get sucked in to the characters with each of their own back stories and begin to ask yourself "What would I do? I highly recommend if you enjoy suspense and a bit of cringing gore. Such a great series. Unique, captivating, visually appealling cast AND locale! Need I say more?

I'm sorry there won't be a second season. I love shows that take the focus off the mainstream and give us views into other cultures and locales. I miss 1 Ladies' Dectective Agency for the same reason. So many great performances and stories on these two series. And neither gets another season?. I stumbled on Mad Dogs when I first decided to take advantage of my Prime membership. I hadn't watched anything through Amazon until then.

The fact that this was produced by Amazon and not " Hollywood" didn't give me any promise. I maybe expect it from Netflix, because they are " Flix"? Amazon is books and blenders! Well, it blew THAT theory right out of the water! This was a cast of the most dysfunctional characters, friends that hadn't interacted with each other in a long time, coming together to visit a common friend played by Billy Zane now living the life in Belize.

There are twists and turns in every episode It's a study of five people Some out of their control and some self made. There is allot of underlying dark comedy buried in this that will find you chuckling to yourself when you should probably be horrified.

Awards & Rankings

I definitely give this a 5 star rating. I was so hooked I binged watched this in one day. What struck me funny is asking me to review season 1. That leads me to believe there is going to be a season 2!! I didn't think it possible! I am waiting with baited breath! At first i was watching it because my uncle played a role in the series as the shepherd, but after the first episode I was hooked to it and I saw the whole series within 3 days. I wish they'd make more shows like this one. I just thought I'd add the picture of me with my uncle Carlos Laster great job.

I saw Romany Falco the other night on a late night talk show and they briefly mentioned this series which I knew nothing about wasn't familiar with the British series until after watching this. Just finished watching the pilot on Amazon and absolutely loved it and can't wait to binge on the next episodes. The pilot is beautifully shot and from the start leaves you with a bit of an unsettled feeling about what's to come. One of a group of five friends, presumably in their 40's, invites the four others down to his mansion in Belize for a four day weekend.

As the pilot evolves, it is clear each of the friends have past skeletons with plenty of tension underneath the surface that finally bubbles up right at the end in dramatic fashion. I binged on the rest of "Mad Dogs" after the release of the remaining nine episodes and found it quite entertaining. Sure, there were plenty of implausible elements of the plot, but it was a roller coaster ride throughout with plenty of suspense and strong performances by all the main characters. Who is writing all of these 5 star reviews? I am 6 episodes into this show and honestly, if it wasn't for my pure curiosity to figure out how everything started and how it will end, I would've stopped torturing myself by now.

Funny and surprising regularly with decent acting. Maybe I will try the British version now. What a waste of talent and location. Suspense in episode 1 descends into repetitive and frankly boring farce. An utterly risible plot or lack What a waste of talent and location. An utterly risible plot or lack of it. A real disappointment after Netflix other triumphs like House of Cards … Expand. By Metascore By user score. Season 1 96 The Good Place: Season 3 92 BoJack Horseman: Season 5 90 Big Mouth: Season 2 87 Better Call Saul: Season 4 87 My Brilliant Friend: Season 1 86 Rest in Power: Season 2 85 GLOW: Season 2 85 The Marvelous Mrs.

Mad Dogs (2016)

Season 3 83 Random Acts Of Flyness: Season 1 83 Homecoming: Season 1 83 Sorry for Your Loss: Season 1 80 Narcos: Season 1 80 The Woman in White 79 Bodyguard: Season 1 79 The Haunting of Hill House: Season 1 78 Doctor Who: The Trayvon Martin Story. A Very English Scandal. Random Acts Of Flyness: After Alvo is murdered, the group find themselves caught up in the world of crime and police corruption.

After gaining interest from some terrestrial networks, the series was commissioned by British Sky Broadcasting. Filming took place on location throughout the island of Majorca in May , and took around four million euros and 44 days to make. The main themes are friendship and growing older; Glenister said it is about ageing and "getting closer to death". Photographer David LaChapelle directed three second advertisements for the series. Mad Dogs opened with 1. They noted similarities with British gangster films, more predominantly the film Sexy Beast.

Four middle-aged friends who have known each other since sixth form , Baxter John Simm , Quinn Philip Glenister , Rick Marc Warren and Woody Max Beesley , get together for a holiday in Majorca at the villa of Alvo Ben Chaplin , a mutual friend who became wealthy in the property business. Over time Alvo's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, and he is later killed by a man in a Tony Blair mask for taking a drug boat the group used earlier. The four clean the boat to remove evidence of their presence, when they are mistaken for drug dealers and paid three million euros.

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Alvo is revealed to be a part of the operation, and was murdered when he no longer wanted to take part in it. The other three run over Dominic to save Quinn. They leave with the money and accidentally board a ferry to Ibiza their intention is to go to Barcelona. The four are being aided by local Ibizan Carmen Leticia Dolera , who begins a relationship with Baxter. They soon realise they are still being hunted when their rental car explodes. Quinn is kidnapped by Mackenzie David Warner , an elderly British expatriate who is revealed to be the leader of the drug operation. The four are forced to return the money in exchange for their lives.

Mackenzie tricks them into boarding a ferry for Morocco , where they are arrested and sent to a black site prison in the desert.

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After another attempt on their lives, they are informed that the drug operation was organised by the Central Intelligence Agency CIA , who are using the operation to fund black operations , and as a result of the four's interference a kill contract is out against them. With assistance by the British government, they move to Cape Town , South Africa , to live new lives and identities to avoid CIA detection, though they are no longer allowed to contact each other or their families.

Mad Dogs (UK TV series) - Wikipedia

Two years later, Baxter is a self-employed lawyer , Quinn runs a bar, Rick is a drug dealer who is haunted by a Tikoloshe , and Woody buys black market medicine for local hospitals. Baxter learns that Mackenzie was shot to death, indicating that the CIA operation is shut down. Baxter finds Quinn, who is secretly in contact with Woody.

After helping Rick escape after his arrest, the four reunite and enter a British Consulate, only to learn the kill order is still active. Mercedes Jaime Winstone , who they previously met at the black site prison, kills Lazaro, saving them. Rick reveals he sold Alvo's villa and signed the others' name without permission. Although the others initially resent Rick for this, the four become wealthy as a result. Meanwhile, a wheelchair-bound Dominic tracks the four down and arrives with his gang, with all members wearing Blair masks.

After initially evading the gang, Baxter accidentally kills Carmen, mistaking her for an assassin. The four drive to one of Rick's contacts at a beach, only to be surrounded and executed by the gang upon arrival. In a state of Limbo , their souls leave the beach. Baxter spots one of the assassins, who removes the Blair mask to reveal a sinister version of himself. Their car drives past an unfinished interchange , and it plunges, where the four would meet their end. Mad Dogs centres on four friends who holiday in Majorca, though as time passes, their holiday soon turns into a labyrinthine nightmare of lies, deception, and murder.

The idea behind Mad Dogs came from the friendship between the four main actors, who wanted to work together for a television project, as well as Cris Cole and executive producer Suzanne Mackie. However, Max Beesley and Philip Glenister grew frustrated with the comments from the commissioning teams from the networks. Glenister stated that "the problem with the BBC and ITV is more people coming in and telling you what to do; we are grown up and big enough to know where the boundaries are".

Mad Dogs Trailer

They ultimately settled for Sky , as the network was "the one that we believed would let us do what we wanted". He stated that the restrictions would not make the series "the show it is and it wouldn't be the show we wanted to make". Mad Dogs was commissioned as a four-part series by Pyke, with the official announcement made in May Cole wrote the episodes.