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X, beginning a dramatic chase, and Nikki finally kills him when the seminal moment comes.

Yet the murder seems to fail to bring Nikki the solace that he so wants. Wondering whether the killing has really made anything better, Nikki is further consumed by doubt and despair. The ghost of Mary appears again and confronts Nikki.

Operation: Mindcrime (band)

He starts to think that he has crossed the line into pure insanity , with the world holding no escape for his sadness, and he commits suicide. As the album ends, Nikki's spirit is reunited with Mary's, with it being revealed that they achieve some kind of happy end in the afterlife , and they reflect that the only times they were happy before were in the fleeting moments that they were together.

The story of Operation: The songs refer back to the previous Mindcrime album frequently, including in the song titles. Track "I'm American", which was released as a single, alludes to "Revolution Calling" from Mindcrime as the vocalist describes an alternative United States one with many similarities to the current nation's situation which, in the fictionalized world of the albums, is immersed in greed and uncaring corruption to the point of being somewhat of a dystopia , where a regular person on the street can't know whom to trust. The psychology of Nikki is summed up in lines such as: As stated before, the album's production took place during a moment of deep tension and frustration between the band's members.

The rest of the band felt reluctant to add to the original story of Mindcrime and disagreed with the idea of a sequel. -

Some critics such as Allmusic reviewer Thom Jurek praised the album, with Jurek particularly citing the guitar work as well as the grim and gritty tone of the lyrics. Jurek additionally labeled the release as "a fitting sequel" and remarked that the band "are absolutely on fire here". Mixed to negative reviews have appeared in the Encyclopaedia Metallum.

The album received some significant commercial success, debuting on the Billboard album chart at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heavy metal progressive metal [1]. This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

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Operation: Mindcrime (band) - Wikipedia

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Eddie Jackson , Slater, Stone. Jackson, Tate, Michael Wilton. I've got a great band playing it who loves the album. And the fans are loving it and turning up in good numbers, and the promoters are happy. I love the album; I love the songs; it's a very special record for me.

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Would I like to play other music? But this is what people want to hear from me at this point, so I'm giving them what they want. The "Mindcrime" set covers all 15 songs from the album including such fan favorites as "Revolution Calling", "Operation: As fans might remember, Geoff performed the album in its entirety on tour in to celebrate its 25th anniversary.