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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Taxi to Paris by Ruth Gogoll. Taxi to Paris by Ruth Gogoll ,. Taxi to Paris 3. I walked up behind her and kissed her between the shoulder blades without kissing her anywhere else. She yelped with surprise. Then I saw her shiver from head to toe, and a relief of tiny dots covered her skin.

Ruth Gogoll's Taxi to Paris: Ruth Gogoll, Susan Way: Books

She laid her head back. In , though, nobody would print it. So Ruth Gogoll founded her own publishing house, el! Now these thrilling books are available in English.

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To ask other readers questions about Taxi to Paris , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. On my first reading I didn't care a lot about this book. Now reading it for the second time I just loved every page of it. It's a soulfully, elegantly written story of two very interesting, strong-willed ladies who try and succeed to find a way to each other!

Dec 12, V. Forget 50 Shades etc. My interest was captured by this soulful story which is not the "usual" romance. While a quick read, I deliberately slowed down and read thoughtfully almost dreading reaching the end which was how it should be. This would translate to a beautiful movie in black and white of course.

I am grateful that I stumbled across this book and wish more of her work was translated!! A hidden gem that hopefu Forget 50 Shades etc. A hidden gem that hopefully others will discover.

Taxi a París

Just discovered her work is available on Amazon. Jul 11, angie rated it it was amazing.

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Taxi To Paris may be odd because of how the two characters meet and all the non-romantic aspects to their first encounter, yet it becomes a very endearing, even beautiful, odd as the novel moves slowly and it does move slowly, though 'good' slowly from something pedestrian to something special. There's a lot of conflict, but it's not the standard Harlequin kind of contention where two people act out their dislike because they secretly have feelings for each other.

Instead, it's an honest one Taxi To Paris may be odd because of how the two characters meet and all the non-romantic aspects to their first encounter, yet it becomes a very endearing, even beautiful, odd as the novel moves slowly and it does move slowly, though 'good' slowly from something pedestrian to something special. Instead, it's an honest one, given their circumstances and how difficult it is for both women to trust. It's raw and uncomfortable at times, but oh most definitely a worthwhile read.

The fact that both women remain nameless throughout the tale somehow gives Taxi an even more honest, despairing, unflinching feel. In the early stages, the sadness is all about each woman's isolated feelings and the need to eradicate what she feels for someone she can't be with in any kind of way. The main character, in particular suffers: And, as with any two people coming together as a possible couple, there's always conflict: Every time, something unpredictable happened.

Сведения о продавце

That situation seemed the most desirable to me at the moment. If I couldn't have her, the difference didn't seem that great. Ruth Gogoll offers so much struggle and going back and forth that by the end the reader is almost dizzy There's always a risk in romancing the impossible, but here it works, precisely because it isn't romance so much as a very long and very painful journey to love. Presidential Medal of Freedom. I don't really anticipate that the German president would consider someone who's "only" a lesbian writer and publisher important enough for that honor.

But Naiad indeed was my model.

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Naiad may be a familiar name because when its two owners decided to take advantage of their retirement years together and closed up shop nearly 10 years ago, it was the largest publishing house devoted to lesbian literature. Naiad was more recently in the news when Barbara Grier, one of its wonderful founders, died the month before last, at age In the '80s the first Naiad novels were translated into German.

It was everything I'd been looking for -- except for the much-too-brief erotic scenes, which seemed to end almost as quickly as they began. There was no time to savor them, just a few short lines and everything was over already. I discussed this phenomenon with my friends, and they agreed with me that the explicitly sexy parts of the books were disappointingly concise.

The tickling and prickling had hardly started, only to be prematurely suspended.

Remembering Naiad

I was a writer then, but I'd never written anything erotic. My writing consisted mainly of newspaper articles about culture, politics, and local events in Cologne; documentations for computer software I programmed; some small volumes to teach computer users what they needed to know; and, before all that, a wide range of university term papers. For excitement, though, none of it could hold a candle to lesbian erotica. As someone who fancied herself a "serious" writer of serious things, I was in a quandary.

So I asked myself: I was always a passionate reader of detective stories, Agatha Christie especially. The first Naiad novels I read were lesbian detective stories, and except for the paucity of sex, I liked them very much. I decided to write a lesbian detective story like Naiad's, with just a bit more love and sex. But my detective stories seemed to have a will of their own, and they morphed into love stories.

Highly erotic love stories. So much so that it seemed that the protagonists were always having sex, or at least thinking about it. Don't interpret that as meaning that I was suffering any privation in that area myself. I was living with my first wife then, and the sex was good! I discovered that writing lesbian stories and erotic scenes came naturally to me. The words simply streamed from my feather pen. So I decided to succumb to my newfound talent, and for the most part, I gave up writing detective stories. Being so busy having sex, my characters wouldn't have a decent chance to solve a criminal case anyway.

I wrote Taxi to Paris , in which one of the main characters is a lesbian prostitute, one of whose clients who are all women falls in love with her and wants to "save" her.