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The Magicians goes one further: Even if trauma does kill you, you can survive with your weird-self, or in the case of Alice Quinn, your currently knowledge-thirsty-self. So what the timey-whimey-cloney-womey is going on with Alice? I can say she and Harriet set up an age-old question. Who has the right to knowledge?

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Should it be everyone? Or just the special few? In her story we learn more about her history with The Netherworld Library.

Some of her story is the struggle for independence over safety, and freedom over knowledge. Anyone can relate to this. Sera Gamble and David Reed wrote Harriet as a full character with a full agenda that goes well beyond her disability identity. Winter Obidos, who is also deaf, played Child Harriet. All Harriets were scene-stealers.

Corto Maltese - Episode 2: Heads and Mushrooms

So, Alice actually learned something new through Harriet. Not even a real photo of her family; X has to make do with an image of another girl scavenged from her hideout. She wants her life to have some purpose, so she leaves a dairy in the hope that it will be found and read by a surviving human, although she fears that she may be the last. A must for zombie fans, this is a truly gripping story that is skilfully told by Jack Croxall.

Feb 03, Kristin Ravelle rated it really liked it Shelves: These are curious, charming, heart-warming, and strange stories that make a quick and interesting evening read. I like that the author approaches off-the-wall themes in a practical sort of way, keeping the weird factor manageable. The author has a way of writing that emotionally connects with the 4 Stars! The author has a way of writing that emotionally connects with the reader through feelings common to all of us, even if the story is unusual. Some of these stories, perhaps all, could be read aloud to older children.

If I have one criticism, it is that some of the stories are waaay too short. Some of the stories begin with a note about a newspaper clipping from the Sentinel that ties it into the story. What a great method for writing a novella, from a series of clippings relating to the same event. Feb 08, Dan Thompson rated it really liked it Shelves: Jack Croxall's aptly named Six Short Stories is exactly that, but an enjoyable, thrilling and interesting bunch they are. It includes the award winning X, which zombie lovers will relish. Despite differing in genre, the stories do all swing towards the YA genre the author is well versed in.

What I found rather humbling about these stories is how the author leaves them. It seems he deliberately leaves them so as to leave the reader with questions of what happens next? What if this happens? Why did Jack Croxall's aptly named Six Short Stories is exactly that, but an enjoyable, thrilling and interesting bunch they are. Why did that occur? And as frustrating as that is, Jack Croxall forces us to use our own imagination. Subtlety is in the detail. Whether it is a journalist taking up the offer of staying in a haunted inn, a scifi yarn where the character questions his sanity, or in fact a short about a rather original take on the guardian angel concept, this collection is a fab read that you'll zip through in about half an hour.

Perfect for a train ride. Feb 09, D. Cain rated it it was amazing. Another great piece of work from Jack Croxall! This collection of short stories is concise and no nonsense. The authors writing style is simple but effective.

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I marvel at how he manages to choose simple phrasings, yet convey such meaning! Each of the stories in this collection leave the reader with unanswered questions - Who is this character? What really happened there? While this could be frustrating for some readers, I enjoyed the freedom to think things through myself. The answers aren' Another great piece of work from Jack Croxall!

Catch the skinny in our Recap of Six Short Stories About Magic

The answers aren't given here - that is left to the reader. I was already a huge fan of one of the stories - the award-winning 'X' which I read again as it is such a powerful piece of writing. My other favourite in the collection was Space Dementia which raised questions of sanity in outer space. Aug 22, Megan Readinginthesunshine marked it as wishlist. Mar 06, Tirion rated it it was amazing Shelves: Loved re-reading X, such a great short story. All stories were so interesting and compelling.

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I need a full length book though!!!!! Afterward, Poppy encounters Alice in the hallway. This worries Victoria, who refuses to be a part of the plan without a stable bridge. Everyone has made it to the library and departs on their specific part of the mission. Quentin and Poppy search in vain for the key.

The Magicians: Six Short Stories About Magic Recap

Quentin coincidentally faces Alice and refuses to leave her. Meanwhile, Victoria is losing blood waiting for the others to return. Fen surfaces, from the portal into Fillory. She drunkenly recounts her sorrows with Alice. Alice is feeling way too sorry for herself, so Fen shares some insight. On the other hand, Fen lost a daughter, who she can never see again. Guess whose tale is worse. Alice summons a worker from the librarian at a book drop in the middle of nowhere. He takes her to the library to speak with the head librarian. After the head librarian leaves her, she comes across Quentin and commands him to leave.

Eliot and Margo are on trial, I suppose for the inadequate ruling of the kingdom, specifically pleading to a wombat.