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John Adams doorkeeper , Francis L. Drew stablekeeper , E. Gregory purveyor and Wm. Palmer comptroller Melbourne University p. Martin Andrew lecturer civil engineering , Edward Barker professor surgery , Arthur Bartholomew asst. Drummond Kirkland professor chemistry and practical chemistry , John George Knight lecturer civil engineering , Fred McCoy professor natural science , James Edward Neild lecturer forensic medicine , James Robertson professor theory and practice of medicine , Rich.

Parkinson Wilson professor mathematics General Police p. Hugh Ross Barclay supt. Le Poer Bookley supt. Keigwin Nicholas inspector , Charles H. Rusden clerk Chief Commissioner's Office , Edwd. Brooke Smith sub-inspector , Peter Henry Smith inspecting supt. Harper Municipal Allorncy I. Carmel 15 employees; 3 patrol cars; 2 motorcycles Calexico Imperial Co.

Turner Assistant Chief H. Hubbs Head, Traffic Div J. Andrews Municipal Attorney R. Pierson 17 employees; 2 patrol cars; 5 motorcycles Corona Riverside Co. Clayson 6 employees; 2 patrol cars Coronado San Diego Co. Lindsey Municipal Attorney M. Hilton 11 employees; 2 patrol cars; 1 motorcycle El Centre Imperial Co. Chief of Police J. French Municipal Attorney E.

Mitchell 2 patrol cars Fresno Fresno Co. Murphy Municipal Attorney CM. Ozias 86 employees; 22 patrol cars; 3 motor- cycles; 1 patrol wagon; 1 ambulance FuUerton Orange Co. Pearson Sergeant of Police J. Gregory Municipal Attorney R. Thompson 11 employees; 3 patrol cars Glendale Los Angeles Co. Browne Assistant Chief J. Carter Chief of Detectives W. Hegi Chief, Patrol Div J. Carter Head, Crime Preven R. Williams Head, Records Div F. Williams Municipal Attorney Aubrey N. Irwin 78 employees; 11 patrol cars; 4 motorcycles; 1 ambulance Hanford Kings Co. Foster Assistant Chief J.

Parker Municipal Attorney H. Baumgardner Municipal Attorney Geo. Lindelof 9 employees; 1 patrol car; 3 motorcycles Hayward iMameda Co. Wilson Municipal Attorney C. Grillin 31 employees; 4 patrol cars; 9 motorcycles; 1 ambulance Inglewood Los Angeles Co. Stevenson 30 employees; 3 patrol cars; 7 motorcycles Lodi San Joaquin Co. Jackson Assistant Chief F. Dovey Head, Accident Preven.. Christiansen Head, Records Div L. Christiansen Municipal Attorney Lyman B. Sutter Probation Officer C.

Cross Administrative Asst W. Parker Head, Crime Preven E. Slaughter Juvenile Officer E. Lester Head, Traffic Div B. Caldwell Head, Accident Preven. Nutt Head, Records Div H. Nutt Municipal Attorney Ray L. Miller Municipal Attorney Charles A.

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Ruby 12 employees; 2 patrol cars; 2 motorcycles Martinez Contra Costa Co. Carlin 14 employees; 2 patrol cars Maywood Los Angeles Co. Garret Municipal Attorney H. Landrum Probation Officer A. Silman 9 employees; 2 patrol cars; 1 motorcycle Modesto Stanislaus Co. Gilbert 22 employees; 4 patrol cars; 2 motorcycles Monrovia Los Angeles Co. Scott Captain of Police Earnest A. Bovee Municipal Attorney Paul F. Garber 13 employees; 2 patrol cars; 2 motorcycles Montebello Los Angeles Co. Maxwell Head, Traffic Div M. Peek Municipal Attorney Louis H.

Burke 17 employees; 3 patrol cars; 2 motorcycles Monterey Monterey Co. Moore Municipal Attorney A. Riordan Municipal Attorney Roy E. Campbell 41 employees; 3 patrol cars; 1 ambulance Oakland Alameda Co. Wallman Captain of Inspectors J. Anderson Head, Records Bur J. Goodnight Municipal Attorney F. Fernhoff employees; 55 patrol cars; 33 motor- cycles; 3 patrol wagons; 4 ambulances Ontario San Bernardino Co. Smith Assistant Chief R. Shipps Head, Records Div J. Shipps Municipal Attorney A.

Mitchell 18 employees; 3 patrol cars Orange Orange Co. Coltrane Head, Traffic Div V. Preyor 5 employees; 1 patrol car Pacific Grove Monterey Co. Zink Assistant Chief E. Dakin Head, Traffic Div L. Morgan Head, Crime Preven. Scares Municipal Attorney Harold P. Huls employees; 13 patrol cars; 17 motor- cycles; 1 ambulance Petaluma Sonoma Co.

Peters Assistant Chief Al. Aretz Head, Traffic Div M. Pflaum Captain of Police Dan W. Jacobsen 20 employees; 5 patrol cars; 4 motor- cycles; 1 ambulance Pittsburg Contra Costa Co. Hamilton Head, Traffic Div Geo. Eastwood Municipal Attorney E. Hunter Assistant Chief J. Morrison Assistant Chief A. Peterson Head, Traffic Div W.

Patterson Municipal Attorney Paul B. Petersen Assistant Chief A. Jennings Municipal Attorney Thomas M. Carlson 35 employees; 9 patrol cars; 4 motorcycles Riverside Riverside Co. Brule Assistant Chief R. Thomas Head, Traffic Div H. Mathews 36 employees; 3 patrol cars; 4 motorcycles Roseville Placer Co. Zanolio Municipal Attorney L.

Thomas Juvenile Officer H. Darwin Head, Accident Preven.. Kistle Municipal Attorney H. Bradford employees; 17 patrol cars; 10 motor- cycles; 1 patrol wagon; 1 ambulance Salinas Monterey Co. Peterson Chief of Detectives Harry J. Macy Municipal Attorney Dayton L. Ault employees; 58 patrol cars; 31 motor- cycles; 2 patrol wagons; 2 ambulances San Fernando Los.

Mueller Assistant Chief O. Holmes Municipal Attorney Clyde R. Quinn Deputy Chief Chas. Skelly Captain of Inspectors. Handley Head, Big Brother Bur. Div Francis Latulipe Dir. Miller 1, employees; patrol cars; 65 motorcycles; 8 patrol wagons; 7 ambulances San Gabriel Los Angeles Co.

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Lopez Municipal Attorney H. Howard Hornbuckle Head, Identif. Parks Municipal Attorney M. Wilson 20 employees; 2 patrol cars; 2 motorcycles San Rafael Marin Co. Lentz Assistant Chief Harry I.

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  6. Fink Chief of Detectives Charles W. Wolford Head, Traffic Div B. Fred Hoelscher Lieut, of Detectives J. O'Brien Lieut, of Police M. Greeson Head, Accident Prcven.. McCandless Captain of Police B. Stowell Municipal Attorney H. Hutchinson Ella Brown L. Rober Howard Brown C. Fike Chief of Police Willard D. Bretz Assistant Chief John C. Gutting Municipal Attorney C. Higgins Assistant Chief E. Setzer Municipal Attorney Horace E. Taulson Chief of Police II.

    Smith Visalia Tulare Co. Fluty Head, Traffic Div G. Qumn j ambulance 62 employees; 10 patrol cars; 6 motor- cycles; 2 patrol wagons Watsonville Santa Cruz Co. Graves Torrance Los Angeles Co. Smith Chief of Police S. Locke Assistant Chief Thos. McGaff Assistant Chief W. Forman Woodland Yolo Co. Beck Chief of Police C. Garrison Heads, Traffic Div F. Jensen Municipal Attorney J. Hannigan 8 employees; 1 patrol car; 2 motorcycles; Municipal Attorney Russell F. O'Hara 1 patrol wagon Colorado State Capital: State Industrial School for Girls Mt.

    Pardons and Parole Ralph L. Carr, Governor ' Secretary of State. Haynie Arapahoe Littleton E. Bent Las Animas L. Cheyenne Cheyenne Wells F. Clear Creek Georgetown W. Costilla San Luis M. Delta Delta Ray R. Colburn Dolores Rico J. Douglas Castle Rock F. Meehan Elbert Kiowa G. Hinsdale Lake City H. Jackson Walden John D. Kit Carson Burlington R. La Plata Durango H. Logan Sterling Ray R. Mesa Grand Junction Chas. Haywood Mineral Creede Wm. Ouray Ouray Jess M. Clements Frank Bruin W. Piatt 6 employees; 1 patrol car Boulder Boulder Co.

    Nelson Municipal Attorney George M. Harper Assistant Chief L. Rader Chief of Detectives LB.

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    Mathews Head, Records Div S. Close Municipal Attorney Ben S. Wendelken 36 employees; 4 patrol cars; 2 motorcycles; 1 patrol wagon; 1 ambulance Denver Denver Co. Guthner Chief of Police A. Hanebuth Assistant Chief H. Williams Chief of Detectives James E. Childers Juvenile Officer L. Cottrell Head, Policewomen Edith S. Pitt Head, Accident Preven.. Beckvermit Head, Records Div G.

    Dillon employees; 54 patrol cars; 20 motor- cycles; 2 patrol wagons; 2 ambulances Durango La Plata Co. Jordan Municipal Attorney H. Davies 6 employees; 3 patrol cars Fort Collins Larimer Co. Kelley Municipal Attorney Herbert A. Alpert 8 employees; 2 patrol cars 1 Sheriffs in each county except Denver are designated by statute to serve as probation officers. Smith 12 employees; 2 patrol cars; 3 motorcycles La Junta Otero Co. Houghton Assistant Chief John S. Schey 6 employees; 1 patrol car; 2 motorcycles Loveland Larimer Co.

    Herrell Municipal Attorney Herman W. Seaman 5 employees; 1 patrol car Pueblo Pueblo Co. Rush 4 employees; 1 patrol wagon Sterling Logan Co. Harris Assistant Chief A. Mabry 11 employees; 1 patrol car Walsenburg Huerfano Co. Hickey Major Frank M. Nichols Captain Walter F. Stiles Lieutenant-Inspector John J. Bureau Frank Chameroy Officer-in-Chg. Fairfield Bridgeport Edward A.

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    Willis Hartford Hartford Wm. Alcorn Litchfield Litchfield Ernest E. Blodgett Middlesex Middletown B. Hoyt 1 Waterbury J New London. Maude Baker Harrison Hotchkiss E. Leslie Woods Richard C. Scully 11 employees; 1 patrol car; 2 motorcycles; 1 patrol wagon; 1 ambulance Bridgeport Fairfield Co. Wheeler Captain of Detectives James H.

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    Div Henry Jeglinski 1 Males between ages of 16 to 25 years. Connecticut has no state parole board, paroles and probation being granted by the directors of the various state penal institutions. Chief of Police Prosecuting Attorney. Murphy patrol cars Pop. Knie Municipal Attorney Edward J. Carroll Probation Officer F.

    Watson 15 employees; 2 patrol cars Fairfield Fairfield Co. Bennett Municipal Attorney Herbert L. Flanagan Captain, Patrol Div T. Paul Burke Probation Officer Mrs. Bronson 80 employees; 10 patrol cars; 11 motor- cycles; 1 patrol wagon Hamden New Haven Co. Butler Assistant Chief Henry L. Hart Head, Traffic Div T.

    Sullivan Head, Records Div T. Sullivan Municipal Attorney Vincent W. Dennis Probation Officer Wm. Lynch 84 employees; 18 patrol cars; 7 motor- cycles; 2 patrol wagons KiUingly Windham Co. Barron Municipal Attorney Geo. Lessner Probation Officer Thomas A. Conran 23 employees; 2 patrol cars; 2 motorcycles Meriden New Haven Co. Carroll Assistant Chief Walter L. Kurcon Captain of Detectives. Kurcon Head, Traffic Div G. Kosicky Probation Officer Patrick M. Kidney 22 employees; 2 patrol cars; 2 motor- cycles; 1 ambulance Milford New Haven Co.

    Gallbronner Municipal Attorney Omar W. Hart Captain of Police Geo. Murphy Municipal Attorney Edward G. Buckley Municipal Attorney Charles I. Allen 7 employees Putnam Windham Co. Breault Municipal Attorney A. Basile Probation Officer Mrs. Willard 6 employees; 1 patrol car; 1 motorcycle Southington Hartford Co. Brennan Captain of Police Martin C. Ryan Juvenile Officer Wm. Reilly 95 employees; 6 patrol cars; 5 motorcycles; 1 ambulance; 2 traffic trucks Stratford Fairfield Co. Meade Municipal Attorney Wm.

    Blodgett 32 employees; 4 patrol cars Vernon ToUand Co. Abbott Assistant Chief James A. Patterson Municipal Attorney Jos. Manfreda Probation Officer John P. Coyle 9 employees; 1 patrol car Waterbury New Haven Co. William Duggan Head, Identif. Loomis Chief of Police Thos. Grady AcVg Chief of Police. Machette Probation Officer John O'Neill 36 employees; 9 patrol cars; 4 motorcycles; 23 employees; 1 patrol car; 1 motorcycle 1 patrol wagon Windham Windham Co.

    Tuttle Municipal Attorney Arthur T. Mulcahy Wethersfield Hartford Co. Simpson Municipal Attorney John F. Leslie Woods 7 employees; 1 patrol car; 1 motorcycle 5 employees; 1 patrol car; 1 motorcycle Delaware State Capital: Fader Captain Henry C. State Parole Officer County Bldg. Robertson ' State prisoners housed in county jails. Kent Dover Grier Minner W. Kavanaugh Chief of Police Frank J.

    Jordon Chief of Detectives James C. Ingram Municipal Attorney David F. Anderson Probation Officer Clarence A. Head, Crime Preven Juvenile Officers. Hayes Head, Policewomen Rhoda J. Milliken Head, Accident Preven..

    New UFO Drama Series "Project Blue Book": First Look Trailer I HISTORY

    Larsen Head, Records Div A. Cone Tallahassee Attorney General G. Finley Chief Clerk B. Smith 1 Appointed by the Attorney General of the state. State Board of Pardons Gov. Tampa Holmes Bonifay Indian River. Green John Scott A. Anderson Rex Sweat H. Law Doyle Schumacher J. Frick Walter Watford A. Cassady Bob King F. Hutcher Gordon Morehead C. Grady Burton Roy D. Lanier Bleecker Forbes J. Adkins Murray Sams O. Turner Harvey Pinson Mrs. Amlong Municipal Attorney M. Wilson 5 employees; 1 patrol car Bradenton Manatee Co. Heckman Head, Records Div L.

    Solie Municipal Attorney Morton B. Adams 16 employees; 4 patrol cars; 3 motorcycles Daytona Beach Volusia Co. Johnson Municipal Attorney Thos. Tappey 38 employees; 6 patrol cars; 4 motorcycles Fort Lauderdale Broward Co. Clements Municipal Attorney S. Roberts Captain of Police H. Brown Chief of Detectives E. Acosta Head, Traffic Div L. Sherman Cannon Head, Identif. Sanders Assistant Chief S.

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    Schlappich Municipal Attorney C. McCoy 9 employees; 1 patrol car; 1 motorcycle Pop. Manning Miami Dade Co. Barker Head, Records Div H. Young Municipal Attorney J. Yocum Municipal Attorney J. Robillard 41 employees; 12 patrol cars; 11 motor- cycles; 1 patrol wagon Ocala Marion Co. Chief of Police Assistant Chief. Robert Smith car; 2 motorcycles; Pop. Shaw Campbell Thornal cars; 6 motorcycles; Pop. Sapp patrol car Assistant Chief A. Bobe Municipal Attorney Ernest E. Mason 48 employees; 5 patrol cars; 5 motorcycles; 1 patrol wagon St. Stuart Municipal Attorney E. Calhoun 12 employees; 1 patrol car; 2 motorcycles St.

    Mitchell Municipal Attorney Harry I. Young 58 employees; 7 patrol cars; 7 motorcycles; 1 patrol wagon Sanford Seminole Co. Howard Municipal Attorney Fred R. Wilson 9 employees; 2 patrol cars; 1 motorcycle Sarasota Sarasota Co. Garner Municipal Attorney J. Powledge Lieut, of Police E. Eklund Head, Traffic Div E. Woodruff Chief of Detectives W. Milburn Municipal Attorney Paul W. Potter 36 employees; 6 patrol cars; 4 motorcycles Winter Haven Polk Co. Sinclair Municipal Attorney H. Mayo Lieutenant, 1st Division 0.

    Whiteside Lieutenant, 2nd Division W. Training School for Girls Atlanta Mrs. Sheriff Atkinson Pearson M. Ben Hill Fitzgerald J. Garden Berrien Nashville N. Garrett Bleckley Cochran J. Lilly Bryan Clyde H. Neville Burke Waynesboro J. Lewis Cos Vinson O. Fulton Nelson Tift Mrs. Tyler Sec Tift Co. Jeff Davis Hazlehurst Geo. Rowland Jones Gray J. Flanders Lee Leesburg W. Forrester Liberty Hinesville P. Lincoln Lincoln ton W. Dawson Lowndes Valdosta J. Quintanilla states in the text that he personally believed it arrogant to think human beings were the only intelligent life in the universe.

    Yet, while he found it highly likely that intelligent life existed beyond earth, he had no hard evidence of any extra terrestrial visitation. None of these were extraterrestrial or a threat to national security. Allen Hynek, a science consultant to Blue Book, suggested in an unedited statement that a "civilian panel of physical and social scientists" be formed "for the express purpose of determining whether a major problem really exist" in regards to UFOs.

    Criticism of Blue Book continued to grow through the mids. Government with a cover-up of UFO evidence. Congressional hearings, the Condon Committee was established in , ostensibly as a neutral scientific research body. However, the Committee became mired in controversy, with some members charging director Edward U. Condon with bias, and critics would question the validity and the scientific rigor of the Condon Report. In the end, the Condon Committee suggested that there was nothing extraordinary about UFOs, and while it left a minority of cases unexplained, the report also argued that further research would not be likely to yield significant results.

    According to Sparks, Air Force officials wanted to keep the Air Force's reaction to the UFO problem from overlapping into a fourth decade, and thus altered the date of Blue Book's closure in official files. Major David Shea was to later claim that Maxwell was chosen because it was "accessible yet not too inviting. Of a total of 12, sightings reported to Project Blue Book, remained "unidentified. As a result of these investigations, studies and experience gained from investigating UFO reports since , the conclusions of Project Blue Book were:.

    With the termination of Project Blue Book, the Air Force regulation establishing and controlling the program for investigating and analyzing UFOs was rescinded. Documentation regarding the former Blue Book investigation was permanently transferred to the Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Service, and is available for public review and analysis.

    There are a number of universities and professional scientific organizations that have considered UFO phenomena during periodic meetings and seminars. A list of private organizations interested in aerial phenomena may be found in "Encyclopaedia of Associations", published by Gale Research.

    Interest in and timely review of UFO reports by private groups ensures that sound evidence is not overlooked by the scientific community. Persons wishing to report UFO sightings should be advised to contact local law enforcement agencies. Bolander states that even after Blue Book was dissolved, that "reports of UFOs" would still "continue to be handled through the standard Air Force procedure designed for this purpose.

    Air Force has continued to catalog and track UFO sightings, particularly a series of dozens of UFO encounters from the late s to the mids that occurred at U. Blum writes that some of these official documents depart drastically from the normally dry and bureaucratic wording of government paperwork, making obvious the sense of "terror" that these UFO incidents inspired in many U. It was the Battelle Institute that devised the standardized reporting form. Starting in late March , the Institute started analyzing existing sighting reports and encoding about 30 report characteristics onto IBM punched cards for computer analysis.

    Even today, it represents the largest such study ever undertaken. Battelle employed four scientific analysts, who sought to divide cases into "knowns", "unknowns", and a third category of "insufficient information. In order for a case to be deemed a "known", only two analysts had to independently agree on a solution.

    However, for a case to be called an "unknown", all four analysts had to agree. Thus the criterion for an "unknown" was quite stringent. In addition, sightings were broken down into six different characteristics — color, number, duration of observation, brightness, shape, and speed — and then these characteristics were compared between knowns and unknowns to see if there was a statistically significant difference.

    More detailed statistics can be found at Identified flying objects. Despite this, the summary section of the Battelle Institute's final report declared it was "highly improbable that any of the reports of unidentified aerial objects Bruce Maccabee , who extensively reviewed the data, have noted that the conclusions of the analysts were usually at odds with their own statistical results, displayed in charts, tables, graphs and maps. Some conjecture that the analysts may simply have had trouble accepting their own results or may have written the conclusions to satisfy the new political climate within Blue Book following the Robertson Panel.

    When the Air Force finally made Special Report 14 public in October , it was claimed that the report scientifically proved that UFOs did not exist. Critics of this claim note that the report actually proved that the "unknowns" were distinctly different from the "knowns" at a very high statistical significance level. Critics counter that this ignored the fact that the analysts had already thrown such cases into the category of "insufficient information", whereas both "knowns" and "unknowns" were deemed to have sufficient information to make a determination.

    Also the "unknowns" tended to represent the higher quality cases, q. Jean-Jacques Velasco , found the evidence of extraterrestrial origins so convincing in these remaining unknowns, that he wrote a book about it in A few years later, however, Hynek's opinions about UFOs changed, and he thought they represented an unsolved mystery deserving scientific scrutiny. After what he described as a promising beginning with a potential for scientific research, Hynek grew increasingly disenchanted with Blue Book during his tenure with the project, leveling accusations of indifference, incompetence, and of shoddy research on the part of Air Force personnel.

    Hynek notes that during its existence, critics dubbed Blue Book "The Society for the Explanation of the Uninvestigated. Hynek had kind words only for Ruppelt and Friend. Of Ruppelt, he wrote "In my contacts with him I found him to be honest and seriously puzzled about the whole phenomenon.

    Whatever private views he may have held, he was a total and practical realist, and sitting where he could see the scoreboard, he recognized the limitations of his office but conducted himself with dignity and a total lack of the bombast that characterized several of the other Blue Book heads. He held Quintanilla in especially low regard: However, the show frequently went against the actual project conclusions, suggesting on many occasions that some sightings were real extraterrestrials. Major Garland Briggs , an Air Force officer who worked on the program, approaches protagonist Dale Cooper and reveals that Cooper's name turned up in an otherwise nonsensical radio transmission intercepted by the Air Force, which inexplicably originated from the woods surrounding the town of Twin Peaks.

    As the season progresses, it is revealed that the source of the transmission is the transdimensional realm of the Black Lodge , inhabited by beings which feed on the human emotions of pain and suffering; it eventually comes out that Briggs worked with Cooper's rival, corrupt FBI agent Windom Earle , on Project Blue Book, and that the two men apparently uncovered evidence of the Lodge during the course of their work. Every episode of the original Battlestar Galactica spin-off series Galactica ended with a short statement about the U. An upcoming drama series slated to air on the History Channel late , Project Blue Book is based on the true, top-secret investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Project Blue Book had two goals: As the result of the Condon Report , which concluded there was nothing anomalous about UFOs, Project Blue Book was ordered shut down in December and the Air Force continues to provide the following summary of its investigations: No UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force was ever an indication of threat to our national security; There was no evidence submitted to or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as "unidentified" represented technological developments or principles beyond the range of modern scientific knowledge; and There was no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as "unidentified" were extraterrestrial vehicles.

    This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The staff of Blue Book, both in numbers and in scientific training, is grossly inadequate Blue Book suffers … in that it is a closed system The statistical methods employed by Blue Book are nothing less than a travesty.

    There has been a lack of attention to significant UFO cases Concentration could be on two or three potentially scientific significant cases per month [instead of being] spread thin over 40 to 70 cases per month. The information input to Blue Book is grossly inadequate. An impossible load is placed on Blue Book by the almost consistent failure of UFO officers at local air bases to transmit adequate information