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In spite of these contretemps Miss Reed - and Miss Pietrangeli who was abroad also - report that they enjoyed their trips greatly and felt amply repaid for all the effort and outlay involved. So others need not be deterred from planning travel abroad even though it may be well to keep in mind the possibility of difficulties. If somewhat terrifying, experience of being in the Mexico earthquake this summer. Luckily the building I was in at the time was not damaged, but the walls swayed back and forth so much and the floor moved so violently that we certainly expected it to collapse on us.

After the motion had stopped, the streets in the center of town were covered with broken glass and filled with people rvuinlng aroimd in pajamas and coats. Most of the Americana in the Continental Hilton thought that the world had come to an end, or at least Mexico, and were asking for taxis to go to the airport. Some buildings collapsed and others, in danger of doing so, had to be evacuated, Hovrever, contrary to many reports, Mexico City is not in ruins. But the most frightened people, I believe, were the American tourists, who made a mass exodus causing the airlines to put on many additional flights.

The Mexican government is very concerned as to what effect this will have on turismo, one of the country's main sources of income. If any changes should be made in the mailing list of the Newsletter please notify us. Chicago Bd, of Ed. Supt, Public Instruction, Springfield engaged in as candid, open and free-wheeling a discussion as it has been this observer's pleasure to witness in a long time.

Self-advertising, and especially to parents, was strongly urged, althouph deprecated by some. Miss Ackermann drew enthusiastic applause from the audience, which by half-time exceeded two hundred and for which seating v;as at first quite in-r-. A motion to this effect was subsequently made and seconded from the floor and carried without a dissenting vote, A -question and answer period, which the moderator had -to shut off all too soon because of the hour, concluded the lively -and, for this pleased newcomer, exciting- meeting, Wffl H, Shoemaker The Newsletter is pleased to have the following contribution and to pass it on now, slightly edited, to its friends: It is hoped that students and teachers in each school and college of the area will be inspired by one or more of the following suggestions to participate in the nation-wide observance of the second National Foreign Language Week from February 16 to 22, Illustrated talks on paintings, architecture, sculpture; palaces, gardens, room Interiors; recreation, games and sports; cookery and costume; travel.

Lectures and informal talks on such topics as language, English as a foreign language with film , Spanish words in daily American use,- values of foreign languages to Americans, the life of a Spanish-American student, foreign languages and our national, political and economic needs, contri- butions of foreign people to world culture or to American culture, literary subjects, Spanish science and invention, -Student dance with booths, games and Spanish and Spanish-American -entertainment home talent or professional.

This list is meant to be indicative only, not exhaustive. It is recommended that the students integrate their foreign language activities with their interests in other areas of study, such as art, domestic science, drama, English, mathematics, music, physical edu- cation, science, the social sciences, and shop work. National Foreign Language Week programs need not be limited to the few Exiropean languages traditionally studied in our schools, but may include all foreign languages and thus add variety and entertainment value to the occasion. For it is taken from one of the many readers shown and also dis- cussed by Miss Elfriede Ackermann at this meeting.

However, the luncheon that followed the general morning session should be mentioned first. As a student of languages, he told us, he had picked up a smattering of several, and his talk concerned Itself with the good will he had produced at one time and another by using this and that language to break the ice. It is in the nature of the Olympic Games, but without the winter sports and with participants only from the two American continents and the Caribbean Islands, This will be the third time the festival has been held. Both singers were accompanied by Mary Sauer at the piano. The various section meetings were held in the afternoon.

Miss Elfriede Ackermann, principal emerita, discussed a display of books for which she has been responsible. Prom various countries she obtained Fibel and other books intended to teach the reading of the language to the children of that country. The German books were a present to her and therefore she is able to show them at various places. They were exhibited at this meeting and will also be exhibited at the AATG meeting, in the Public Library, and else- where. Phelps mentioned that Goethe considered some- of his masques so unimportant that they are lost, while others he considered so important that he sent copies to his friends.

He related that many of the problems in such a school are those that have arisen since World War II, especially through the influx of DP' s and fugitives. After his talk Mr. Neher showed some slides of his school and his trip. University of Illinois at Chicago. She traced the growing influence of Germany on France that resulted from the return to France of the emigres of I Members of the German department at Urbana who attended the meeting were Mr. Pauline Schwalbe, and Mr. Henri Stegemeier, German newsreel film. The Austrian Ministry of Education has distributed a gift of books to a number of American colleges and universities.

The German department at Urbana recently received about books thus sent to it through the agency of the Austrian Consulate General in New York. The volumes are to a great extent in the field of modern Austrian literature. There are also volumes on Austrian art and history. In order that these works may be available to the greatest nixmber they have Isreen turned over to the University library for placement on the stack shelves.

The interesting and varied program prepared by the Chicago Chapter was presided over by Marie Antoinette Martin, president of the Chicago group. Vitu admitted that the French detest advertising and hence French public relations are the world's worst," Lack of advertising may perhaps explain why many delightful regions of France are neglected by the tourist. Even in i'aris itself certain picturesque and historical quarters are practically unknown to the average tourist.

Among neglected regions of great tourist interest M.

Meaning of "Bücherbus" in the German dictionary

Chamberlin of the University of Chicago presented an informative discussion of "Balzac et le roman policier. Chamberlin traced the textual evolution of "line Tenebreuse affaire,. The French public of I8I4. O, stimulated by the famous "cause Laforge" was greatly interested in stories of crime, and Balzac in this work and others seemed only too happy to satisfy this interest. Balzac's melodramatic crimes, criminals, and methods of crime detection foreshadow in many ways the modern detective novel.

Even though the basic text of the TV course and the school classroom texts may not be the same, listening to these lessons iifill provide valuable checks on pronunciation and offer model sentences worth learning. The TV course should be interesting and entertaining for it is based on a text entitled French Self -. The method of presentation makes extensive use of extremely simple line or match-stick figures which are childllshly quaint and catch the attention. The voice speaks a sentence explaining what the figures are representing or are doing. Those of us who have attended the larger language meetings have seen some of the commercial films which employ this method.

There can be no question that these films are interesting and entertaining. How clearly the grammar items may be presented Is another matter, but for certain aspects of language study these films must be very effective. This text is accompanied by a workbook, entitled A First Workbook of French. The workbook provides numerous fill-in and testing exercises which also make use of the quaint, simple drawings and which are amusing in themselves.

The very moderate price of these texts, thirty-five cents each, should enable any one who wishes to try such a course to purchase them. The March vol, X, No. The Larousse company also fubllshes a companion volume called the Nouveau Larousse Classlque which is likewise called a "dictlonnaire encyclopedique", but which differs from the "Illustre. The entries of the book differ greatly, however, for the Classlque devotes a great deal of space to history, art, architecture, geography and science, giving extensive accounts of the historical developments in these fields. The illustrations are very numerous, many being in color.

This is less a dictionary than the "Illustre," but more of an encyclopedia. It would be an excellent reference work for French classes and to encourage students to do elementary research in French. The entries on art, history, architecture and geography are accompanied by such numerous and excellent illustrations that student research in these fields should be pleasant and profitable. Two years afo, his predecessor in that position. Monsieur Donzelot, visited the campus and gave an interesting lecture.

It is a verjr real pleasure to have an opportunity to see and hear these distinguished Frenchmen, from time to time, and to know that France is interested in establishing and maintaining a liaison with American schools. The office which he heads in this country vrill provide counselling and information to American - students vjho desire to study in France and facilitate the ar-. Marie Duez Ramey - Teacher. Elmer Schaefer, age li..

Jeanne McAllister - Teacher. A record of fifty percent winners out of all the awards given is a legitimate source of pride and Illinois teachers of French may well rejoice that some of their colleagues have done so well in their classrooms. The latter spoke briefly on aids to teachers offered by the Spanish government and Tourist Office such as magazines, nexjspapers and films. He also mentioned summer courses in Spain, Dr, Michael J. Flys of Loyola University, Chicago, read a paper, Problemas de interpretacion en la poesia contempor4nea espanola. The second half of the program vjas devoted to the problem of Meeting the Needs of Spanish Students on the Elementary and Secondary Xevels.

In some cases Spanish classes met for only one or two forty-minute periods a week. Teachers are asked to begin rounding up talent - students who can sing Spanish songs, dance, speak well and dramatize. President Violet Bergquist will sincerely welcome all ideas and offers of help, Saturday, May 10, Wabash not at La Siesta as originally planned, since many members asked for a more central location.

Oops, something lost

The program will honor our new Puerto Rican Exchange teacher, i'ir. We will also honor our own Miss Frances Curtis and Miss Vivian Kle who taught in Puerto Rico last year and who will give us some of their impressions of Christmas in the home of Dona Pe- lisa, San Juan's lady mayor, and of the aguinaldos of Puerto Rico, which Miss Curtis tells us are among the loveliest Christmas carols she has ever heard.

VJe'll hear some aguinaldos too as well as sing our old favorite villan- cicos together. If you still have your yellow card for national membership which Mr. Turk sent you- some time ago, please fill it out and enclose it with your reser- vation. Hasta el 7 de diciembre, iverdad? The play will be directed by Joseph S. Next were two songs in which the audience participated, joining in the chorus of Mi querido capitan. La luna enamorada , an Italian song, and two Brazilian Portu- guese songs. This was followed by a medley of well-known Mexican love songs.

Sra, de Leon then sang two songs which she uses in her classes to emphasize good pronunciation: This was not her first performance here at the University, and her work is probably familiar to many readers of the Newsletter, Thelma Canale-Parola We should like to repeat the following Christmas material which we have included in previous. Un vocabulario de Navidad You may be Interested in this brief vocabulary which gives in capsule form the general Christmas traditions in. Nochebuena - Christmas Eve 6. Mis a de Gallo - "Mass of the Cock", midnight mass 7.

Bunuelos and turron are typical Spanish or Spanish-American Cliristmas confections. Mix butter, sugar and lemon rind well together. Spread the dough out on a kneadling board and cut off small pieces. Drop in deep fat, which should not be too hot. Serve sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon, or with honey. In mixing bowl, beat egg whites until stiff; stir in almonds and extracts. Store in air-tight container. These two recipes have been "editor- tested". Bendito pueblo de Belen La Cuna de Jesus. El Rey tan adorado. Oh, pueblecito de Belen La cuna de nuestro bien. Sagrado pueblo de Belen, La cuna de nuestro bien.

Ya brilla en tus calles Un bello resplandor Ya brilla en el mundo La eterna luz de amor. Solo suenan en la oscuridad Armonias de felicldad, Arnonias de paz. Also available from Banks Upshaw is Christmas tide by Agnes I'larie Brady, a 79 page book containing skits, playlets, songs, music, games, poems, and material on the posadas and the pinata.

Nearly all of this rroney has been devoted to staff activities, including salaries, conferences, questionnaire surveys, travel, the publishing of special FL Bulletins and newsletters, etc. A few words about this Chinese project. From the beginning, the PL Program has sought honestly to discover the needs for foreign language learning in modern American society.

Obviously, not all of our needs can be met with French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The Steering Committee is on record with an official policy statement urging greatly expanded teaching of the so-called unusual languages. This is the specific purpose of the Chinese project. Thus, a direct result, we hope, will be increased potential for communica- tion vjith the Chinese in their own language. But there is more than that. As language people we know that the only way to an understanding of a foreign culture is through the language.

A wise man has recently reminded us tnit that "Literature does not begin and end with Homer and Shakespeare, The preat Ideas and achievements of the human race are not the exclusive prorert-- of the VJest. Our earnest hope, therefore, is that this Chinese project eventually will open another linguistic gateway to the cultural heritage of mankind. Returning now to the practical future of the PL Prograin, I should like to re-emphasize that the staff — smaller than in the past, to be sure-- is budgeted ahead for three years, and we have the promise of continued support thereafter from the Executive Council, All of the essential staff functions will be maintained, and we now look forward to an increasing amount of research taking place in the field.

We hope that individuals and institutions- may be stimulated to undertake necessary projects on their own; but where desirable projects cannot find local sponsorship, we shall seek aid from foundations and elsewhere. We shall continue efforts to keep the cause of language stud' a living issue in the agencies of the federal government, in the organizational hierarchy of pro- fessional and academic education, and in the popular media which reach the general public.

And finally, we look with pleasure and gratitutde to the continued good wishes and cooperation of the thousands of sincere persons, both in and outside the language profession, who have made the PL Program a vital professional force all over the nation. In the Allerton House Conference on Education in Illinois was organized and seven study groups were appointed with specific problems for investigation.

Ihe resulting page report. Marie Antoinette Martin Vice Chairman: Contin, Art Institute St. The Drossos Dykes Hall, is Bd. Meeting N LaSalle Martin 7 8: Goethe's Paus 32 W. Randolph t 15 8: Regular Meeting Rm Bd. LaSalle Martin k 8: Mexico Unlimited Orchestra Hall 12 Cont: Drosses League Meeting 3 9: Martin Teachers Meeting N.

LaSalle Committee 10 9: Teachers Cormnittee N. Crandon Ave, I7 , Tel. Austin Ave, 39 , Tel: Be Vette for the beautifully organized, information packed demonstrations on the use of tape recorders, film strips, slides, records, cartoons, felt boards, etc. Seeing the well-equipped language laboratories in action plus the in- triguing realia in every nook , getting to know Srta.

Maria Theresa Mallat of Barcelona who made some of the mixed recordings for Rosary College, chatting with the experts, was an inspiration for all of us. We were happy to see Mr. Emory Hume of Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company at our meeting; with such interest from publishers, --je can hope for faster real- ization of our aims in teaching languages well.

The objectives of the tour are-: Ttie course to be offered is Culture Studies - Seminar in Italian Culture and Civi - lization which gives six semester hours credit. For further information write to the tour leader: The course of study is Spanish However the tour is also open to those who would simply like to -go along on the trip. Al dia siguiente los familiares permanecen en casa todo el dia ya que debido al segundo banquete que se celebra al mediodla estan poco menos que Imposibilitados para poderse mover mucho.

Champagne, vinos de todas clases, conac, jerez, etc Los turrones que pueden ser de 20 o 3O clases diferentes se sirven para postre y general- mente se comen aunque sea poquito de todos ellos. Todo es alegria y buenos propositos. El dia 22 de diciembre se celebra un sorteo en Madrid en el que toda Jispana, pegada a la emisora, est4 pendien- te de su suerte.

Af ortunadamente muchas familias son agraciadas por el sorteo y celebran aun con mas esplendor las fiestas Navi- denas, Yo particularmente he celebrado en Espana unas 23 Navidades y en dos ocasiones estuve en este pueblecito al que me estoy refirien- do y su paisaje es tan hermoso que rarece un pesebre al natural. This section of the country lies in a valley about thirty miles from the French coast on the Costa Brava.

The inhabitants speak only Catalan. The particular town to which our writer refers is Cadaques, the birth- place of Salvador Dali, Mr. Prats, an assistant in the Spanish Department, is a native of Barcelona and therefore is well qualified to give us this glimpse of a Catalonian Christmas. In addition he has given the totals for each year from I9I1. Undergraduate Majors Wo. Luke Martel who came to the French Department of the University of Illinois this year as Instructor after three years in France where he received his Doctorat d' Univer.

En Provence, Noel se celebre avec beaucoup d' eclat. Sur de la mousse humide on seme du ble et cette jeune et vigoureuse verdure - ce ble en herbe - deviendra, comme le gui pour les gens du Mord, le symbole meme de la fete calendale. Dans plusieurs villes provenqales la fete commence aussi par les tres pittoresques marches aux santons santouns , charmantes et naives miniatures sur lesquelles je reviendrai.

Daudet, Mistral, Aicard, les derniers temoins d'un siecle qui se meurt mais encore prof ondement ancre dans son traditionalisms, nous ont laisse de splendides descriptions de cette benediction ou "cacho-fio". Le plus vieux de la famille - Ahl Calendo, Calendo, ounte ei ta douqo pas? Crido lou viei, alegre, alegrel - Que Noste Segne nous alegre i -. S'un autre an sian pas mai, m. Aicard, par sa fiction plus poetique que realiste, nous donne une version tres differente mais non moins interessante.

On voit qu'en Provence c'est I'idee chaleur que I'on associe a cette fete hivernale: Quelle famille vraiment provengale ne fait pas sa creche? Comme elles sont jolies ces creches provengales que I'on voit dans tous les mas, dans toutes les bastides de Provence i On y voit, bien sdr, I'Enfant endormi sur la paille , son pere et sa mere qui le surveillent tendrement; on y voit aussi le boeuf et I'Sne qui, par leur chaude haleine, rechauffent le nouveau-ne, Mais, croyez-moi, la creche provenqale est bien differente de toutes celles que I'on fait ailleurs. On y met un village entier avec sa petite eglise provenqale et ses maisons et mSme quelques bastides dissemlnees ici et la.

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Tous les habitants se dirigent vers la creche. Les femmes en groupes, quel que s -une s tenant un enfant par la main ou le portant endormi dans leurs bras. On mangera treize desserts et surement I'un des treize sera le nougat au miel car ainsl le veut la tradition. Dans beaucoup de maisons paysannes on mettra un couvert de plus He was a guest at the weekly luncheon of the staff of the Depart- m. Professor Dieudonne, a French matheiratician at nresent on the staff of Northwestern University', who was on the campus as a lecturer, was also a guest at the luncheon.

About films are available for loan -- free of charge except for transportation costs -- and usually some are out on loan. The reluctance of Americans to study in the French provincial universities also means that the facilities of those schools are not used to full advantage and the resulting imbalance is a source of real concern to the French governmental branches in charge of such educational matters.

Following that topic Monsieur Morot-Slr discussed the changes which are beginning to be made in the French educational system, where modifications and an easing of the state examinations leading: A modern- ization of the course curricula and materials is also under consideration, although some French people still speak in support df the traditional courses. The office which Monsieur Morot-Slr represents has just sent out a pamphlet describing these changes and many readers of the Newsletter have doubtless received that publication. One immediate result has been a national outcry for strengthening of American education, especially in the elementary and high schools.

The Administration in VJashington is preparing an education bill about which you may have read by the time you receive this message. It is aimed at greatly increasing education in three vital fields-- science, mathematics, and foreicn languages. Because the necessary em- phasis being placed on science may blind the public and our law- makers to the im-iortance of languages.

Because all the measures necessary to put us back in the race with Russia scientific research, increased financial aid to- foreign nations, stepped up training of scientists, etc. Because there are still some people who are'oprosed to for- eign language study in the schools in any form, and thev will be using every argument to kill governraent support for langua.

Every citizen who is convinced of the vital importance of foreign languages in the national interest must be moved to action. Teachers of foreign languages will frequently have to take the lead, but this can be done in a firm and dignified manner. For vje are not pleading a private cause: Remember that the people from your state who sit in the Federal legislature will be the ones to vote for or against Federal sup-nort to foreign language instruction. Specific suggestions are given below in a section on General Policy. General Policy At the state level, it would be most effective to publicize the following points: Improving liaison with national trends and innovations, conducting research and experimentation in problems of language learning, etc, 6 any Federal Government program of financial aid for the improvement of education must take into account specifically the problem of improving foreign language learning in your state.

The preceding paragraphs are excerpted from material sent to us by the MLA national office in ;Iew York, At their request we have mailed out copies of this message and another. Sputnik Puts Foreign Languages in the ifews , to several persons throughout the state. It is the hope of the KLA that the recipients of this material will try to encourage local newspaper Interest in languages and the interest of leading citizens, thereby creating more public awareness of the Importance of foreign language study.

It is regrettable that this attention is somewhat hysterical on the one hand and charged with various loads of political dynamite on the other. But to members of this association the deficiencies are themselves an old, old story. It is the official and public attention that is new - for which we cannot but rejoice, even at the irony of finding ourselves with such strange individual and collective bed-mates as Sputnik and Mutnik.

President Sisenhovrer' s Oklahoma City address on November I3 set off an unprecedented string of public comments on education. We can hope it is a genuine chain reaction and not a pack of Chinese firecrackers. It also reprints significant parts of some of the nation-wide comments which reflect accord with the President and grave concern for the educational situation.

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  • Professor I'einberi' is iddeiy. His lecture here vas an e: Louis xras prepared by iir. This is one of the rare tines that this associa. The site xrcs uell chosen, for St. The University staff member xrho explained the operation of this film deposit to the delerjates, threu on the screen some films of Old French texts and illuminations. Chouteau is the best-knoun French name in St. Louis, since it is that of one of the co-founders of the city.

    The refreshments for the Vin d'honneur irere supplied by the California '. At the annual banquet, irhich was held in the Ilissouri R. It is now beinrj rea. Peyre further held up the example of France as the nation demonstrating' some of the ;iost surprising, youthful vi;i,or of any nation in 3urope. The talk, by i: He mentioned, rxionr, other thih[js, France's noteworthy increase in pro- duction — oO;. For example, why is Prance " experiencing such a large deficit?

    Thus a certain delay is inevitable. M, Beliard also undertook to explain Prance's attitude at the recent Paris conference. There is no question that France wants launching sites for missiles, he said, but she also wants something still more important, the union of all scientific minds against Soviet Russia, She feels that this is indispensable, and that there must p,pt be a half-tim. He is remembered on the University of Illinois campus for his very recent visit there, M, Morot-Sir, who s aid he had traveled everywhere in the United States, said he had found the presence of Prance everywhere, and he felt profoundly grateful to the people present for what they had done in spreading a love for French culture and language.

    He spoke of the need in Prance for scientists in far greater nxiraber than they have been produced so far, of the traditional preference of French students for philosophical over scientific studies, of the gradual rise in the proportion of scienti- fic students, and of the reforms of the teaching system projected in France, Particularly he mentioned that scientific teaching cannot do without a knowledge of the mother-tongue and foreign languages, for the scientist must manipulate words.

    The best hope for the future he sees in a kind of dialogue between the mother-tongue and the foreign language, which he hopes in a majority of cases will be French. Gerard Hamburg, the president of the St. Father Ong traced the early rise and continued importance of the dialectic form. One way of vievjlng progress in science is that we can go today to school and learn how to ask better questions. Father Ong pointed out that the science of any age can be considered as "arrested dialogue," In Camus' La Chute the dialogue is a dialogue with self. The judge having judged himself, he feels it necessary to pass the judgment on to others.

    Certain proposed changes in the by-laws were considered. Improvements in the national French contest were discussed, and the international correspondence service for students was explained with reasons for its necessarily deliberate rate of operation. Another matter discussed at considerable length was the Placement Bureau of the Association, which has been providing less service than the equivalent bureaus of the other language associations and which everyone would like to see function more actively.

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    As the final business of the meeting Time Martin of Chicago presented a list of the persons given honorary citations by the association, and the announcement of the choice of national officers was made. Peyre will again serve as -president, and Mr. Watts will again be the Secretary-Treasurer, Following the transaction of the necessary business, the meeting was brought to a conclusion with the reading of three more papers. Gordon Silber, in a report entitled "Le frangais langue etrangere," siirveyed the organizations and publications in Prance which can help with peda- gogical ideas and teaching aids.

    Silber himself seconded a propo- sal which has been made that an office be established in France as a clearing house for all ideas obtained on the teaching of French as a foreign language. He discussed three novels by this writer: Les Gomme s has as its subject a detective's search for a criminal who is none other than the detective hiMself. This work is full of a Gothic mysticism the depths of which must be drawn out if one wishes really to understand it. In La Jalousie , the finest of Robbe-Grillet' s novels, there is much study of gestures and faces, an inversion of external chronology, numerous motifs, analogies, and sym- bols.

    It included the site of the projected riverfront plaza, which will occuny the location of the oririnal French town. At the Old Cathedral of St. Louis and the Old Court- house, which are located near the Mississippi River, the party got out to visit these two historic locations. The Old Cathedral dates back to I83I1.

    Further stops on the tour included a visit to the Christmas floral display at the Jewel Box in Forest Park and a visit to the Jefferson iiemorial, also in Forest Park, which has the internationally famous collection of the Lindbergh trophies. For any further information call: Michigan Ave,, Chicago on Saturday, March 29 from 10 a,m, until 12 noon.

    Each school may send no more than two pupils for each or any of the divisions. Their selection will be the responsibility of the indivi- dual schools. The objective examinations consist of three parts: Each order must include the number of students in each division. The cost of the tests will be defrayed by the Chicago Area Chapter. We want to call your attention to the fact that all teachers of Spanis are eligible to give the examination in their schools, A previous plan to set up regional centers for the examination was found to be unnecessary.

    Each school is expected to give the exam. Copies of last year's exam may be ordered for study at ten cents per copy from Harry T. Charly, who will also supply the tapes for the contest. He prefers that new tapes be ordered, but will run tapes that are sent to him. Prizes will be awarded individual winners by the Downstate Chapter at the April 19 meeting to be held in Carbondale.

    Please complete the order form on the next page and forward it with your remittance before February 1. We urge you to order as early as possible so that we may determine the quantity to print and record most economically. Remember that exams may take several weeks to arrive and that all parts of an order may not reach you at the same time.

    Grace Cunningham, Edwards ville High School or chapter treasurer: Totals 2nd year exams at. Madison 5, Wisconsin Please send me: Totals 2nd year tape recordings at -t'5. I enclose blarJc tapes. This meeting will climax the week- long program of the Pan American Festival held on the same cajnpus. Members of the state chapter and all other interested nersons are urged to begin planning to attend the Saturday sessions of the AATSP, and as many of the other events of the Festival in the preceding week as they can.

    As soon as a more complete program is available, details will be announced. Why not join, or renew your membership NOW? The advantages of being a member are these: Send the following coupon to Ernest Howard, If paid by check, your cancelled check will be a receipt. The fact that the FiLA held its meeting separately in September this year meant the absence of a number of personalities one usually sees at such gatherings, but as some atten- dants remarked, this arrangement is a good way to take stock periodi- cally.

    Fabian of Chicago, J. The Statler Hilton, as those who know it will agree, is quite swanky and new. According to one delegate's theory, the repeated choice of this kind of hotel for the convention is a form of compensation among language teachers. But in spite of the suggestion that a respectably shabby hotel might occasionally be a comfortable change, everyone seemed to feel that this was a most successful meeting.

    Poston' s paper tacL-led the knotty problem of use and non-use of the definite article in Spanish with"general or abstract nouns. Adams as president and J. Kenneth Leslie as third vice-president. Tyre and James 0. Frcy attended the meeting of the Linguis- tic Society in Chicago. Und das ware das I Nlchts bleibt librig, als alien, vrenn auch etwas verspatet, ein gluckliches Neujahr zu wunschen.

    If people don't realize the need for foreign language studv, they should be shocked into consciousness of it by the fact that Russia is far ahead of us in this field. In the Soviet Union, by contrast, all students in the year schools are required to study foreign languages for 6 years; and special language schools are maintained in which all instruction in the upper grades is conducted in a foreign language.

    Russian engineers and mem- bers of other missions abroad generally speak the language of the country they work in. An estimated 10,, Russians are study- ing English; fewer than 8, Americans are studying Russian. Of all college graduates who were qualified to teach, only 1,1; percent majored in a foreign language. These Institutes would provide further training designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of foreign language teaching. By fiscal , it is proposed to ' increase the number of such institutes to 15 and the number of stipends to In addition it is proposed to provide student grants in varying amounts to enable students to attend these language training and service centers'.

    It is also proposed to grant, in addition to the stipends noted above, 10 foreign travel allowances to defray travel costs for members or potential members of the staffs of the language training and service centers who require study and training abroad. The Office of Education would be authorized to conduct surveys to determine the need for training in the various foreign languages, to sponsor and conduct research in the most effective methods of teaching foreign languages, and to develop specialized teaching- materials, particularly in those languages not now generally taught in this country.

    It is prorosed that a total of l,j. Whether or not you are a member of the Illinois Downs tate Chapter, American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, you will be interested in our Spring meeting April 19, to be held at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, which will be the culmination of the week-long Pan American Festival celebration this year. In case you might be able to attend several of the other activities, the full program for the week is listed, as well as the Saturday sessions of the AATSP chapter. You are cordially invited to bring along grou-ns of students to anv of the events, and are urged es-necially to attend the Saturday meetings.

    Saturday April 19 8: P, Lijjrary Auditorium and Wheeler Hall. University Library Lounge 9: Ademas, como las escuelas de casi todo el continente estan en pleno funcionamiento en el mes de abril, el dia escogi- do ofrecia una ocasion propicia para inculcar en la nueva gene- racion sentimientos de conf raternidad americana. En todos los gobiernos americanos habian proclamado el 1I.

    Desde ese ano las escuelas, tanto publlcas como particulares, han realaado el significado simbolico de este dia, Otro tanto han hecho las organizaciones civicas y culturales, Sierapre se ha hecho hincapie en la impor- tancia de estrechar las relaciones entre las Republicas America- nas sin descuidar el aspecto festivo de la celebracion, Sste dia, esencialmente americano, es el unico que los gobiernos de todo un continente reconocen como simbolo de los lazos de amis- tad que los unen y de las aspiraciones que comparten.

    La impor- tancia que los gobiernos dan al Dia de las Americas, la atencion que les presta la prensa y la regularidad con que casi todas las escuelas del continente lo observan, hacen de el un medio ideal para hacer llegar a todos un mensaie de solidaridad continental, De alll que este dia contribuya r Oder os amen te a la armonia y al mutuo entendlmiento que caraoterizan a la comunidad de naciones americanas. En ella se funda el espiritu de cooperacion sincera que anima a los pueblos americanos. The OAS is the Organization of American States, the oldest and most successful international organization in the world.

    What are the aims of the OAS? What are its underlying; principles? The underlying principles of the OAS can be summed up briefly as follows: How does the OAS function? The Inter- Americ an Conference, su-pr eme body of the OAS, meets every five years to plan the reneral structure, policy and action of the OAS for the next five-year period. As the permanent central or fan of the OAS, it employs its technical facilities and services in putting decisions and programs of the OAS into practice and in promoting the economic, social and cultviral development of the Member States, The OAS also functions through Specialized Conferences dealing with agriculture, health, radio communications, Indian affairs, child welfare, defense and other specialized fields of interest, and throxjgh Specialized Organizations, resnonsible for carrying out programs and projects in their respec'ive s-nheres.

    S is independent of the United Nations in Western Hemisphere affairs, there is close cooperation between the two international agencies. All of the countries which are members of the OAS are also members of the United ifetions, although most of them are represented by separate delegatos in the two agencies. In many respects the success of the year-old inter -American system of cooperation served as a guide in the organization of the United Nations.

    Re- mittance must accompany order. Part I, 23 pp. Uhrhan El proximo dia Ik de abrll, el Club de jispanol va a organlzar la celebracion de la Union Panaraer icana que es conoclda en lUs- tados Unidos por Pan American Day, Esperamos de antemano que sea un exito, y digo espersmos forque contamos con riedlos que son capaces de bacer trlunfar cualquler celebraci6n. Para tal efecto contamos con la sala de baile del Union, capaz -nara mas de cuatrocientas -nersonas. Dean Wapier Wilt welcomed those in attendance, after which Dr.

    Two sections of beginning German for Ph. OO are being offered, Monday through Thursday a. The continuation reading course German ij. D, language requirement in German, is being given in four sections, two for students in the humanities and social sciences, two for those in the natural sciences. The farmer are held MWP a. It will be a luncheon meeting held at Julius Schwietering, visiting professor at Chicago University, will speak on "Volkslied, Volkssage, Volkstracht in ihrer gemein- schaf tsbildenden Punktion" before the Literary Society, This will be at 8: Guest tickets are -.

    Adapted by Jose-Andre -Lacour for -presentation In the arena or theatre-in- the-round stvle, the rlav bears the French title of Our a g an sur le Caine. The word ouragan means hurricane and seems, on first reading to give a very different title from that of the American play. The French x-jordinp is logical, however for the play presents the courtmartial of a naval officer whose alleged mis- beliavior took place during a hurricane throu h which his ship was passinr. The same issue of Healites carries an article on Les Geants de 1' Industrie mondiale In which are listed Le Club des Cent , which, in this case, refers to the largest industrial firms of the free ivorld.

    Seventy nine of the one hundred firms are in the United States. The article credits France itself with only four such companies. His chief initial disagreement was with the plan of the administrators to discharge from the company's actors certain older members who, Davy felt had not been given sufficient opportunity to show their talents. As the members of the company supposeri. Once Davy was known as a critic of the theatre administration he was seldom called upon to perform and never piven a new role to create.

    As he felt he must do creative work, and as he had also requested -without having iis request granted- the opportunity to direct plays, Davy has finally separated from la Comldie, To do this called for very special arrangements, for the government contracts and penalties for breach of contract which regulate the position of the actors made even a separation welcome to both the organization and the actor a difficult matter.

    Hallowell who directed the work and taught the grammar -reading classes. Proceeding on the well-founded assumption that students can learn to read French much more rapidly than the-o- can learn to speak and write the lanfamge, the department of French of the Univer. A 'rourt of fifty students of beginnin. Ihe same group of fifty students was separated into two sub-groups meeting twice a week with a different instructor for instruction in grammar and rapid reading.

    The first chapter, dealing with spelling and pronunciation, ivas omitted, but the rest of the text was assigned. Consequently, during the semester students studied all tenses of the French verb both in the indicative and sub- junctive moods, as well as the other important items of French syntax. Bond's Premiere Etape alternate , a collection of graded reading materials, gave the students practice in reading. Students were held responsible for translation of these texts.

    The rest of the f jnal examination was made vr, esTecially for the experimental rroup and included a translation into 3n,r-lish of a text r-. These passages involved the p iS t definite and compound tenses of verbs and other gram- matical constructions net 'jjually encountered in the first semester of trench. Yet the results exceeded our expectations. In comparing the mean scores which the experimental group made on the aurel-oral part of the final examination with those achieved by stuc. The experiment is being continued this semester with the same group and following the same plan.

    The Harris and Leveque text is again being used for oral practice, and Bond's Deuxieme Etape alternate for assigned readings in class. En Route is being reviewed with special attention given to irregular verbs and idio- matic usages. Two short readers Lafayette and Laf itte Keating- Moraud have been assigned for rapid reading outside of class. Although it is too early to draw definite conclusions about the validity of this experiment, the results obtained the first semester clearly indicated that It vras worth continuing.

    Most students are enthusiastic about it and seem to enjoy forging ahead with reading as raridly as possible. Mildenberger of the NLA and Dr. It is the instrumentation of linguistic thought in different keys by different peoples, 'ihese differences are historically conditioned, but in the final analysis, they are connected with the type of mind predominating in that particular language community, that is, with the national character. She recapitulated her talk with a summary statement of six recommendations, as follows: Grants for travel and studv abroad for teachers of foreign languages.

    Relaxation of requirements in the tMO great areas of mathematics and Isjiguage has been a m. No man or woman can neglect either the language of numbers or the language of words. Mathematics and laboratory sciences are as truly liberal arts or skills as languages and the humanities. The Commi'ssion recommends that each mem-ber college re-examine its entrance requirements,: It therefore recommends to member colleges certain minimal entrance requirements: This is at best a temporary program.

    A member of the U. House of Representa- tives recently declared that the only way to get information from abroad was to go off on a junket. A new shhool of models at Halle in Communist aast Germany includes in its curriculum a required course in Russian for all mannequins,,. The Commerce Department reports that expenditures of U. G institutions reporting that language , against , in There will, of course, be ample opportunity for the use of the broken language. And how' 3 yoTJTS?

    When the Secretary of the U. What's a Friend For? In the nuraber of foreigners n the U. Summer Schools University of Washington June 23 to August 22 - Professor Theodore Andersson will conduct a seminar on the teaching of - modern languages and will teach a demonstration class In ele- mentary college Spanish.

    Pro- fessor Jean-Albert Bede of Columbia will also be a visiting pro- fessor. It is a forty-three -rare directory which should he invaluable to teachers and students vjlshinf: Under the heading Actualite ape found Le Par is cope. A long, profusely illustrated article, Un Ense tenement 'fouveau pour une France Nouvelle , discusses the need of educational reforms to enable France to train voung people to fit into the modern world of science. Apparently too much stress is placed on formal or theo- retical mathematics and little time left for "practical" studies and little equipment provided for technical courses.

    Another article describes the Renault automobile factories where the Dauphine model of that firm is made. As this car is now be- ing sold in the United States the articles is an interesting one to read. The life of the group is detailed in a way that makes a great contrast with the novel Pot Bouille written by Zola in , Another article discusses Les!

    As part of the twinning activities, a teacher excliange was made, and a York teacher of French in the elementary schools went to Aries to teach English, Alas for PLES --she will not return. Miss Koshansky vras formerlv with this department and went from Illinois to Purdue. Some persons have enrolled in the c our s e. Before the first Sputnik was launched, Russian was being offered in not over a dozen secondary schools of the nation, but during the past few months wide spread interest has arisen.

    Ordon Wayne State , J,l. Reading of Expository Prose. Reading and trans- lation of graded material in the fields of history, criticism, sociology and the sciences. Beginning Russian for Graduate Students. Designed for graduate students preparing to offer a reading knowledge of Russian for the Ph. The executive groups of all the AATs subsequently expressed willingness to cooperate. In order to implement this national -program of state im-nro vement.

    The following three recommendations were approved by vote: Qrew Chairman of the French Departm. This group will establish contact with the btate Department of Education and the State Education Association, and with State Modern Language Associations or Teachers Associ- ations in states where such organizations exist, in order to strengthen foreign language sections already established or to establish them vjhere they do not exist.

    The results of these demarches will be reported at the next meeting of the Steering Committee of the MLA' s Foreign Language Program, scheduled for September , 3 That Mr, Grew and his Committee be instructed to coordinate ftll foreign language activities in each state by working with the local Chapters of all the AATs, the state PL bulletin editors, and other Interested local organizations.

    Tliis is an attempt to reach out to. While this writer attended the "tertulia" that meets every after- noon in the Cafe Leon in Madrid --which brings together the literary great, the near great, and visiting American professors, under the guidance of don Antonio Rodriguez-Monlno--, Hispanofila was conceived, discussed, and final plans were made for its publication. Arrangements vjere made, for economic reasons, to have the printing done in Spain — in the Editorial Castalia — yet for the editorial control to be in the United States.

    Our edi- torial committee Includes 'V,H. Knowing the problems of the scholars in the field of Spanish letters vnio find that the "market" for their scholarly findings, in the form of schol rly journals, is rather limited, yet who find themselves under pressure to publish, Hispanofila tries to fill a need that- apparently exists. If some of the readers are interested in contributing to our magazine, articles should be, ideally, of from twelve to fifteen pages in length.

    There are still sufficient copies of number one so that a subscriber can be assured of having all the numbers of the joiornal. Libraries should be interested in this information, especially. Ebersole Summer School Spanish prograjn at the University of Illinois june 16 to August 9 The Summer Session iTogram in Spanish at the University of Illinois will include, besides classes in the first 16 hours , , , 10l. Contemporary Literature, Twentieth century writing in Spain. The Pacific Coast of South America.

    Also, enter inr freshmen may take if they have had four years or the equivalent of high school Spanish, El Eco Estereof onico del Circulo Literario Espanol Hace tiempo que el Club de Espanol se proponia public ar algo espe- cial que le caracterizara. Por fin los propositos se han conver- tido en realidad y ya tenemos algo realmente nuestro: El esfuerzo de todos ha culminado con la creaclon de este periodi- co que sale mensualmente con una tirada superior a los quinientos e jemplares.

    Se re- serva la oriraera pagina para cualauier articulo de alguno de los miembros facultativos y el resto procuramos que scan los propios articulos de los estudiantes que quieran contribuir, Poco a poco los estudiantes van reaccionando y se interesan mas por la publica- cion del periodico.

    El periodico tiene solo ocho meses de existencia, Actualmente se compone de cinco hojas mimeograf iadas y se distribuye a mas de la mitad de los estudiantes de espanol mensualmente y completamente gratuito. Tal vez mas adelo. El mes pasado, por ejemplo, empezo un conciirso de poesia en la que cada estudiante puede partici.

    Tres poe- sias eran presentadas yara su traduccion al in'les. Una de las tres debe de escoserse tratando de darle el maximo significado. Noiv a member of the faculty of the Department of Spanish and Portu- guese at the University of Jisconsin, our young guest received his doctorate in Romance Philology from the University of Madrid in He taught at the universities of Murcia and i-;adrid in Spain, and then at Oxford University, before coming to the Uni- versity of Wisconsin, where he has been teaching since The subject of Dr.

    Valouena 's lecture was El Goncept o del honor en el teatro de Calder5n , a theme which he has treated in the prologues to several volumes of Golden: After the lecture, the Department had the pleasure of offering a small reception, at which our colleagues had an opportunity to meet Dr. Valbuena and chat with him before his return to Madison. The Institute will coordinate existing courses" now given in various departments of the University, and plans to enlarge the offerings in the Latin American field to include many other disciplines not directly concerned at present.

    The pro3;ram of studies will get under way this summer or fall on the undergraduate level, with a rapid cevelopment of a graduate program to follow. The Institute is specially interested in en- couraging research, but does not ,jlan to neglect such obvious phases as student exchange, opportunities for employment in Latin America, and the like.

    The Institute is under the able direction of Dr. W, Bork, recently of i'lexico City, who brings to the position of director a wide knowledge and acquaintanceship with the divers aspects of the pro;;rara. According to Mariana , no other presidential candidate since Ldzaro Cardenas has been so well received by the people. The next day Quintanilla gave a dinner in his home for a group of friends, among them several Latin American diplomats.

    One of the statements attributed to him was that Mexico neec ed to keep armed in order to defend itself from agression oy the united States, Mafiana points out the absiordity of this idea since the small Mexican army vjould prove to be practically no defense at all in case of powerful U. Manana applauds Quintanilla for upholding Mexican honor in the diplomatic world.

    Fritz Martini, professor of German literature at the Technische Hochschule, Stuttgart, and visiting professor at Columbia Universi- ty, gave a lecture on April 1 at the University of Illinois under the auspices. With the increase of collectivism in society during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the corresponding submergen-.

    The audience may feel ever so sorry for a character, out can no longer feel that he has brought his fate upon himself, and thus no longer Identifies itself with him. The nuinoer of graduate students, , was forty- three more than last year, but still well oelow the peak of ij. Intensive courses in German fiction, poetry, drama and the Movelle will be offered, German-born college professors will staff the school, in which German will be spoken exclusively. German movies, music and art will be correlated with the academic program. The prerequisite is two years of college German qp eouivalent experience.

    Kettelkamp of the College of Education at the University of Illinois.

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