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She then throws some pretty heavy accusations at him and storms off without explanation. Obviously, she gets over it after a week and realizes that bondage is so very freeing and wonderful for her. Commence with round 2 of the boinking extravaganza, with ropes now instead of just whatever was lying around before that he'd use chaise lounge straps, scarves, belts, all of which she was fine with before.

I said this book was a mess and could have just left it at that, but there were things here so obviously wrong that it made it very easy for my very small brain to point out. View all 4 comments. Feb 02, Lara Adrian rated it it was amazing. You can never go wrong with Lorelei James when it comes to intense characters and pulse-pounding emotion. She pushes me out of my comfort zone for romance a lot of the time, and I love it! She's quickly become an auto-buy for me. View all 3 comments. Dec 13, Kim O rated it it was amazing. Lorelei James is an auto-buy author for me because she knows how to tell a fantastic story with dimensional and relatable characters who draw you in, tug at your heart, and leave you wanting more.

BOUND, the first in a new series by this accomplished author was no different. As anxious as I was to see how she would fair outside of her norm, I was not in the least disappointed. I laughed, I hurt, I rejoiced, I panted, and I yelled because the author has the ability to make you feel exactly what t Lorelei James is an auto-buy author for me because she knows how to tell a fantastic story with dimensional and relatable characters who draw you in, tug at your heart, and leave you wanting more. I laughed, I hurt, I rejoiced, I panted, and I yelled because the author has the ability to make you feel exactly what the characters are going through as though you are IN the story.

I did not want to put this book down once I started. Ronin and Amery are a great couple. You could easily sense their attraction and though neither of them are perfect how boring would that be? To figure out how to make it work. Amery was bold and adventurous and Ronin stayed a bit of a mystery throughout the book for good reason. We learned bits and pieces of him, just enough to make him interestingly Alpha and definitely sexy.

I read a lot of books in this genre and I have to give Lorelei James credit for a unique and refreshing story line involving Japanese rope bondage. If you have read other books by other authors in this genre, you will be surprised at how much more of a story you will get with Bound, along with the heat, and there is a lot of heat. However, I never felt like the sex or bondage overpowered the love story. The emotionalism and eroticism combined made into beautifully written scenes. I loved this book on so many levels and I hope there will be plenty more to the series.

There certainly are enough supporting characters to keep it going. But here's the thing. I got a page book about a couple with undeniable pull and passion towards one another with lots of heat, heart, misunderstandings and heartache. The fact that in a little over a month I'll get to continue their journey with ANOTHER full length novel on how they learn to trust again and work through the difficulties of a committed relationship is worth the wait for me, I find it hard to complain about nearly pages of a couple I adore and want to read more of.

I can't wait to see what happens in Book 2, Unwound, and how the author whom I trust takes me on that roller coaster ride to the end. Originally posted at http: When Amery Hardwick enrolls in a self defense class at a local dojo with her friend Molly, she finds herself under the heavy perusal of of the owner. Amery, a small town girl, is soon caught under his spell of sexual delights as he gently but firmly strips her defenses to unveil the sensuous woman he suspects lurks within her. Ronin Black, the sensei and owner of the Black Arts dojo, wants to possess Amery in every manner and form.

An i Originally posted at http: An intense contained man, he holds his emotions close to his vest. His time spent with Amery only intensifies his need to possess her. Secrets she needs to uncover if she is ever able to give him the complete trust he demands. When I was given this for review, I was thrilled. I am a huge fan of Ms. Lorelei James has a distinct and addictive voice for erotic contemporary romance. Her stories are a wonderfully crafted balance of plot and romance.

Each couple she brings before you is a delight in contradictions and complications; tempered with humor, wild sexual temperament, and an innate dominance that hooks even the most jaded of readers. Bound is definitely a different path for James. Subtle with textured nuance and subcontext, there is much going on under the actual words. Its only as the story reveals that we learn Amery grew up in a fundamental Christian home. She owns her own business and is quite vocal in her likes and dislikes. We learn he is half Japanese and is a former MMA style fighter. He owns a dojo, is most assuredly dominant, and likes rope play.

He pushes, in my opinion, for Amery to trust him and like her, I was cautious. He has secrets and goes to great lengths to avoid directly answering Amery about his life. I could empathize with Amery here. The story moves fast and smooth with a heavy hand on the romance. Informed consent should always be practiced.

Intriguing scenes and an interesting look into dojos and martial arts held my interest. I was never truly convinced Ronin felt anything beyond sexual attraction to Amery, though. The chemistry is hot and their love making scenes are incredibly written but it was a matter of seeing all the right moves and hearing all the right words but never feeling the connection.

I just shrugged it off and kept reading. Certain aspects of their personalities also felt off.

Both were guilty of assuming things, flouncing off in a huff, then apologizing and falling into bed. Ronin especially with his anger issues that when combined with his sexual proclivities, made me wary. They were both juvenile at times. There was one scene where Ronin shows Amery his playroom and her first thought is he is going to kill her due to the ceremonial knives on his wall. He accuses her of not trusting him but I found that telling in her perceptions of him. That goes beyond lack of trust.

I also had issues with him placing her blindfolded and tied up in the room then disappearing; giving her the impression she was alone. That is not how you introduce someone to your lifestyle for the first time and definitely not how you garner trust. A defined cast of secondary characters entertained but no one stood out as invaluable. They were plot devices. Though Ronin is close to some people in his life, we are made crystal clear that Ronin has no true friends which serves to remind us of his secrets and emotional shields.

The plot elements were predictable in setup and push the issues that circle our couple to a head. An ex girlfriend, jealous friends, and a demanding family all come into play to push Amery and Ronin into directions that could tear them apart. The ending, dramatic and a wee contrived, leaves readers wondering where Amery and Ronin can go from here. I do believe this is duology though I could be wrong. I will be reading and reviewing book two-Unwound.

Jul 31, Shawna rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 07, The BookChick rated it really liked it Shelves: The characteristics of a 4 star book include: I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friend. Bound is the inaugural book in Lorelei James ' new series, The Mastered. I will confess that when I first started reading the book I thought it was going to be yet another redux of Fifty Shades of G My Rating: I will confess that when I first started reading the book I thought it was going to be yet another redux of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I immediately had the thought, "Been there, done that The book was sexy and edgy with perfectly interspersed dollops of sweet throughout. Ronin Black Mysterious and sexy eight-degree black belt, with topaz colored eights and shoulder length chocolate brown hair. At many times in the story, Ronin is insufferably aloof, standoffish, and selective about sharing details about his life.

But Ronin has a secret. Wel, one really big one that the reader doesn't find out about until the end of the story. The other "secret" is not so much a secret but a predilection that Ronin gives Amery glimpses of at the onset of their "relationship". Ronin is a shibari and kinbaku master.

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His passion for rope bondage puts him in quite a predicament with Amery later in the story. Ronin keeps his life almost completely separate from Amery's, minus the smoking hot physical interactions they have together. He holds himself off from her while demanding to know every private and intimate detail about her life. His reaction to Tyler was a bit caveman-beat my chest-my womanish. However, when Amery asked him about his ex Naomi, all she got in return was scant details.

Ronin also failed to let Amery know about his lineage which caused a MAJOR issue between them at the end of the story. At that point, we actually see more emotion from Ronin than we see throughout the entire story — even during their smexy times. He is visibly shaken and upset about Amery's reaction to his intentional deceit.

The only physical detail we really glean about her is that she has strawberry blonde hair and clear porcelain-like skin. Amery is a talented graphic designer with a struggling business. She and Ronin meet at his martial arts center, Black Arts, where she is accompanying her friend and colleague, Molly, who needs a bit of How to Defend Yourself training after being attacked. Amery's first interaction with Ronin is combative and contemptuous. Although she is not prone to rocking the book, she does so with him and challenges his authority.

For me, Amery is often very weak-willed and passive. I was shaking my head often about her not pushing Ronin to know more, especially after she'd given him everything. She allowed him to thoroughly possess her--mind, life, body, and heart--and the only thing he freely gave her in return was his body. Amery also irritated me with her over the top reactions to things. There is an incident when Ronin is forced to use his training in a real life situation. If he didn't, he and Amery could have been seriously hurt. Amery's reaction, "He's prone to violence and he scares me And two seconds later, I kid you not, she's telling him that his display of power got her hot.

There were a few incidents of Amery's overreacting in the story. But the end of the story actually had me standing up and offering her a round of applause. The Story Anyone who is a fan of Lorelei James 's work will enjoy this story. Bound contains her usual level of book hotness and a potent story that fully engages the reader from beginning to begin. The story is wholly unique with it's storyline and characters. Amery may have had a rigid upbringing but she is by no means naive.

Unsure of her beauty, yes. Her response to Ronin more than proves that. I also appreciated the secondary characters in the story. Amery has a very eclectic band of friends and Ronin's friends Bound was extremely enjoyable but be warned that it ends in a cliffy. But, be strong, Unwound will be released on March 25 so there isn't a long time to wait to find out what happens for and to the couple.

The Audiobook I listened to Bound as an audiobook and the narrator, Rachel Vivette, did an excellent job capturing the intense sexiness of Lorelei's words. She did an outstanding job with accents and inflections and made the book and enjoyable one to listen to. Rating for male protagonist: Jan 11, Krista rated it really liked it Shelves: I figured it was going to be your typical BDSM book. I approached it with some measure of trepidation, because many BDSM books don't appeal to me. It's the submissive part of the relationship I always have the biggest problem with.

But, I wanted to try Bound because it's by Lorelei James, and from what I've read by her, she masters super strong characters. Surprise number two - there isn't a single cowboy in this 4. Surprise number two - there isn't a single cowboy in this book. Bound is about art and secrets and how the past has the power to strengthen or destroy you. Amery is the owner of a freelance graphic design business who is trying to remake herself in Denver. After enrolling in a self-defense class, she meets Ronin Black, eighth-degree black belt and super sexy owner of the dojo where her class is held.

Ronin makes Amery feel things she never thought possible. He makes her want to bare her life, her soul and her body for him, and yet, she doesn't get the same openness in return. It's clear Ronin cares deeply for her, yet he keeps a lot of secrets. Ronin spent a lot of time in Japan, and while there learned the Japanese art of Kinbaku and Shibari, both of which use ropes and scarves to bind a person, sometimes for sexual pleasure.

It's treated as a form of art - a thing of beauty. In this way, it's very different from what we westerners think of as "bondage. It's colorful scarves and soft touches and something to be admired. How amazingly fascinating and refreshing! Ronin is a master at these arts and for awhile, Amery is his canvas. They both grow and learn so much about themselves during the course of their relationship. Despite the fact that Ronin kept that part of him a secret from Amery for awhile, in the spirit of continually trying to broaden her horizons and break out of the stifling mold in which her parents put her, she opens herself up to this new and exciting thing with him.

I loved reading about the binding. I even Googled a few of them so I could see what they looked like. It was such a new and interesting approach to the same old BDSM genre. And even cooler is that it came from Lorelei James. I've only known her for her sexy cowboy series. What a wonderful surprise! The chemistry between Amery and Ronin was awesome. I loved how they cared for each other and seemed to want to meet each others' needs, no matter what they were. It was sweet and sexy and I was rooting for them the entire time. But, Ronin - GAH. His inability to open up and share And, Amery's constant acceptance of that equally frustrated me.

I could see a mile away that there was going to come a point when the proverbial shit was going to hit the fan and create a colossal mess. And, when that happened, I was very torn. I was cheering Amery on for finally growing a backbone, and yet, my heart was breaking for both of them. Despite my frustration with him, Lorelei James' development of Ronin Black made it impossible to not love him. I love that he's not your typical young stud he's Well, young - no at least, not comparatively speaking.

Ronin Black may not swagger, wear chaps or don a gallon hat, but that's okay. Because hot is hot. He's enigmatic and intense and strong. He's all things that embody sexy. There is a bit of a cliffhanger ending, but it fit well with the story and the events that unfolded in the last few chapters. Thank goodness we don't have to wait long for the follow-up to their story!

Bound (Mastered, #1) by Lorelei James

BOUND blew me away. Literally stayed up until 4: There is no insta-love here, there is a beautifully written, slow build-up between the characters of Ronin and Amery, and a deliciously slow burn of a development of their relationship. You think you know Alpha? Even his name holds significance and meaning but you will have to read the book to find out. The story begins as our heroine Amery accompanies her friend to a self-defense class at the last minute.

Amery is unprepared for the effect that the Master of the dojo, Ronin, has on her.

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And she has an effect on him, as well. She is a good girl from a small town, trying to make her way in the big city of Denver, and is actually very lonely after a bad break-up with her old boyfriend. James does an excellent job at crafting a wonderful story of being a Single working woman living alone in a large city, looking for love, not losing yourself in a man and also learning to accept others for who they are.

Okay, enough of that. Now to the good stuff. And I read a lot of romance and erotica. I also learned something new about certain Japanese-inspired practices that are fascinating, and made me want to learn more. He is a stunning, sexual, sensual and compelling character. I miss Ronin already. ARC provided by the publisher in return for an honest review. Okay, so this was intense and majorly hot. Super interesting story with intriguing characters. I thought both Amery and Ronin were great. Sometimes I loved them, sometimes I wanted to throttle each of them but they definitely got under my skin.

Loved their meeting and the chemistry that built from the push and pull they shared. After that, they had a super fast, instant-type of relationship. I found this part of him frustrating because I wanted more about him and to know why he was so closed off. Ronin was commanding and in control but had a few sweet moments, I loved those.

Amery was pretty much an open book. I really enjoyed watching her get stronger and loved it when she got feisty. She was a bit frustrating too, sometimes I just wanted to shake her and tell her to ask the right questions. This was super hot with a nice amount of kink, very erotic and passionate. There were intricate details when the kink is happening, it was kind of fascinating. I did think some of the schmexy got a little repetitive - same scenario, different day - but it was all still super hot and enjoyable to read. They seemed rather off putting to me. They were friendly enough but I never really felt the connection between them.

I did really like Molly though. It was nice to see her opening up during the story, really asserting herself. Really good writing with a nice build throughout, I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to know all the things. The end is explosive and ends in a cliffhanger. Finally some info on Ronin! And the last little bit is Ronin's POV I'm officially hooked in the Mastered series! It took me some time to get into. Some things in it were just weird.

But hey, it's a bondage book, and my first one, so that's to be expected.

Bound Mastered, #1 Audiobook

In many ways, it was a 50 Shades with straight bondage instead of all bdsm. I liked the lead female pretty well--even though I hated her name, Amery, and wanted to pronounce it differently than I think the author meant. She was smart and I liked the exploration of herself she went through. I just wish that t 2: I just wish that the lead male, Ronin, had at least met her a half way and opened up more. But I'm sure that will happen in the next book. Because of course this is a series. Anyway, the characters were likable enough. I could even get behind them and root for them. The supporting characters were hit or miss for me.

I liked some more than others. My biggest complaint is probably the writing. It's written in third person but might as well have been written from Amery's POV as we only got insight into what she felt. We did not learn anything extra about Ronin. Then at the end, it switches to Ronin with a little notation at the top of the chapter that tells us this happens not necessary, especially since it's not a first person narrative.

But even with all my annoyance in this book, I'm sure I will read the second one. Just like I have done with the Crossfire series. So I guess that means I like the story well enough even if I don't love the writing. It's 5 in the morning and I just finished this - all I can say is that it's driving me nuts because the second book is two days away!!! I didn't know it had a cliff-hanger and now I'm counting the hours until I can read the rest of the story.

Anyway, Lorelei wrote a great story again and it goes on my favourites shelf. It's a story about learning to be bold and confident, even if this means taking a road you didn't expect. This book focused on the heroine's journey and I'm looking forwar Whew This book focused on the heroine's journey and I'm looking forward to the hero's groveling: Jan 02, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: Happily Ever After - Reads Blog rating: Amery is still a little relationship shy after her ex did a number on her. That plus the constant voice in her head that reminds her of all the things her super religious parents, especially father, drilled into her at a young age, have her constantly second guessing what she really wants to do.

Her best friends are gay, so her social circle the past few years has consisted of going with them to gay bars, not really conducive to meeting men. He just barges into her life and she loves it. She does question things, is she letting her world revolve too much around him right now? All good questions, and when she voices them to Ronin, I liked how they were handled. A guy who works too hard and play too little. Oh lordy, Ronin is one sexy hero and he proves that Lorelei James can do sexy without a cowboy in sight.

Different ways of using rope and ties that when described in the story feel almost like art. I can only imagine that this will be the stepping stone Ronin needs to figure things out and make things right with Amery. I really enjoyed Bound. Plus, he still has a ton of secrets about his life that need to come out, and I, like Amery, need to know all about him!

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Jan 25, Anna's Herding Cats rated it really liked it Shelves: Incredible characters, fantastic setting, steamy as all hell and just captivating. The surprise non-ending without even a happy for now though Pissed off reader girl and brought it down to a 4 star. Lorelei took great offense to the sanitized version of my complaint that was posted on Amazon and after dealing with her posting lies about me in multiple groups at this point I'd not recommend this book or any others by Lorelei James. She won't be an author whose books are welcome in my home from here on out which is a shame since I own most of them and have enjoyed her work in the past.

She can weave an erotic romance in a way that pulls you in and has you completely captivated like no one else. And Bound was an incredible example of that talent. From page one I was all in. Amery takes up a self defense class in support of her girlfriend and winds up catching the attention of the seriously sexy Master Black who can't seem to keep away from her. And yummy, delicious, naughty things follow There was something about these two that I just connected with. Their relationship was great but it was them as individuals too. I'm the first to admit I am hard on my heroines.

I expect more from them. So saying Amery was amazing really means something. And I loved this chick. The way she thought, how she reacted to things, how she dealt with her screw ups and how passionate she was without even realizing it. Ah he's a deliciously frustrating man that's incredibly powerful and deadly. He's sensual and graceful and could make ya agree to ALL sorts of naughty things without even trying. He does hold a lot of things close to the chest.

Which even though he's hot as hell and all kinds of amazing could really drive a girl to pinch the snot out of him. But still love him at the same time. But he managed it. Have any idea what that might be? They're an interesting pair.

Bound: The Mastered Series

I loved the reactions they brought out in each other--I cracked up so many times at how they flustered each other-- and enjoyed the tension filled moments too when things weren't going so perfectly. And, damn me, the sex scenes are scorching hot throughout. So would not mind being tied up by Ronin. Bound was really an amazing read. From characters to setting to the sensual qualities of the relationship.

The drama with friends and even between Ronin and Amery now and again. It all worked incredibly well and pulled me in completely. It was just fun to read and had me alternatively smiling and panting after these two. And it really had all the makings for a 5 star read. Other than the fact that at the end of the book I was sent into full out rant mode. Which brings us to part 2 of the review So, I had a couple small issues--the cover which is just--I'm tired of the non-covers happening.

Both are annoying to me but deal-able. But then the big issue. Because let me tell you. At nearly pages and 15 bucks there's no HEA. There's not even a HFN when the book ended. They're broken up and things are shit. Book 2 of their story comes out end of March. For another 15 bucks.

That's really hard to swallow when you're expecting a full story in one book. Even for a book that was as incredible as this one. I get this is the trend now but there needs to be a clear warning on the book that you're going to have to invest not just extra funds but extra hours to actually get the complete happily ever after. So this was taken down to a 4 star and that was pretty generous with how pissed off I was when finishing this book. How annoyed I still am more than a week later. A warning of some sort really would have been appreciated. So grrs and args!

Apr 28, Dark Faerie Tales rated it it was amazing Shelves: Steamy martial arts with a serious Fifty Shades feel….. Amery attends a self defense class with her friend Molly, as support. Molly wants to come out of her shell after being attacked. Okay total side note, when I saw the name of the dojo I really did wonder if this was a paranormal romance! Master Black begins to teach Amery and soon after starts showing up in her life! The attraction is immediate and fierce. Ahh, I feel like I am already doing this book an injustice. Amery and Ronin are downright hot and steamy, I enjoyed getting to know Amery and Ronin is a bit of a hot mystery, which does cause problems later, but for now he is a hot bad ass!

Amery and Ronin are navigating business, their relationship, his bondage fascination, and her friends. As they get deeper and deeper, some of his habits send Amery running, but will it be the bondage that ends their relationship or his unwillingness to let down his guard? Oh my word, what can I say about this book? It was so unexpected, although I guess the name should have been a hint, right?

So from the moment I opened this I was all in… Amery is a total gem, she breaking out of her shell and finding herself, she is snarky, smart, and talented! I love her flaws and her honest struggle to take in information and process it. I was almost in tears and the other half of me was like, hell yeah, get it girl! Major cliffhanger, the moment I am done with this review I am heading over to buy book 2, and maybe 3 and 4 because I loved this book!

I knew I was enjoying it, but when it ended I knew it kicked me in the gut, this book was so much better than Fifty Shades. The mix of martial arts and Japanese culture and the bondage was just amazing. I was enthralled and loved every single minute of it. I really did like them as a couple and I am totally invested in seeing how this all plays out.

Then you pick up another romance novel and it just blows you away and reminds you why this was once your favorite genre…. What are you are waiting for? Go forth and get it now!!! Feb 06, Rosebud rated it really liked it Shelves: Molly Calloway has been having a hard time coping after becoming the victim of an assault so Amery Hardwick talks her into taking a self defense class at a reputable dojo. Molly's anxiety level makes it imperative that Amery be there but the dojo has a 'no observer' policy which means Amery will have to take the class herself to be present.

Things go from bad to worse when the owner Ronin Black singles her out for infractions in the club's policies and lack of respect to his staff. After clearin Molly Calloway has been having a hard time coping after becoming the victim of an assault so Amery Hardwick talks her into taking a self defense class at a reputable dojo. After clearing up her misunderstandings and attempting to portray the model student persona Amery is surprised when Ronin continues to take a personal interest in her. Could Ronin seriously be interested in a small town minister's daughter or is he looking to add her to his long list of women who enjoy one night with Master Ronin never to hear from him again?

This is totally tongue in cheek when I say this book brings to mind "Karate Kid" meets the "Crossfire Series" including a 'wax on'-'wax off' scene that I got a real kick out of This book will appeal to the trilogy series fans out there who enjoy the mysterious wealthy guy who meets a female and proceeds to claim her for want of a better word in every way yet is holding back parts of himself. It's like pulling out teeth for Amery to break his outside shell only to find out that he's like an onion in having layer upon layer of mystery. My impression though was there wasn't enough info or development to support Ronin's mindset or actions in certain situations.

But that could just be me.

Bestselling Series

Until the end which did give me more answers but of course it ends in a major teaser dare I say cliffhanger? That in itself sold me on this book as I absolutely love the beauty and the skill needed to create a living canvas using rope. One of the few times I wish a book would have included pictures. As for the secondary characters. There's the gay and lesbian BFF's who add the foil to Amery's friends list and Molly, the reason Amery and Ronin met in the first place. On the other side there's Deacon, Knox, and Zach who add to things but not to the degree I felt they should have.

And don't even get me started on any family members and how they impacted the story. That I also would have appreciated having more exposure. They will have to work though their issues which WILL be continued in a follow up installment Jan 15, cosmogirl rated it really liked it Shelves: And my emotions ran in the extreme on both ends. Amery, our heroine, goes to a self-defense class after her friend and employee is attacked. This is where she has an unexpected and quite entertaining encounter with our hero, Ronin.

Ronin is definitely an alpha male. After all, what would you expect from a martial artist who trains and fights? I enjoyed Ronin quite a bit. Actually, I really loved several things about him. And I liked Amery a lot, too. Their story progresses naturally. You can tell that Ronin is hiding something of himself from Avery. There is an underlying tension in the sex scenes, and I completely thought it was one thing, but it ended up being something else altogether.

I like it a lot. But there were a couple of extremely convenient plot devices that, in all honesty, the author could have done without. Still, the story kept me turning pages; I needed to know what was going to happen next. But just when I absolutely had to know the next thing, the book ended. I hate cliffhangers with everything inside me. I knew this was a series book when I started it, however, I thought it would be a series that encompassed other characters. Not just Amery and Ronin. So, Lorelei James has me there. And kudos to her for that. An enjoyable read overall. I have been anticipating this book for a while now.

I love the hero. Ronin Black is, in two words, sexy and intense. This guy is focused to a fault, he gives his all without cracking a smile and I have been anticipating this book for a while now. This guy is focused to a fault, he gives his all without cracking a smile and reluctantly lets his heroine in. But just a bit. Amery is a strong heroine. Not co-dependent of Ronin. I was really impressed with the amount of research that shows through this book. The complexity of the martial arts not as the current fascination that people have now with jiu-jitsu, now promoted in the Brazilian style.

Ronin is part Japanese and what he teaches at his dojo, and what he believes in, is the true beauty of martial arts. What they were always meant to be. They mean something and should be used with respect. I loved that Ms. James decided to go in this route instead of just a bunch of tough guys wanting to beat each other up!

Yes, this is part of the book. Part of that Japanese mystique that I described above with the martial arts. James showcased it as beautiful art, that has the potential of being freeing and erotic. And at times, he was utterly a jerk! I need to see that other side. Ronin Black will just leave you wanting to fix and heal him yourself! She's focused on building her business, which leaves little time for dating—not that she needs a romantic entanglement to fulfill her.

When her friend signs up for a self-defense class as part of her recovery after an attack, Amery joins her for support. That's where she meets him. Ronin Black, owner of the dojo, is so drawn to Amery that he takes over her training—in public and in private. The enigmatic Ronin pushes Amery's boundaries from the start, and with each new tryst, Amery becomes addicted to the pleasure and to him. But when Amery senses Ronin is hiding something, she questions her total trust in him, despite the undeniable thrill of his possession. Praise for Lorelei James 'To die for!