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What's the meaning of the phrase 'Break the ice'?

  1. The 13 Best Ways to Break the Ice
  2. What's the meaning of the phrase 'Break the ice'?
  3. Breaking the Ice (role-playing game)
  4. How to Break the Ice and Meet New People | Reader's Digest

That doesn't mean you should cling to that person the entire time, but a "me, too" is always nice. Just be sure not to leave it at that -- follow up with an idea of where to meet some of your fellow cohorts, like mentioning that there's supposed to be a great breakout session later. Of course, you'll probably want to say that to people who actually look like they're having a good time.

And really, who's going to say "no" to that?


The 13 Best Ways to Break the Ice

If they do, chances are, you'll want to find another group to hang out with, anyway. If you're both interested in meeting the same people or seeing the same sessions, this question will help you establish that common ground. Regardless of the answer, you'll learn more about each others' goals and reasons for attending the event, which promotes an exchange of ideas and knowledge. And that can create opportunities, even after the event is over -- you never know when that person might need your expertise down the line, or vice-versa.

This question is a great one when you've joined a group of strangers. It also opens up the conversation to everyone in the group, instead of limiting it to the people sitting right next to you. And the more people chatting, the better -- it's another opportunity for you to learn about everyone's goals and exchange ideas.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'Break the ice'?

If the event is big enough, chances are that you'll have to wait in line for something -- a keynote, the restroom, or food, to name a few. And, as the least patient person on the planet, I can attest to the effectiveness of using that time to do something other than focusing on how slowly the line is moving. Put that energy toward something productive, like meeting the people around you. Being at the same conference, sessions and speakers are guaranteed common ground, so use that to your advantage. It's a great starting point that can go in a lot of different conversational directions -- did you see that person speak at a different event?

Did you read their work? What did you think of the talk?

Breaking the Ice (role-playing game)

This question is a great one when you're attending an out-of-town event. If there's a restaurant there that you've heard good things about, you can ask locals and visitors alike if they want to check it out, too. And if you're a local yourself, and you're chatting with visitors, you can recommend that they see the place while they're in town. Mention that you haven't been there in a while, or that you'd love to go back. If there's a shared interest in going, you can suggest heading over together or sharing a cab.

But if they're not interested in going to that particular venue, ask them if they can recommend where to go, or if there's another place they wanted to check out.

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You could suggest heading there together, too, but make sure you're not being too pushy -- sometimes, people really just want to take a break to be alone, so don't take it personally. Be sure to have a quick follow-up if the answer is "no" -- like asking if any of that person's colleagues are speaking, or which sessions they plan on attending.

How to Break the Ice and Meet New People | Reader's Digest

Questions like that can prime you to learn more about what the person does, and how you might be able to learn from each other. But if the answer is yes -- jackpot. That's a great opportunity to ask them what they're speaking about, and what made them so interested in the topic. However, soon after they arrived we broke the ice. Tap the 'B' down there for more idioms. Some might say that this phrase comes from, or at least was made popular, by steam-powered icebreaker ships that were designed in the s for sailing in polar regions of the world. As the name suggests, these ships were designed to move and navigate through ice-covered waters, which can be quite challenging.

Nevertheless, using the ship's strengthened hull and powerful engine, these vessels can break the ice apart into smaller pieces, allowing the ship to pass through without too much difficulty. Retrieved October 2, Australian Recording Industry Association.

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