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Lists of compositions by composer

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He composed fifty-one operas and is considered to be one of the last Italian opera buffa composers. Biography Born in Verona, Gazzaniga was initially intended for the priesthood at the urging of his devout parents. He eventually convinced his father to allow him to pursue a career in music and began studies first in Venice and then at the Conservatorio di Sant'Onofrio a Porta Capuana in Naples.

He would spend the next several decades writing mostly operas in Italy with the exception of a few trips to Dresden, Vienna, and Prague. His most successful opera was his Don Giovanni Tenorio written in to a libretto by Giovanni Bertati, possibly an inspiration for the libretto of Mozart's Don Giovanni. His last opera, Ma The Danish royal anthem, "Kong Christian", is first sung. The libretto was first set by Antonio Caldara in , but remained popular throughout the eighteenth century and was set over seventy times.

General information Title and title abbreviation: I, Text incipit of the first line of the work: Antonio Caldara Place and date of first performance or of completion: Vienna, Hoftheater, November 4, Occasion for the first performance: By it had inspired at least 73 operas according to the Encyclopaedia Musical St. June 27 — Mozart writes of his new pupil and admirer, Josepha Barbara Auernhammer: Auernhammer — The freulle is a monster!

Events Wilhelm Friedemann Bach leaves his post as organist at Halle. The castrato Domenico Annibali retires from the stage. Luca Pisaroni born is an Italian operatic bass-baritone, known for his roles in Mozart's operas, but who has steadily expanded his repertoire into the Baroque as well as moving beyond into Rossini.

There, his father owned a car-repair firm and his mother was a teacher;[1] it was in that town where he noted "you feel Verdi's spirit all over the place! Musical studies and training In Busseto, he states that "as a kid, I used to go to the opera with my grandfather, and when I was 11, I already knew I wanted to be an opera singer.

I did not technically train with Bergonzi, because I was too young. I sang for him when I was 13 o Events November 26 — Joseph Haydn marries Maria Anna Keller,[1] but he and his wife will live apart for most of their lives. John Newton leaves his job for the church, and begins composing hymns.

John Alcock is forced to resign as organist and choirmaster of Lichfield Cathedral. William Boyce's Eight Symphonies are published by John Walsh Handel's publisher , having been composed over the previous 21 years as either odes to vocal or stage works or as overtures. Johann Christian Bach becomes organist of Milan Cathedral. John Garth publishes his Op.

Interior of La Fenice opera house in Venice in Venice was, along with Florence and Rome, one of the cradles of Italian opera. Italian opera is both the art of opera in Italy and opera in the Italian language. Opera was born in Italy around the year and Italian opera has continued to play a dominant role in the history of the form until the present day. Many famous operas in Italian were written by foreign composers, including Handel, Gluck and Mozart.

Works by native Italian composers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, such as Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi and Puccini, are amongst the most famous operas ever written and today are performed in opera houses across the world. An underlying prerequisite for the creation of opera proper was the practice of monody. April 24 — Mozart writes to his father Leopold, recommending the work of newcomer Ignaz Pleyel.

June 13 — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's This is a list of composers by name, alphabetically sorted by surname, then by other names. The list of composers is by no means complete. It is not limited by classifications such as genre or time period; however, it includes only music composers of significant fame, notability or importance who also have current Wikipedia articles. For lists of music composers by other classifications, see lists of composers. This list is not for arrangers or lyricists see list of music arrangers and lyricists , unless they are also composers.

Likewise, songwriters are listed separately, for example in a list of singer-songwriters and list of Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees. A page from the manuscript for Placide venti ameni by Giuseppe Aprile, written in his own hand. Giuseppe Aprile 28 October — 11 January was an Italian castrato singer and music teacher. He was also known as 'Sciroletto' or 'Scirolino'. Aprile was born in Martina Franca. After studying with Gregorio Sciroli, composer and singing instructor, in Naples, he began his singing career in at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples.

He then began a great career, performing in prominent theatres throughout Italy, Germany, and even Madrid. His voice could reach E5. He withdrew from the stage in and became a singing instructor in Naples. List of music students by teacher: A to B Giuseppe Aprile. He wrote a popular book on singing instruction, The Italian Method of Singing, with 36 Solfeggi There he brought about the practical reform of opera's dramaturgical practices for which many intellectuals had been campaigning.

With a series of radical new works in the s, among them Orfeo ed Euridice and Alceste, he broke the stranglehold that Metastasian opera seria had enjoyed for much of the century. Gluck introduced more drama by using simpler recitative and cutting the usually long da capo aria. His later operas have half the length of a typical baroque opera. The strong influence of French opera encouraged Gluck to move to Paris in November Fusing the traditions of Italian opera and the French After Rameau's death, the German Gluck was persuaded to produce six operas for the Parisian stage in the s.

They show the influence of Rameau, bu Title page L'Olimpiade is an opera libretto in three acts by Metastasio originally written for an operatic setting by Antonio Caldara of The story, set in Ancient Greece at the time of the Olympic Games, is about amorous rivalry and characters' taking places to gain the loved one. The story ends with the announcement of two marriages.

The court composer Caldara was assigned to compose the music.

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The libretto attracted attention immediately and productions were soon amounted across Europe. After her retirement from the stage and the publicising of her second marriage, she was also known as the Comtesse d'Antraigues[1] from around She was murdered in England at the same time as her second husband. Renwick, for example, found instances of it being indicated as Toul, Thionville, or Mannheim,[3] and C This is an incomplete list of authors who have written libretti for operas.

Only librettists with their own articles in Wikipedia are listed. The name of the composer of each opera is also given.

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La via della finestra for Franco Vittadini: Marcella with Charles Grandvallet for Jules Massenet: La grand'tante with E. Plouvier for Jacques Offenbach: Un postillon en gage with J Rostaing for Ernest Guiraud: Les templiers Franco Alfano — for his own music: This scene is taken from Virgil's Aeneid, where Dido falls in love with, only to be left by, the Trojan hero Aeneas. Dido DY-doh; Ancient Greek: She is primarily known from the account given by the Roman poet Virgil in his epic, Aeneid.

Many names in the legend of Dido are of Punic origin, which suggests that the first Greek authors who mention this story have taken up Phoenician accounts. One suggestion is that Dido is an epithet from the same Semitic root as David, which means "Beloved". Wikimedia Commons has media related to Composers from Italy.

For guidance on how an individual name should be sorted, please refer to the person's linked article including title, text, references, and any DefaultSort templates visible when editing and to the English Wikipedia guidelines at WP: The portraits at right are ten of the most-prominent Italian composers, according to a published review.

Berenice of Cilicia, also known as Julia Berenice and sometimes spelled Bernice 28 AD — after 81 , was a Jewish client queen of the Roman Empire during the second half of the 1st century. What little is known about her life and background comes mostly from the early historian Flavius Josephus, who detailed a history of the Jewish people and wrote an account of the Jewish Rebellion of She is also mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles However, it is for her tumultuous love life that she is primarily known from the Renaissance.

Her reputation was based on the bias of the Romans to the Eastern princesses, like Cleopatra or later Zenobia. After a number of failed marriages throughout the 40s, she spent much of the r French-language operas Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Roland Piccinni: Member feedback about Le donne vendicate: Italian-language operas Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about La buona figliuola: List of important operas topic The operas listed cover all important genres, and include all operas regularly performed today, from seventeenth-century works by Monteverdi, Cavalli, and Purcell to late twentieth-century operas by Messiaen, Berio, Glass, Adams, Birtwistle, and Weir.

Member feedback about List of important operas: In seinem Hauptwerk "La Gerusalemme liberata" dt. Inwiefern dies im Zusammenhang mit dem Konflikt seiner eigenen Zeit steht, wird in der vorliegenden Arbeit herausgearbeitet, mit Fokus auf Residuen des Renaissance-Diskurses. Intermediate New Testament Made Easier. Do you need an Intermediate New testomony Greek textbook that: Torquato Tassos "La Gerusalemme liberata". Residuen des - download pdf or read online. Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr im Fachbereich Romanistik - Italienische u. The novel was originally written in English and first published in Paris in by Olympia Press.

Lolita quickly attained a classic status. The novel was adapted into a film by Stanley Kubrick in , and again in by Adrian Lyne. This is a list of the works of the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini — Operas See List of operas by Gioachino Rossini. Cantata profana per soli, coro e orchestra. First performed as La Riconoscenza - Cantata a quattro voci in Giunone before La santa alleanza Il vero omaggio Omaggio pastorale Il pianto delle muse in morte di Lord Byron Cantata per il battesimo del figlio del banchiere Aguado L'armonica cetra del nune Giovanna d'Arco , revision This was written only for piano, but is often heard in an arrangement by Salvatore Sciarrino Desy Lumini, best known as Daisy Lumini 18 August - 18 August , was an Italian composer, singer and stage actress.

Born in Florence, at young age Lumini graduated in piano and composition, and began her career as a composer of soundtracks and songs; she later came to fame by participating in numerous Italian television shows. This is a list of piano composers.

Its recordings have received multiple awards including the Diapason d'Or. When Cassiopeia's hubris leads her to boast that Andromeda is more beautiful than the Nereids, Poseidon sends the sea monster Cetus to ravage Andromeda as divine punishment. As a subject, Andromeda has been popular in art since classical times; it is one of several Greek myths of a Greek hero's rescue of the intended victim of an archaic hieros gamos sacred marriage , giving rise to the "princess and dragon" motif.

From the Renaissance, interest revived Sorin Coliban born in Bucharest is a Romanian opera singer with an international career. His voice range is bass—baritone. He is known for the volume and projection of his voice, both of which help him to sing both bass and baritone roles. He is one of the few singers to have performed in the contemporary opera Macbeth by Salvatore Sciarrino in Luzern in with two different voices in the same performance: He improved his Rossini stile and technique of singing at the Accademia Rossiniana by the well-known Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro, Italy under the guidance of famous conductor Alberto Zedda in the year James Clapperton born in Aberdeen is a Scottish composer and pianist.

Since then he has worked with many of the world's leading composers. At this time he performed regularly as a piano duo with his former tutor Yvar Mikhashoff.

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Clapperton has given recitals at major festivals throughout Europe and in North America. In he gave the Russian premiere of the complete Ligeti Etudes at the St. He featured the music of Sciar Founded in , it is the oldest contemporary music festival in Spain. It centers mostly in chamber music due to budget restrictions. The son of Parzival Percival , he is a knight of the Holy Grail sent in a boat pulled by swans to rescue a maiden who can never ask his identity.

His story, which first appears in Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival, is a version of the Knight of the Swan legend known from a variety of medieval sources. Wolfram's story was expanded in two later romances. Richard Wagner's opera Lohengrin of is based upon the legend. Members of this order are se Early life Susanna Rigacci was born in in Stockholm, Sweden, the daughter of composer and conductor M. She graduated in musical training at the Luigi Cherubini conservatory in Florence, and attended successfully a post graduate experience with Iris Adami Corradetti.

Some elements of the previous century have been retained, including postmodernism, polystylism and eclecticism, which seek to incorporate elements of all styles of music irrespective of whether these are "classical" or not—these efforts represent a slackening differentiation between the various musical genres. Important influences include rock, pop, jazz and the dance traditions associated with these. The combination of classical music and multimedia is another notable practice in the 21st century; the Internet, alongside its related technology, are important resources in this respect.

Attitudes towards female composers are also changing. Composition in the 21st century Like the term 20th-century classical music, "21st-century classical music" is defined entirely by the calendar and does not refer to a historical style period in music—in the sense that Baroque and Romantic do—but Stefano Scodanibbio 18 June — 8 January was an Italian musician who reached international prominence as a double bassist and composer. From an early age he was interested in the double bass as a solo instrument and in promoting new trends in contemporary European and American music.

In he founded the Rassegna di Nuova Musica [2] in Macerata.

Salvatore Sciarrino

He has been described as "a tremendous bassist, a fearless improviser, and a gifted composer". Sicilia is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an autonomous region of Italy, in Southern Italy along with surrounding minor islands, officially referred to as Regione Siciliana. Sicily is located in the central Mediterranean Sea, south of the Italian Peninsula, from which it is separated by the narrow Strait of Messina.

The island has a typical Mediterranean climate. The earliest archaeological evidence of human activity on the island dates from as early as 12, BC. Sicily is the largest region in Italy in terms of area, with a population of over five million and has contributed many famous names to all walks of life. Geographically, it is the largest and most populated island in the Mediterranean sea. This list includes notable natives of Sicily and its predecessor states, as well as those who were born elsewhere but spent a large part of their active life in Sicily.

People of Sicilian heritage and descent are in a separate section of this article.

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The Sicilian-Americans have a specific list. The Salzburg Music Prize German: Musikpreis Salzburg was an international composition prize awarded by the state government of Salzburg. The prize was first awarded in the Mozart Year The award honours the life work of one of the outstanding composers of our time.

From the second time in , it was awarded biennially. Retrieved 6 October Der Standard in German.

French-language operas

Hagmann, Peter 6 February Marco Rogliano born is an Italian violinist. Biography Rogliano was born in Rome, and received his violin degree at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory under the guidance of Antonio Salvatore. He was prize winner in various international competitions including the V. Selection in New York Rogliano made his first debut as a soloist in performing the Sibelius Violin Concerto in Sweden with the Helsingborg Symphony Orch. Afterward he has played with orchestras such as Moscow Radio Symph. The historic building, opened in , is part of Schloss Schwetzingen and since the principal venue of the Schwetzingen Festival.

It is also called Hoftheater court theater , Hofoper court opera , and Comoedienhaus comedy house. The frequently applied name Rokokotheater Rococo theater is misleading, because it shows also neoclassical elements, added in History Plan by Nicolas de Pigage Karl Theodor, the Pfalzgraf who resided in Mannheim, had the theater built for his summer residence in Schwetzingen in to the plans of court architect Nicolas de Pigage.

While it first had no boxes, it was enlarged in , creating a "box-like" impression. It is the oldest survi In he began touring in Europe, North Africa, and Asia; his performing accomplishments included presenting a complete cycle of the Beethoven sonatas on consecutive evenings. Schmalfuss also arranged various small festivals in which he championed neglected chamber music by Carl Maria von Weber.

Schmalfuss had a reputation as a fine sight-reader and a reliable substitute when other artists were forced to cancel appearances. In Nomine is a title given to a large number of pieces of English polyphonic, predominantly instrumental music, first composed during the 16th century. Opening of the "in nomine" passage from Taverner's Gloria Tibi Trinitas Mass History This "most conspicuous single form in the early development of English consort music" Edwards originated in the early 16th century from a six-voice mass composed before by John Taverner on the plainchant Gloria Tibi Trinitas.

In the Benedictus section of this mass, the Latin phrase "in nomine Domini" was sung in a reduced, four-part counterpoint, with the plainchant melody in the mean alto part. At an early point, this attractive passage became popular as a short instrumental piece, though there is no evidence that Taverner himself was responsible for any of these arrangements Bowers, Doe, and Benham Over the next years, English composers worked this melody into "In Nomine" pieces of ever greater stylistic range.

In Nomines are typically consort Civic tower of the Cathedral Square. History The town was founded by the ancient Umbri and Gallic tribes. The town may have come into conflict with the Etruscans. Just nearby Pliny the Younger built his villa in Tuscis, which is identified with walls, mosaic floors and marble fragments surviving at a place now called Colle Plinio, the "Hill of Pliny". Tifernum was largely destroyed during the Ostrogothic cam This is a chronological list of classical music composers from Italy, whose notability is established by reliable sources in other Wikipedia articles.

Medieval Maestro Piero before — c. Nicolas Hodges born in London is a British pianist living in Germany. He also took lessons with Yonty Solomon and, as a Lieder accompanist, with Geoffrey Parsons and Roger Vignoles; he studied composition at school with Michael Finnissy, and at University Schwetzingen Festival, during a concert intermission.

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The Schwetzingen Festival German: Schwetzinger Festspiele, now Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele is an early summer festival of opera and other classical music presented each year from May to early June in Schwetzingen, Germany. It is located in a beautiful year-old palace and park, Schwetzingen Castle, near the famous city of Heidelberg. The main venue is the historic Schlosstheater Schwetzingen.

List of major premieres and rediscoveries One of the festival's characteristics is the world premiere of a new opera, as well as at least one rediscovered opera from former centuries, performed on period instruments. Alide Maria Salvetta Alide Maria Salvetta 22 March — 19 March was an Italian operatic soprano who had an active international career in concerts and operas from the s until her death in Life and career Born in Sarche, Salvetta was trained at the Conservatorio Claudio Monteverdi in Bolzano where she later taught on the voice faculty.

She began performing professionally in the mids. This is a list of notable events in music that took place in the year Specific locations in British music in Norwegian music Specific genres in country music in heavy metal music in hip hop music in jazz Events January—March January 1 — The newest music video channel, VH-1, begins broadcasting on American cable. It is aimed at an older demographic than its sister station, MTV.

January 11 One of the biggest music festivals in the world begins in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Rock in Rio, had a public of 1. Willie Dixon sues Led Zeppelin over the song "Whole Lotta Love", on the grounds that it contains too many similarities to The nucleus of this award is in its uniqueness that each year only one judge is responsible for its outcome.