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  1. Primer: The Work of Tom Piccirilli
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Primer: The Work of Tom Piccirilli

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Reprinted in Lightspeed , June Audio reprint at Escape Pod , June Stories , November Reprinted in Best New Fantasy , November Audio reprint at audio at Escape Pod. Audio reprint at Podcastle , June Audio reprint at audio at Escape Pod , August Shortlisted for a Gaylactic Spectrum Award.

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Reprinted, in Dutch, as a standalone hardcover YA, by Facet nv , Reprinted, in Japanese, in Hayakawa SF. Audio reprint at Pseudopod , January Nominated for the Nebula Award.

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Best of Year Two. Translated into French for Fairies.

Son of Brainbox , January Recipient of an honorable mention in Best of the Rest 3. Reprinted in Neverworlds , August Winner of the Rhysling Award, long poem category.

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  3. November Mourns Bantam Spectra;
  4. November Mourns by Tom Piccirilli.
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Second-place winner of the Rhysling Award, long poem category. Audio reprint at Escape Pod , November Reprinted in Strange Horizons: Nominated for the Rhysling award.

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Reprinted in Chizine , July Best of Year One. Kiernan, in Locus , January Kiernan, in Locus , June Review of Destinations Unknown , by Gary A.

  1. Everybody Loves Saturday Night;
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  4. Primos: The Kauai Obake Bar.
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