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  1. There Are No Private Thoughts
  2. Private Thoughts by Wendy Maltz
  3. Private Thoughts, Public Spaces - Ruth Connolly

There Are No Private Thoughts

Physically Sick by Physically Sick. So I hit tab instead of some other key.

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If you like Private Room, you may also like: Tim Beatson go to album. You really like her. You think she cares deeply about you has a person and thinks of you as a very close friend. You have very positive thoughts about her family and personal life.

Private Thoughts by Wendy Maltz

You think you share many of the same interests—books, movies, food, recreation, etc. She does, and so does everyone around you! Every time she walks into the room, your face broadens with a big, sincere smile. Your body posture both straightens and relaxes. Your entire body language becomes more animated.

Private Thoughts, Public Spaces - Ruth Connolly

You ask how she is doing because you really want to know. When she leaves the room, you feel better just for having been in her presence for those few minutes. The energy your body radiates is noticeable to everyone! And another curious thing happens: During those few minutes, you do not stiffen and fake the smile to your boss. You still feel relaxed—if only for a few minutes. You cannot hide your thoughts because every thought produces energy which radiates out of you and produces physical behaviors.

The most important thing to remember about your thoughts is that they are just objects, like a pen, a photograph, or a vile of acid.

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You always have the power to choose! It is also important to notice that the negative thoughts you hold for another person usually do not change the other person. The thoughts only have a negative impact on you and your quality of life. This awareness should make it easier for set those objects down and pick up ones that produce more desirable feelings for you.