Manual Public Health Ethics: Theory, Policy, and Practice

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Theory, Policy, and Practice 5 is edited and composed by scholars who are internationally recognized for their work in public health policy, ethics, and health law. This anthology provides an engaging overview of the emerging field of public health ethics. It includes selected articles that were previously published over the period —, including articles written by one or more of the editors.

An introductory chapter provides an overview of public health ethics and describes the rise of interest in this field in recent decades. Key concepts such as ethical relativism and ethical theories for example, utilitarianism and Kantian ethics are also briefly described. The remainder of the book is divided into six parts: The articles included in part 2 deal more directly with important issues in public health ethics, such as the need to avoid blaming individuals for illnesses that are probably due to a variety of causes, including societal influences.

Public Health Ethics

The most valuable section of the book is likely to be part 3, which includes several excellent articles on justice and health written by British and American authors. Articles by Angus Deaton 7 , Richard Wilkinson 8 , and Norman Daniels and colleagues 9 , which provide insights for classroom discussion and debate, highlight the social determinants of health disparities, including the linkages between income, education, social class, and health identified in epidemiologic studies.

The article by Daniels et al.

These important articles 7—9 do not have the benefit of more recent scholarly works on public health, justice, and health equity 11 , 12 , which highlights the potential disadvantages of an anthology of articles published during an earlier time period. With respect to other limitations, the book largely ignores the sizeable body of literature on professional ethics in epidemiology and other public health disciplines, which arguably constitutes an important part of the literature on public health ethics.

Public Health Ethics: Theory, Policy, and Practice - Google Книги

The literature on the ethics of human subjects research in epidemiology and public health is also neglected. Despite these oversights, this book is likely to interest a broad range of readers, including many practicing epidemiologists and other public health professionals and students in graduate training programs.

The book is likely to be a useful adjunct to courses on public health theory and practice, health policy, public health ethics, and health equity. The findings and conclusions in this review are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Sign In or Create an Account. They open up new terrain in each area, including tobacco and drug control, infectious disease, environmental and occupational health, the effect of new genetics on the publics health, and the impact of social inequalities on patterns of morbidity and mortality.

Theory, Policy, and Practice

The volume editors offer a context for discussion with introductory essays for each of the books five sections. The Public Health Perspective. Sick Individuals and Sick Populations.

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Rethinking the Meaning of Public Health. Ethical Issues in the Vaccination of Children. Regulation and Environmental and Occupational Health Introduction. No Smoking The Ethical Issues.


Against the Legalization of Drugs. Policy Implications of the Gradient of Health and Wealth. To Foresee and to Forestall.