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Seems McGregor spent that weekend there with a guy. McGregor was at Suede. You rump him, Frankie boy? The silence stretched taut between them. The insult went sideways as Frankie assessed the mention of the club.

Tarnished Souls - Frankie and Gent - Brita Addams - Google Книги

Sal wants his cut, is all. Frankie slammed his fist on the coffee table. I financed it myself. You tell him that, hear? Gent dragged deeply on his cigarette. You made good scratch with that. Difference between me and you? He got the message, and so will you. Gent licked his lips. After what happened with you, I figured it all out. Never know who you can trust. Gent shook his head. I clean up, then I bring you in. I got a guest room if you want it. At the second floor, Frankie turned right, then scuffed down a wide, carpeted hallway. Frankie stopped at the third door. The large rugs, heavy leather-and-wood furniture.

I remembered you were partial to the coffee-and-cream on the bed. Wanted you to feel at home. Frankie pulled closed the tan draperies beneath the padded cornices. He strode toward the door, but Gent grabbed his arm as he passed. Frankie looked down at the hand, then picked it off.

Frankie shrugged as he walked down three doors and opened his. As he looked back, Gent leaned against the door casing, a knowing smile on his face. In his room, Frankie closed and locked the door. He loosened his tie and flopped down on the bed. How like Sal to send the one person from whom the news would hurt the most.

He lay back on the pillows. Sal had set it up so cleverly. Frankie started a gang when he was thirteen, and Gent joined, willing to take orders even though Frankie was four years younger. Thirty guys maybe, toughs from the neighborhood, fearless and ready to scrap. No pies went missing off the windowsills and no apples off the food carts.

Tarnished Souls, Frankie and Gent

No one got mugged, and mothers could walk their babies without worrying. Gent was one of the collectors, while Frankie planned new schemes and got new accounts. Even in those days, he charmed housewives out of milk money. Sal had on a long wool coat with some kinda animal on the collar. He strutted around in spats and carried a cane, his black felt Derby cocked just so on his head.

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While he stood back and watched, his guys pushed old Finnegan around, told him from that day on, they were partners, that Sal had taken over the neighborhood. With the use of the old storage room as a clubhouse, Finnegan paid for protection, so Frankie bucked up to Sal and challenged him for territory. Sal laughed, but then backed up when the crew piled out of the backroom and stood behind Frankie. Never had words sounded sweeter. Those lessons had served him in California. He listened to the way people spoke and copied them, drilling himself over and over until he sounded like them.

Now Sal had sent for him. No one he ever knew got sent for and walked out to talk about it. The language, dialog and styling are so precise I could see it, even hear it all! The wooga-wooga of passing cars, the art deco styling, the unapologetic violence, and sociology of the gangster er Now this is my kind of thing. The wooga-wooga of passing cars, the art deco styling, the unapologetic violence, and sociology of the gangster era is all very authentic. Frankie and Gent are sexy sexy, dangerous men who lived by the mafia code of old world honour.

They are also gay men who were forbidden to be together. Mob boss Sal separated them years ago, sending Frankie to run the LA operation and tying Gent to his side as assassin and henchman in New York. I adore a forbidden love story, and the danger that surrounds this reunion is intense. Does Gent carry out his orders or does he follow his heart?

Is there a point in the conscience of immoral men when enough is enough? Frankie and Gent must decide. This story is flagrantly violent that sees these men swop their pin striped jackets for black leather aprons with ease. Betrayal and perceived wrongs are at best a brutal beating; forgiveness is a mercifully snapped necked. For me this should have been Brita Addams epic love story, not Tarnished Gold.

This is much more to my taste, the characters feel alive and the pace and setting is perfect! Very nicely done, but it was over too quickly, too much is left hanging and the scope for more is immense. I still loved every minute of what was here and look forward to more of the Tarnished books. You can totally read this is a standalone novella. Dec 18, Kassa rated it really liked it.

I actually finished the entire story when all I meant to do was read a few pages to get the concept. The setting is LA in the s gangster era. Frankie has been a gangster since he was 13 and 5 years ago was sent from NY to LA to set up shop for the mob there. Neither Frankie nor Gent wants to die but this is the life they lead and the one they signed up for.

Right away I was impressed with the feel and atmosphere Addams created. The front of the novella has a glossary of words. Still, the time frame and authentic feel of the people definitely came through. The writing is engaging with only a few cases where it seems to try a bit too hard. For me it just added to the atmosphere and tension. Tarnished Souls can easily be read as a standalone and I had no problems with it but I had the feeling one of the main characters, MacGreggor, probably starred in his own book previously.

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  • That said I quite enjoyed the characterization of Frankie and Gent. I even disliked the cop, who was the only nominal good guy in the story, simply because he opposed the two protagonists. The descriptive quality of the writing is good and definitely caught my attention and desire to read more from this author. I also want to know more about where Frankie and Gent go from the ending of the book.

    No doubt the next installment will be just as entertaining and filled with good tension. Nov 20, Cathy Brockman rated it really liked it.

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    Review Written for http: He is sent by the boss to bring Frankie in. Frankie and Gent take some time to catch up and get re-acquainted, in more ways than one. This is a very good gangster story. I liked the period feel. It was like watching an old gangster movie. The characters were interesting and each ha Review Written for http: The characters were interesting and each had his own cross to bear.

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    He seemed pretty good for a mob boss. He was liked and respected by everyone around him except for Macgregor the cop that was after him to make a name for himself. He is the ultimate bad boy and had his personal reasons to get hold of Frankie. Yet his feelings for Frankie was a two edged sword. I never got a feel for Macgregor or what his vendetta was though, but I have a feeling that is coming in the next story.

    The story was intriguing with lots of twists and turns. I liked that it was hard to figure out and the end really caught me off guard. I also liked that what sex there was, was rough and tumble, not sweet and gentle. I felt it fit the context of the story and added a sexy vibe to help soften the violence. If you like mobs, gangsters, twists and turns, assassins, forbidden love, and a shocking end, this is for you. Frankie and Gent grew up in a neighborhood with only so much room to grow beyond their stations. Frankie is charismatic, opportunistic and fearless. He soon catches the eye of a powerful mobster who sees Franki 4.

    He soon catches the eye of a powerful mobster who sees Frankie as an asset to his crew. Frankie brings his good friend Gent along. As the years go buy Frankie rises in the family and Gent stays a grunt. Frankie and Gent learn they share a sexual preference for men and are attracted to each other. Their boss learns of their sexual relationship.

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    He beats them and separates them. Then sends them to opposite sides of the country. Grunt has to stay on the east coast. While Frankie is sent to the west coast to get in with the Hollywood crowd for business purposes.

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    Years later Frankie has become more successful than he ever thought running a club for the elite. Frankie has his own crew now and runs things in his area. One night he finds a man in his private rooms. Not just any man. Frankie knows that means his death. His boss sending Gent is just a way to twist the knife. Frankie still harbors guilt over leaving Gent there to suffer the day to day life with his homophobic boss and his minions.

    What they had all those years ago still lingers despite the distance and betrayal. This book was great. The lingo was fun. The tension was high. The love story engaging and sexy. Gent was probably my favorite. His character was looked at as good for only muscle and killing but he proved to be so much more. I like that he persevered. He had to more from that point. He went willingly to face the man who ran off on him even though he knew it would hurt. Heroes of Henderson Big Bundle. The Second Time Around. What's the Worst that Could Happen?

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