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  4. 6 weird things you see people do in their cars when stuck in traffic
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Anticipation and planning are critical to surviving life-threatening emergencies like this one. Teach all family members including children the S-C-W-O method: Under certain circumstances pressure may not equalize until the entire cabin is flooded. In this situation, either fight the current or wait until the car is fully submerged before making your escape. Warnings Don't take anything heavy or unnecessary with you as you escape, and remember that everything is unnecessary in this situation except your life and the lives of those around you.

Under most circumstances you should not wait for help. Rescuers will most likely not be able to reach or locate you in time to provide support.

Trapped Child

Never discount hypothermia as it can take affect in water temperatures as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Things You'll Need Keep a center punch handy in the car or hanging off your keychain. Manitoba researcher knows how to get out, http: Article Info Featured Article Categories: Ontsnappen uit een zinkende auto Print Edit Send fan mail to authors.

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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,, times. Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Two of us were trapped in the back seat of a Dodge Colt with rear grill covered windows.

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Oxygen does not last as long if someone is panicking, and it gets harder to think. This is good information.

  • 6 weird things you see people do in their cars when stuck in traffic | Wheels24.
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We were very fortunate, and I believe you have provided excellent advice for your readers. AM Angelina Marie Apr 27, I am planning on purchasing the tool to assist with breaking the window for my entire family in case of emergency. I know having the tool available will help my family in stay calm knowing they have a reliable item.

CL Colin Luckens Feb 3. It's very important to know these steps you need in order to survive. It's important to make them somehow automatic and instinctive see above "S-C-W-O" , as panic may impede clear thinking. I've often thought about what to do if I was ever in this situation. I liked the point about opening the window upon impact. I actually have one of the pictured devices to break open a window. LM Lucy Menchaca Apr 27, This article gives step-by-step info for what steps to take. It should be read and shared with everyone you know!

EK Ed Kronenberger Apr 27, We just lost five people here in Houston during flooding when they were trapped in flooded cars.

I Am Legend (4/10) Movie CLIP - Trapped (2007) HD

I hope to get this piece on the news. YK Yvonne Kurtzner Jun 20, My biggest concern would be for an infant that doesn't understand what's going on and doesn't know how to hold their breath any suggestions? CP Cliff Perusse Dec 16, The rest of the article contains valuable information. Someday, somewhere, this is good to save somebody's life.

RB Richard Billman Aug 31, I'm going to buy a punch today. RC Roxana Chirioiu May 18, Now I feel more secure because I now know what to do. ES Ernie Swain Apr 4, AF Amber Floyd Apr 26, I feel better informed and better prepared. Informative, with points about the pros and cons of different thinking when in this situation. RE Renee Engl Mar 8, MM Moana Monroe Sep 11, I pray this never happens, but if it does, I feel prepared.

SK Sally Karbstein Feb 18, KA Katharina Austria Apr 4, Emphasizes speed, using windows, and the time available before the car sinks. BB Bridget Beck Jul 12, RP Ricky Pearce Nov 8, SP Sandra Powell Apr 26, I will share with my kids and family. JW Johnny Williams Jun 6, Thanks for that tip. MW Mary Wilson Nov 29, CM Cassandra Morgan Apr 26, GS Grace Smith Oct 31, SR Sandy Reagan Feb 8. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Thanks for letting us know.

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Help answer questions Learn more. Vehicle fires usually progress slowly in the early stages, allowing occupants time to escape injury. Injury or fatalities usually occur in cases where an occupant is asleep, disabled, intoxicated, or too young to escape. Most vehicle fires start in the engine compartment.

A motor vehicle contains many flammable materials, including flammable liquids like gasoline and oil as well as solid combustibles such as upholstery. Fuel leaks from ruptured fuel lines also can rapidly ignite. Leakage of fuel, motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, or even coolant can lead to engine fires, and the leakage of a flammable or combustible liquid in an engine compartment results from some kind of failure.

The failure may be a result of normal wear and tear, failure of a mechanic to make repairs safely, design failure which leads to rupture or abrasion of hoses or manufacturing defects in hoses, gaskets or fluid connections. When a brand new vehicle or one which has had very recent repairs burns, failure of the manufacturer or a mechanic to safely tighten all fluid connections is the most likely cause.

Car batteries pose a fairly unique hazard - hydrogen gas evolved in the electrolysis reaction ignites readily in fire conditions and can result in an explosive dispersion of battery acid. About 15 percent of motor vehicle fires originate in the passenger compartment. The main causes of these are electrical short circuits and cigarettes. Vehicle maintenance and inspection is crucial to preventing vehicle fires. The following suggestion might prevent vehicle fires:. In the automotive world, smoke does not necessarily mean fire.

Depending on the age of the vehicle, it could be steam from the radiator, often caused by a broken fan belt or over-heated engine. It does sound like things have become a lot worse in the last few weeks…feeling increasingly angry towards people in your past, and fantasizing about suicide again. This might be your treating team, or after hours, you can call the beyondblue Support Line on 22 46 36 or Lifeline on 13 11 But please do let others help, and keep us posted with how you are getting on.

You have described me but the female version and I have 2 kids 4 and 6 and fear they will get my illness. Please don't have kids, it makes life complicated. We will always have this illness and the sooner we accept that and find ways to cope then the better life gets.

My coping mechanisms change from year to year. I know that if I am helping people that need help that makes me feel better. I like hiking and that's an amazing moral booster. We have to accept that we will derail often and we need something to take our minds off it like cooking, walking, watching funny movies.

Escape and Safety from Vehicle Fire

Look out for people who inspire you, read their biographies, find happy funny people and it will change your thinking. Last 4 days have been a black hole and haven't wanted to live but today is OK. I have told my partner to read about mental illness so he can equip himself. He is great and my rock. He is always happy sometimes good but sometimes I hate him for that. We have to train our brains to take the happier path. List all your favourite things, music, foods, or discover new things to learn about. I have recently lost my job been 5 months and had a falling out with my in laws that they will disown me about for ages.

My friends and family live in Uk and everything I used to like are there. I have made friends with a few new friends here and I think they get me. I am about to tell them I struggle with life but it's risky isn't it. I think I would be worse on my own but then at least my kids would nt have to witness this crap illness. Emptiness, anger, over thinking, confusion, battle fatigue, social isolation and this awful feeling of being stuck Although I have moved on, I know what lacking the motivation to get out of bed feels like.

I remember the loneliness and terror, the all-consuming anger and despair. How could one forget? These days, the traumatic past is still there but it remains in the background, where it belongs. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is not a myth after all Deciding to reach out is a courageous step forward.

6 weird things you see people do in their cars when stuck in traffic

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Escape and Safety from Vehicle Fire

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