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The only recourse was to remove the bone. He might still lose the eye, but he should recover his health. To distract myself as the train crossed the border into Scotland, I began a game I played as a child on long car trips, staring out the window and imagining someone journeying through the countryside, someone on an urgent mission.

I caught a flash of red hair, a dark gown, a muted plaid cloak swirling in the wind though it was a sunny summer day in the present, my imagined Maggie fought against a stiff breeze beneath a sky threatening rain.

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At some point they met a young man who had a way with animals, but was terribly shy with people. Maggie welcomed his company. I was once more an author on tour, Maggie and her two companions were forgotten. And then, a few years later, a letter stirred my memory of the red-haired woman running through the Lothian countryside trailed by the petulant maidservant and the shy lad. He was researching the ruins of the great medieval hospital of the Trinity on Soutra Hill in Lothian. The waste from the hospital was still in the great drain and buried in the soil; careful examination had revealed a wealth of information about the herbs and roots used in medicines.

He had been puzzled by remnants of burnt juniper branches. His query began a correspondence which led to his giving me a tour of the site on a cold, crisp Easter Monday. After our meeting, as I sat in my car having a cup of tea before heading back to Edinburgh, Maggie showed up with a priest, her brother. They were being welcomed by the abbot, who remembered her brother. She was older now, sure of herself, calmer, less desperate. Finally I was ready to write the book. So this is doubly exciting for me! Is he caught up in the swelling rebellion against the English? Is he even alive? She finds Edinburgh scarred by war—houses burnt, walls stained with blood, shops shuttered—and the townsfolk simmering with resentment, harboring secrets.

Even her uncle, innkeeper Murdoch Kerr, meets her questions with silence. What terrible sin torments her brother? Is it her husband she glimpses in the rain, scarred, haunted? Desperate, Margaret makes alliances that risk both her own life and that of her brother in her search for answers. She learns that war twists love and loyalties, and that, until tested, we cannot know our own hearts, much less those of our loved ones. Margaret takes her place there as innkeeper, collecting information to pass on to William Wallace—until murder gives the English an excuse to shutter the tavern.

Now she begins to wonder if their trip is part of a mission engineered by the English crown…. Her mission is to discover the fate of a young spy who had infiltrated the English garrison at Stirling Castle, but on the journey Margaret is haunted by dreams—or are they visions? He who holds Stirling Castle holds Scotland—and a bloody battle for the castle is imminent. As her travels bring her closer to the castle, however, she begins to have dreams—or are they visions?

A Cruel Courtship (Margaret Kerr, book 3) by Candace Robb

The historic battle of Stirling Bridge is nearing, and the fate of Scotland rides on the outcome…. I enjoyed answering her questions. Stay tuned here, or sign up on the mailing list on my website for the latest updates. Can you choose just one favorite character? What scenes or characters from the two series linger in your imagination? This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Mar 04, Liz rated it liked it Shelves: Scottish early medieval historical fiction. Well-done, well-researched, not really mystery in the modern sense, not 13th century , but Miss Margaret Kerr has questions to pose and puzzles to solve. Can the Scots recover from the completely foolhardy step of asking their local empire-building conqueror to adjudicate rival inheritance claims for Scotland's throne, just after harshly annexing Wales?

Of course he can! He'll just take it himself! Truth really is stranger than fiction. Nicely done, an Scottish early medieval historical fiction.

A Cruel Courtship

Nicely done, and Ms. Robb can definitely write would like to see her at Bouchercon in NO next year! While I came to understand that 13th century Scotland might actually have been that way, the books needed to come up for air occasionally.

Feb 07, Cassie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Robb will continue this series. It seems like it was left open for another book, what with Christiana's vision and all. I loved this series, I truly did but the third book kind of just stops which is disappointing. I hope to see and read a forth. Dec 31, Weaverannie rated it liked it. In dit derde deel van de serie over Margaret Kerr vertrekt ze uit Perth naar Stirling.

Ze reist met haar vriendin Ada, die in die stad een huis heeft. Ze zal doorgaan voor het nichtje van Ada. Doel van haar verblijf in Stirling is uitzoeken, waarom een van de spionnen van James en zijn mannen geen berichten meer doorgeeft. Als ze in Stirling aankomen blijken ze midden in de strijd beland te zijn.

Intriges, moord, spionnage, maar ook jaloezie leiden tot moord en doodslag. Margaret probeert alle geh In dit derde deel van de serie over Margaret Kerr vertrekt ze uit Perth naar Stirling. Margaret probeert alle geheimen te ontraadselen. Hoe moet ze daarmee omgaan? Dat wordt vast een thema in een volgend boek in deze serie.

Candace Robb beschrijft historische situaties met veel gevoel voor detail. Aan het eind geeft ze bovendien meer uitleg over de politieke situatie in Schotland en over de plaatsen zoals die er nu uitzien. Oct 22, Sydney rated it really liked it. Once again filled with more mystery, lies, and suspense, this novel will leave readers wondering how this final novel in the series will end, for all is not as it seems.

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Will the novel end in tragedy, or will everything finally all work out. I would recommend this novel to readers that enjoy Scottish, 13th century mystery novels and are readers of Canda In the final installment of the Margaret Kerr 13th Century, Scottish series, A Cruel Courtship, author Candace Robb brings the series to an end.

Diversion Books Publication date: Originally published in ; reprinted August 19, Number of pages: Other books in the series: A Cruel Courtship is the last book in the Margaret Kerr series. Set in Scotland in , just before the Battle of Stirling Bridge, this book ties up several of the loose threads that have been left hanging over Margaret's head. It also allows Robb to 'retire' Margaret from her role, gently writing her out.

An insight into Scottish life of the times with mystery and intrigue. Interessante narrazione storica di avvenimenti reali misti ad un intrigante giallo di strane morti improvvise dove una giovane fanciulla con un "dono speciale ", cerca di risolverne il mistero.

Mar 25, Becky Cresswell rated it it was ok. Aug 07, Elli rated it did not like it. Still trying to decide about this one - looks promising though.