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Roach Crushed after Date 6. Vika crushing tiny bugs with high heels.

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Dasha high heels cockroach crush 7. Sexy girl in black heels crushing bugs 1 1. We have no clue why. We don't know what.. We don't know what's beyond that. But if we ever do, we'll tell you. And stop going crazy and rude. I thought I was just..

If you did know anything, it would be wrong not to tell me. I'm sorry", Gally replies. We all high five him and Alby walks off to find something to do, Fry going to get dinner ready. Gally sighs and shakes his head. I laugh lightly and sit by him. He looks at me and sighs. I smile and look beyond the walls. I just see another wall. Gally notices my lost in thought though expression and looks where I am. He looks at me weird and I walk to the open gap, but stop there. And there, to my horror. I might just do that. Here's their terms and conditions: Unless I'm missing something you're only uploading your own content and they were incorrect in their assumption of you violating copyright.

If anything they'd realize their fuck up while doing their due diligence before a suit. This is not the best advice. You are unwise to threaten legal action. Ask a lawyer for actual wording if you want to make an attempt on your own. At least cc him when you do. I am lucky that my friend is a lawyer at a big firm, and in the 2 I stances I've been hosed over, simply cc'ing him with permission asking for a timely resolution has resulted in a timely resolution. I've also cc'd my states' attorney General in the past when the going got tough. This is a good tactic, and here is what I learned.

If you have a lawyer help you craft the letter and you send it yourself, they will know by the language and tone of the letter that a lawyer helped. Their lawyers will spot it right away. I just learned about mukbang last night Gives a new perspective on "niche marketing".

Bad situation it sounds like. But even if they are just bugs, doing it for fun or fetish sounds really sketchy and weird, and just not nice. No less right in the head than people into scat, goldfish swallowing, rape, or golden showers tbh. The bugs I use are sold as pet feeder and like it or not, caging an animal and watching it eat insects is pointless, useless to the ecosystem, and is for the ego and entertainment of the pet's owner.

Same as the fear factor example another guy mentioned earlier. It was proven recently that animals in the wild kill for fun or no reason all the time. If you think all life has equal value it doesn't and you can't arbitrarily kill bugs for whatever reason, you might want to look into Jainism. Dude, you're going out of your way to kill living things for pure pleasure of it.

And your comparing it with consenting adults peeing on each other or doing what ever with feces - all dead things. Swallowing fish is also very morally questionable. As is rape - unless it's roleplay between two consenting adults.


Fighter and survivors ~A Gay Maze Runner fanfic~ - Chapter 4 ~Crushing bugs~ - Wattpad

Also, you're comparing keeping pets and feeding them so they stay alive - because that's how living things work with killing living things for pleasure. And your final defense is: For what it's worth I find your rationalisations even more disgusting than your actual killing those living things just for pleasure. The iguana doesn't need to be in your house.

It should be in the wild, yet you keep it for your own amusement and feed it bugs you buy.

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It's the same thing. You can deny it all you want. Moral rules as any rule is not set in stone. Well, in case of 10 commandmands it is. But some are almost universally accepted throughout all human history. Just because some people have rationalised about braking some of the moral rules does not make all morality unnecessary. And what, you'll stop killing bugs for pleasure when everybody in the world stops having pets????

I think you missed the point entirely and I also think you don't know how to argue constructively. Yes, you're being really constructive in your arguments - when I commented on you comparing piss with killing things, you pivoted to your iguanas argument. And I would really like to hear the connection between people feeding iguanas and you killing living things for pleasure.

But I will probably not hear it coz there is none. You are just rationalising you dispicable behavior. I hate to ask, but is this even legal: I know the kitten and hamster crush videos were extremely unpopular except among the "fetishists". If you're viewed in the same light, would a respectable lawyer be willing to take your case? Do you identify all insects to make sure yoyre not killing some weird protected thing? Perhaps this is a dead end. Is this really something you want on your resume? Is it worth it for you long-term to keep putting energy into that phase of your life?

Do you want your name attached to lawsuits against a fetish-kill site? For what it's worth court filings become public record. When i personally do background checks on people, I pull their court history as part of it.

I dont care if people sue others to sort out a contract, but who youre suing could raise eyebrows. You can hire a lawyer and try to go aftet the owner of the site. Is it hosted in the same country? Is it worth chasing even if you could sue them and win? You still need to collect, which means more legal fees and it still might not be productive. I'd walk away from that chapter of my life.


People eating live insects on Fear Factor was basically the same thing killing insects for entertainment and that was broadcast on national television. Yes it is legal. If it's an invertebrate it's alright. The meme video of the kitten being crushed put a lot of bad press on the fetish I think. No insects are protected. I don't think that's a fair judgment at all.

Most of my customers are decent and regular guys, some of them women. Some of them well off. Here's his response to a recent question I asked him: And here's a post he made about banning people: I think they probably don't have to let you use their platform but they probably cannot keep your content and profit from it, legally. I would try the dmc takedown route as another user suggested, perhaps first telling them you are going to do so because they cannot host your content without compensating you.

Here is their hosting company's DMCA page. It tells you exactly what to do to get your content taken off the site. Unfortunately the money they owe you is gone, since it will almost certainly cost more in legal fees to recover it than what you're owed. Most people into this I learned don't even like the hardcore illegal stuff.

It's a small minority that can't get their rocks off without actual animals dying. I think you have to put aside your emotions and think first of all, will pursuing any form of legal recourse be beneficial to what you are already having to deal with everyday? Will the added stress and financial aspects be manageable over this unpaid sum of money? If you are doing this to earn a living, think of it from a business stand point and don't let yourself be overcome by anger or hurt from not being reimbursed for what seems to be right fully yours.

Bad stuff happens to everyone all the time, the difference is that not everything deserves a response. I think you should seek some legal counsel and really determine how likely it is for you to win this, or how unlikely No advice other than to stop what you're doing. Crush videos like these and more extreme ones in which even mammals are killed are widely banned and for good reason.

The only videos that are banned are the hard crush with mammals and birds and such. Bug videos is completely legal.

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  4. I wouldn't say there's no objectively good reason. Killing any creature for entertainment is objectively wrong.


    I'd personally consider it much less significant than killing birds or mammals, by a huge margin, and I don't judge you for taking advantage of a lucrative niche, but it's still wrong. Unless you're crushing wasps. That's an appeal to emotions. Animals kill for fun all the time, including apes. It's an assertion of dominance. We don't kill dogs and rats for fun because they have feelings. Bugs lack nociceptors and can't feel pain my man. They have no evolutionary prerogative to feel pain.

    If they are damaged they don't heal like reptiles and mammals do. If anything it is population control. Even the bible says in Matthew that man has the right to trample on insects whenever he wants. I'm not against what you do and I actually applaud your ingenuity in making a business out of this but I think you're wrong when you say insects don't feel pain.

    Have you ever tried to torch a roach or use a magnifying glass on ants on a hot summer day? Those critters run for their lives when they feel that heat. No they run out of a hormonal reaction to pressure difference and heat. Insects have no evolutionary reason to feel pain, and their chitin receives no reception. According to your logic.