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Il volume comprende sia alcune delle conferenze tenute da affermati studiosi nel corso della settimana dei lavori svoltasi presso il Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro, dal 6 al 13 settembre sia una selezione dei progetti di ricerca concepiti dagli studenti a partire On the Authenticity of a Relic: Chemical analysis by gas-chromatography with mass spectrometric detection GC-MS revealed the presence of ergosterol 5, 7, ergostatrien-3b-ol , a known biomarker of brewing, baking, or agriculture Mihhail Bulgakovi romaani "Meister ja Margarita" illustreeriv fotolugu.

Half a century after the produc tion of one of his most memorable films, Le Horla Jean-Daniel Pollet , the author provides a brief history of those cultural sponsorship activites. This work focuses on the transformations to which is submitted the literary narrator when a literary work is adapted for the screen. The object of study is the novel Le Rouge et le Noir by Stendhal and its two adaptations, a film by Claude Autant-Lara from and a television miniseries made by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe in The first part of the work summarizes the theoretical concepts of four authors who deal with the narrator: His astute counsel, knowing smile and distinguished eloquence will be missed by many.

With a pang of regret, the man himself admits that 'CERN was like a drug for me'. Last week, Jean-Daniel Mandica retired, after 40 years of loyal service. He was the trusted counsellor of every Director of the Administration and Director-General for eighteen years, from to Head of the planning unit for the Directorate and the Administration from to , he was then named Head of the Directorate Services Unit in , a position he held until the end of Throughout that time, he conducted key tasks for the Organization, such as restructuring the Administration and carrying out audits.

His role in the creation of Microcosm and his commitment to CERN's participation in the Universal Exposition at Seville in contributed in no small part to the spread of the Laboratory's fame. Jean-Daniel Mandica's incomparable knowledge of the Administration, sense of diplomacy and great ability to listen made him a v Loodus kui esteetiliselt vahendatud maastik: Integrated Multidisciplinary Design of High Pressure Multistage Compressor Systems la Conception integree des compresseurs multi-etage a haute performance.

This methodology [ Karadimas , ]. The aim of all efforts method solves the Quasi-3D Francesco Freddolini, Giovanni Baratta Full Text Available This monograph describes the life and work of a major marble sculptor who, after his initial training and a period of work in Florence, returned to his native city of Carrara. There he developed the family workshop, where he was able to control the making of marble sculpture from the quarries through the transportation by ship to the installation. With the aid of many assistants, including his brothers and cousins who were also sculptors, he produced not only figurative sculpture but ornamental marble doorways, chimney-pieces, and columns with their bases and capitals.

He had gained the patronage of the king of Denmark and the Duke of Marlborough, Madama Reale in Turin, and through his friendship with Filippo Juvarra the king of Spain, but he seldom moved from his home, preferring to export his sculpture to many cities in Italy and abroad. Traces of Terror, Signs of Trauma. Penicher's pharmacopeia was part of the Library of the "College de Pharmacie". This copy contains handwritten texts that complete the original edition. The first main addition, at the beginning of the document, is three recipes of drugs, in Latin, one of them being well known at the early 18th century, the vulnerary balm of Leonardo Fioraventi , that is also known as Fioraventi's alcoholate.

This product will still be present in the French Codex until The Penicher' book also includes, at the end, three handwritten pages in French which represent the equipment of apothecaries. These drawings are very close to the ones of Charas' Pharmacopeia. One can think that these additions are from the second part of the 18th century, but before the gift of the pharmacopeia to the College de Pharmacie by Fourcy en The author is unknown but he is probably one of the predecessor of Fourcy in Pharmacie de l'Ours Bear's pharmacy.

This gift done by Fourcy when joining the Community of Parisians pharmacists did not prevent the fact that Fourcy was sentenced by his colleagues pharmacists, a few years later, for the sales of "Chinese specialties" that someone called Jean-Daniel Smith, a physician installed in Paris, asked him to prepare. Jacopo Ligozzi, Dante and Petrarch. Keskust juhatab Francesco Bonami. Vaataja dikteerib Veneetsia biennaali.

Palazzo Malipierose II korrusel asuva Eesti ekspositsiooni eelarve, kulutused. From left to right: Rossini "Wilhelm Tell" Estonias. Gioachino Rossini ooperi "Wilhelm Tell" kontsertettekandest Albani portree Joseph Chinard'ilt. Simulations are fully resolved in the wall-normal direction without the need for wall-layer models. Convergence of the simulations is found to be sensitive to the initial conditions and to the choice of model wall-normal damping in the laminar sublayer. Las rimas de Giannantonio de Petruciis, conde de Policastro. History of the early dipteran systematics in Italy: This presentation starts with Galileo's discovery of the microscope and the first Lyncei.

Giovanni Heckius and Francesco Stelluti demonstrated different kinds of mosquitoes. In 19th century Eugenio Ficalbi reviewed the Italian Culicids. Cost-effectiveness analysis of online hemodiafiltration versus high-flux hemodialysis. Tartu Annelinna ja Anne kanali vaheline ala: Lemos de Figueiredo, Roy E. Vaateplatvorm Grand Canyoni kohal. Francis Soleri ministeeriumihoone Pariisis. Eduardo Souto de Moura projekteeritud eramu basseiniga Portugalis. Britta ja Francesco Buzzi villa Itaalias.

Ansambli Elavad Klassikud kontserdist Ameerika vanamuusikaspetsialisti Hopkinson Smith'i kontserdist kavaga "Kuningale ja paavstile: John Dowlandi ja Francesco da Milano muusikat" Giuseppe Pasta was a pioneer of psychological support in physical disease. Giuseppe's cultural and clinical resources were the teachings of Francesco Redi's medical school in Tuscany. This paper discusses the courage and philosophical tolerance of disease and the etiquette of the physician. Critical Reflections on a Conceptual and Political Nexus. Searching for Critical Connections. Spear, Joanna; Williams, Paul D.

Security and Development in Global Politics Pasqualetti, Antonio Franchi , Francesco Bullo. Noriho Iida, Amiran Dzutsev, C. Patri, Ena Wang, Francesco M. Round table discussion at the workshop "New directions in modern cosmology". A transcript of the final round table discussion, chaired by.

Arendajaks Briti suurfirma Oxford Sustainable Group. Kavandas Itaalia arhitekt Francesco de Luca. This special issue of Vs. Strategic maneuvering as an epistolary strategy, anno Around the Dutch author Gerbrand Bredero wrote a letter to his painting teacher Francesco Badens, asking for the loan of a painting to make a copy of it.

Although at first sight the letter may look. Itaalia kunstiajaloolane Nicola Barbatelli leidis tuttava kunstikogu korrastades Leonardo da Vinci arvatava autoportree. Graafiline disainer Helen Kokk modelleeris arvutil maalist kolmedimensioonilise mudeli. It will also serve as an important source of information for policy makers. Francesco Violante is currently Director of the Regional Program in Occupational Health, a centre for research, teaching and clinical investigation into occupational disorders in Bol Kasutab oma projektides kuulsusi.

Preparation of tools for lithographically controlled wetting and soft lithography. In particular the reported procedures are oriented towards the tools fabrication for lithographically controlled wetting and soft lithograph Ajast huvitatud eesti kunstnikust Erki Kasemetsast. Agnolo Bronzino's painting of Nano Morgante depicts for the first time the anatomy of a dwarf.

This image testifies Cosimo's special interest for this dwarf. In Antonio Francesco Grazzini's poem written in Nano Morgante's honor, we underline some interesting aspects of his physical deformities and his small height, which are highly praised as we can see them on the painting. Osteochondritis dissecans of the patella in a XVII century player of the Florentine historic kickball. We report a case of osteochondritis dissecans in the patella of Francesco de' Medici, Prince of Capistrano, who lived from to He was known to play Florentine kick ball, a precursor of Rugby and American football, and speculate that trauma from this activity may have led to the lesion.

Copyright Elsevier B. The causa mortis of Napoleon Bonaparte has been vexata quaestio for a long time.

Falco, el protector

The author tries to outline a picture of Napoleon from a sanitary point of view. From the report of doctor Francesco Antonmarchi who performed the autopsy, the author tries to understans the cause of death: Fast and accurate long-read alignment with Burrows —Wheeler transform. Bioinformatics 26, — Felix7, Sheila Fisher2, Anthony A. Veneetsia biennaal "Unistused ja konfliktid".

On Thursday 28 February, a ceremony was held to lay the foundation stone of Building Just as political and economic interests have become unified within Europe, scientific research is benefiting from a similar alliance. In the back left to right: In this day and age, scientific research is oriented towards large-scale projects, which require the involvement of a large number of partners — meaning funding institutes or national governments — and, obviously, the cooperation of the leading experts in a variety of related fields.

For these reasons, it is essential to encourage synergies on an international level, combining resources, facilities and expertise. This is the quest of EIROforum, which brings together research organ Da Gerdil a Marugi: Malebranchean Revival and Lockean Readings. For the Cardinal Gerdil, the only philosophical reflection able to combine aspects of Post-Cartesian philosophy with Augustinian Platonism and to provide an explanation of the spirituality of the soul and of the philosophically plausible and pragmatic mind-body interaction in an apologetic reflection on religion was the philosophy of Malebranche.

Committed to the defence of the immortality of the soul and the vision of all things in God which found favour in English neo-Platonic thinking, Gerdil becomes one of the protagonists of Italian culture engaged in the European philosophical debate developed against Lockean reason and in defence of Neoplatonism and Cartesianism. To form an emblem of rationalistic rationalism and materialism in metaphysics and religion was a task of certain Italian thinkers, including Muratori, Francesco Zanotti, Marugi and Francesco Soave, and in particular Cardinal Gerdil.

Implementation of a roughness element to trip transition in large-eddy simulation. In aerodynamics, the laminar or turbulent regime of a boundary layer has a strong influence on friction or heat transfer. In practical applications, it is sometimes necessary to trip the transition to turbulent, and a common way is by use of a roughness element e. The present paper is concerned with the numerical implementation of such a trip in large-eddy simulations. First, this work brings the opportunity to introduce a practical methodology to assess convergence in large-eddy simulations.

Second, concerning the trip implementation, a volume source term is proposed and is shown to yield a smoother and faster transition than a grid step. Moreover, it is easier to implement and more adaptable. Finally, two subgrid-scale models are tested: Both models allow transition, but the former appears to yield a faster transition and a better prediction of friction in the turbulent regime.

Homme kell 18 avatakse Villa Manini kaasaja kunsti keskuses Pilot study on the additive effects of berberine and oral type 2 diabetes agents for patients with suboptimal glycemic control. Suboptimal glycemic control is a common situation in diabetes, regardless of the wide range of drugs available to reach glycemic targets. Basic research in diabetes is endeavoring to identify new actives working as insulin savers, use of which coul Lex mercatoria in international arbitration theory and practice.

First made available online: Since the emphasis is put on the nature of t Dimensional assessment of DSM-5 social anxiety symptoms among university students and its relationship with functional impairment. Social anxiety disorder is a common condition often associated with severe impairment in educational career. The aim of this Military use of Virtual Reality.

This project is sparked by the contemporary evolvement that has been happening with consumer Virtual Reality technology and an interest for looking into the military industrial complex. The paper describes how Virtual Reality as a concept has evolved historically since the 19th century and how it has since entered the military and consumer market. The implementation of Virtual Reality is described in order to analyse it by using Technology-Oriented Scenario Analysis, as described by Francesco Adminisrtrative actions The following investigators are working on the contract: Photonics in South Africa.

Effectiveness of nootropic drugs with cholinergic activity in treatment of cognitive deficit: The aim of this paper is to verify, by a systematic analysis of the literature, the Mobile point-of-care monitors and diagnostic device design. Fronts and internal currents at the northern mouth of the strait of Messina. Recent observations of internal waves and currents generated by tidal mixing inside the strait of Messina, with classical measurements made in by Francesco Vercelli are compared. Its relation with the turbolence due to the braking of internal nonlinear waves generated by the inside the Strait of Messina is discussed.

Integrated nutrient management, soil fertility, and sustainable agriculture: Current issues and future challenges. Metadata only record The challenge for agriculture over the coming decades will be to meet the world's increasing demand for food in a sustainable way. Declining soil fertility and mismanagement of plant nutrients have made this task more difficult. In their Vision discussion paper, Peter Gruhn, Francesco Goletti, and Montague Yudelman point out that as long as agriculture remains a soil-based industry, major increases in productivity are unlikely to be attained without ensuring that Concerning the chronology of Cimabue's oeuvre and the origin of pictorial depth in Italian painting of the later middle ages.

Full Text Available A study devoted to the gradual emergence of pictorial depth in Cimabue's paintings, and how it applies, together with other factors, to the understanding of their sequential chronology. The conclusions reached underscore the vast difference in Cimabue 's conservative art and the exceptional naturalism of the evolving Life of Saint Francis mural cycle lining the lower nave walls in the upper church of San Francesco at Assisi. Le fonti internazionali ed europee. Recent results of cetuximab use in the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.

Cetuximab is a chimeric monoclonal antibody that targets the epidermal growth factor receptor. The role of cetuximab is paramount in several subsets of head and neck cancer. Cetuximab, given in association with radiation therapy, is a treatment of choice in first-line therapy of patients with locally advanced inoperable disease.

In the same setting, the role of induction chemotherapy has gained considerable interest over the last few years and a number of efforts are being pursued to optimally integrate induction chemotherapy with radiation therapy plus cetuximab. The combination of cetuximab and other targeted therapies is among the most promising new perspectives for patients with head and neck cancer.

The two workshops consisted of both regular and invited papers. Following the call, we received thirty-three full papers and all submitted contributions were then peer-reviewed by the co-editors with considerable help from the editorial board. Following this procedure, twenty-seven of them were accepted for publication in this volume.

We believe that this volume will be both an excellent source of pertinant and long-lasting scientific material in the fast evolving fields that are covered by RADIO as well as good proof of its relevance to the scientific Indian Ocean community and far beyond. Large eddy simulation of transitional flow in an idealized stenotic blood vessel: The results obtained are compared with the direct numerical simulation DNS data Varghese et al. Algebraic Theory and Applications," Phys. Fluids, 16 10 , pp. Fluids, 23 8 , are evaluated in the present study.

Evaluation of SGS models suggests that the classical constant coefficient Smagorinsky model gives best agreement with the DNS data, whereas the Vreman and Sigma models predict an early transition to turbulence in the poststenotic region. La Pace al Giglio. Each entry of this De Franceschi section has been matched with the edition it was meant to describe, in order to analyse the price of each book according to the Giunti stockbook as the result of material features and book marketing strategies.

Franck Marcon Au programme: Literature, Advertising and Return of the Repressed. Full Text Available Since I have faced with the hypothesis elaborated by Francesco Orlando, according to which literature is a form of return of the repressed, I wondered what — in our era of deregulation, end of censorship and taboos — could occupy the place of the repressed.

The problem of desire today would not be a clash with a limit, but an indefinite freedom that is likely to turn into lost, loss of intensity and meaning. Boccaccio e Petrarca na pintura exemplar de Botticelli. Daily Life in Child Rearing. In the present work remains crotch "With eyes of Children" by Italian Francesco Tonucci, in which childhood is depicted through drawings, where many of them are completing 30 years of existence.

Archivi e biblioteche alla fine del Granducato di Toscana in uno scritto di Galeotti. The lawyer from Pescia, also thanks to the advice provided by the director of the Archive, Francesco Bonaini and his collaborators, constructs an effective summary of the works to be done to gather together and organise the Florentine public archives, and provides important suggestions to connect not only the archives but also the libraries of the Tuscan capital to the new threads emerging in historical research.

A transcript of the final round table discussion, chaired by Theo Nieuwenhuizen and Rudy Schild, is presented. Generation of mechanical squeezing via magnetic dipoles Quantum-measurement backaction from a Bose-Einstein. Progress in biogas II - Biogas production from agricultural biomass and organic residues.

Within the International Congress at the University of Hohenheim Stuttgart, Federal Republic of Germany from 29th March to 1st April, , beside numerous poster presentations the following lectures were held: Psychoanalysis, modernization and the sociology of consumption in s Italy.

Psychoanalysis experienced a remarkable boom in s Italy. One of the areas where psychoanalytic theory disseminated was the world of marketing and the sociology of consumption. Based on the case of the sociologist Francesco Alberoni, we can examine the impact of the theories of Melanie Klein for understanding the behavior of consumers. Similarly, Alberoni's work shows the concerns and uncertainties on the social modernization of Italy, and also raises questions on the specificities of the growing importance of psychoanalysis in Italy in the s.

La Storia della letteratura italiana come romanzo.

SIRENS 2: No hay piel que huya de un demonio enamorado. (Saga Sirens ) (Spanish Edition)

You are cordially invited to the opening celebration on Thursday 12 September at Enrico Fermi Scientists at Pisa: Enrico Fermi created by Francesco Andreotti for La Limonaia from early film, photographs and sound recordings English version - c. Objetivos En la creciente literatura sobre publicidad existen muy pocos estudios sobre el uso de la literatura en los anuncios publicitarios.

Full Text Available This essay analyses the literary, ethical and religious principles on the basis of which four eighteenth-century Dante commentators chose to extrapolate and mention excerpts from Orlando Furioso. Francesco Laino, Giovannantonio Volpi, Pompeo Venturi and Baldassarre Lombardi contributed to sanction the editorial and didactic fortune of the Ariostean poem, without excluding any extreme forms of preventative censorship. LHC gets the ball rolling. The multidisciplinary team responsible for the RF ball project to check the interconnections. During the tests the ball is inserted very carefully into the vacuum chamber.

The aim of the study was to improve neuropsychological functioning of euthymic patients with bipolar disorder BD using transcranial direct current stimulation tDCS applied to cerebellar and prefrontal cortices. Twenty-five BD outpatients underwent prefrontal anodal and cerebellar cathodal tDCS for 3 consecutive weeks.

After tDCS treatment, patients showed significant improvements in visuospatial memory tasks. Patients with worse baseline cognitive performances also showed a significant improvement in executive functioning tasks. Neurological Examination Scale total score and motor coordination subscale significantly improved. Prefrontal-excitatory and cerebellar-inhibitory stimulations in euthymic BD patients may lead to better neurocognitive performances. This improvement could result from the modulation of prefronto—thalamic—cerebellar circuit activity pattern, which can be disrupted in BD.

It relies heavily on the documents left by her and her husband, Francesco Datini; the couple left many records, including letters of correspondence between them. Margherita and her husband, Francesco , tried hard to cure their infertility. They received treatment and prescriptions from several doctors while also relying on folk remedies, religious therapies, and even magical remedies. The comparative analysis of Datini documents, medical books, and theoretical treatises or prescriptive essays by clerics suggests that the general perception of infertility in medieval Europe was located between the extremely religious and modern medical conceptions of it.

On 23 February, less than three years later, the new m2 building was handed over to the BE department. The brand new Building Francesco Soppelsa The occupants of the building have just moved into their brand new home, bringing all the members of the Readying Cavalli's operas for the classroom: Yet if love of wordplay inspired it, coincidence confirmed it.

The volume appeared in print just months after my own foray into editing, albeit of a very different kind. I had been asked to prepare one of the volumes of The Oxford Anthology of Western Music, specifically the part that deals with Baroque music. While I was left free to do as I pleased with the latter, such was not the case with the former.

Thus music after occupies more pages than that before , and the earlier repertory features some notable lacunae. In the post-Unitarian period, it was used in elementary schools, especially in Southern Italy, and also in military schools and in some institutes for the Deaf and Dumb. The important parameters in the thermal striping are the frequency and the amplitude of the temperature fluctuation.

Since the sodium used as coolant in the PGSFR has a high thermal conductivity, the temperature fluctuation can be easily transferred to the solid walls of the components in the upper plenum. To remedy these problems, numerical studies are performed in the present study to analyze the thermal striping for possible improvement of the design and safety of the reactor. For the numerical works, Chacko et al. As the first step, dozens of monitoring points are set to locations that are anticipated to cause thermal striping.

Then, the temperature fluctuations were calculated along with the time-averaged variables such as the velocity and temperature. From these results we have obtained the following conclusions. At the side wall of IHX, a slight fluctuation is observed, but it seems that there is no risk of thermal striping. The flows from the reactor core are not mixed when reaching the UIS. So both the first and second plates need to be considered. Among the first grid plate regions, the shape region is the weakest region for thermal striping. The second weakest region for thermal striping is the shape.

Tevatron Run II is under way at Fermilab, exploring the high-energy frontier with upgraded detectors that will address some of the biggest questions in particle physics. It is the only place where we can search for supersymmetry, for the Higgs boson, and for signatures of additional dimensions of space-time. The US Department of Energy DOE recently convened a high-level international review committee to examine Fermilab experts' first-phase plans for the accelerator complex.

CERN Courier 43 1. This will be followed by an aperitif on the Mezz Building Bridges is the result of an ongoing dialogue between the Action and non-academic stakeholders in the field of audience Comments on the criminal process dealing with the murder of Johann Joachim Winckelmann from the forensic historical and legal medicine viewpoint]. Johann Joachim Winckelmann, German historian of ancient art and archaeologist, was born on 9 December in Stendal, a town in Saxony-Anhalt.

At the age of 50 he was murdered on 8 June in a Trieste hotel. The voluminous original record of the criminal proceedings against his murderer, Francesco Arcangeli, was presumed lost for about years. A new edition in the wording of the original text appeared in This long sought historical document gives cause for forensic-historical reflections under consideration of the autopsy protocol about Winckelmann, which is likewise a historical document. A considerable change of paradigm in comparison to current autopsy protocols is observed with regard to the evaluation of injuries and the circumstances of death.

What are we going to learn from the Higgs boson?

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What are the new phenomena that could be observed at the LHC? I will try to answer these questions using language accessible also to non-expert. Staff Members with 25 years service in were invited by the Director-General to a reception in their honnor on the 20th November Staff members with 25 years service in were also invited: Networks in Cell Biology.

Transcriptional regulatory networks Sarath Chandra Janga and M. Rajagopala and Gerard Cagney; 5. Modeling protein interaction networks Francesco Rao; 6. Hierarchical modularity in biological networks: Signalling networks Gian Paolo Rossini; Appendix 1. Modelling the local structure of networks D. Higher-order topological properties S. Elementary mathematical concepts A. This offer is meant for international civil servants, members of diplomatic missions as well as official delegates under presentation of their legitimation or accreditation card.

The tickets at the reduced price can be bought at the Cultural Kiosk door 6. This opera, rarely performed, will Academic Training turns to matters of science and society. Once again, CERN has opened its doors to matters of science and society.

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  7. A recent academic training lecture series tackled the thorny issue of arms control. Although an issue far from normal training needs of CERN personnel, the series was well attended. Aseries of lectures about arms control at CERN? But there are many reasons why one of the world's most important physics laboratories should consider such weighty political and ethical matters - not least the concern for the issues felt by members of the CERN community. A large number of people followed the full series of lectures on arms control and disarmament by Francesco Calogero, Professor of theoretical physics at Rome's 'La Sapienza' University, demonstrating that CERN people are not only interested in purely scientific matters, but also in the implications for society.

    Professor Calogero, a former Secretary General of Pugwash1 and currently Chairman of the Pugwash Council, observed that, 'even if I dealt, albeit tersely, with the Per un nuovo epistolario di Leopoldo Galeotti. Affectionately bound to his native city, Pescia, a steady admirer of Sismondi and deeply affectionate to the memory of his nephew Francesco Forti, Galeotti is better known for his political correspondence than for his unpublished private letters.

    Thanks to unknown archival sources, this article aims at a comprehensive rereading of the whole of his correspondence exchanged between friends, colleagues and well educated ladies belonging to the Florentine salotti. Some meaningful legal cases are also recalled. The flood was one of the greatest calamities that hit this collection. Of the 70 paintings that were kept in the safety deposit, and which were damaged by water and mud, two-thirds required special care, including two paintings that were considered irrecoverable: Pietro di Castello", by Francesco Guardi. An individual file process was prepared for each work, including a photographic and radiographic documentation plus a detailed description of the intervention procedure.

    Full Text Available Abstract After more than 30 years, landmark progress has been made in the treatment of cancer, and melanoma in particular, with the success of new molecules such as ipilimumab, vemurafenib and active specific immunization. We have identified four new topics of discussion: An Update about Immunotherapy, and Combination Strategies. This international congress gathered more than 30 international faculty members and was focused on recent advances in melanoma molecular biology, immunology and therapy, and created an interactive atmosphere which stimulated discussion of new approaches and strategies in the field of melanoma.

    Future perspectives in melanoma research. Meeting report from the "Melanoma Research: Naples, December 6th-7 th". Full Text Available Abstract Progress in understanding the molecular basis of melanoma has made possible the identification of molecular targets with important implications in clinical practice. In fact, new therapeutic approaches are emerging from basic science and it will be important to implement their rapid translation into clinical practice by active clinical investigation.

    The first meeting of Melanoma Research: This international congress gathered more than 30 international and Italian faculty members and was focused on recent advances in melanoma molecular biology, immunology and therapy, and created an interactive discussion across Institutions belonging to Government, Academy and Pharmaceutical Industry, in order to stimulate new approaches in basic, translational and clinical research. Four topics of discussion were identified: Kant y el Neoconstitucionalismo. Francesco Viola y Gustavo Zagrebelsky sobre temas relativos al neo-constitucionalismo que pueden vincularse al temario expuesto por Kant.

    The 62 staff members who are celebrating 25 years' service at CERN in were invited by the Director-General to a reception in their honour on 17 November. A proposito delle unioni civili. The debate concerning the rights and the duties of the same-sex couples is at the centre of the public discourse. It is, in fact, no longer confined to the life situations of the persons involved in homosexual relations. As matter of fact, the Author thinks that the distinction between those two spheres love and juridical systems is necessary, if not a prerequisite, for the right affirmation of the principle of equality.

    Full Text Available Not available. Henrik Frandsen and Dr. Peter Vang Hendriksen team leader. The other approach is based on attacking Furthermore, we apply optimization techniques to lead this ASR to minimization. This work has been the fruit of collaboration with Professor Sossina Haile at the California Institute of Technology Caltech and with assistant As a complementary in this modeling work, we have also developed other activities, leading to either already accepted, submitted or soon to be submitted publications.

    These additional to the main focus directions, have With this volume the Italian Physical Society presents a collection of Ettore Majorana's scientific papers note scientifiche in the original language and, for the first time - with three exceptions - translated into English. Each paper is then followed by a comment in English of an expert in the scientific field.

    A century after his birth Ettore Majorana is rightfully considered one of the greatest physicists of the first half of the last century. This volume will be of interest to the specialists of the History of Science and to the physicists concerned with problems related to Majorana's contributions. Administration of palmitoylethanolamide in combination with topiramate in the preventive treatment of nummular headache. Both size and shape of the painful area remain constant since the onset of symptoms. A year-old woman presented with a history of focal episodic pain in a circumscribed area on the right parietal region.

    The administration of standard oral doses of palmitoylethanolamide and topiramate in combination showed an improvement in pain symptoms and on pain measuring scales. Le antologie e le grandi opere come contributi alla costruzione dei canoni. Full Text Available In this paper, Remo Ceserani reflects upon the notions of canon and anthology in relation to the institutions behind them. After a short premise in which the traditional role of Church and school in the process of canonization is taken into account, the discussion moves to the present age, focusing on the idea of canon that lies at the basis of both North-American and Italian anthologies.

    In the former case, Ceserani highlights how the emergence of world literature has led to revise the structure of anthologies; in the latter case, the author argues that the canon mutuated from the work of Francesco De Sanctis still functions as the main source for many anthologies. He then concludes by stating that a thematical approach could constitute an alternative structuring criterion for a scholastic anthology. To reduce operative times and surgical complications in implant-based breast reconstruction, many authors advocate the use of exogenous material modified xenograft to support tissue regeneration.

    Claudio Leonardi, Agiografie medievali. Ettore Majorana scientific papers. On occasion of the centenary of his birth. Famous head injuries of the first aerial war: World War I advanced the development of aviation from the concept of flight to the use of aircraft on the battlefield. Fighter planes advanced technologically as the war progressed.

    Fighter pilot aces Francesco Baracca and Manfred von Richthofen the Red Baron were two of the most famous pilots of this time period. These courageous fighter aces skillfully maneuvered their SPAD and Albatros planes, respectively, while battling enemies and scoring aerial victories that contributed to the course of the war.

    The media thrilled the public with their depictions of the heroic feats of fighter pilots such as Baracca and the Red Baron. Despite their aerial prowess, both pilots would eventually be shot down in combat. Although the accounts of their deaths are debated, it is undeniable that both were victims of traumatic head injury. Sunspot records in the seventeenth century provide important information on the solar activity before the Maunder minimum, yielding reliable sunspot indices and the solar butterfly diagram.

    These historical archives do not provide the time of observation, which results in uncertainty in the sunspot coordinates. To obtain them, we present a method that minimizes the discrepancy between the sunspot latitudes. We provide areas and heliographic coordinates of 82 sunspot groups. In contrast to Sheiner's butterfly diagram, we found only one sunspot group near the Equator.

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    This provides a higher reliability of Galilei's drawings. Large sunspot groups are found to emerge at the same longitude in the northern hemisphere from 3 May to 21 August, which indicates an active longitude. Lorenzo Lotto e gli strumenti del mestiere: Full Text Available Con il testamento del 25 marzo Lorenzo Lotto stabiliva la ripartizione dei modelli in gesso e in cera e dei propri disegni tra tre suoi antichi allievi: Dalle provenienze dei tre artefici si manifesta una chiara mappa geografica, come se Lotto avesse consapevolmente deciso di lasciare i ferri del mestiere nei luoghi della sua esperienza pittorica: With the will of March 25, Lorenzo Lotto established the distribution of models in plaster and wax and their designs to three of his former pupils: The origins of the three painters manifest a clear geographical map, as if Lotto had consciously decided to leave the.

    Ideal geometries in the military architecture of F. The defence system fortress-tower of Cagli. A defensive line connects a series of medieval villages of the Marches: The analysis conducted on them involves the information inferable by the essay, by historical surveys and the recent laser scanner survey. The aim of the research was to identify the generating geometry of the architecture: Glimpse Into Its History. The parathyroid gland was first described by Sir Richard Owen. Ivor Sandstrom coined the term glandulae parathyroidiae. Vassale and Generali Francesco observed that tetany occurs following parathyroidectomy.

    Harald Salvesen firmly established the relationship of the parathyroid gland to calcium metabolism. A patient with skeletal disease and a tumor near the parathyroid gland was described by Max Askanazy in Schlagenhaufer suggested in that in an attempt to cure bone disease, solitary parathyroid enlargement, if present, should be excised. The parathyroid surgeries on Albert J. From a grossly symptomatic disease of bones, stones, abdominal groans, and psychic moans, HPT has evolved into asymptomatic HPT.

    Improvements in knowledge about the pathology of parathyroid diseases, including the genetic basis of HPT, and advances in the surgical techniques have brought about changes in the management of HPT over the decades. Hans Sedlmayr exhibited his new theory and methodology of Strukturforschung in his monograph on Francesco Borromini, Die Architektur Borrominis This study contextualizes the whole book within the larger project of the New Vienna School and clarifies its intent.

    Sedlmayr rounded out this complete analysis of the architect into a too-neat and abbreviated interpretive package, yet a fresh reading shows its distance from quick characterizations normally found in Anglo-American texts. A total of juvenile offenders participated in the study. In relation to the type of crime committed, we identified three groups matched for age and sex crimes against people, property crimes, and alcohol-drug-related crimes.

    These findings suggest the need to implement specific interventions for prevention and treatment of specific criminal behavior. SERS investigations and electrical recording of neuronal networks with three-dimensional plasmonic nanoantennas Conference Presentation. Normally each of these techniques provides only partial information about the environment, while combined investigations could reveal new phenomena occurring in complex systems such as in-vitro neuronal networks. Aiming at the merging of optical and electrical investigations of biological samples, we introduced three-dimensional plasmonic nanoantennas on CMOS-based electrical sensors [1].

    The overall device is then capable of enhanced Raman Analysis of cultured cells combined with electrical recording of neuronal activity. The Raman measurements show a much higher sensitivity when performed on the tip of the nanoantenna in respect to the flat substrate [2]; this effect is a combination of the high plasmonic field enhancement and of the tight adhesion of cells on the nanoantenna tip. Furthermore, when plasmonic opto-poration is exploited [3] the 3D nanoelectrodes are able to penetrate through the cell membrane thus accessing the intracellular environment.

    Our latest results unpublished show that the technique is completely non-invasive and solves many problems related to state-of-the-art intracellular recording approaches on large neuronal networks. De Angelis, Nanoscale , 7, De Angelis, Small , 11, Distinctive features attributed to an infidel. The political propaganda, religious enemies and the iconography of visual narratives in the Renaissance Venice. Full Text Available After the fall of Constantinople in , the political debate between the Venetian Republic and the Ottoman Empire intensified, culminating with the War of Cyprus in the second half of the 16th century.

    At the same time the rise of Lutheranism started to erode Christian Europe from the north. In these times of crisis, the Church did not hesitate to use all available resources in its battle against infidels. Several Christian monks preached claiming that they had foreseen the triumph of Christians over Muslims. Their words were printed on various pamphlets, leaflets and brochures which were distributed throughout the Venetian territory and beyond.

    That kind of propaganda was supported and reinforced by visual narratives. In this text, the author analyzes the impact of historical circumstances and of ecclesiastical and political propaganda on the iconography of Renaissance painting in Venice, particularly focusing on how two Venetian painters — Girolamo and Francesco da Santa Croce — responded to those inputs.

    Diversi monaci cristiani predicarono affermando di aver previsto il trionfo dei cristiani sui musulmani. Le loro parole furono stampate su vari opuscoli, volantini e pamphlet distribuiti in tutto il territorio veneziano e oltre. Tale propaganda fu sostenuta e rafforzata da narrazioni visive. The aim of this study was to assess the association between the clinical and neurobiological markers of neurodevelopmental impairments and early-onset schizophrenia spectrum psychosis.

    A sample of 36 patients with early-onset schizophrenia spectrum psychosis was compared to a control sample of 36 patients with migraine. We assessed early childhood neurodevelopmental milestones using a modified version of the General Developmental Scale, general intellectual ability using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children—Revised or Leiter International Performance Scale—Revised for patients with speech and language abnormalities, and neurological soft signs with specific regard to subtle motor impairment.

    Pneumoscrotum is the term used to describe the presence of air within the scrotum and includes scrotal emphysema as well as pneumatocele. The etiology varies; in some cases, pneumoscrotum may be due to life-threatening disease like pneumothorax or Fournier gangrene. Despite this, pneumoscrotum is a rarely debated issue. We present two different cases of pneumoscrotum and a review of the literature. The first case report is about a 29 year old male patient affected by Duchenne syndrome who showed pneumoscrotum after cardiopulmonary resuscitation that was performed for asphyxic crisis and cardiovascular arrest.

    We carried out local puncture with an gauge needle, and the pneumoscrotum was successfully solved. The second case report is about a 56 year old male with pneumoscrotum due to Fournier gangrene who underwent radical exeresis of all necrotic tissues and drainage. This is why most of the scrotal skin and all of the penis skin were removed; as a result, the testicles, epididymis, and cavernosa corpora were externalized.

    On postoperative day one, the patient was feverless and underwent hyperbaric chamber therapy. No postoperative complications occurred. Accurate evaluation of the pneumoscrotum is always needed. Despite the benign course of most of the clinically evident pneumoscrotum cases, this condition should never be underestimated.

    From the Middle Ages up to the end of the eighteenth century, Bastia was an Italian city belonging to the Republic of Genoa. This is why the churches of the city conserve several paintings by artists of Genoese origin Ottavio Cambiaso, Domenico Piola, Giuseppe Badaracco or coming from other regions in Italy close to Corsica Giovanni Bilivert.

    Some recent restoration work Lavinia Fontana and a new, general view of the corpus of paintings, helped by the inventory of the furniture belonging to the city, has given rise to some discoveries and also allows for the authors of certain paintings to be identified Francesco Brizio, Guiseppe Bonito…. Risk of Essure microinsert abdominal migration: To report a case of Essure microinsert abdominal migration and literature review. A year-old woman was counseled to undergo Essure sterilization. The procedure was hampered by the presence of endometrial cavity adhesions, obscuring left tubal ostium.

    By using microscissors the adhesions were progressively lysed. Since the procedure had become very painful, the patient required general anesthesia. Once adhesion lysis was completed, the tubal ostium was well visible. Both devices were then easily introduced into the fallopian tubes. At the end of the procedure, five coils were visible on the right side and five coils on the left side, as recommended.

    The 3-month hysterosalpingogram follow-up suspected abdominal migration of the left device. Laparoscopy confirmed the device displacement in the left lower abdominal quadrant. Both fallopian tubes and the uterus appeared normal. No signs of perforation were detected.

    See a Problem?

    The device was embedded into the omentum, but it was easily removed. Bilateral tubal sterilization was performed by bipolar coagulation. But you know what…. I cannot help myself…. So what if the story seems a bit unreal…who cares!!! I mean, this Elle is being viciously stalked and she still drives to some deserted shack she owns in some deserted and isolated mountain!!! What, are you crazy??? Never mind, the hero saves the day. He takes her to beautiful Hawaii…amazing how easy it seems to just get on a plane and jet off anywhere in the world!!!! I did become a bit irritated with these two characters….

    Whilst I felt for what she experienced in her childhood and teens…which was totally horrific…. Anyway, everything works out very well for both of them. I enjoy reading this series — one of the things I particularly like is the whole family saga that is told over the various books. And my favorite scene between Falco and Elle: He took a long look around before he opened the car door. View all 6 comments. Jul 11, Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta rated it really liked it Shelves: Anyway, so Mafioso daddy had a mission for Falco the brother with the darkest soul: I was expecting a more silent, closed and lethal H but I guess having to put up with his reluctant "mission" made him very bossy and talkative.

    The h suffered too much horrors so I can't blame her for the way she tried to manage things, not that I agreed. Also, did she finish the movie? I really liked it but still my favorite is the first book of the series. View all 4 comments. A fight 'n' kiss book Amazing how often two characters can completely unexpectedly find themselves kissing each other -- and still be surprised by it every time. Once they actually get around to having sex, the story gets less repetitive and more interesting.

    There's a bit of a suspense element, and be warned that it gets unusually dark for a Harlequin Presents, though not graphic. Feb 09, Jacqueline rated it it was ok Shelves: The idea was better than the execution. He was a retired spec ops soldier but I didn't really see it. I guess it wasn't realistic enough? She had been raped by her step father and had issues with not wanting anything to do with guys and that was realistic but she did seem a little whinny rather than suffering.

    This is probably the best book of the Orsini series to date. Sadly, there's nothing much to rave about it because it follows the same pattern as all the other books by Sandra Marton. If you have read any of her stuff, you'd pretty much know what to expect, from start to finish. There's nothing new about it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing ;.

    May 30, Lynn Raye Harris rated it it was amazing. Loved the dark suspense element in this book! Very different for a Harlequin Presents. May 23, Ethar rated it really liked it Shelves: And the third brother is down.. Romance - Spanish: Kindle Store

    Falco was a little different from his brothers.. Over all, this was pretty good, but not as good as the first two. However, view spoiler [ when Elle told Falco what she'd gone through with her stepfather, I was so angry with him for not supporting her! Apr 12, Chi rated it liked it Shelves: I don't know what happened here. But this one just didn't grab me. Elle blew hot and cold constantly, and I just didn't know whether she was refusing the help and everything because she was scared, or because her emotions veered so wildly. Nevertheless, it just annoyed me no end. Falco was no better: And then bossing her around.

    Instead of consulting her. In any case, I didn't like this one as much. Sep 20, Shelly rated it it was ok. The plot didn't develop quite as much as I hoped. What is the deal with Falco swooping in and kissing what's-her-name all the time? Feb 08, Noor Gendy rated it really liked it Shelves: Another great book by Sandra, I enjoyed this one very much!

    Oct 14, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: Satisfying read - good premise and credible characters and storyline. Yummy My kind of hero. The third installment of this series might be my favorite so far. It is hard to tell I love them all. Falco es un hombre rudo y como en todas las otras novelas su padre Cesare que es todo un personaje lo obliga a cumplir una mision pero en esta ocasion es salvar a una actriz que ha sido amenazada,que que Falco cuenta con el entrenamiento necesario para la mision.

    El no acepta pero luego va al rescate de Elle.