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Luke NIV - Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer - One day - Bible Gateway

Starting your free trial of Bible Gateway Plus is easy. The next step is to enter your payment information. You can cancel anytime during the trial period. To manage your subscription, visit your Bible Gateway account settings. Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. Try it free for 30 days. Luke 10 Luke May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Or if he asks for. The papers carry stories about how the troops are doing.

Families get together and talk about their sons and daughters on the front lines. They pray often for them and their safety. Then Piper applies this to prayer. For war and wartime, not for civilian life.

The primary reason prayer malfunctions in the hands of believers is their insistence on trying to take a wartime walkie-talkie and turn it into a domestic intercom. Only after this are we permitted to focus on our needs. There is a link between the two sections of this prayer. Daily bread is a figure of speech that refers to our basic physical needs.

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It recalls the manna that God provided each day for Israel in the wilderness. He gave them enough to supply their need for that day, but not enough to stockpile for the next day, except on the day before the Sabbath. This reminds us that we are to live simply in dependence on God, not trusting in our own resources.

We have plenty for weeks or months to come. But we dare not forget that it all could be taken away in an instant, even as the people in Central America have recently experienced with the hurricane and the earthquake. When we give thanks for our food, it should be with the recognition that we are dependent on God not only for this meal, but even for our next breath.

And we should remember that the reason we ask God for provision is not so that we can be happy, but so that we can seek first His kingdom. Just as bread is our basic need for our bodies, so pardon is our basic need for the soul, because we all have sinned.

From Joe McHugh

As believers in Christ, we have the assurance that His blood has once for all cleansed us from every sin Heb. And yet we need daily to apply that blood to our hearts so that we can come before God with a clear conscience. But he and I can only enjoy a close relationship if, when I wrong him, I confess it and ask him to forgive me. In the same way, we will drift in our relationship with the heavenly Father if we are not sensitive to our sin by coming to Him for forgiveness as we need it.

The idea here is that if we, who are sinful, can forgive others, then surely God, who is perfect, will forgive us if we come to Him. But there is also the notion that the true mark of one who has been forgiven by God is that he will forgive others. This means that your relationship with God is inextricably linked with your relationships with your fellow man, especially with those in your family and in the church.

And, the rest of us must pray for those in the church who are hurt and bitter, that they would forgive those who have wronged them. Why would Jesus tell us to pray that God would not do what He cannot do? Jesus seems to be using the word in the sense of avoidance of temptation to sin. Carson, The Sermon on the Mount [Baker], p. The idea is that, far from leading us into temptation which He cannot do , God would lead us into His ways of righteousness where we will be kept from sin.

It is an admission that if God were to withdraw His gracious hand, we would fall into sin immediately. It is an attitude that flees temptation rather than sees how close to the brink we can come. Since he had only one minute to speak, he decided to ask them only two questions. How many of you are praying for the 42 million Iranians being held hostage to Islam?

I thought this was a Bible-believing church! Handing Off the Baton 2 Timothy 4: Walking the Romans Road. Pray with the same confident playfulness that animated the relationship between the little girl and her father.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

After all, what kind of a parent would play a cruel game of hide-and-seek with a child, one calculated to frustrate and disappoint rather than fondly engage and delight? What Jesus teaches us is that we never approach God as reluctant beggars hoping for a handout, but as persons and communities confident that winding up empty-handed is never our lot.

When you hear them, give them time to take root. They may come as a word or phrase or image; but however they come, notice how they strike a deep chord in you. As you do, remember that the real word God often speaks to us is holy, silent presence, an experience that starts in God and returns to God, a presence that has a life of its own.

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Be sure to write down what comes to you: As you write your words, which ones familiar in both their comfort and their challenge, and which ones are new, fresh, and surprising? Think of the familiar words as the continuities of your life with God, and think of the words that seem new as the discontinuities of your life of faith. To what dimension of your life do your words speak?

Might God be trying to coax you into a fuller, deeper life?