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No, Jason reasoned; it was not his handwriting. And he would never do anything this morbid. So who had sent it? He inspected the envelope, but it offered nothing beyond a stamp, his name, and his work address.

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Nor could he make out the postmark, although clearly the letter had been delivered by the U. And George was long gone. He wondered how this letter could have only just arrived.

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  • There were no mail deliveries at this hour, were there? As far as he knew, office mail was dropped off early in the morning and again around one thirty in the afternoon. But never at the close of business. Had George gone home yet? If not, maybe he could shed some light on this mystery. Jason found the extension for the mailroom, punched in the three numbers, and let the phone ring a dozen times. Acting on that hunch, Jason hurried toward the elevator. It seemed to take forever to reach his floor.

    The door hummed open. He stepped inside and pressed the button for the ground floor.

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    The elevator door closed, but only after what seemed like needless delays. It was as if someone was trying to prevent the door from closing by inserting a hand or foot into the opening. Then, with a barely perceptible jolt, the elevator started its descent. When it reached the ground floor, Jason ran out of it toward the mailroom. On a whim, Jason scanned through the neat piles of envelopes and memos on the desk, hoping against hope to find there the solution—or at least a clue—to the mysterious Polaroid.

    But his search proved fruitless. God damn it, Jason silently cursed, where was George? Roosevelt Tower had forty-two floors. Going in search of the man seemed a hopeless exercise. His thoughts wandered back to the photograph. Who would do such a thing? It was a sick prank; it made no sense; why then, Jason asked himself, was he so worried?

    At that moment George entered the room, surprised to find Jason there. That envelope you handed me in my office.

    Translation of «pyrophobic» into 25 languages

    Where did it come from? I must have overlooked it earlier. George was an endearing sort of guy, a bear of a man who would never hurt anyone. Jason felt guilty for making George apologize to him. Everyone will tell you that.

    suspense translation French | English-French dictionary | Reverso

    And then, when I glanced at it a half hour ago, just out of habit, I saw your envelope in it. Someone must have put it there.

    I went out for coffee with Lori. Albright from Accounting called. I went to his office, as well. He had some questions about our postage expenditures. As you know, he insists on everything tallying up to the last cent. The king and his clunkers were now in full retreat from the front lines of his consciousness. He picked up the Polaroid photograph and scrutinized the gate, the headstones, and the handwriting. He then slid the photo back into the envelope, tucked it into the inside pocket of his jacket, and grabbed his briefcase.

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    After turning off the computer, he left his office. He felt his face flush. A drop of sweat trickled down his brow. Angrily, he swiped it away.


    On amazon -This is a great book which explores the terrible phobia that fire can produce. Jack Lance has created wonderful characters which drive the plot along at a tremendous pace. He has also beautifully set out the problems a marriage can encounter when, despite undoubted mutual love, one partner suffers from a debilitating and isolating fear.

    The eventual denouement is as surprising as it is likely, and is a fitting climax to a wonderful thriller. The suspense never lets go and builds up steadily, until the grande finale. Just as one riddle is solved, another one pops up. The books is filled with surprises and twists, and every scene is at its place. The last 70 pages were truly perfect.

    La Bibliotheque de Jake The intrige is brilliant and the short chapters push you forward and forward. I never saw it coming. Histoire du Soir This is really a great thriller and I thank the publisher for this surprising discovery. Is Jack Lance the new king of suspense? The book has created a big buzz in the online literary blogsphere. But what about the story itself? Well, the story starts out not so revolutionary at all. Jason Evans is leading an ordinary life… until he receives some very disturbing polaroid photograps.

    After that, the reader is hooked and is it impossible to put the book down. Czech reader The comparison with Stephen King is justified. Le film allie l'humour au suspense.

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    You want to reject this entry: To add entries to your own vocabulary , become a member of Reverso community or login if you are already a member. It's easy and only takes a few seconds: Or sign up in the traditional way. I can't handle the suspense. We need your showmanship to build up the suspense. End the cruel suspense , end the financial uncertainty. The suspense is killing me, Doc. L' attente va me tuer, Docteur. The suspense is simply more than I can bear.

    Le suspens est insupportable pour moi.