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Although neither Jude nor James describes himself as a brother of the Lord, others did not hesitate to speak of them in this way see Mt Apparently they themselves did not ask to be heard because of the special privilege they had as members of the household of Joseph and Mary. Possible references to the letter of Jude or quotations from it are found at a very early date: Clement of Alexandria , Tertullian and Origen accepted it; it was included in the Muratorian Canon c. Eusebius listed the letter among the questioned books, though he recognized that many considered it as from Jude.

According to Jerome and Didymus, some did not accept the letter as canonical because of the manner in which it uses noncanonical literature see notes on vv.


But sound judgment has recognized that an inspired author may legitimately make use of such literature -- whether for illustrative purposes or for appropriation of historically reliable or otherwise acceptable material -- and such use does not necessarily endorse that literature as inspired. Under the influence of the Spirit, the church came to the conviction that the authority of God stands behind the letter of Jude.

The fact that the letter was questioned and tested but nonetheless was finally accepted by the churches indicates the strength of its claims to authenticity. There is nothing in the letter that requires a date beyond the lifetime of Jude the brother of the Lord. The error the author is combating, like that in 2 Peter, is not the heretical teaching of the second century, but that which could and did develop at an early date cf.


Book of Jude

See also Introduction to 2 Peter: There is, moreover, nothing in the letter that requires a date after the time of the apostles, as some have argued. It may even be that Jude's readers had heard some of the apostles speak see vv. Likewise, the use of the word "faith" in the objective sense of the body of truth believed v. It was used in such a sense as early as Gal 1: The question of the relationship between Jude and 2 Peter has a bearing on the date of Jude. If 2Pe 2 makes use of Jude -- a commonly accepted view see Introduction to 2 Peter: Otherwise, a date as late as c.

The description of those to whom Jude addressed his letter is very general see v. It could apply to Jewish Christians, Gentile Christians, or both.


Their location is not indicated. It should not be assumed that, since 2Pe 2 and Jude appear to describe similar situations, they were both written to the same people. The kind of heresy depicted in these two passages was widespread see Date.

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He uses these texts to refute corrupt teachers who lived immoral lives. Not only does he illustrate God's judgment on rebellion, but he warns against rebels corrupting other people.