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Hal and Tracey's relationship just develops throughout the book, no emotional rollercoasters or misunderstandings between them to cause a rift. There is worry for each other during the more exciting action scenes and great chemistry in their intimate encounters. I must say that the storyline moves quite fast at times and I found myself thinking I missed something and re-reading a few paragraphs to check.

Other than that, I liked this book. I'm glad I read it. Apr 26, Suzan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Really enjoyed this book in the series, I was happy to see Hal find his mate and just hope that Stryker will find his next. I'd love to see Dan find happiness too with a certain dispatcher! I wonder if Tracey's twin will get a book as well, maybe she'll settle down with a cougar from Yuma town. Can't wait for the next in the series! Book 2 in Heart of the Cougar series. Another great story, brings back people from last book, laughs, action,hot cougar men.

Has a great storyline going and interesting twist. Will be getting next book in series. Different, but Good This is the first time I have read about mountain lion shifters. Not bad, but very different from wolves. Love the two main characters. A lot of police work verses other law enforcement books. Great story line, with alot of action. Enjoyed this very much. Had good plot,laughs,a few twist. Feb 26, Rita C rated it really liked it.

Another one with an interesting plot and likable characters. Loved it Great story with lots of gun play and a little romance.

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Chasing the bad guys and always getting shot out Tracey tries to bring the bad guys into custody. Mar 04, Tia Knight rated it it was amazing. Yep loved this one too, never disappointed. Dec 12, Margaret Reichert lesniak rated it liked it. It's so hard for me to rate this book!!!

I did not like how she was with Hal and Stryker which one!!!! So 3 stars just because of Hal!!! Jan 08, Paranormal Kiss rated it really liked it Shelves: May 31, Christy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Absolutely fell in love with this series. I was so drawn into the world of Yuma town and the life of the cougars and what was going on around them. Dec 26, Avey Shannon rated it really liked it. Nov 20, Jennifer beck rated it it was amazing. I love all of Terry Spear's books.

Nov 20, Joyce rated it really liked it. Dec 01, Melody rated it it was amazing Shelves: I definitely enjoy reading this ebook. I wait patiently for her next book. I definitely would recommend this author to my friends. Jun 22, Cynthia Skeezix rated it it was amazing. Absolutely Love and recommend it to everyone. Meanwhile, Pierce struggles to come to terms with being the oldest member of the group and is recruited by another set of students his own age, known around the campus as "hipsters.

Pierce and a few other Greendale students ingest a bio-hazard substance at the school Halloween Party, causing them to exhibit flu-like symptoms and they soon begin turning into zombies. It is up to the rest of the gang to save themselves and the school when Dean Pelton locks them in with the zombie-infected student body. After a classroom smackdown with a group of "mean girls" led by Meghan Hilary Duff , Britta, Shirley, and Annie bond with Abed by turning him into the ultimate "mean girl. Determined to uncover the source of their new bliss, Pierce ends up taking a disastrous turn on the trampoline and lands in the hospital.

When Annie's pen goes missing, she suspects a member of her own study group is the thief. On a mission to find the pen and solve the mystery, the group takes a self-imposed lockdown and Jeff takes the lead in conducting the search. Meanwhile, Troy and Abed are itching to get out of the study room to make it to the Greendale Puppy Parade taking place on the quad. When Dean Pelton begins checking class schedules, he discovers that Jeff has listed a class that doesn't exist. Just when it appears Jeff will be caught in a lie, the mysterious "Professor Professorson" Kevin Corrigan emerges from the shadows to confirm that Jeff has been taking his class, "Conspiracy Theories in U.

History," at night school. When Jeff later admits to Annie that he's never seen Professor Professorson in his life, the two decide to find out who the professor really is. Meanwhile, Abed and Troy are busy building the most elaborate blanket fort that Greendale Community College has ever seen.

When the study group convenes to celebrate Troy's birthday, they realize he is actually turning 21 and decide to hit the bars. While Jeff and Britta ingest a few too many cocktails and get silly, Shirley gets busy pulling down incriminating photos of herself that are posted at the bar. Annie embraces the identity on her fake ID, while Abed delves into conversation with a fellow sci-fi nerd Paul F. When Abed wakes up in stop-motion animation, he takes it as a sign that he and the group must re-discover the meaning of Christmas.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Britta become growingly concerned about Abed's mental health and enlist the help of Professor Duncan. The group undergoes hypnosis to explore Abed's winter wonderland and soon unravel the truth behind Abed's madness. Shirley has big news to reveal when her ex-husband Andre Malcolm-Jamal Warner returns. Annie convinces the group to put on a middle school anti-drug production, but finds it continually derailed by Pierce's efforts to give himself a better role.

Meanwhile, Chang attempts to connect with Shirley, while a prank involving Britta's phone puts Jeff in an awkward situation. When Pierce finds out he was not invited, he joins anyway, disrupting their plans. During Valentine's Day, Abed and Troy compete over the college librarian. Britta befriends a female student who she thinks is gay.

Jeff is forced to throw a party at his apartment when Professor Duncan John Oliver invites himself over to watch a soccer game. Pierce pretends to be dying and gives the study group specific gifts that are actually meant to torment them. Britta wonders what to do with a blank check for "charity," Jeff ponders the idea of meeting his father, and Troy gets to meet LeVar Burton , while Abed films the whole thing for a documentary. When the vice president comes to Greendale, Dean Pelton organizes a student body election, which Annie is determined to win against Leonard, Jeff, and Star Burns.

Meanwhile, Abed becomes friends with a secret service agent Eliza Coupe. The study group organizes a baby shower for Shirley, while she tries to keep Chang out of her life. For Abed's birthday, Jeff plans a Pulp Fiction inspired surprise party at a restaurant.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Abed brings Jeff to another restaurant for dinner based on the film My Dinner with Andre. The study group begin to choose their spring electives. Britta and Troy explore an acting class where Troy makes up a story about having a troubled childhood as a way to attract Britta, while Abed picks a course that studies the s sitcom Who's the Boss? Meanwhile, Jeff and Pierce take a wine tasting class, where Pierce meets a mysterious Chinese woman named "Wu Mei" Michelle Krusiec who quickly begin a romance where she agrees to marry Pierce.

Jeff gets suspicious of Wu Mei's actions and tries to figure out what is really going on. As the study group assemble their 20th and final diorama for their anthropology class, they reminisce about their favorite moments over the past year all never-before-seen flashbacks. However, while reminiscing, a secret year-long affair between Jeff and Britta comes to light which threatens to tear apart the group. Just as the study group are getting ready for their final Anthropology exam, Shirley goes into labor, leaving the group to figure out the best way to help.

It is short and since I read it on my Kindle I can't really say how many pages, but not the normal length of most paperback books. We all know that romance books have the HEA, the two main characters fall in love, have a crisis to survive and it works out in the end. But what about the middle? That is the fun part to read, and these two are fun to read about.

A young woman, Ivy, who is a photographer has gone This is the first book by this author and I enjoyed it and will read more of her books. A young woman, Ivy, who is a photographer has gone deep into a wood area close to a river to take photos of bears. She is taken by a man she meets who she is both leery of and attracted to, he goes from friendly to angry and she isn't sure what is going to happen to her.

Rath is a shifter, a cougar who has seen his family killed by hunters who want to destroy shifters. He is concern and suspicious that this woman is part of those vicious killers looking for his pride, who are soon to gather for males to find a mate. The more he is around Ivy, the more he is worried, not just that she is a hunter, but that she could be his mate. It comes to a deadly climax when the man who is her financial supporter shows up, and lives are in jeporady. Who will live, who will die, will Ivy run or stay?

What happened to the other cougars who had just arrived? The ending sets it up for one of them to have his HEA. Looking foward to reading that one. I'm not big on love scenes, I prefer to read the beginning, just a tad of the foreplay and have the door closed, so I just skip those pages. For those who like them, I think you will enjoy them.

The book isn't, thankfully, nothing but sex, sex and more sex but actually has a story and kept my attention. I gave it three stars as I don't keep short story books, so this is a read once and that will be it. Longer story, more detailed on Rath, his past, longer time with Ivy, of them getting to know each other would be nice. Rath and his brother who shows up discussing the past and what happened to the family, who or what Archangel is would be of help. Adding that in would have received a four star.

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Jul 27, Tracy rated it it was amazing. I've loved Felicity Heaton 's writing style, world building and character development since I the first book I read by a lady who is definitely in my top 5 author list!


Claimed by her Cougar

I liked the change of setting for this series; while I love that a lot of the action in the EM series took place in London, I loved the descriptions of this new setting. The addition of the ha I've loved Felicity Heaton 's writing style, world building and character development since I the first book I read by a lady who is definitely in my top 5 author list! The addition of the hated Archangel organisation, in a slightly different vein, was interesting too.

Rath was kinda what you'd expect of one of Felicity leading men - I do adore her kinda busted and gruff heroes. On first meeting him he comes across as a total arse but as the book progresses and we find out his secret, and why he is so distrusting of outsiders, you can understand his attitude and it helps that his reaction and attraction to Ivy starts softening his view and demeanor Ivy was a determined lady who was passionate about her job and couldn't understand why Rath had such an issue with her being around.

She'd been badly burned by someone she had trusted and the last thing she needed was another man dictating what she could and couldn't do. She was also desperate to make a success of her current assignment so she could move on to bigger, more important work. How would she react if and when she eventually found out what he was hiding. Rath tries to deny to himself that Ivy is his fated mate and while she has no idea of what's really happening between them she knows there is something more to the attraction and feelings she has for him.

As ever, the story was well written, engaging and you could so easily imagine the settlement that was Rath's home from Felicity's description. The heat between the pair was combustible, even when they were trying to fight it.

Community (season 2) - Wikipedia

With action, suspense and sexy shifters, this book had me caught from the first chapter. Oct 15, Merissa Archaeolibrarian rated it really liked it Shelves: Claimed by her Cougar is the first book in the Cougar Creek Mates series, set in the same world as the Eternal Mates series. By that, I mean it is set in the contemporary world, but with the same 'bad guys' being mentioned - Archangel. Rath has kept his clan safe from Archangel ever since their attack so many years previously.

He takes care of any Hunters who show up on his land, and spends his time avoiding most people, preferring to spend his time alone. He looks after the cabins of various cla Claimed by her Cougar is the first book in the Cougar Creek Mates series, set in the same world as the Eternal Mates series. He looks after the cabins of various clan members who also live elsewhere. His solitude is broken when Ivy shows up on his land, wanting to photograph the black bears. Once she convinces him she is not a hunter, they spend a couple of days together, during which she gets under Rath's skin in more ways that he possibly imagined.

I found this story to be excellently written, as I would expect from Felicity Heaton. How she manages to tie in a previous organisation, within the contemporary world, whilst introducing a whole new set of characters, I think is superb! There were no editing or grammatical errors that disrupted my reading flow.

The supporting cast of characters were all intriguing, leaving me wanting more in this series, just so I can get their stories. Luckily for me, Storm comes next, but I also want Ember's story! Yes, I know, I'm greedy! A great start to the series, and definitely recommended by me. Looking forward to continuing this series.

I voluntarily read this book, and the comments here are my honest opinion. Jul 29, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: Claimed by her Cougar is the first in a series of four Cougar Creek novellas Felicity Heaton has planned and this is a really promising beginning. Set in Heaton's Eternal Mates world but off-shooting into Canada and a different environment from those previously explored. I was not sure what to expect initially as in some ways it feels like a traditional step into the shifter world that many American authors write about.

I have read so many stories of the quiet wild shifter in the woods meeting hi Claimed by her Cougar is the first in a series of four Cougar Creek novellas Felicity Heaton has planned and this is a really promising beginning. I have read so many stories of the quiet wild shifter in the woods meeting his mate trope, so was very curious as to how Heaton would approach it. Thankfully, it is filled with the rich world building skill that I have come to expect and it's a really engrossing experience.

It's an insta-love story and it's a quick and entertaining read so for it to feel as rich as it does is very pleasing. I enjoyed both Ivy and Rath as characters especially Rath it's the sullen surly ones that get talky and protective when the right person enters their life - hard to resist! Ivy was no pushover two-dimensional character though and her arrival into Rath's world - and what comes with her - was really well done. Always so important in stories like these that you actively want the couple to get together and have their happy ending and I was rooting for both of these characters.

I don't think you need to have any previous books in the Eternal Mates world to enjoy this novella, it works perfectly well as a standalone. That said, I definitely did enjoy the arrival of a certain organisation and where that will lead us in the grander scheme. I am definitely looking forward to meeting more cougars in this series. Aug 11, Cynthia rated it really liked it Shelves: Claimed by Her Cpugar introduces us to new exciting characters and a little paradise in the middle of nowhere, Canada that you won't want to leave. Rath is a quiet solitary man, being a cougar he likes to be alone but even more after Archamgel took his family and part of his pride.

He wants nothing more than take care of his people and stay in Cougar Creek away from everything. Going from place to place to photograph the wildlife she loves so much. After a heartbreak she wants noth Claimed by Her Cpugar introduces us to new exciting characters and a little paradise in the middle of nowhere, Canada that you won't want to leave. After a heartbreak she wants nothing more to get her mojo back and some paceful time.

Rath and Ivy come from so different places. Rath can't let himself care for someone else right now. With the pride about to gather and his emotions all over the place I loved reading how much he strugled with his feelings and denial. Ivy is a great character. She has a sense of humor we see a bit, and she's such a free spirit and in touch with nature. I really liked her. Plus there's something about the relationships between shifter and a human, speacilly because Ivy is no damsel in distress.

These two are so stuborn! But they are soooo good for each other. Claimed by her Cougar has a slow romance going on. Watching them get to know each other while the chemestry was going up page after page was great. Claimed by her Cougar is set in the same world as Felicity Heaton's Eternal Mate series and meeting new characters and villians!

I can't wait to read more about these brothers that keep Cougar Creek safe and how they battle their responsabilities and feelings. Aug 09, Questian rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Another series from Ms.

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Heaton, but this is a spin off from the world of Eternal Mates. To be truthful, I stopped reading her books. But when I saw that there will be another series, I had to read it. I have my ups and downs with the book, yet I enjoyed it. Since I stopped reading the Eternal Mates series, I have no idea what happen to Archangel, because when I read the last book, it was doing okay.

I have to go back to the said series. Anyway, the story telling was good Do not get me wrong, it works, but the phasing was too slow due to the narration. I felt that a lot more should happen, or a lot more conversation should be included. Although I understand why, but still I miss the way she wrong the first set of Eternal Mates book. Those I truly enjoyed. Before people start to get mad at me, let me clear it up As the kick of of the series, this is a good way to introduce the some new people and shifters. People have new characters to look forward to. It also, lets us see how people in Cougar Creek fares.

From the start to the end, it was good. The plot thickens then the revelation, and a capture, which will lead us to the next book. It is a good book. I just lost the feeling when I stared reading her book. It is not the fault of the author, it is more on my part looking for something. I look forward to the next book though. Sep 19, Bianca78 rated it really liked it. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Cougar Creek Mates is the newest series by premier paranormal romance writer Felicity Heaton.

The series is set to include four installments all slated for release over the coming months. Claimed by her Cougar is the first in the series. When nature photographer Ivy Wentworth unwittingly stumbles onto cougar shifter territory, she is wh I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. When nature photographer Ivy Wentworth unwittingly stumbles onto cougar shifter territory, she is wholly unaware of the existence of shifters.

Rath, guardian of the territory, steadfastly protects Cougar Creek, a reclusive settlement in the remote Canadian wilderness. Heaton writes perennially effective paranormal romance. Claimed by her Cougar was a quick, entertaining read with loads of romantic appeal. I found it difficult to put this book down and read it in a day.

Jul 29, Kim O'Daniel rated it it was amazing. Oh my gods what a book! This book is extremely well-written and thought out. This is the first book in a new series by Felicity and I am so ready for book two. This is Ivy and Rath's story. Wrath is in charge of taking care of the new place for the Cougars to meet. After years ago when his clan was nearly wiped out by Archangel he is leery of any human near his property. When Ivy wanders onto the property looking for Bears he is so mean to her. He still doesn't trust any humans.

And Ivy is as hum Oh my gods what a book! And Ivy is as human as they come and sweet as can be and soon enough he finds himself wanting to keep her. But he allows her to take her pictures as long as she doesn't show any of the cabins. But unfortunately when she accidentally catches a glimpse of the cap and it brings danger to them. Or so they thought. Now he has to figure out how to save her while she's trying to save him and explain to her everything she just saw.

He has to send her away but he doesn't want to let's hope he makes the right decision in the end. I am so ready for the next book I'm dying to read Storm's story. Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it when you do; they value your opinions too. Sanctuary This is a good series opener, one that kept me engaged throughout.

Ivy is a professional photographer who has been funded by a sponsor as she travels the world taking pictures of exotic animals. She has been told about a remote area in Canada where she can find black bears and she travels on foot overnight through the forest until she reaches it. But when she stops to truly inspect her surroundings, she sees a very angry man headed her way. One who thinks she is a hunter. Rath is a coug Sanctuary This is a good series opener, one that kept me engaged throughout.

See a Problem?

Rath is a cougar shifter who lost his parents and wife to Archangel, a research company, decades earlier. His pride moved after the battle to a remote location and Rath and his brothers have sworn to protect the pride during the annual two weeks of heat, which is coming within days.

The last thing he needs is a human female in the mix, one who is attractive and unattached. One who could be a hunter, or in league with hunters. But as much as he knows he has to send her away, he finds himself allowing her to stay, for just one more night. Sep 23, Tammy Durst rated it really liked it.

I originally did not want to read this new series by Felicity, but I really loved her Eternal Mates series and thought I would give it a try. I loved the way see described the scenery of Cougar Creek, it really made me want to go to the mountains. The character's , Rath and Ivy are a nice introduction to this new series. Rath is the alfa male cougar in charge of protecting Cougar Creek and doesn't like humans and Ivy is the human who unwittingly stumbled upon his territory and doesn't know anything about shifters.

The first meeting between the two is intense. Although I have little issues with both. Rath seemed a little to rude sometimes and Ivy a little naive. But as they say, its my opinion. The story felt a little rushed. I would have liked a little bit more background information on the main characters and the supporting cast.

But I really am interested in the next book coming about Storm. I feel like that book will be more in depth. All in all, I did enjoy the book. Jul 28, Daria rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really love when a plan you work so hard at gets a monkey wrench thrown in the middle of it, especially if it's probably a good thing. Felicity Heaton brings a whole new set of yummies to us the first one being Rath, All kinds of grumpy hot male, intent on not mating, intent on keeping away from humans, intent on well yeah see you know what they say about good intentions?

A great length to watch the development of new characters and the beginning of a series. I think the writer caught and kept my attention throughout the entire book, I actually read it in one sitting.