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In particular, the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami caused me to reflect on this concept and moved me to express these ideas through art. Ever since moving to New York, I have had to change the types of tools and materials I use in my art. So while I still paint in the traditional Japanese style, with the canvas set on a flat surface, I use acrylic paints and spray paint. And yet the materials that I use are not the only thing that has changed; everything from the landscape surrounding me to the consumer culture is different here, which has inspired me to use stronger colors than before.

I also do not deny that I seek a degree of craftsmanship perfection through painting nor the flat-decorative nature of my work. This is because my works are based on traditional Japanese techniques and concepts; In Japan, art and craft had no clear separation until the spread of Western culture. Japanese artwork is not structured around fixed-point perspective, and focus has always been placed on surface appearance.

Following in that tradition, my work also features abstract and geometrical shapes along with representational motifs like flowers that always face forward. I see using these shapes and patterns that cover the entire surface, and not using perspective or center-focused composition, as a challenge in Western-style painting. In this way, by making my entry in the classic Western inspired contemporary art world in the US while utilizing Japanese expression and sensibilities, I am in the process of exploring a completely new form of expression.

Mixed Media, on wood panel. Paper, photo paper, fabric, lace, metal, wood, foam board, chip board, acrylic paint. H 30 W 24 D 2 Work2 Title: Mandorla Innocence Chapel Year: Mixed Media on canvas board. Photo paper, foam board, fabric, lace, wood, plastic, metal, sand, acrylic paint. H 20 W 16 D 1 Work3 Title: Mandorla Repentance Chapel Year: H 20 W 16 D 1 Work4 Title: Mandorla Sin I Year: Mandorla Repentance II Year: As a child I intensely heard, smelled, tasted, felt and captured the nuances of the human experience more than the adults around me.

I observed and reflected on my observations with an intensity that unnerved many. All of the objects around me — tree bark, sidewalk cracks, paint chipping off walls, they all piqued my innate curiosity and my mind raced with alternate possibilities. I used to go to antique stores with my mother and spend hours staring at the intricacies of old brooches, embroidered garments, drawer pulls, stamps, old books, magazines and even pens. I appreciated their artistry and craftsmanship. Most people just passed by those old dusty trinkets, but not me.

They fed my craving for visual decadence. I collected and treasured them. So much time and passion for detail had been put into them, that I just knew they had other lives, other stories to be a part of. The more detailed, vibrant, or resilient the objects were, the livelier I imagined the stories to be. It is that complexity, vibrance and decadence that I bring into the life of my art, hoping to inspire thought provoking emotions of wonder and excitement that I felt as a child. My ultimate goal is to create a greater consciousness of the subconscious dialogues and scripts that have been fed to all of us by society, culture, and religion.

Through my art, I seek to connect and communicate with my community in a way that words can not. Juried by Chashama Org. Homage to Frida Year: I work in a range of mediums but my main focus lately has been in sculpting with paper clay. My sculptures can be referred to as dolls, but they are not meant to be played with. I like to work with expressions, my pieces usually display a hint of sadness which is why I called them Melandollys. They are a reflection of how we are taught in society to hide our feelings.

We are constantly surrounded with images of cheerful people in media and it conditions us to believe something is wrong when we feel otherwise.

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  • Eyrbyggja Saga (Classics);
  • Citizens Defending America: From Colonial Times to the Age of Terrorism.

This is my way of encouraging people to be more comfortable with their inner feelings and accept that we are not perfect. H W 65 D 12 Work2 Title: Slice of Life Year: H 70 W 48 D 60 Work3 Title: H 30 W D 72 Work4 Title: Go to the Limits of Your Longing Year: H 31 W 31 D 1 Work5 Title: Natural patterns inspire my work.

Some are biological patterns on the cellular level of organisms. Exploring similar patterns that recur progressively in differing scales, my work connects landscapes and life forms, physiology and physics, death and detritus, growth and form. Starting with the most simple and building to the more complex, my creative process echoes the interaction of different levels of life.

One basic component connects with another and another until a whole is created. Similar to a cell grouping together with other cells to form a more intricate organism, the work recalls the unfolding of life as patterns expand back into each and into themselves. Ranging from atomistic to larger organizational systems, the study of patterns reveals the multifaceted interface between the various levels of life and the mysterious connection between them.

H 30 W 40 D Work5 Title: Since leaving Osaka, Japan in , I have been translating my personal vision of New York City into photographs and videos.

Gene Autry

The candy-colored, saturated playground of images that I create is how I have imagined New York would look like since I was a child, having grown up with Old American television Programs from the s and 60s in Japan. Despite the reality of the at times gritty city, my art work has allowed me to preserve my memories of my imagined America and explore the melting pot that is my new home.

Wooden ice cream spoon, cut-and-pasted handmade Japanese mending paper, archival corrugated cardboard, hazelnut, pumpkin seeds Dimensions: Pencil on archival corrugated cardboard, cut-and-pasted handmade Japanese mending paper, cut-and-pasted handmade paper Dimensions: Pencil and gouache on Japanese handmade paper Dimensions: Industrial wool felt hand stitched with silk thread Dimensions: Pencil on rock, industrial wool felt hand stitched with silk thread Dimensions: My work is symbolic language—exploring and describing—correspondences and continuities.

I make large banner-like wall pieces, freestanding constructions and works on paper in which there is a tension between two and three dimensions. Each piece, while complete in itself, is also an aspect of a larger whole that is revealed in accumulation. I hand stitch industrial wool felt with silk thread and entomb objects such as hazelnuts and cuttlebones in layered thin strips of handmade paper.

I use letters and words that relate to basic sounds as well as words and phrases from Gertrude Stein. I draw with pencil, paint with gouache, cut and glue.

Snow and felt are insulators and make quiet. Cold temperatures preserve freshness. In cold regions life is reduced to essentials. An occasional thaw, however, enables flow. While spring suggests new life and hope , in this locale it is also menacing. Long-buried creatures float to the surface, sleds morph into boats and barges.

JAF Post Office 421 8th Avenue #795 New York, NY 10116, USA

Photography is newly integrated. The dark grey felt had me thinking about shadow as substance, black holes and matter falling into infinity. Their failure remains with us. It is our sorrow, and it is our challenge. ON Working with Handmade Paper: A Conversation - Hand Papermaking — Summer Crocheted, stitched, stuffed, carved and constructed acrylic yarn, mattress stuffing, fabric remnants, twine, styrofoam, wood and clay Dimensions: H 73 W 53 D 20 Work2 Title: Oil pigments, latex paint, marks-o-lot, charcoal on mylar Dimensions: H 80 W 36 D Work3 Title: Stitched and woven fabric, wicker, twine, yarn, string, joint compound, poly fil, carved dowels, tent stake Dimensions: Stitched, stuffed and woven fabric remnants, cotton futon batting, joint compound, paints, twine, wood Dimensions: H 49 W 40 D 19 Work5 Title: Stitched and woven velvet remnants, muslin, burlap, sisal twine, cords, poly fill, carved dowel Dimensions: Material cast-offs-gold Mylar streamers, hair extensions, yarns, trimmings and fabric remnants hang off the walls, waiting to be fashioned into forms.

Images ripped from their sources are haphazardly hung throughout the space to constantly remind me of my focus, influences and kindred spirits.

Mr Long Art (rjl27) on Pinterest

A variety of artists and subjects grab my attention. Every day I ask myself to drop any hesitancy and have the courage to grab the meat hook. I wander about the studio stitching, cinching, unraveling and revealing different layers of materials. Weave, unweave, stuff, carve, suture and skin over with wax, clay, tar, cement, whatever raw materials I can find and manage with my hands. The chapters of my life unfold in my work. A six-foot tall beast currently dominates my studio.

Its size forces my visitors to the edges of the space, but its presence and tactile quality tempt them to touch, pet and explore the form with their hands. My hands do not resist these contradictions but thoroughly embrace them, relish in them. When my hands are working, the truth of my thoughts sneaks around my reluctance and begs the materials to be bold, to hold court, to challenge and suggest.

The work is braver than I am. Responding to the U. H 20 W 15 Work2 Title: Exploration of the Deep Sea Year: Influenced by her heritage and love of watercolors, Angela creates beautifully intricate images, often including animals, insects, and botanicals. She spends her free time doodling quirky images of food and the love of her life, a tabby cat named General. Preparations are made Year: Combining the desire to get closer to an object that I am attracted to and thinking about it in a time other than the present….

The process of composition, extraction of colors, and the reconstruction of them helps one to detach from the obvious standards of everyday life and start thinking in a time that is out of the ordinary. H 74 W 66 D 1 Work2 Title: H 74 W 54 D 1 Work3 Title: H 72 W 52 D 1 Work4 Title: Homeo Provisor Aeternum Year: H 76 W 66 D 1 Work5 Title: In my pursuit of mirroring my feelings in painting, I find myself portraying androgynous, animalistic beings such as wolves and baboons.

These self-taught, artistic explorations evolved from my original idea to depict my clinging onto experiences and emotions of nostalgia, trauma, love, fear or loneliness. Woman Wearing Lipstick Year: Man Holding a Dog Year: Man in Black Pants Year: Woman in Brown Year: We wear our lives on our faces. Using oil on wood, each painting is made quickly, in one sitting, in order to keep the loose, fresh quality of a sketch.

The size is intentionally small in purposeful contrast with the greedy, loud and overstuffed society reflected directly in much contemporary art of recent decades. I am attached in a visceral way to the fluidity of oil paint and the nuanced textural and lighting effects it facilitates, as well as traditions in portrait painting, although I am effected, in my attempts to capture glimpses of complex characters by the post-Freudian dissolution of the self in the age of virtual reality.

In White Snow Series Year: In My Memory of Childhood Year: My name is Hyewon Park. I live and work in Brooklyn, NY. My main project is self-portrait series. The project has begun because of my curiosity. I always have wondered how myself look through the camera lens.

3dtotal Publishing

However, I could take photographs of my body through free places of college in New York. This experience has become a motivation and it led me to work on the Self-portrait project. I usually do not specify detail concepts before shooting a self-portrait. I work with inspirations and usually get momentary curiosities whenever I see the places or environments that give me imagination because the spontaneous inspiration leads me to express more true thoughts and feelings of myself than artificial concepts. In my daily life, I just walk around my neighborhood and stop whenever I get struck with some images in mind such as special moments, feelings in my childhood, imagination from fairytales, animations or etc.

I note those momentary thoughts and feelings right away and shoot photograph or come back later after organizing my thoughts. Hannah Higgins, Fluxus Experience Berkeley: University of California Press, Photograph by Brigitte Hellgoth. He inaugurated the as strikes and public demonstrations. Chronology and style- Germany. The fictional museum exaggerates tions to represent items from his previous constructed between and , is one school designations were dispensed with the bureaucratic apparatus of gallery dis- Section des Figures Section of figures.

She early modern, stood side by side. While museum display and the museums. Rachel Haidu, The Absence of Work: There were no wall labels, although Press, Photograph by Erik Gould. Adapting a term among the most influential artists in post- hot plates, glass jars of viscous sub- Menil. It takes ardour, curiosity, patience was himself implicated.

He opened his cal displays. Until museum storage, and religious relics. Next expression to works that have been silenced and multiples, and founding the German his death in , he continually added new to open storage racks of oil paintings, he through commodity transactions and bureau- Student Party in and the Organization works, leaning sculpture against the jute set out rows of shoes and drawers of Native cratic exhibition apparatuses.

His political and participatory per- like fashion. Andy Warhol and Collecting Pittsburgh: Herbert Distel, Museum of Drawers, — Installation John Latham, Encyclopedia Britannica still , , film black and white, silent; 6: Courtesy Documenta Archiv, Kassel, Germany Throughout the s John Latham organized montage Encyclopedia Britannica shows a quasi-ritualistic book burnings of stacks full two-page spread, moving page by page of reference volumes and encyclopedias.

At seven- Between and the Swiss art- cases, taxonomies, and hierarchies based on Collectively referred to as Skoob Tower teen frames per second the six-minute film ist Herbert Distel composed the Museum of medium, period, country, and donor. Set on a drawer. The shrunken museum replaced the law.

Like these of Expressionism, Dada, Constructivism, as ancillary parts of a new whole. Thomas Kramer, Herbert Distel: Ina Conzen-Meairs, John Latham: Museum of Modern Art; Vostell. Colab and Fashion Moda c. Photograph by Mary Baber. The show also had something to do with his idea of including Lee Godie, Jesse Howard, Martin more than one hundred entries, includ- itself was an illustration of that elusive going out and collecting images that you Ramirez, and Joseph Yoakum. The idea was to students also collected works by these room by Peter Fend and Jenny Holzer, por- affinity somehow band together to form an recognize the potential of a form or shape autodidacts and exhibited alongside them.

Shawna Cooper and Karli R. Accounts of the home and collection are open to the public monte by Jane Dickson and John Ahearn. The Landmark Exhibition New York: Installation view, Hanne Darboven: Enlightenment, Haus der Kunst, Munich, — Americana included works by art- artist collective Group Material was ists showcased elsewhere in the Whitney The German conceptual artist Hanne religious imagery, urban photography, the single-room exhibition of precisely Biennial, such as Sherrie Levine, Barbara Darboven, known for her serial graphic celebrity pinups, mannequins, and busts of arranged political and cultural refer- Kruger, and Laurie Simmons.

Interweaving works and notations, was also musically politicians. Many of the materials date to ences. Active from until , the visual references to mass culture, poli- inclined. She composed musical scores based World War I and the interwar years, but New York—based group had a changing ros- tics, and art, Group Material gave politi- on mathematical formulas and played and other parts of the work were repurposed ter that included Doug Ashford, Julie Ault, cal action a material format specific to collected musical instruments.

Projects such as Judy Chicago began transcribing entire texts by hand, lation presents not an objective chronology Karen Ramspacher, and Tim Rollins. In to a notion of time and history as mate- practices in her sprawling studio outside persed from floor to ceiling. From of nearly sixteen hundred panels of text pins, dummies, and animal sculptures. A Chronicle of Group Material London: Four and images, sheet music, postcards, photo- boxes on the walls, the exhibition revived Corners, Dan Adler, Hanne Darboven: Cultural the Bauhaus concept that innovative indus- History — London: Michael Heizer used a wrecking ball to form craters in the pavement in front of the museum, and Richard Serra splashed molten lead along the base of a wall, leaving it to harden.

On returning to Bern, Szeemann con- verted an apartment into a museum dedicated to his late grandfather. Photo by Armin Linke. Szeemann referred brought together visual artists, filmmak- maintained an office in the gallery. Moving between immense group visions of a livable city. The works on disparate aesthetics under the umbrella of exhibitions that occupied entire cities and Reference: Tobia Bezzola and Roman Kurzmeyer, eds.

The artist, who did not include Harald Szeemann: With By Through Because Towards small-scale and intensely personal ones, Despite; Catalogue of All Exhibitions, — as well as those at risk of becoming home- her own works, premised the exhibitions Szeemann developed a form for exhibition Zurich: His exhibition Live in Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form; Works—Concepts— the problems of those already displaced or Processes—Situations—Information—which evicted, and real and fanciful solutions to Reference: A group of young Activism Seattle: Krefeld, Germany, and London—was the first architects and designers from Atlanta, survey of Conceptual art.

Installation view, Metro Pictures, New York. Courtesy the artist and Metro Pictures, New York Gallery, New York The Conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth proved objects with texts taken from histori- himself a formidable critic of museum dis- cal figures such as Adolf Hitler and Oscar play practices through theoretical writ- Wilde.

In , as part shed light on highly subjective defini- of a series of site-specific installations tions of decency and censorship through- organized by the Brooklyn Museum, Kosuth out history. The exhibition was partially Jim Shaw acquired paintings by amateur art- hierarchy by hanging the paintings salon- curated The Brooklyn Museum Collection: He The Play of the Unmentionable.

Kosuth affective relationships between otherwise born. He added his own most effectually by the objects tastemakers widely acceptable in the same moments, making alike.

Astro Nuts and Cinnamon Wills

Joseph Kosuth, Art after Philosophy and practice of naming objects can radically Reference: Jim Shaw, Thrift Store Paintings: Showcasing Heavy Industries Publications, Installation view, SteinGladstone, New York. Pop art ethnography on the present. Blau mounted New York he presented The Other Museum and abolition—and presented his findings in is the term critics and historians often the first presentation of the ensem- using labels that identified tribal art- the exhibition Mining the Museum A framed picture atlas assembled by It has since been reinstalled several times period to the present.

High as slave shackles. Film ment of the individual framed images. A Space atlas maintains affinities between gesture denaturalize the display of body parts of itly reflected his stake in the stories Odyssey and Dr. Strangelove and genre while resisting rigid formation.

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  • Die Regierungsjahre des Getulio Vargas: Ein Beitrag zur Modernisierung Brasiliens? (German Edition).
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Institute of and Fred Wilson, Fred Wilson: Objects and and Romantic landscapes by Caspar Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, nary after its absorption by artists like Installations, — Baltimore: Center for Art David Friedrich. Supernatural canvases by Picasso and controversial exhibitions at and Visual Culture, Installation view, Susan Hiller: On had been assembling prior to the exhibi- incorporates practices of collecting, docu- She has each numbered and labeled according to stituted roughly ten thousand objects in of the uncanny, using ambiguously lifelike given slide lectures, installed video clips its contents.

It shares the pseudoscien- eighteen subcategories expanded from four- sculptures by his contemporaries to demon- of her field research, framed pages from tific impulse of other works in her oeuvre teen in and fifteen in They strate how even familiar-seeming objects her journal, and gathered groupings of vin- but is more personal. The objects include include rocks and marbles he collected as may occasion feelings of doubt and terror.

Elsewhere Kelley gest, at the very end of his exhibition, critique of classification systems extends accompanied by contextual photographs or reused items in storage or those left over that what might have appeared to be a sys- well beyond that field. He displayed the Harems displayed the Harems in multimedia fashion, It was commissioned in part by the Freud of psychoanalysis, like the collection and twice as part of The Uncanny, an iterative with church banners covering the walls, sev- Museum in London in , the final home classification of antiquities, is revealed exhibition that he organized in Arnhem, eral vitrines, video documentation of those of the Austrian founder of psychoanalysis.

The ancient carvings and artifacts lining and Vienna in In the hybrid Archive comprises more than objects public-private space, visitors viewed the reflecting an eclectic spread of pastimes, subjective world of an artist-collector. The artists in Deller expanded this concept into an this context are Deller and Kane, although In the s Barbara Bloom began collect- in for people in her semiautobiographi- artistic practice of accumulation and re- the makers themselves are self-taught and ing photographs and film stills, cropping cal, semifictional, and highly visual nar- presentation, offering opportunities for otherwise unknown individuals and groups and framing them in ways that offered coun- ratives.

She has been invited to reinstall the aesthetic contemplation of works by from across the United Kingdom. Far from ternarratives to the more obvious interpre- decorative art objects in the permanent amateur artists and collectors. For his affirming a national style, the presenta- tations of the images.

Her personal col- collections of institutions such as the installation The Uses of Literacy, tion nevertheless thematizes British cul- lections have been inspired by the estate Gemeentemuseum in the Hague and the Museum Deller solicited amateur artwork by mail ture as a peculiar entity.

For from fans of the British rock band Manic works were never intended to be shown in Onassis and Andy Warhol. The cumulative display prestigious art institutions such as the immersive installations with furniture, chairs by Michael Thonet, Bloom arranged demonstrated that the many fans of a single Palais de Tokyo in Paris, but Deller and mannequins, decorative art objects, and translucent walls and lighting to create band had diverse interpretations of how Kane brought them into visual kinship in photographs that narrate the story of a a hallway of silhouettes, in which the that music signifies in their subculture.

Joy in People London: Hayward devoted to glassware, chairs, statuary, Germany: International Center of further with his artistic partner Alan Kane Gallery, Objects often stand Photography, The exhibi- Kinue, ran a shop in Lower Manhattan an enormous prehistoric phallus that he Greatness , an exhibition that tion included photograms by the modernist called Mingei craft or folk art , where placed on a hospital gurney. Vivid diagrams for microproces- import merchandise.

After renaming the shop than scholarly. Just as Mike ists across the mediums, generations, and work of associations between the avant- collection. Institute of exhibition Hiroshi Sugimoto: History, he presented his large-format in his photographs alone. Press, , The Portable Century Art: February 27—May 19, ; Dallas Museum 5.

Stuart Gilbert and Francis High and Low: York; October 7, —January 15, ; 6. Reprinted in Alex Kitnick, Shirley Berman quoted in Kristine Perfection: Essays and Criticism, ed. Wallace Berman and His Circle, Press, , Santa Modern Art, press release no. Achille Bonito Oliva, ed. Mazzotta, , University of Nebraska Press, , 6. Something Else Press, , — Yale University Press, , Dominique de Menil, foreword to Stephen E. The Lure of Antiquity Derieux, Florence, ed. In Prisms, translated by Samuel and the Cult of the Machine: JRP and Shierry Weber, — Cambridge, Kunstkammer and the Evolution of Ringier, Nature, Art, and Technology.

A Freudian Alain-Michaud, Philippe. If a test is not provided in the software that is found in one of the two panels. The read online http: If space allows, try to spell out the acronyms instead, or use a different way to convey the information. Try to use camel case for multiple words within a hashtag; that is, capitalize the first letters of compound words. It makes it easier visually and for screen readers to pronounce the individual words more clearly e. Although the image data was eventually returned to the United States, the Army's experience provides one example of the extremes under which digital imaging technology can be utilized although such extremes are not preferable.

The Patent and Trademark Office experienced a gradual degradation in their system's ability to access the optically stored image data MidQart Op 5 http: Because of the 0. Blu-ray was initially intended for home recording, professional recording, and data recording. Sony released the first BD recorder in Japan in April , although it was designed for home recording only not for playing pre-recorded HD movies , and only worked with Japan's digital HD broadcast system Simplifying Perspective: A download online trinitysquarecafe.

A platform is the framework or content management system that runs software and presents content. WordPress, for example, is a service that serves as a platform for a community of blogs. In a larger context, the Internet is becoming a platform for applications and capabilities, using cloud computing. A podcast is a digital file usually audio but sometimes video made available for download to a portable device or personal computer for later playback ref.: White Thermal — Providing maximum print coverage and crisp, clear graphic and text reproduction, these discs are compatible with Everest and Prism thermal disc printers.

Shiny Silver — These discs discs provide an ideal surface for silk-screening by duplicators ref.: Digital Art Lighting Basics: For example, the US Army PERMS program uses software enhancement to clean up "noisy" images, thereby obtaining a greater compaction in data storage and higher quality images. Another example is the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, where an image enhancement computer circuit card was installed in the desktop scanner to obtain higher quality images From Point to Pixel: A Genealogy of Digital Aesthetics Interfaces: