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Electro House , Progressive House , House. Trance , Progressive House , House. Electro House , Progressive House , Dance. Trance , Progressive House , Electro House. House , Electro House , Future House. House , Future House , Electro House. Electro House , Dance , Big Room.


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Electro House , Dance , Progressive House. Techno , Dance , Tech House. Dance , Electro House , Progressive House. Deep House , House , Dance. Electro House , Big Room , House.

Progressive House , Deep House , House. House , Progressive House , Electro House. Trance , Electro House , Progressive House.

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Gonna be looking out for him on Holy Ship this year for final confirmation though haha. Not a fan of his recent stuff but the dude is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the most talented producers ever. His sound design and song composition are just next level, no matter what genre he's doing. My favorite artist isn't as high as they should be on this popularity contest.

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Rusko is the answer for everything, I love that he still makes some quality productions even if its not supported like he should be. Tech House in general seems like the most snubbed genre imo, not surprising Velvet didn't make it considering Claude fuckin' VonStroke and Camelphat missed the list. Only representation is Fisher and he's way down at 89 despite having probably the 2 most played festival tracks of the year. Chris Lake is also criminally low imo, I think house fans just don't frequent this sub very much.

Mat Zo is one of my favorite producers but is honestly a pretty bad DJ. He hardly plays his own music and overall puts out pretty bland sets.

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With that being said I feel he should have been included in this list since a lot of these artists are just that, great producers and mediocre acts. I'm more concerned with the lack of musical acts such as: These are some big names that actually know how to use the decks. Claude vonStroke should actually be in the top He is two times below Top , becausr of a spelling mistake. With both together he'd make it. I mean you are the literal epitomization of why this subreddit is a cesspool of false minded elitism and a constant circlejerk of why EDM is shit now.

You offer nothing constructive and just complain about how bad everything is because it doesn't fall withing your taste. This list is just like DJ Mag, pure production focus. I'm not complaining, but dont act like you guys are better than DJ Mag, you just listen to different EDM than the mainstream audience.

Im not going to say that I agree with this list, but it seems to be an accurate reflection of the EDM sub and American music scene. I mean to be honest, I only see Eric Prydz talked about when it comes to those genre's. I honestly don't know how Zeds Dead can be ranked 69th? Behind so many artists that have TINY sales in comparison, perform in front of tiny crowds, and are honestly openers on their Deadbeats tours?

Was a bit bored today so I made this! The man played what was easily the best set I have ever seen live.

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I dj and produce and I didn't catch on to a single transition and was entranced the entire time. He could have played for 4 days and I would not have moved. I was absolutely heartbroken his set finished at 2 am. He could have kept playing for so much longer. He should be at least within' the Top 50, he album is so fucking great. It's like a journey! He is the definition of underrated. I had no idea this was happening so i didn't get to vote, but Im shocked subtronics isn't on this list. Dude is a top 5 dj in bass music rn lol. I absolutely love odesza. But they are not DJs at all. Everything about their live shows is scripted.

The fact that alan walker is 22 spots higher than zeds dead is laughable. I saw both of them at red rocks in , and alan walker is not even close to being as good of a DJ as the boys of zeds dead are. I love the fact that not even Martin Garrix who got the no. Lol the list definitely has plenty of good artists, but the order is sooo skewed. Chainsmokers obviously deserve the spot and recognition compared to a group that played 1 set in 5 years.

I actually never got into Martin Garrix that much, his drops always sounded like he was playing around with his keyboard, humming a melody going up and down the scale in quarter note and eighth notes. What are some good songs by him that aren't Animals and Turn up the Speakers? Pizza is actually really good. When i saw him at EDC i really enjoyed the music being put out by producers from his label, TV Noise, Brooks, ect, and he adds them to his shows well.

People don't understand this is a popularity contest and not a list of their favorite artists in order. To anyone saying the list is trash cus its a popularity contest, chill tfo because what did you expect? It more so means: Someone like Illenium or chainsmokers or galantis have a totally live setup, so by a pure disc jockey defintion they wouldnt be included.

DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2016 Results Announced

That being said a lot of my favorites were on this list, not in the order I'd rank them but definitely by an order I would expect from the general audience like my boy Kayzo , and definitely some of my favorites shoutout pegboard nerds aren't, and thats to be expected. I think its a more accurate list than DJ Mag, or even which is far superior since its data driven but doesnt by any means have all the data. People looking at this and expecting their picks to be liked by everyone else or for pure DJ skills? Very cool list because you get to see who the subreddit likes.

New people in the scene that come in every year, that's the main reason. He also invests in his live production so that's the main reason why people keep coming back to him, not for his music since it sounds the same for the last fucking 5 years. Seriously though, I think it is, and what's wrong with that? They're probably one of the biggest consumers of EDM.

A short description of the dataset can be find below;. By calculating the distance between the cities on the tour schedule and keeping their tour sequence in consideration we can calculate the travelled distance.

DJ Mag Top 100 Poll 2016

This can be done by taking the geographical coordinates of cities, called Latitude and Longitude. The runner up is Sam Feldt, with Nicky Romero just a couple of miles behind him. Artists on the bottom of the list are the ones that seem to have more shows close to home mostly Europe. The average amount of hours on a plane is hours which is an equivalent of 15 days. Martin Garrix spent approximately hours on a plane, Armin van Buuren spent around hours up in the air and Angerfist spent hours travelling.

As the average distance travelled per DJ is a whopping I wondered if we can see if some artists managed to plan their tour schedule more efficient than others. Efficiency is a good quality to have as a DJ or as person really , and you get to save the planet just a bit more than your competing DJ friends. When looking at artists that travelled over , miles you want to exclude the ones that barely travel compared to the ones that do we conclude that Headhunterz does their planning quite well and has the highest efficiency score of 0.

Oliver Heldens and Sam Feldt are the runner up with an efficiency score of 0.