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Each of the four couples in the Unfinished Love series have TWO books duets that take place years apart. Each duet is a two-part second chance romance , meaning each couple is separated after their first book and reunited in the second book of their duet. As noted in the title, this is Book ONE of TWO; the second book in this duet reunites this couple seven years later, and concludes their story.

Each fighting for their second first chance at love. Before That Night -- Book 2 of 2: Before That Promise -- Book 2 of 2: I really felt for Addison, having a junkie mother and her poor siblings. Nothing breaks my heart more. This story does have a twist that I will not give away. Honestly, I'd like to go back in time and have this conversation with myself: Do I click "buy" and hope it pans out? What you see is what you get - it pretty much flatlines from the sample chapter on.

It's not worth your dollars! Go find something on Kindle Unlimited. Wow, thanks Fut 2. Wow, thanks Future Me! You just saved me 3 dollars.

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I knew that the ending was going to be like that but I still wasn't ready for it. Can't wait to read the end of their story in the next book. Apr 24, Ana Rita rated it it was amazing. The thing about new authors is that sometimes it makes me a little nervous. First of all because I don't know their writting, if I'm going to like it or not and second because I don't know if the book will speak to me. Well so many questions invaded my mind but they were totally unnecessary. Violet Duke has a simple, intense writing that will hook you up from the first chapter. I know that this can be seen as cliche but it's the truth.

Just find out why I'm saying this by grabbin The thing about new authors is that sometimes it makes me a little nervous. Just find out why I'm saying this by grabbing this series and dig in. Before That Night is the first book from the Unfinished Night series and it's so intense. This book tells the stories of Addison and Caine. Addison is a sweet girl that needed to grow up so fast to be able to raise her siblings since the day her drug mother abandon them.

She had to drop out school and start working at a dinner to support them. Since they don't have enough money they all live in a van until she can gather the money for an apartment.


Caine is a police officer and a very grumpy one. One day he encounter the beautiful Addison and he can't take her out of his mind. But here's the catch since he's a cop he can't lie, no matter what and wanna know why I'm saying this? Just get this book and start reading. This book is so intense that will leave you breathless in a sec.

The story unfolded in a way that made me want to read non stop. I loved the plot, the characters. Love the way they interact with each other but what I loved the most was that what happened in this book can happen to us. No-one can say that life is easy, no-one can runaway from our problems so we need to face all the adversities with our heads up. I'm seriously mad with you Violet because why the hell did you end the book like this???

Are you kidding me? Thank God I have the next book because if I didn't I would be insane.

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Maybe I should take some time to digest this book before writing my review, but I don't think I can. I bought this book when it first released, but I waited to read until the second book was released and I'm so glad that I did. I don't think I would have survived the wait. Caine and Addison's story is so sweet, yet heartbreaking at the same time. Their friendship blossoms over the course of the book and when Addison's secrets catch up to her, she does what she has to do to protect her fami Gah!!!

Their friendship blossoms over the course of the book and when Addison's secrets catch up to her, she does what she has to do to protect her family. This book drew me in from beginning and held me until the very end.

Before That Night

Yes this book ends in a cliffhanger as it is part of a duet and no I haven't read the second book yet, but I know without a doubt that the second book will be just as spectacular as this one. In fact, it will probably be even better if that is at all possible. Duke has a gift for writing these characters that capture your heart and won't let go. This was such a good book, but that ending No, no, no, no, no, no.

I know it's supposed to pick up where they will get a happily ever after, but they won't get it for 7 years what the hell?

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That's a long time and a lot of things go down with other people in that time I'm sure. Being a firm believer in not sharing someone who's mine, I don't like books that do that. I mean it's possible Violet won't put others in the mix, but unlikely. I liked the book up til that ending, now That ending Wtf? I liked the book up til that ending, now I don't even want to read the next one, and apparently this whole series does this.

I'm just gonna pretend it ended when they were in bed. Pretty good This book was a pretty good read. The story was interesting enough, I just couldn't get the feeling of any chemistry with the two. There are four brothers and each brother will have two books duets in this series.

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Addison being the eldest 18 in the beginning , takes on the responsibilities of caring for her younger siblings while putting her dreams on the back burner. But, when a stalker threatens Addison and secrets are spilled will she make the ultimate sacrifice or will she finally lean on Caine?

Violet Duke where have you been!? Better late than never, right? The emotions and the way Addison handles the responsibilities of two siblings at nineteen is remarkable.

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I really enjoyed the Violet Duke writes about how Addison is doing despite her circumstance instead of writing unnecessary drama. Addison is a heroine that I absolutely admire as well as captivating. I look forward to seeing what Violet Duke has in store for us. Apr 07, Maria Cox rated it really liked it. Caine Spencer is workaholic cop who over the course of several months takes a liking to the much younger Addison. Soon after they two begin dating Caine suspects Addison has a big secret. Bound to care for her younger siblings, Addison is reduced to living in a van and working at a diner seven days a week.

Afraid social services will discover their living situation Addison guards her secret fiercely. Before that night , Caine would never have believed any woman could make him fall head over heels, let alone make him feel so damn compelled to look the other way when it came to his job. Then that one perfect night changed everything. Before That Night -- Book 2: Before That Kiss -- Book 4: Before That Promise -- Book 6: