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  1. All-nighters and self-doubt: learn from our dissertation disasters
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  3. All-nighters and self-doubt: learn from our dissertation disasters | Education | The Guardian
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However, graduate school is another level entirely, and you need to be your best during class to survive. Below are some tips about what you can do if you find yourself having issues in a graduate school class. Do yourself a favor by sitting in front, ensuring the professor knows who you are and increasing your chances of paying attention.

All-nighters and self-doubt: learn from our dissertation disasters

You should sit around people whom you know will not distract you, as you will need to pay a lot of attention in every graduate school class. If you do intend to study your notes, make sure that you take the time to organize your work and to make it easy to find later. Giving your brain and body a little boost during a boring lecture can do wonders for your retention and memory later. Asking questions yields several benefits. Firstly, asking questions forces you to listen to what your professor is saying.

Also, you will be more likely to retain the information because you are actively engaging in the graduate school class lecture.

Finally, your professor will believe that you genuinely care about his or her course whether or not this is truly the case. Having connections in graduate school class is invaluable to your education. For example, if you do have to miss a day of class, you can ask the other students whom you have gotten to know for any material that you missed.


Knowing other students is yet another factor that will encourage you to show up to every class. Also, friends might turn into study buddies later down the road; knowing students in every class is also one of our networking tips. Post your question to the forum. The Importance of Self-Care: Advice to Graduate Students Here is a shocker for you: More Articles on PhDStudent.

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    All-nighters and self-doubt: learn from our dissertation disasters | Education | The Guardian

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