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In a suburb, a poltergeist forces a family to flee their home. Hellboy has his hands full. While the supernatural is on a rampage in London, a series of brutal "Torso Murders" turns up at various sites around the city. All of the corpses are headless, limbless, and drained of their blood. Called in to investigate the killings, B. They also find a sack of heads.

Hellboy descends into the dark underworld of London, encountering demons who prophesy the coming of plague and the opening of an Eye to the otherworld, bringing forth death and destruction upon the land. Read on your iOS and Android devices Get more info. Capabilities Text to speech. Additional information Publisher Dark Horse Comics. Publisher Dark Horse Comics.

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The Marvel Studios Phenomenon. Part Stardust Crusaders, Vol.

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Hellboy: All-Seeing Eye (Novel)

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