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He would buy a gun without knowing how to load the magazine. He would search for his enemy. But when faced with the gun barrel, Father Lawrence would have to contemplate death… only to hear the three shots that saluted the dark night… Either mercy or justice; either salvation or friendship. The scintillating writing is elegant, pure, grownup, originally cast, heartfelt, intelligent… The writing is simply breathtaking… brilliant bit of poetic science… If you prefer intelligently crafted novels, then do yourself a favor and by all means read this unforgettable novel by Leonard Seet: Paperback , pages.

Published November by Excelsior Publishing first published September 24th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Meditation on Space-Time , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Meditation on Space-Time. Lists with This Book. Aug 11, David Lentz rated it it was amazing. Father Lawrence is a complex protagonist: In graceful exposition here is how the modest monk views himself: On a dark night, I would search Polaris to guide me, but o Father Lawrence is a complex protagonist: The battle beyond good and evil between the priest and the preacher reminded me of the battle between Crucifer and the teacher in Alexander Theroux's brilliant novel, "Darconville's Cat.

The priest yearns through a shift in the logic of space and time to discover an oasis in a grain of sand and so he finds himself dealing with life's grand existential questions on the shore of Thoreau's Walden Pond in Concord: That morning,under the rising sun, the water sang and danced to the rhythm of the morning breeze, and the ripples crisscrossed to weave a lattice of light. The clouds drifted in the stream of air. I chanted Veni Creator Spiritus. Yet, a squall-laden peace. I would enter, not hesitating, and choke on the dry air and collapse under the sandstorm. And yet, among the sand dunes rippling into the horizon would sprout an oasis if I could endure and embrace the desert as it had me.

These hands and feet of flesh and bone, this heart of fear and hunger, under the sun and in the sand, to seize the fleeting peace at Walden Pond. Leonard Seet has left no literary devices on the table to narrate his tale: As much as I enjoyed this story line of Leonard Seet, I was enthralled by the pure beauty of the writing among all the plot points. The scintillating writing is elegant, pure, grownup, originally cast, heartfelt, intelligent: Check out this poetic rhapsody from the priest: But the brilliance, the sweetness, the warmth.

In the horizon of the next galaxy a positron and an electron mated and gave birth in annihilation to twin photons streaking at the speed of light toward opposite infinities to reencounter at the other pole of the space-time hydrosphere birth life decay death the cosmic cycle beyond space-time beyond matter-energy beyond I-thou beyond Alpha and Omega.

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Seet gives you credit for being a thinking person, a serious reader, a person of substance and high intelligence. As a Bostonian I revelled in the finely wrought stagecraft of the settings there. This literary novel is layered so that it can be enjoyed by those who simply want a good story and yet it satisfies those who want a book written poetically with substance and a style that is grown-up and intellectualy complex enough to open new intellectual avenues.

If you prefer intelligently crafted novels, then do yourself a favor and by all means read this unforgetable novel by Leonard Seet: View all 3 comments. Dec 23, Jeffrey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Meditation on Space-Time is a philosophical novel where the quantum mechanical worldview seeps into everyday life. A world of possibilities at every moment, where the outcome follows stochastic processes rather than deterministic laws. Of all the possible worlds, only one would come to be; and yet an infinite number would open up for the next instant.

Like Thomas Merton, he refuses to slaughter his intellect in the name of piety and religiosity.

Father Lawrence must tread through the desert of betrayals and losses to reach the oasis of friendship and enlightenment. And enlightenment is what he seeks rather than perfection—for Ichiro—and happiness—for Camellia. In the end, he must accept the loss of his best friend and carry the pain on his solitary journey toward enlightenment, or just old age. Meditation on Space-Time is a novel of love and friendship, of good versus evil and of journeys taken.

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I recommend it for those who reflect such journeys. The lyrical prose that threads through the characters and their secrets is beautiful and provocative. View all 6 comments. Sep 04, Richard rated it it was amazing Shelves: But soon he would discover the link between this man and Camellia. But ever since the girl whom he had counseled, committed suicide, he preferred distancing himself from other lives. After locking himself in his cabin for days, he decided to renounce his vow and had to learn to equate a dollar with a cheeseburger.

He left the monastery ready to battle Jim Whitfield. On the way to Gilead, he bought a gun at a Virginia gun show without knowing how to load the magazine. Three shots would thunder through the air and a man would fall into the stream… Either mercy or justice; either salvation or friendship. Leonard Seet, who wrote The Spiritual Life and understood monasticism and mysticism, portrays Lawrence as a cross between the intellectual and aloft Thomas Merton and the sensitive and reflective Henri Nouwen and detailed the movements of the mind and heart.

If you think monks are dull, think again. The novel reads like a mystery as Lawrence sought to outwit his archenemy Jim Whitfield and the Ponzi schemer Donald Larsen and unraveled secrets along the way. Father Jones the whiskey priest and Edgar Cummingham the salesman-like mortician are memorable characters. Thoughtful, touching, haunting, and shocking.

Dec 23, Samuel Harrison rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Meditation on Space-Time is a moral and philosophical novel about good and evil, but more specifically about greed and the lust for power. Donald Larsen cheats the congregation of their money and Pastor Jim Whitfield helps him and along the way takes a share of the spoils. Edgar the Mortician swindles his customers by buying imitation salmon and Champagne and recycles the plots for new burials. Leonard Seet hints the theme of greed when in the first chapter, Father Lawrence looks into the distan Meditation on Space-Time is a moral and philosophical novel about good and evil, but more specifically about greed and the lust for power.

Leonard Seet hints the theme of greed when in the first chapter, Father Lawrence looks into the distant night at the neon glow above Memphis. And also when he stops by a coffee shop and hears how the young couple plans to default on their mortgage payment and skip town.

Jim Whifield seduces the women to demonstrate his power over them, as it is appearance with Daisy. And as the church's minister, he enforces his power over them, as evident with the Donald Larsen Financial Night and his manipulation of Jackson and Chandler. But the power of the story comes through Seet's writing as he demonstrates he is a master of the prose.

Meditation on Space-Time

To wit, his poetic imagery: I wanted to share in the purple striations, the iambic beat, the structural beauty of a new pseudo-symmetry. Sep 16, Autumn Is Azathoth rated it really liked it Shelves: Father Lawrence is too good for this world. Or, Father Lawrence is too high-minded for this world. Or, Father Lawrence is too unearthly for this world. Let the individual reader decide.

Myself, I think his troubles began when he stepped off the grounds of the Massachusetts monastery and headed for Tennessee-Gilead to be exact, where no Balm was to be found. Whichever, Gilead certainly opened his mind, expanded his horizons, exposed him. Father Lawrence really should have Father Lawrence is too good for this world. Father Lawrence really should have kept to his monastic meditations.

Dec 20, Lewis Szymanski rated it it was ok Shelves: I received this in a Goodreads giveaway. I kind of hated this book. It's not necessarily bad. Parts of it are brilliant. There are bits of dialog and soliloquies that I will probably remember for the rest of my life. Most of it seems clumsy and sloppy. The book begins in medias res.

You are dropped into a complicated situation and have a bunch of names thrown at you. By the time I knew what was going on and who these people were I had ceased to care. In particular, his discussions on the differences among perception, conception and imagining identify the nuances among these modes of consciousness. Yet, his freedom to think his own thoughts brought him joy unspeakable. Mastering Point of View in Fiction. The most frequent problem is shifting from one POV to another in the middle of a sentence or a paragraph.

Often, just the awareness of the POV is enough to fix the problem. From writing my novels and short stories, I can appreciate the challenge to discipline the min. Le Havre Strait is the Gate is a story of love between a man and a woman. But it is a love beyond the love of a man and a woman. They sought a love without happiness, a love too elusive between two mortals, a love at once holy, pure and sublime, which our mortal passions would likely taint.

In the end they must give up the love between a man and a. Journey to the End of the Night. His writing style, its coarse language and cynical humor, reflects his irreverence toward norms, and animates his contempt for society and pessimism toward the human condition. Dystopian Society of the Future.

What results is a scheme to deceive the police into solving the wrong crime.

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A dead body whose face is smashed to hide the identity shows up near the river and Detective Kusanagi must identify the murder and find the perpetrator. On reaching a dead end, he solicits his. Albert Camus's The Stranger.

Meditation on Space-Time by Leonard Seet

Meursault, an alien not of France or Algeria but of the world, shot the Arab and after the man had fallen, pumped four more bullets into the body. The sun made him do it just as if El Nino toppled the financial markets and urge disgruntle employees to shoot their colleagues and managers. While Police Detective Shunsuke Honma is on leave after he injured his leg, a distant relative of his late wife appears and asks for help.

Jean-Paul Sartre's No Exit. Garcin seeks understanding from Inez for deserting the army but only receives her judgment. Leonard Seet brings his intelligence and wit and gifts as a writer to a broader audience in "Magnolias in Paradise" in a gritty, realistic novel Seet has reinvented himself as a writer in. All Quiet on the Western Front: Remarque's Modern Classic on the Horror of War The horror of poisoned skin and flesh, mangled arms and legs, whistling shells, hopeless moans, and ubiquitous filth complemented the sterile wall between Paul Baumer and his father and mother and sister when he was on leave.

The war had destroyed his youth and any hunger for sunlight, twitter and soft skin. His past had fa. Thoughts on Bram Stoker's Dracula. In Dracula, Bram Stoker, amid the rising demand for women's equality, tried to portray Mina as the new breed of woman who has "come of age. She could use the typewriter and therefore sought to better herself. But in the end, she subordinates herself to Harker and only seeks to support him with her skills.

Her mentality confines her to be a "proper" lady in Victorian England. So, she remains t.

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William Golding's The Lord of the Flies: Its depiction of innate evil helped me understand the nature of humanity. And though institutions can and do oppress the defenseless, the creators have designed these structures to maximize their the creators' gains at the expense of others.

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So in the end, the nature of the systems reveals the nature of humanity. William Golding in The Lord of the Flies shows how innate evil surfaces w. Nathaniel Hawthorne 's The Scarlet Letter. Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter depicts the dynamics of guilt and shame in seventeenth century Massachusetts Bay Colony's Puritan society, but we may find similar forces in communities where established social norms direct members' behavior. Hester Prynne has to wear the scarlet letter "A," a symbol of shame, for committing adultery. The town fathers seek to enforce the Puritanical code through shame and alienation from the community.

But grounded in her identity,. I grew up watching Frankenstein the monster , along with Dracula and the Wolfman, on TV, but Mary Shelley's novel is, beyond a tale of horror, a literary work where the narrative and themes are as important as the plot. The framed narrative allows the reader to understand Dr.

Frankenstein's worldviews as well as those of Captain Walton and the monster. We can compare Captain Walton Dr. Frankenstein and see their similar ambitions and sense of adventure in conquering nature and we can contrast t. In Knut Hamsun's Hunger, the narrator and protagonist roams the streets of Kristiania Oslo and searches for food and later lodging. A writer of questionable success, he submits his writings to a journal but rarely gets the story accepted. Without money, he often doesn't eat for days. As we read the novel, we dwell into the mind occasionally delusion of a man trying to maintain his dignity in poverty.

Though he had no food, he gives money to children and vagrants. And though he fan.

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The history and background of Zen and Taoism in part one helps us understand the cultural contexts behind these philosophies: Watts explains Zen, to the extend that it can be explained, so that we can understand it, to the extend we should try to understand i. Herman Koch's The Dinner. Some readers complain that none of the characters in Herman Koch's The Dinner is likable, but a good story need not have likable ones as along as they are interesting.