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But then they come up with a plan! Soon the Blamehounds along with other dogs are making a small fortune through a few backhanders just by taking the blame humans want to avoid. Ross Collins captures the joke perfectly in words and pictures. Interest Age Award-winning Michael Morpurgo presents the very real dilemmas of life and death on a farm and how they impact on children. Chris and Lisa live on a farm but when Minikid, a child from the city, comes to stay he has a lot to learn about animals and how to treat them!

Like a young bull himself, Minikid loves playing with the orphaned baby bull the children look after but he is not tamed by farm life and Chris and Lisa can't help being pleased when he goes home! Mia, Joe, Anna, Tom and Ben all have quite different kinds of adventures — some real and some imaginary — as they enjoy their days on the beach.

One of our Dyslexia Friendly Books of the Year - Interest Age A wonderful adventure which captures the importance of children finding a place of their own — and having secrets! When three children shelter in the rain in a pill-box abandoned after World War Two they decide to take it over as a secret camp.

It belongs to the local farmer and they have to be very careful to keep right out of his way! Setting it up, enjoying their own space and not getting caught provide all the excitement they need but things get almost too dangerous when other boys discover their secret and try to spoil it.


Particularly suitable for s with a reading age of 6. Have a look at his other Little Gem title, Snug. In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion for The Castle in the Field a small number of children were lucky enough to be invited to review this title. Scroll down to read the full review When Mike pops round to see his friends Alex he discovers that Alex is a Gris-kwok — he can turn into any animals he chooses.

The trouble is, his sister Polly is one too. And Alex and Mike are babysitting Polly! One disaster follows another and Mike wonders whether everything will ever get back to normal! Alex's family are Gris-Kwoks they can change onto animals. Mike doesn't know their secret!!!! I give it stars. But Snug is also his own creature and he cannot be prevented from living his own life by the family. The story of Snug is a roller coaster of emotion with a delightfully happy ending.

Michael Morpurgo adapted Snug especially for the Little Gems series from his first collections of stories to be published called It Never Rained. He always stay close to her and keeps her company but one day something sad happens. Lisa is heartbroken' Scroll down to read more reviews Cobweb is a very new fairy and she makes a complete mess up of her very first job! Tasked with delivering three wishes to the woodcutter she does fine with the first two but manages to lose the third! Now there is some powerful magic running riot.

Will Cobweb ever be able to get the magic back on track?

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I recommend the book because of its amazing adventurous plot. Chichico is scouted for a try out at Santos Brazil. How all is resolved to a joyful resolution makes this is a delight. With his fat dog Rufus, Hal goes on the hunt to find out and finds himself having to deal with some very disagreeable cows indeed. Told by Ross Collins in words and pictures this is a hugely entertaining and original story.

Peter Pan in Scarlet carries that strange, beautiful, childish magic but remains appropriate for a younger audience. Wendy and the Lost Boys have grown up, had families, experienced World War 1. However, dreams of Neverland haunt their sleep and the increasing feeling that something is wrong.

Could Peter be in danger? Together, they decide to return and save Neverland one more time. It gains much of its charm from taking familiar, beloved characters and giving them a twist. From a certain point, I can see why readers who love the familiar J. Barrie characters might object.

They're doctors and judges and fathers. But they are also, thanks to the magic of childhood, little boys who like adventures and getting covered in mud. They are Darling Boys now and Lost Boys. And I loved them. I like the glimpses of them as men at the beginning and their clever transition back to boyhood. I like the new fairy and the hunt for treasure.

I like the return of old villains and the lessons about adulthood. I like Wendy, who is the ever present mother but very much an adventuress herself. I like parents who have not truly abandoned their children and hope from the bittersweet ending of the first book. I found this book aroused my imagination and excitement like the predecessor, but instead of ending with, "huh", I felt magic. Aug 03, Gloryseeker33 rated it really liked it. This is billed as the first authorized sequel to Peter Pan. I have long loved the original and read it many times.

In addition I had read two Peter Pan Starcatcher books last summer, and though I enjoyed them, was disappointed at not finding either the true Peter Pan character, or a faithful adherence to the details of the original story. So I approached this one with hope tempered by scepticism. I was pleased to find in this book the true Pan, and a story that stays true to the details of the o This is billed as the first authorized sequel to Peter Pan.

I was pleased to find in this book the true Pan, and a story that stays true to the details of the original. At the same time, this story was fresh with new challenges and adventures and cast old characters into new lights. Geraldine McCaughrean manages to go forward with the wonderful language, imagery, atmosphere and character of the original story in a way I would never have thought possible. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Y elaboren su propio juicio de esta historia. View all 5 comments. Mar 16, Lavoiea added it. No, I'm not referring to Tootles' line in the film "Hook", though that film is a wonderful sequel to "Peter Pan". I love pirate stories - and "Peter Pan" is undeniably a pirate story. Though ultimately tragic, it has all the elements of a swashbuckling tale: In the end, of course, Peter chooses to stay young forever - and Hook is Back!

In the end, of course, Peter chooses to stay young forever - and that choice ultimately costs him his friends and the only mother he'd ever known. Or so we thought. For a time they live their lives of doctors, musicians, mothers Something must be wrong in the Never Land, and the grown-ups are being called to go fix it.

But grown-ups cannot fly, and that is, of course, the only way to get to Never Land, so the Darling grown-ups must don their children's clothes and become children again themselves to go and save Peter Pan, who is the heart and mind of the Never Land.

Books by Julie Day

Buckles every bit as swashed as in J. Barrie's original, McCaughrean takes us across an island where time has moved on from perpetual summer into an un-heard-of autumn. As if autumn in Never Land isn't alarming enough, McCaughrean also forces us to keep company with the creepy, raw-egg-eating and not-child-friendly Raveling Man and his sinister circus animals. She leads us to Hook's sea-chest, which contains the former captain's second-best red jacket his best coat was eaten by the crocodile, along with James himself, you'll recall. Peter, of course, cannot resist claiming such a prize for himself, thus ensuring - in one sense - the return of Jas.

Yes, Hook is in McCaughrean's tale, too, if not in the way you might think. He influences Peter's choices throughout, and we meet some of the products of his influences in the form of the terrible Roarers - Lost Boys who were banished for Never Land's only crime, that of growing up.

All in all, McCaughrean's tale interlocks tightly with Barrie's. She captures the characters truly and clothes them snugly in Barrie's attire. Her Never Land is rich and her imagery vivid and often alliterative, so that it is a pleasure to listen to her tale. The action is non-stop, the situations into which the children get themselves or Pan gets them, or the Raveling Man leads them are overwhelming and often impossible, but McCaughrean takes them and us into, through, and out of them with ease and enjoyment and not an occasional gasp of fear or surprise. A particular gem of a surprise is Hook's ship, the Jolly Roger, which makes a brief appearance, magically saving Peter and his friends from certain death.

A word of warning, though: McCaughrean's tale is darker and more tragic at times than Barrie's, and as such I recommend a parent read it through once before delivering it to younger children. Some of her imagery would have disturbed me as a child.

Peter Pan in Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean

In particular, the Raveling Man's description of the event that would have finished him off - in any other place but Never Land - is gruesome and laced with realism, and has the potential to become a seed for young nightmares. Also, Wendy and John's youngest brother, Michael, is notoriously missing from their quest, and we discover later that war in their grown-up world is the cause of this - a poignant reminder of the troubles of real life.

When I read the back cover blurb on "Peter Pan in Scarlet" and learned that our antagonist this time around was a circus owner, I had my doubts as to how well McCaughrean would use him as Pan's foil, but never fear! The Raveling Man is every bit as excellent a villain as Hook was, and in fact he often pushes to levels of hatred for the Raveling Man beyond what we ever felt about the original Hook. He is more than a worthy opponent for Pan and the Lost Boys and Girls. Overall, "Peter Pan in Scarlet" is an excellent and recommended story for adults, and with some strategic parental editing for children as well!

I listened to the audiobook version of it, read by the ever-versatile and always entertaining Tim Curry. His characterizations are unique and marvelously believable, and it is only occasionally that I recognized his distinct voice among those of the many and wildly varied characters' - a credit to his versatility. Even if you've read the book, I highly recommend getting a copy of the audiobook from your local library and giving it a listen, for the sheer entertainment value of it!

Apakah setelah dewasa kita harus kehilangan sisi kanak-kanak kita? Apakah setelah dewasa kita tidak boleh tertawa terbahak-bahak, berlarian kesana kemari, jahil dan iseng ngerjain temen, berpura-pura menjadi seseorang? Apakah setelah dewasa kita harus selalu disibukkan dengan pekerjaan, angka-angka tagihan, anak, pasangan, keluhan-keluhan orang lain?

Kalau ya, susah sekali jadi orang dewasa. Berlarian sedikit, ngambek, iseng, dibilang kekanak-kanakan. Lalu apa iya dewasa itu berarti banyak masalah?? J Apakah setelah dewasa kita harus kehilangan sisi kanak-kanak kita? Jadi inget beberapa tahun yang lalu, ketika saya sedang becanda dengan adik-adik sepupu yang masih SMP, lalu dibilang kakek bahwa saya kekanak-kanakan. Mana mau mereka deket kalau saya sok tua, sok serius, dan nganggep mereka anak kecil.

Jadilah tahun berikutnya saya masih juga lari-larian di sawah dengan mereka. Bahakan yang umur 20 an juga mengikuti. Inilah cerita Peterpan, dimana menjadi dewasa adalah sesuatu yang salah. Semua harus terus menjadi anak kecil, yang asik bermain-main dan berpetualang. Peterpan yang menjadi pemarah dalam jubah Kapten Hook. Peterpan yang membenci ibunya karena tidak membukakan jendela. Penemuan ibu-ibu orang tua dari anak-anak Darling. Tapi menjadi dewasa adalah sebuah proses, dimana kita juga tidak boleh melupakan sisi kekanakan kita, karena suatu saat kita punya anak, tentu akan membangkitkan kembali sisi kekanakan kita.

View all 6 comments. Nov 09, Gail Gauthier rated it it was amazing. A character in the book offers to serve Peter. Well, Barrie wrote a play, The Admirable Crichton, about a butler named Crichton who works for a wealthy family. He and his employers are all "Here is just one of the juicie points I love about this book.

See a Problem?

He and his employers are all shipwrecked on an island where he becomes their leader a Peter Pan figure? The young women of the family are all over him. He is a force to be reckoned with. And then they are rescued, and the hierarchy of wealth and privilege over knowledge and skill is restored. This is the kind of detail I absolutely love. I love it even more because so few people at least here in this country will probably get it.

Peter Pan in Scarlet was a Cybils nominee in Oct 12, Rebecca Mandrillo rated it really liked it Shelves: This authorized sequel to Peter Pan is amazing!!! Our story picks up with the Lost Boys and The Darling children all grown up, and most with families of their own. They have to find a way back to Neverland because something is wrong. I loved, loved, loved the lost boys! I really enjoy knowing them better. I love how the author shows us more of the simplicity of childhood and the good we can do as grown ups.

The Maze of Regrets had tears running down my face. This was m This authorized sequel to Peter Pan is amazing!!! This book gets a lot of hate for some reason I don't know why I really enjoyed this book and I can rightfully say that , after having read it, it is a proper sequel to the beloved story of our childhood However this story is a bit darker than the original since the author tries to show how adults lose their inocence and imagination as they step into adulthood, and how corruption can affect a kind and gentle hero as Peter Pan Feb 02, Olivia rated it liked it Shelves: To be honest, I was pretty bored for the first half of this, but the last half was quite good, especially the last few chapters or so: Of course, I'm biased in favor of the original, but I did like how this author incorporated a similar style to Barrie's in her writing, as well as how she implemented various plot devices like the Great War in the background.

Es bueno recordar a los maravillosos personajes y volver a la historia de J. Barrie, pero en verdad esto esta hecho totalmente con los pies, carente de sentido e incoherente. Es totalmente un fanfiction. Oct 01, Madeline J. Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: And I still loved him.

THE BRAVEST FISH Read Along Aloud Story Book for Children Kids

It was really neat to see how things had changed. Totally evilly delightful form of worldbuilding. It's so cool, playing with all sorts of different ideas and things.

Little Gems

It was so much fun. I've always had a soft spot for Captain Hook, and this made me so confused and a muddled mess of feels. It's a complicated thing. Such a delight to read. D Low Lights - Um I don't really have any? Peter Pan was always a favorite of mine, and this book just makes his story a thousand times better. The story takes quite some time building to a point of interest, unlike the original J.

It seemed that many, including Peter Pan himself, acted distinctly out of character, save for perhaps the last third of the novel, which actually kept and held my attention all the way until the end. However, the buildup to that point took a long time, and while I "Peter Pan in Scarlet" didn't appeal to me as much as I hoped, despite a nice narration done by Tim Curry in the audiobook version. However, the buildup to that point took a long time, and while I think McGaughrean is a decent writer, I don't think she captured the magic of the franchise and the characters compared to some Peter Pan adaptations I've seen or read.

The premise of the story revolves around Wendy and the gang returning to Neverland after nightmares begin leaking out of the area. They have to don children's clothing this seemed implausible to me in order to return to their child like selves to return to Neverland, and see what was wrong with Peter. Neverland itself is in disarray, and many believe that Hook is dead after Peter made sure the Croc devoured him. But nothing is as it seems, and Peter's strange behavior has many of his old friends worried for him.

The twist in the story was interesting, but it came at such a late point that it was hard to hold interest up until it happened. There were scenes that I really loved in the median between, such as the encounter with the fairies, but those scenes were far and too few to match to the alluring pull of the original stories. I think if you really love the charm J. Barrie's works, it may be wise to skip this story, because it may disappoint the dearest Peter Pan fans. I liked parts of it, but not enough to read the story more than once.

Setelah membaca kedua kalinya penasaran sama komplennya Nielam nih , akhirnya aku berhasil mendapatkan 'soul'nya buku ini. Fantasi Geraldine McCaughrean ternyata sangat luar biasa, terutama dalam alur cerita yang lucu dan sangat tidak realistis Aku sendiri belum pernah baca karya asli Mr. Barrie himself, tapi kalau film2 tentang Peter Pannya sendiri sudah sering menontonnya, mulai dari versi kartunnya, Peter Pan the movie sampai Hook.

Bahkan dalam Finding Neverland, aku sempat menang Setelah membaca kedua kalinya penasaran sama komplennya Nielam nih , akhirnya aku berhasil mendapatkan 'soul'nya buku ini. Bahkan dalam Finding Neverland, aku sempat menangis sesenggukan di akhir ceritanya Pelajaran yang dapat diambil dari buku ini adalah: Jika engkau terlalu lama menggunakan jas milik seorang bajak laut, maka lama-kelamaan engkau akan menjadi Mr.

View all 26 comments. If you wish you can stay as a child forever, think about it again. Even children have their own problems. But that won't keep their rights in shadows, a right to possess imaginations and live it up. So Wendy and the Lost boys must return to Neverland, as something surely happened in the dreamland. Pan has changed alot, he is not himself. The Ravelling man is turned out to be their old foe.

You can't just read it, you ought to enter the Neverland and hike thro Interesting story. You can't just read it, you ought to enter the Neverland and hike through the Neverpeak. You'll find your most precious treasures there. Si Anak Tunggal Pan berubah, dia bukan Pan yang dulu. Tuan Kusut dengan benang-benang wolnya ternyata musuh besar yang mereka anggap telah tewas di perut buaya. Membacanya tidak cukup, kau harus masuk ke dunia Peter Pan, ke Neverland dan mendaki Neverpeak.

Untuk menemukan harta karun terhebat dalam hidupmu. Sama halnya dengan menjadi abadi, keinginan untuk menjadi anak-anak selamanya juga bagiku salah.