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Kli,nonser-vo-no le smorfie, fac-cia pur lagat-ta mor-ta. Nothing now again shall shakeme,nothingnowagain shall V: Nothing now a-gain shall shake me! E Ro-si-najn-no-een - ti - na, e Ro-si-najn-no-cen- Nota flyshall en-ter in. Un Dot -tor Im a Doc del-la mia sor -' te non si la - scia in: Fi-no-ra in questa ca-me-ra minarvedisen B. Queste ra- room ; who can have been herepour young la-dy, no doubt ; perh ap s Iter guardia n,ahvays finding some fault. Noneof our IX w. With - in there! Ehi di casa, buona gente! An tig- ly fel- low! What, sir soldier, do you want her here? With this fellow whafs to do?

Go to all the devils,sir! Dottor go to all the devils,sir! Bar- to -lo, Doc -tor Bar-to-lo, Doc-tor Bar- to-lo! Where s Ro-si -na? Va tie - 1b m Son dot - to -re, si, si - gno-re. Yes, a Doc-tor, you mis- take not. So-nojinch'io dottor per cen-to, Am not I of theprofess-ion? Fair - est, bless my long-ing view m 1 laT do. Un sol- da -to? E Ro-si-na, or son con -ten -to. Ini Lindo - ro. Who to fry inhere has told thee?

Why for ev- er must you scold me? Fel- low, have you lost your sen-ses? In ca - ser-ma? You ve an or. Vet - to fBE S Ho il brevet -to d'e-sen-zio- ne. I ve an or- der of ex - emp-tion. Deh pn Ali se qui re-star non pos-so. This is real-ly too pro - vok- ing! Bartolo, seeking amongst the papers. Oh, I'm get-tingquitedis-Tract - ed, he will part us yet, I f p ' l '"-'Count m p p p. Colla p resente il Dottor he will part us yet , I fear. There,found at last, known Doctor Bartolo, and so torth,is exempted.

Sir, fll not be both-erM so! You 11 stay here? Soon my stick the house s hall clear'. Ve la vo - glio qui mo dar. Yon - der, mark you , questo e il fos-so, are fTTe trenches ni you! At-ten- zio-ne,elia-mi- ci— Giuilfaz-zo mi - co voi be-yond, S7t m.? At-ten- zio-ne,glia-mi- ci— fll shoot you. Now at - ten-tion, my comrades!

Now at -ten-tion, to your guns, shoulder arms! Ahliperceivinii lumi Yes, no doubt it's a pre-scrip-tion! Let me see it! VuoT Would bnt- you Grazieun corno! Give the Jet-ter here, I tell you! At - fen - zion! By what fiend are you possessed? For 'tis that ex-cites your cen-sure. Pre- sto, pre -sto, pre- sto, pre- sto, pre -sto, j re -sto, pre- sto qua. Ah che hus - sy! Give it, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it, give it here!

E fa li- sta! Tis the washing, sondi stuc - co! P ep luc-co, lu-sion, ah, son propriojm mamma-luc-co! Ma chejm- For a R. J' i' b P semprej p-pres-sa, semprepppressae mal-tfat With sus- pi-cions,with sus-pi-eionsmostun qua! E holding back the Count. Via fer- ma- te -vi, si - gno-re. Oh, have done, or theyll corn-pel you. Count, drawing his sword Ah ca - na - e;lia,tra-ui - to- re, Via fer- ma- te- vi, si - gno-re. Sir, have done, or we'll corn-pel you. S Via fer - ma'- te-vi, si - gno-re. Sir, have done, or we'll com-pel you. Oh; for pi-ty s sake,be - ware!

Oh; for pi-ty's sake,be - ware! Help me out of this a f - fair! Tutti Help me out of this af - fair!

What is the mat- ter? Are ye all cra-zy? Why is this flat- ter? Pray, sir, be pru-dent Bartolo pointing to the Count. There stands a ruf-fian! There stands a scoundrel! Figaro raising his basin, as if he were threatening the Count Ali di - sgra - zia- to! Be-hold this ba-sin, by all that s dia-vo-lo!

Ug - ly old monkey! Zit-to, dot - to -re. Si-lence ; good doc-tor. Hot - to -re. Zit-to, dot - to- re. This he shall pay me. Oh, don't pro- voke him! Oh; don't pro - voke him! Sir, don't pro - voke him! Zit - ti, che bus - sa - no. Che mai sa - ra coweri. Si - lence, what sounds are these? Who knocks so loud? Zit - ti, che bus - Sa - ho. Zit - ti, che bus- sa- no. Who knocks s o Bartolo. Bartolo- La for The guard here! La - ve - te fat what shall we do?

You have un - done P. L'a - ve - te The guard here! Que - stav-ven - tu How find ex - cus te: S Quest' av-ven- hi - ra, quest' av - ven - tu How find ex-cus-es, how find ex- cus ra es F i garo. Whats the cause of this dis-turbance? Jue-sta be-stiadi sol-da-to,mio si- gnor, m'ha ma ltrat- Sir. Yes it was, yes it -H — i! C m gnor, wont, si si no, he wont, si no. Ga-lan-tuom, sie-tein ar - re - sto. Fuo-ri pre - sto, more now! My good sir, I here ar- rest you. In ar - re- sto? Sestet from Finale I. The Officer is astonished, orders the Guard to retire to the -back, where he places himself at their head.

All stand in amazement. S m rar, word, Figaro. Ah, ah, dal ri pe -tri-fied! Ha, ha, his awe de - re sto per ere -par! Poor Doc-tor Bar-to - lo! Ma se noi Rut if we. Non par - lar. Ma se noi But when she. Non par come, say voi, be, noi. Zit - to su! Zit - to qua! Zit - to giu! Ya We dap - must gnun end pei fat this al suo ca r i, va tion, we dap - must i qua heard! Not a word, Zit - to su! U- 1 mm rnun end this al ter - suo ca l, si tion, all fi - ni some blame sea dal here have ter in ztz i53a?

Zit 'Tis un - heard! Eachsays what he stre-pi - ta-re, fa conbarbaraarmo said be- fore. Fu-rious tongues there's no as - suag - ing. Stili the bar - ba-raar-mo hor- rid din in. Ejl cer-vel - lo, po-ve - rel-lo,eil cer- creases. Till the house is in a roar. KJlcer-vel - lo, po-ve creases, Till the house is in a roar.

SE cer mv vel - lo. I dui fon -de, si ri - ducead im-paz -zar, done me, On - ly madness is in store. Si s si on ri - du-cead im - paz - zar, lv madness is in store. Al- ter - nan - De - fore. Mid the flames do questoe quel-lo pe-san-tis - si - mo mar - of dis-coni raging, Furious tongues there's no as - f - pi - tar. Un mvbrainis torn a - sunder, Kage and tu - ry.

Ejl cer-vel - lo, po - ve is in a roar. E il cervel - Io, po - ve- is in a roar. Rage and fu-ry,fearand wonder. Rage and fu-ry, fear and wonder. Oh my brain s torn a - sunder, Rage and fu - ry, fearand wonder. Oh my brain is torn a - sunder. Oh my brain is torn a- sunder. Rage and fu - ry. Oh mv brain is torn a- sunder, Rage and fu - ry. Oh my brain is torn a - sun-der, Rage and fu- ry.

J1 cer-vel-fo, po-ve- B. Scelti' — The Library at Doctor Bartolo's; there are chairs and a pianoforte, on which is some music. Quelsolda-to, per quanto abbia cer-ca - to, Ma ve-dijl mio de - stino! Quelsolda-to, per quanto abbia cer-ca - to, I do not like these tidings! My en-qui-ries a - bout tKatnoi-sy sol-dier V: I am quite sure he's sent here by the Count Al- ma -vi -va, that he may as-cer- n. Nemme-no Jnca-sa is the state of my fair ward's af-fections. Ehi, chi j di not safe from trai-tors. What's become of the serv te? What need 1 fear.

I am at home here. Joy and peace, all words ex - celling- vo-i, dwelling, Bartolo. Thank you, thankyou, praydont trouble,sir. Mil - le m ga-to in ve-fi-ta. Joyand peace for years un - number'd! Que - sto voi - to non mej-gno-to, lite! Where can I have seen those fea-tures? Oh be peace-ful, oh be joy- fui, M i -0! Ohciellche peaceful, that's enough, sir,that's enough, sir! Pa-cee gio-ia, ba-sta, ba-sta, ba - sta per pie- Peaceful, joyful, go. What fa - tal - i - ty pur-sues me! How the hyp - o - crite en-croach-es! What fa - tal - i - ty pur -sues me, how this hyp-o - crite en - na - ta! Don Basilio sta malealpo- fes-sor of music,sir,and a pupil of Don Ba-si-lio.

Pia - no pia -no. There'snoneed, sir, his complaint is not Bartolo. Di co - stui non mi fi - do. An-dia-mo, an -dia -mo. I mistrust him en -tire- ly. We 1 ll go now, to-geth-er. I'd suggest, sir Well, Count. Vo' dal well, just as you please, sir, You shall soon see the tem-per of Don A - lon-so. Yes , of Bartolo, softly, holding him back loudly and angrily Count. DonBa-si-lio mil - fa pil - la a mi tn -ret-To.

Don 15a -si -lio mil - la sa di q lordship to his di-rection. Vi di- re -lv for your int 'rest, that she shouldseethis let-ten itmigfht further— Pray what, Sir? U - na ca-lunnia! Oh I found it, and perhaps Well i- magined. But this is slandYing. I will call the young la - dv. Non du - bi -ta-te. Non du - bi - ta -te. Sen-zaun tal ri - pie -go mi toc - ca-vajindar vi,- a co-meun baggia-no. But for some such pre-text he would soon have ex-pell d me as a pretep-d er. Ee - co -la. Ah, il cor sen - to bal-zar-mijn se -no! Aly heart beats high with hope and pleasure!. DonAlon-so, who stands before you,willnow give you a Rosina.

Bartolo seeing the Count Rosina. Oh nul - la! If you al-low me,we' , llnow be-gin thi zio the les ne, di son-, as A ,. Well, well, then, I hearyou, be-ginnow. Here is the air. Thus be -fore my guard-ian quail? If thou canst, oh. Jlf- f- f- te fe Rosina. I may hope then? E il mio cor? In me con- fid -mg. Ca-raim-ma - gi - ne ri - is lulTd to rest. Giu-bi And thy love? Ca-raim-ma - gi-ne ri - den-te, dol - cej - de - a d'un lie -to a fail! Ca - raftn - ma - gi rest. C-4L m I rar rest!

Piano I V Count. You're too in - dui -gent! Butthc song-, to be can-did, I found it tire-some! I 11 sing it now. Eh nien-tejif-fat - to: Oh pray ex-cuse me, real- ly, I did not Bartolo Figaro. You rogue, come tell me, what do you come for? E far-vi la bar-ba: Do- else but to shave you? This day I can-not. This day you can't? Og- gi non vo' far bar- ba. This day you shall not shave me. Oh, in -deed, sir? Che bier da con- ta -di - ni? Pray get you r- sei f an-oth-er; l - o me ne va - do.

Che no morewill I serve you. Was ev-er man so wil-ful? Bartolo, returning V P P P? A -ni- mo, va tu stes- so! Ba-da, that is want- ing.

Opera Today : ROSSINI: Der Barbier von Sevilla (Barbiere di Siviglia)

I'm no block -head! Our tri - umph is cer - tain. Mi sem-brajmim-bro-glion di pri-ma car-ried to the Count the let-ter of Ro-si-na. A fool was I to send him! That Fi-ga-ro's a to Rosina io notinai.

Or che siam so- li, di- te-mi, o ca - ra, il vo-stro al mio de ge-nius. Now is the mo-ment! Tut - to m'ha rot- to, sei piat- ti, ot-to bic - I with thee, with thee on - ly. Ve -de- te che gran co -sa! Tie-nej -gni stan-zaal bu-io, e po-i, e may-be,dash'dmybrainsout, just to o - blige you. Oh con -fu - sion!

Ser - vi - tor, ser - vi - tor di tut -ti quan-ti. My good sirs, my good sirs,yourm ost o be - dient. Che vuol dir tal no - vi Now we shall hear some-thing CI. Figaro Boldness nowmusthelpme through. Bartolo to Bartolo V feS i Bartolo? MaDonBarto-lo,spie- you told me all, yes 'tis true.

Doctor Bar-to- lo, ex - Viti. Don Ba-si-lio, son da Doctor, just one word in private,l've a wordforyou in private. Fa-tejm po'ch'ei va- da vi - a, ch'ei ci sco-prahogran ti Get him off at an-y haz-ard, or he's sure your plans to Count, aside to Bartolo i m domi sento il cor tre-mar.

Ah ,our danger now is great. Come, the storm will soon a- bate ,! E che vi pa-re? Sie-te gial duced you,what induced you out to venture? A man of prudence, I such rash Basil io. So-no gial - sure. Ba- ga- tei- la! Scar- lat- ti - na! Go to bed tifi youarebet-ter. By your looks "I am quite frighten'd. Go to' bed, sir, as you ought!

Go to bed, sir, as you ought! U - na bor-sa! Pre-stoa let-to pre-stqa Go to bed till you are Bas. H p ff P P M P P P t 1 K let - to, pre-stoji let - to, pre-sto a let - to, pre-stoji let - to, pre-stoji let- bet- ter, go to bed till vou afe bet -ter, go to bed till you are bet— Bartolo. I Chebrut-ta ce What a com-plex ion! Yes, he loots fright - fui! Yes, he looKs frig ht - fui! Yes, he Iooks fright - fui! My complex - ion? Se va - do. Fare you well, sir, plea-sant slumber! Buo-na fare you well now! Fare you well, sir, plea- sant slum-ber, m rrum i i.

Buo-na se- ra,mio si - gno-re, buo-na se- ra,mio si- gno-re,buo-na se-ra, mio si. Buo na se ra, mio si gno re, pa ce ber! Ma- le- det-to sec-ca - to - re, sec-ca-to - slumber, heaven grant you soon may mend. Buo - na Plea - sant? Ma - le - det-to sec-ca - to - re, sec-ca-to - grant you soon may mend.

Opera Today

Nongri- Donot re, ma -le -det-to sec-ca-to- re, sec-ca-to ber? Will this meddler thus for e er our plans en - cum in h i re! Buo-na se- ra, mio si - ber? Will this meddler thus for e'er ourplans en-cum ber? I'm not deaf yet! At last, goodDortor Bar-to-lo. Yes, that will do.

Count, aside to Ro s ina i mez-za not-tejn pun - to a prender- vi qui sia - mo: What is the matter? Else you had been dis - cov-er'd? Sor A - lon-so, bra-vo! Ah voi tut - ti quanti, ah voi tut - ti you robbers! Ji ,' 1 scoundrels, bir - ban - ti! With mi - co de rage and vex mi - co. L'a - mi-co de - li - ra, la - mi - cc sia- mo.

Ta - ce-te, ta - ce-te, par -tia -mo, par- tia-mo, ta - ce-te, par- tia- mo, nV car! Ta - ce-te, ta saith. You band of de - ban- ti, brie -co -ni, bir - ban-ti. Non ser- ve gri - dar, non, saith, no, no, ne knows not what ne saith! You're quite out of breafhyou're car. Non ser-ve gri - dar non ne saith OYou're quite out of breathyou'r car, a re.

DonBa-si-lio sa cer-to qual-che co- sa. Di guar -dia tu him, because, because there areweighty reasons. Sem-piv He's always so sus-picious! I gri - di e tu-mul-ti in que - sta ca - sa: I am ev -Yv whit as bad! Sonda tut-ti di-sprez-za-ta, e vec- Ah, my youthful days are o-ver,Vain to sigh now for a lov. I am spite-ful, I am fright-ful. Bartolo ushering in Basilio. Qualche gran tra-di -men - tosiprepa-ra. Quale he gran tra-di -men - tosiprepa-ra. P jtfp p7''f P? Il Con - te. La bor - sa par-la I know it. His repertoire was extensive and covered a wide range of characters, though mainly in the German language.

Proebstl was well known for his portrayal of Pogner, Falstaff, and Bartolo among others. He left a small but unique recording legacy. Don Basilio is sung by Hans Hotter Jan.

More By Teresa Berganza

Though retired, Hotter continued to sing smaller roles as late as Tenor Karl Ostertag Jan. Mezzo-soprano Ina Gerhein Oct. When she does sing, her voice is pleasant, and restrained. Rossini would have approved! This two disc set is a live performance recording and as such there will be some insignificant background noise which does not affect the overall enjoyment of the performance; the audience participation, in the form of well deserved applause, is kept to a minimum.

The sound is not in stereo, but it is good, with one exception on CD 1, track 13, where the volume becomes slightly higher. There are several pages of liner notes, but there is no libretto. Jones Chilton Book Company, Philadelphia. Send a link to this article to a friend with an optional message.

Le Bal des Animaux: Works by Chabrier, Poulenc, Ravel, Satie et al. Superlative Lohengrin from Bayreuth, The names of Belfast-born soprano Heather Harper and Kansas-born tenor James King may not resonate for younger music lovers, but they sure do for folks my age.

Martin in the Fields, Neville Marriner 5. Martin in the Fields, Neville Marriner 6. Che Bella Vita" - No. Martin in the Fields, Neville Marriner 8. Martin in the Fields, Neville Marriner 9. Martin in the Fields, Neville Marriner Martin in the Fie 2. Martin in the Fields, Neville Marriner 7.

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