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Open-channel flow is classified according to steadiness, a condition in relation to time, and to uniformity, a condition in relation to distance.

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Flow is steady when the velocity at any point of observation does not change with time; if it changes from instant to instant, flow is unsteady. At every instant, if the velocity is the same at all points along the channel, flow is uniform; if it is not the same, flow is nonuniform. Nonuniform flow which is steady is called varied; nonuniform flow which is unsteady is called variable. Flow occurs from a higher to a lower elevation by action of gravity. If the phenomenon is short, wall friction is small or negligible, and gravity shapes the flow behavior.

Open Channel Flow

Gravity phenomena are local; they include the hydraulic jump, flow over weirs, spillways, or sills, flow under sluices, and flow into culvert entrances. If the phenomenon is long, friction shapes the flow behavior. Friction phenomena include flows in rivers, streams, canals, flumes, and sewers. Open channel Article about open channel by The Free Dictionary https: Open channel A covered or uncovered conduit in which liquid usually water flows with its top surface bounded by the atmosphere.

References in classic literature? The yellow cog had now shot out from the narrow waters of the Solent, and was plunging and rolling on the long heave of the open channel. This open channel to the highest life is the first and last reality, so subtle, so quiet, yet so tenacious, that although I have never expressed the truth, and although I have never heard the expression of it from any other, I know that the whole truth is here for me.

2018 British Open: Live stream from Carnoustie on Saturday

Open-channel flow can be classified and described in various ways based on the change in flow depth with respect to time and space. The fundamental types of flow dealt with in open-channel hydraulics are:. The behavior of open channel flow is governed by the effects of viscosity and gravity relative to the inertial forces of the flow.

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Surface tension has a minor contribution but does not play a significant enough role in most circumstances to be a governing factor. Depending on the effect of viscosity relative to inertia, as represented by the Reynolds number , the flow can be either laminar , turbulent , or transitional. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Definition of Open Channel Flow |

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