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Like any tie-in, Out of the Madhouse suffers from the fact that you can't kill off major characters. What you can do, however, is injure them severely, and in every fight scene in Out of the Madhouse I expected someone - usually Cordelia - to end up in the hospital. Out of the Madhouse has a structure somewhat like a multi-episode arc; you've got the main problem of new scary monsters, plus signs that the Watcher's Council might be sketchy, subplots involving outside forces looking to hurt Buffy, and some new recurring characters who are quite likeable.

The dialogue is strong, though not Whedon-quality, and except for the wild special effects that would be necessary to pull it off and the unlikely requirement of on location filming in Boston, I completely believed that this was a story I might see on the show itself. Add in a surprise ending and you've got a recipe for fun and nostalgia. Plus, Golden and Holder manage to avoid the Ethan Rayne trap! I'd recommend Out of the Madhouse to any Buffy fan looking for stories to tide them over between issues of the comic book or to take them back to the good old days.

Jul 02, Ryan rated it liked it. You guys know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show of all time, so it should come as no surprise that I loved the tie in books that were being published while the show was on the air. I stayed away from the novelization of actual episodes, and loved the books that were original story lines. I used to own at least twenty of the, but a few moves ago, I had to make a decision to let them go. I owned too many books, of course I still do, so I'm not sure what I was thinking. Over the yea You guys know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite show of all time, so it should come as no surprise that I loved the tie in books that were being published while the show was on the air.

Over the years, I've only managed to repurchase three of them, the three books that comprised The Gatekeeper Trilogy. There were a ton of authors that tackled the Buffyverse, but Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder were the two that, for me at least, seemed to actual the actual feel of the show the best.

When they got together and wrote this trilogy, I was in seventh heaven. I always thought if they ever made a movie based of the books, this was the way to go. The first book, Out of the Madhouse, introduces us to a whole other dimension of strangeness. Much like The High House by James Stoddard, the Gatekeeper in this trilogy oversees a supernatural prison, that form the outside, looks like a grand Boston mansion. Locked in it's rooms are ghouls, shapeshifters, ghosts, and monsters straight out of legend; among them, Springheel Jack, the Leviathan, and the Mary Celeste. It's also home to the family that has been charged with keeping the world safe from them.

They have managed to accrue a few helpful tools to help them with their charge; the Spear of Longinus and the Cauldron of Bran the Blessed. The current Gatekeeper is weakening, and his heir has been kidnapped by a cabal of sorcerers, bent on allowing chaos to reign free over the earth. Sunnydale, because it sits on a Hellmouth, has been dealing with the side affects of the house failing. The residents are starting to escape from the house, even if for a short amount of time, and the Hellmouth draws them in, allowing them to run amok.

Buffy and her friends, after some serious research, travel to Boston to figure out what's going on. Upon their arrival, they quickly agree to help the Gatekeeper get back the heir, and the best television tie-in of all time is born. This was a disappointment. When I first read this book as a teen, I remember loving it. I even read it twice as a teenager.

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However when I picked it up for a reread it felt like a chore to get through. He's upset at Buffy after she pushed him away from a dangerous situation. The only time I remember Xander getting upset for Buffy protecting him was against a mortal foe, like with Larry in the episode Halloween, which wasn't the case he 3 stars. The only time I remember Xander getting upset for Buffy protecting him was against a mortal foe, like with Larry in the episode Halloween, which wasn't the case here.

It seemed very out of character for Xander.


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There was at least a little something for every character which is always nice. Even Joyce had a few paragraphs devoted to her thoughts. But while I liked that all the characters got at least a little something it didn't save this from being a 3 star read. Jun 14, LemmiSchmoeker rated it liked it. After a disappointing beginning it quickly gets better: As always with franchises like this, it's not allowed to have something important happen to the main characters, so the interactions remain rather shallow and the plot inches forward at an uneven pace.

However, once the limitations have become clear and they really should ha After a disappointing beginning it quickly gets better: However, once the limitations have become clear and they really should have from the beginning , there's a lot of fun to be had: And what more can be expected from a tie-in novel? Mar 04, Slayermel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I really enjoyed this book. I love how Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder write the books to tie in with the show, but the books are able to stand on their own as well.

This is the second time I'm reading this series, because I love the story. All your classic Buffy characters are in it, and the story moves at a fast pace and is very exciting. Without giving to much away, I loved the whole story around the Gatehouse and all the intricate spells the gatekeeper has woven to keep all the monsters I really enjoyed this book. Without giving to much away, I loved the whole story around the Gatehouse and all the intricate spells the gatekeeper has woven to keep all the monsters from spilling over into our world, and the fact that we get to discover some of the monsters.

Sep 17, Raxenda rated it it was ok. I didn't really understand it. I think it's definitely mandatory that you've watched the TV series first I didn't , or else you'll be fairly lost. The first chapter was great, but after that hardly anything of the Buffy-world was explained, and that was frustrating. My new goal is to watch the show. Oct 03, Phil Syphe rated it liked it. Believe I read the whole Gatekeeper trilogy during the latter part of , as it was then that I bought them as a boxed set.

Although I remember little about the storyline 13 years on, I do recall that the author did a good job in bringing the TV characters to life on page. I admired his original plot ideas, yet I was engaged by the story, rather than enthralled. Jun 21, Jim C rated it liked it. A book based on the tv series. This book had a good storyline and I enjoyed it. It moved at a nice pace and I thought the authors captured most of the characters correctly.

Xander felt a little off. This novel is one of the better novels based on the tv show.

The Gatekeeper (novel series) - Wikipedia

The only downfall to this book is that it is the first book of a trilogy. That being said, I am looking forward to reading the second book. Mar 13, Natalie rated it it was ok Shelves: I read this book and the two others in the trilogy when I was watching Buffy for the first time in middle school. Truthfully, I don't remember a whole lot about the plot or writing, but I do know they kept me engaged enough to read the other two books. Mar 09, Melissa Wilson rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: If you like the show you will like these books.

I was able to read this one rather fast, it was hard to put down.

Legend of Seven Prince of Hell

At first I was afraid they would be kind of lame, but I was suprised how good this book really was and am now reading the whole series. Jul 30, Randy rated it really liked it. Started off a little slow but turned out to be really good!!! I cant wait to keep reading the rest of the trilogy. Jun 11, Louise rated it liked it. I absolutely recommend this for Buffy fans. The story jumps about a bit too much for a novel- it feels more like a screenplay, which maybe the authors were going for.

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I felt the ending was very strong and fun! Sep 15, Tammy rated it liked it Shelves: Meanwhile, Il Maestro pleads to his lord Belphegor to spare Micaela, his adopted daughter, from the pain and suffering humans will have to deal with when the evil breaks loose. Spike and Drusilla are busy keeping Jacques Regnier hidden until the Sons of Entropy give them what they want. Angel learns that Il Maestro is in Florence and the trio sets off for it. Buffy's mom is kidnapped by the Sons of Entropy and they plan to use Joyce as bait to bring the Slayer to them. Back in Sunnydale Willow, Xander and Cordelia must figure out how to save Giles from the Flying Dutchman or he will be brought into hell when the boat leaves Sunnydale and no one makes it in to hell without dying first.

In Boston the Gatehouse has become under attack again and though the Gatekeeper is weak he can still fend off the Sons of Entropy. There they learn that Il Mastero is an ancient sorcerer named Fulcaneli who was believed killed a long time ago. They manage to escape with the help of Micaela who realizes that what her father is doing is very wrong. They head back to Sunnydale along with Spike, Drusilla and Jacques Regnier via the ghost roads which is when Buffy learns that her mother has been captured and that Xander was shot during a rescue attempt.

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Buffy must rescue her mother from a fiery death When they get there they find that the Gatekeeper has died and Xander is immediately put into the Cauldron of Braun the Blessed. But the Cauldron recognizes Xander as the new heir and bestows all of the Gatekeeper's magickal power to a very surprised Xander. Back in Sunnydale, Joyce Summers has been captured by Fulcanelli.

Giles is busy searching for where Joyce might be held and where the rightful heir to the Gatekeeper's line might be. The bloodline must be continued otherwise Xander's body may not be able to withstand the strain that the magic will do to his body.

Out of the Madhouse

Ethan Rayne also appears, offering his help to a skeptical Buffy and friends. Buffy manages to save her mother in a maze that Fulcanelli designed, complete with Minotaur. Jacques, the new heir, escapes from Fulcanelli and joins Buffy's entourage. Oz and Angel lead Jacques through the Ghost Roads and back to the Gatekeeper's house where an assault is being conducted on Xander and his abilities. Further complicating things is Oz, who has become a werewolf at the most inopportune moment.

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  4. But Jacques arrives and his powers are restored to him. Fulcanelli's men begin their assault again and Willow tries to help out with her binding and protection spells, binding Oz into the house when he attacks. But the house begins to crumble in on itself while back in Sunnydale, after using a Sphere of Order to hold back the demons, they manage to break through when Fulcaneli's demon master Belphegor, one of the Lords of Hell, escapes from Hell. Buffy battles Belphegor and thanks to a momentary telepathic connection with the unconscious Ethan, learns that no weapon will work against Belphegor, only brute force.

    After discovering that Belphegor has a third human eye and realizing that its part of the riddle that describs how to kill him, and rips it out and finally manages to beat Belphegor to death. With Belphegor's death, Fulacneli, who is connected to him, is also destroyed and Belphegor's human eye turns into a portal to Hell that sucks in all the demons that escaped. Buffy novels such as these are not usually considered by fans as canonical.

    Some fans consider them stories from the imaginations of authors and artists, while other fans consider them as taking place in an alternative fictional reality.