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Okay, you just sat down with your guitar,. What chords are available in this key, and how do they flow from one to another in ways that sound good? That was my question once. I remember searching in music stores, hoping to find a book that would explain to me what I wanted to know. I took some music theory classes. Then I started teaching. Then the idea came to draw a map! The first maps were very simple. When you play a different chord, you have gone on a trip.

Build a Simple Map

The trip can be short or long, but either way, you eventually want to come back home. So I drew other locations, where you could go on trips, with arrows showing how to get back home. The Simple Map eventually looked like this.

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Have you ever wondered? Music Tools for People. You would have followed the progression Looking at the gray box above which lists chords in various keys, and looking at the row for D, the progression I - vi - IV - V - I would be played How about I, then jump to IV, then down to ii and V and then home. This time we followed the progression Imagine a hidden tunnel connecting both boxes labeled ii, and another tunnel connecting both boxes labeled V. I was looking for something simple, where I could add a short code into a page.

Display a simple map

Without any complicated plug-in settings or anything else. Everything can be set up and run very simple within the short code. I have used several other plug-ins on the the other sites over the years. But this is what I was actually always looking for.

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It is lightweight, easy, simple, nothing unnecessary. So again thank you So much for this great plug-in.

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I will replace the other map plug-ins with this one on the other sites. Not for professional use — expect a lot of wasted time trying to make it look semi-professional. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Description Easy way to embed google map s using gmaps.


This plugin allows you to convert address into google maps like below: You can also use coordinates, set width, height and zoom: Allows you to embed google map based on shortcode. Displays static map for iPhone automatically. Width of the map.

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Height of the map. Zoom of the map.

If display is narrower than this value, this plugin will display static map.