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New Plymouth Parks and Open Spaces manager Stuart Robertson said the trees were on public land and those responsible had acted incredibly selfishly. The vandalism, which had been sporadic over the past five years, was upsetting to parks staff, he said. Some of these trees are actually decades old and you can't replace like with like. Mr Robertson said most of the affected trees were out in the open and he asked that anyone seen behaving suspiciously around the trees should contact the council or police.

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Holes have been drilled into the trees. The owner of New Plymouth real estate agents Remax, Garry Malcom, warned against pointing the blame for the attacks on any specific homeowners. Mr Malcolm conceded, however, that an uninterrupted view of the sea could boost a property's value. It's Christmas time and the season of pine trees and boughs of holly. Her eyes were huge in her face, and her skin seemed paler than it had a moment ago. This was much worse than yelling - he was actually afraid that she was going to cry, and there was nothing on earth that he could think of that would make this situation worse than if she started to cry.

Judith Durham The Seekers - Far Shore

Quickly, he put on his game face. He let a small smile play at the corners of his mouth, and he told her what he knew she needed to hear. He reached in and pulled out a Hershey bar, which he tossed playfully into her lap.

New Haveners Light Tree In Honor Of Sanctuary Seekers

This was almost worth getting caught in a snowstorm! While Lorelai went to work on the candy bar, Luke fished a box of six sturdy white candles out of the survival kit, along with a small box of waterproof wooden matches. A little more excavation revealed a set of two utilitarian wire candleholders. Before Lorelai was half done the chocolate bar, there were two candles glowing on the dashboard. He glanced at the open box in his hand. And I've just used one-third of our entire supply, he thought to himself.

She offered him chocolate, which he surprised her by accepting. In fifteen years, I don't think I've ever seen you eat anything unhealthy! In spite of her warm smile, he could see that she was starting to tremble in the cold. He reached for the quilt beside him, and started shaking the snow off of it as best he could in the confines of the driver's seat. He did his best to tuck the blanket closely around her shoulders and under her knees, but she started to object.

I know you're tough and rugged and probably completely impervious to the forces of nature in general, but if you think I'm gonna take this entire quilt while you freeze your family jewels off right in front of me, you really are suffering from some kind of hypothermia-induced delusion!

Not only was he glad to share the blanket, but he was glad to hear that she wasn't too cold to carry on her usual banter. He untucked the side of the quilt closest to him, and Lorelai cozied up beside him on the bench seat. With gloved hands, he clumsily arranged the quilt across both of them, and did his best to tuck it under his thigh and behind his back. Oh, NOW you tell me!

I do not go on ANY trips with you unless you pack the portable hot tub!

Seeker Genealogy | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

I was thinking maybe you could just BUY a tree at the damn tree lot in front of Doose's like everyone else in town! She turned on him. I am NOT cheap, pal. You have no idea how much money it takes to start an inn! The permits, the construction, the renovations They were talking over each other now, bickering at full throttle in way that they seldom had in the past. The snow was falling faster and thicker all the time, and the candles on the dashboard were already starting to burn lower. On the surface, they couldn't seem to find anything to agree on, but deep down they were both thinking the same thing.

This isn't going to work, and we're in real trouble. The argument died down almost as quickly as it had flared up. Their eyes met, and somehow the tension just drained out of the equation. Lorelai smiled her apology, and Luke's expression softened in response. This wasn't helping, and they both knew it.

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  • Without a word, Luke took Lorelai's hands between his own, and began rubbing them to try to keep her warm. Lorelai couldn't stop herself from shivering, and Luke began to realize that he could no longer feel it when he wiggled his toes inside his boots. Just then, an image flashed into his head from a trip he'd taken up here with Nicole back in early October. She had wanted to do the typical New England tourist thing and drive out into the countryside to admire the fall foliage.

    Summer Road Trip With Atlas Obscura

    Luke had finally agreed, even though he couldn't understand why the trees out in the middle of nowhere were any more attractive than the ones in Stars Hollow, and they'd packed a picnic lunch for the occasion. Unless he was mistaken, and he knew this area pretty darn well, they'd spotted a small hunting cabin just off the main road a little further up. He racked his brain to remember exactly where it had been. Was it still in one piece? Did it have a door? There was no point in leaving the cab of the truck for a fallen-down ruin with three walls and no fireplace.

    Dammit, think Danes, he told himself. Lorelai's shivering was getting worse. Although she was trying to hide it, her teeth were beginning to chatter uncontrollably. He didn't think either one of them could last much longer like this. Luke concentrated on his mental image of the tiny hunting cabin.

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    Yes, it had a door that could hopefully be fastened shut against the wind. He couldn't be sure, but he thought that he'd seen a stone chimney running up the side of the cabin. He breathed a quick silent prayer that the chimney was intact, and that some resourceful family of raccoons hadn't decided to take up residence inside the flue.

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    • On the dashboard, one of the candles flickered at the very bottom of the wire holder. It sputtered twice, and soundlessly went out. There was less than an inch left of the other candle, and as far as Luke could tell, the inside of the truck wasn't getting any warmer. With Lorelai shivering at his side, he made his decision.

      There was no other choice. He briefly and urgently described his plan to Lorelai, and she nodded her agreement. She didn't know if the cabin would be any better than the truck, but it couldn't be that much worse, and she trusted Luke to make the right decision. If he had said they should trudge into the woods and find a cave full of bears to shelter with, she would agree because she knew that he would never put her in harm's way.

      Yesterday, she would've told anyone who asked that she would trust Luke with her life. Today, she didn't hesitate to prove it. Luke quickly gathered their remaining survival kit components, latched the box closed, and wrapped Lorelai securely in the quilt. The two shared a look, and used the opportunity to offer each other wordless encouragement. He opened the door into the driving snow, and anything that Lorelai said in response was lost to the biting cold wind that whipped around them as they faced the storm head-on.

      Her gloved hand slipped through his arm, and he held her close at his side as they stumbled away from their meagre shelter. This was the right decision, he told himself. He would find the cabin, he would light a fire, and they would wait out the storm.