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Simple test; here are some other Rankin titles: You will also be marked a wrong-thinker who should be drummed out of the literary establishment, but, hey! This is the first book I've read and it's Brit wackiness at its best. I'm hoping that his other books are as good. This is not one of Rankin's best, but it's typical of his style.

It's a crazy mix of characters, some fictious, some historical, from all different time periods, thrown together and bizarre events unfold. This story has a couple of slow sections but I had to keep reading because I had no idea where the story was going to end up. This book is super quirky fun!


An interesting read, not a typical plain mainstream boring read! It's a must read! This is one of my favorite books, and an excellent introduction to Robert Rankin's far-fetched fantastic fiction. Well, what to say about this rather strange novel. It has the most ludicrous, unbelievable and strange story of anything I have ever read but, bizarrely, it was a rather enjoyable and compelling read.

It should have been very hard to follow, what with everyone time travelling all over the place and meeting other versions of themselves from different futures and pasts but it actually flowed very well and even my simple mind managed to keep all the characters and multiples thereof in some 'semblence of order. One of my sayings is "that history is written by the victors" and this book, in some ways, adds fuel to my fire of conspiracy theories that do we really know the truth from history or just one persons account of it! The jokes peppered throughout this book were groaningly corny at all times but did make me chuckle out loud on several occasions.

The author managed to fit a lot of literary quotes, historical events, historical characters and the corny jokes quite well into the story. Not a book for everyone but I am finding it difficult to suggest who would like it or not. One to read if you already have it but I wouldn't suggest that you rush out to acquire it especially.

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A good book to read between heavier tomes if you want something that gives you some thought but is very tongue in cheek. I was hooked in trying to see where it ended as there were so many loose ends to tie up and I was keen to see how the author handled it.


I was slightly disappointed in the ending but it seems, by his own words, that the author may be writing more books linking on from this story and I suppose they will tie up the loose ends. This left me rather frustrated and I really was not wanting to read another story like this one in the near future but feel I should seek it out now to finish the story - clever marketing ploy!!!

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