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Hello Master Bohdi, Thank you so much for continuing to share your wisdom. Your wisdom has been a beacon through the darkest days of my journey. May you always be blessed. I have to say that I love this book, this is a book that everyone should keep nearby and read regularly as a reference for living. This book offers an excellent written guideline for how to live as a man of honor. I have taken it upon myself to share this book with my adult children to help guide them in their future. Dana Gregory Abbott, Shihan is an internationally recognized expert of Japanese swordsmanship who has been influential in advancing and spreading the martial arts.

Modern Bushido has been helping me on my quest and I recommended it to a friend of mine, an amazing Bagua martial artist who subsequently picked it up. Now I want my Dad, who was a warrior in his younger days, to brush up on things. Blessings on all of us and best regards from the beautiful garden city of Hangzhou China!

His books are not only memorable, but thought-provoking and insightful as well. Thank you Master Bohdi. God takes extra time making a few extra soldiers and he broke a mold with you. Believe that, stay true with your beliefs…he blessed you dearly! I lost my son at age four in I have tried everything to help cope with his death but found myself falling deeper into depression.

Then a friend recommended your books. I read your writings every day for inspiration. The pain will always be hard after losing my son but your words always help me realize I need to keep living. Just wanted to tell you I have great respect for what you do and enjoy reading your writing. People do not realize that there is evil in this world and you have to keep your mind strong knowing one day that you might have to be the one to stop that evil act. I have been a police officer for over 20 years and do know that this evil is there.

Stay strong and keep writing, I look forward to it for my daily motivation!!! I have read several books on the subject of ancient wisdom but this book is the best hands down…I really enjoyed this book. He dissects scores of classical martial sayings and brings them into the clarity of our modern life. I think for many people when they read this work, they will realize a new and functional insight they did not previously enjoy…. You must endeavor to truly understand this reality in order to follow your truest and best path.

BUSHIDO: The Way of the Warrior - Samurai Code FULL AudioBook - The Soul of Japan by Inazo Nitobe

His books are a fine tool to help you find that understanding in all its depth too. You bring great relief to many of my mental roadblocks. Thank you for your efforts to assist people like me, who knew there MUST be a way…but have somehow lost the path? This helps get me back on track. No amount of any smear campaign will ever deter my respect to Bohdi Sanders, who I view as a true legend. So much of your writing has played a role in my training over the years and will continue to.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all that you share. I know you catch a lot of flack, but you are changing your world. I have never been able to sit down to read a book, but I enjoyed reading yours, every character was written well and gave myself a lot to think about. I have been brought up with the traits you talked about in your book from a christian perspective, but it has gave me more to think about and improve on. You are in my view a brilliant writer and I do hope that you continue to write more. Thank you, Bohdi Sanders, your words have genuinely helped me choose the correct path no matter how difficult.

I really like this book! The quotations alone are worth the price of this book, but the commentaries are what make it special. In April I asked my sergeant to reassign me back to patrol, as it was the right thing to do at that time for my family and I. Your writings really impacted me as a husband, father and a warrior. I have applied a lot of what you have written to my daily life. It has made me a better Supervisor and Father. I am a Correctional Officer and after working a 12 hour shift your a little stressed at times.

Usually one of the first thing I do when I get home is ready a few quotes and meditate. Bohdi Sanders, I just want to let you know that your words and your books have been a great source of encouragement and inspiration to me lately. My family and I have been going through some very hard times, but having someone like you to encourage patience, perseverance, and a positive outlook means so much!

Just want to say thank you! I just want to say I love your books and that they have helped me out a lot with life and dealing with my ptsd. I love this so much that I put it as my profile picture. The wisdom I have obtained from your books is amazing and has changed my life. For that I thank you very much. I read Modern Bushido to my 10 year old son. We have read it so many times now, we just choose our favorite chapters and go over them before bed.

It goes a long way to our survival and helps us to focus more on what we are capable of in life. Your writing is wonderful, Bodhi. Your research is amazing. I will encourage my students to partake in your works of wisdom. As always you are so on point. Reading your work has kept me on path through some really rough times and I thank you for that! You have helped me better understand the meaning of being a warrior. I have trained in tae kwondo for several years now and your wisdom opens a new path of understanding and wisdom for me to see life and the world in a bigger perspective.

I just wanted to show my respect and I wanted to say thank you sir for all that you do. You have changed the way I look at life. I am a huge fan of yours. You have my up most respect! For me, they are daily reading. All levels of my life have evolved in the most positive ways as a result of my studies and applying of the knowledge contained in these books, in every aspect of my life.

Your work is incredible! I feel blessed to have found it. What u share deeply assists me in this. I just wanted to say thank you. I have read most of your books and have found them to help me, not only in the martial arts, but also in every day life! You are such and inspiration to me as a young warrior!

Bohdi Sanders

Thank you for all the positive writings, I have not missed one yet! My counselor talked to you about a group he had of juveniles and he called them the group of light. I was part of that group. And you wrote us a letter I still have it. I have been in the martial arts for over 30 years. The thoughts and ideas in your books I can see me moving everything to a new level. The knowledge that they offers to a new generation can be considered vital to the continuation of the true path of the warrior.

However, his books offers much more than that. If more people were to understand the concepts of integrity, honor, and service towards others, the world would probably be a much nicer place to live. The format is wonderful. The depth of his books reflects Dr. Sanders own warrior training. I will surely be using them as a resource guide in my Zen Warrior training program. Coordinating Body, Mind and Spirit.

You are a Martial Arts and Philosophical leader. Grateful for your wisdom and direction. Looking forward to another year of learning. Thank you for the impact you have had in my life. Warrior Wisdom…has a tremendous amount of inspirational value. Walk your path in the spirit of a Warrior Priest. The light within you illuminates a path for others. I have been reading, and you touch my spirit with your wisdom. We read and we cried and we felt the love.

I just wanted to thank you. The knowledge you have passed on has had a great influence on my life. Its hard to find good people in this world, people who still have honor and integrity. It gives me hope that I might find happiness and purpose in this world. So, thank you for being a role model. Never assume your teachings are in vain.

Reading Warrior Wisdom gave me inspiration, hope, encouragement and practical advice, not just about what the mindset of a martial arts warrior should be, but about life itself…Warrior Wisdom is a wonderful little book that packs a big punch…Warrior Wisdom was an excellent read in every way. I recommend it highly! I would like to ask your permission to add some of my favorite posts to my Wordpress… I wanted to ask out of respect and hopefully bring some more fans to you and the knowledge you drop.

My wife got me your book Warrior Wisdom: Ageless Wisdom for the Modern Warrior. The book arrived in the mail this afternoon. And I do not like to read so this says a lot. I will be purchasing your other books in time. Thank you for your thoughts! Sanders — I am the clinical director at a juvenile detention center most kids are here for 6 months plus — sent by their probation offices , and have recently introduced several of your books to them.

The response from the kids has been overwhelming — and am now daily being asked for more copies by the kids. Thanks tremendously — keep up your effort. The teachings in Men of the Code are exactly what I teach my students to live by and how I hope that they teach other men to live. The wisdom and teachings in this book are invaluable and something that seems to have been lost in our modern day culture. Hanshi Frank Dux is immortalized by the motion picture based upon his life — Bloodsport. He holds 16 world records. Home The Wisdom Warrior T A Positive Impact in so many Lives….

You are Truly an Inspiration…. Men of the Code is a Classic for Men…. A Strong Positive Message…. Your Words Have Great Meaning. I Consider You an Extraordinary Soul. Like a Digital Handbook…. I Love Your Books…. Bohdi Sanders is Well Worth Reading! One of the Great American Authors…. Really Changed My Life…. You have Changed My Life….

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Helped Restore My Hope and Strength…. Your Writings have Really Helped Me….

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I Like Your Philosophy. Your Books have Inspired Personal Changes….

Warrior Wisdom: Ageless Wisdom for the Modern Warrior

Positive Strength Building Writings…. Your Writings are Excellent…. Such a Wonderful, Motivating and Inspirational Book…. I am a Fan of Your Books…. You have Helped Me More than Anyone…. You Inspire So Many…. Always Right On Track.

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A Deeply Insightful Book…. Brings Light to Darkness…. Your Book has Helped Me Cope…. The Best I have Ever Seen…. Cleansing My Mind and Soul…. Huge Fan of Your Work…. In challenging times, warriors know that the only life truly worth living, is the one that ultimately serves others.

True warriorhood is, thus, about the devotion of human beings to what is good and best in us all, and not a self serving pact for personal gain or power. Challenging times can pull us out of ourselves in the same way as physical conflict. Warriorhood is about learning how to stay within yourself, with your own internal knowing, when things outside of you or inside of you, may be trying to break that connection. Power is not an external reality for them, it is an internal one.

It comes from self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-education. Because the warrior seeks to develop an internal locus of control, they will know and view with great caution the tyrannies of trends and labels such as race, gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation. As warriors become more self referencing, they become more honest with the reality of the impact of their actions, and they accept the consequences of those actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Regardless of the external conditions that are outside of their control, warriors strive to remain mindful of the internal factors within their control; their focus, their beliefs, and the meaning they give to what has transpired. As warriors detach from outcomes and focus on the actions taken, they are able to genuinely perceive the impact of their behavior and beliefs.

Warrior Wisdom: Ageless Wisdom for the Modern Warrior by Bohdi Sanders

In this way the warrior learns that they have no enemies, and no friends, they have only teachers. Warriors know that challenge requires action and that to act powerfully, the center we have to find must always be our own. I have been fortunate to have had many teachers for this truth, who seem to reappear with regularity when I forget it.

Trees do make a sound when they fall in the forest, and I was making one resounding thud each time I hit the dojo floor! Warriorhood is always about living in the present moment.

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Warriors possess an exquisite connection with the present. There are no future warriors, there are no past warriors, there are only warriors dealing with the moment to moment choices, conflicts and challenges life presents. For the warrior, the focus is on the task at hand and, strangely enough, when we are present in this way, many of our distressing thoughts and fears tend to dissolve. If we are to live each moment well, we need to live it with the entire intensity of our being, as we realize the past no longer exists, and the future is an illusion, never quite arriving as we expect.

Becoming aware is a fundamentally disillusioning experience, because it cuts through our illusions. But, it is this unyielding commitment to reality at all costs that allows warriors to trust what they know and hold center in times of challenge. For the warrior, the first inquiry to discern the truth is always self reflection. The warrior is acutely aware of the fact that although we live in the world of our intentions, others live in the world of our impact. One of the hallmarks of difficult times seems to the propensity for people to succumb to denial.

In challenging times, it is role of the warrior, connected with truth and grounded in their internal knowing, to stand ready to speak truth to power. For it is the warrior who knows better than anyone that humanity is, and must always be, a constraint upon all of our actions. Warriorhood requires of us that we remain loyal to those groups and institutions of which we are members, but that our honor and sense of personal integrity always guides us when one warrior value is in conflict with another.

In the end, the proof of our commitment to reality is the way in which we live our individual warrior journey. We can lead others only so far as we have gone ourselves. We must embody what we teach, and teach only what we embody. If necessary, use words. In challenging times, warriors exemplify the commitment to internal and external reality, whether this is difficult or even disillusioning.

That is the greatest contribution warriorhood makes to our lives, an absolute commitment to living truth. And mythic heroes are usually adolescent warriors, those who are too young to comprehend mortality and too much in need of attention to assess risk properly.

They realize that while it is good to be brave, it is better to be smart, and often much less painful on the people around you. Warriors have no illusions about their own mortality and no desire for glory because they are grounded not only in an understanding of the need for their service, but also the risks that service entails. Warriors seek to preserve all life especially, if at all possible, their own!

Warriorhood requires us to be strategic in our thinking and effective in our interventions. Warriorhood is about days such as today. A day where you have chosen to develop and learn new skills, re-enforce old ones, and converse with other skilled practitioners of our art. Make no mistake about it, this book is not just for the martial artist.

The inspirational wisdom in this book will improve everyone's life This amazing series has been honored by four martial arts hall of fame organizations for its inspirational and motivational qualities. The ancient and modern wisdom in this book will bring meaning to each and every day of your life. This book is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to live a life of excellence Warrior: The Way of Warriorhood has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the world of martial arts and the world of self-help.

The teachings it contains are both powerful and practical, and can be integrated into your daily life to make immediate and permanent changes. Organized to be easy to read, but extremely powerful at the same time.