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It is a privilege denied to many. We turn not older with years, but newer every day. As we grow older, our capacity for enjoyment shrinks, but not our appetite for it. The older you get the stronger the wind gets - and it's always in your face. As a man grows older it is harder and harder to frighten him. My mother always used to say, 'The older you get, the better you get, unless you're a banana'.

The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom. Some folks as they grow older grow wise but most folks simply grow stubborner. There are compensations for growing older. One is the realization that to be sporting isn't at all necessary. It is a great relief to reach this stage of wisdom. When the sidewalk closes due to construction, you have to go a different way.

However, because that habit is so well-formed, there will invariably be days when you head out taking the old, familiar path before realizing your way is blocked. In a lab situation, the older person looks mentally incapacitated next to the young participants who have fewer associational bonds to forget. You get the idea. Ramscar and colleagues also develop an elegant argument about the accumulation of vocabulary words throughout life to show how, statistically, the more information we stock in our heads, the slower we may become at any one given task.

They take as an analogy the fact that normally developing infants are sensitive to the sounds of all different languages until they learn their own native vocabulary. Letter classification is another task commonly used to demonstrate slower mental processing for older adults. Word fluency tasks are another sphere in which age differences are supposedly etched in stone. However, here too, Ramscar and the team analyze the problem from a probabilistic standpoint to question what we thought we knew about the aging process. In a word fluency task, you need to come up with as many words as possible in a given amount of time that start with the same letter with no duplicates.

Getting Older Sayings and Quotes

The most novel one to me was their finding that the larger the sample in a given study of aging and ability such as word fluency , the larger the age differences. Having 20 people per age group produces more robust age differences than having several hundred. The answer, they believe, has to do with the realities of research and the recruitment of participants.

Another reason a researcher may show larger age effects in smaller samples is that the research assistants actually do a better job in testing when they have fewer people to test.

50 Of The Best Positive Aging Quotes I Could Find

Studies on aging can also be influenced by the belief systems held by both researchers and participants. This communicates an unconscious expectation that influences the performance of the participants. Not by a lot, perhaps, but by those precious few milliseconds that can really add up from trial to trial. Participants themselves may be influenced by what they think is true about aging and mental abilities. Furthermore, because many of them are retired, they're getting less daily stimulation which could cause some of their neurons to fire a bit more slowly than when they were more actively engaged.

And if you believe you are what you think, or that it is done unto you as you believe, then holding positive thoughts about aging is the SMART thing to do. The first half is finding out how you do it. And the second half is enjoying it. Great post, thanks for sharing! Elderly people are like plants….

I love this quote, as I work caring for 80 to year olds I see characters everyday, I love them all and they respond in love to me, a mere 60 years young. They inspire me with their wisdom and their stories. The optimism still beats in their hearts for a better world filled with peace and love. I learn so much from these precious ones… they lead the way for me to embrace the future and not fear it.

Sadly I see their candles extinguished but their memory lives on in my heart as I focus on the new one who needs my love and care. Thank you for these quotes …. Thank you again for sharing your experience…. Buck… This little quote reflects my experience with work—it has always given me joy. This is a fantastic collection of quotes, Kathy!

I will have to come back and look through them for more inspiration! We are both trying to enjoy the new life God has granted us in widowhood. Good for you for experiencing life in a vibrant, healthy and happy way. May you and your love continue far into the future.

Germans Who say Nice Things - You are not getting older, you are getting better!

I wrote a similar post a few years ago and can recognise a couple of these quotes. Not sure if I saw your post or not but many of the good ones are making the rounds. Hopefully the days ahead will bring out more and more people willing to speak proudly and boldly about the many positives of aging. I used it when I wrote the blog post about Carl Jung and his thoughts on aging. Wow Kathy — How can I choose when everything is positive? I thought Helen Mirren was pretty awesome. I need to think like all of these wise people.

I was certainly hoping everyone would be as inspired by these words as I was. Choosing one out of 50 quotes means to choose one of a precious pearl.

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Any how I have chosen this pearl of wisdom. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

I have to admit that is one of my favorites too. As long as I can continue to learn and grow I will happily live my life no matter what. Thanks for chiming in here! As I read through the quotes, I kept changing my mind as to which was my favorite. I love that they are all so positive and life-embracing. Thanks for putting them all together!

Quotes That Make You Feel Better about Getting Older | Reader's Digest

Glad you liked them. Like usual, just putting this post together helped me as much as anyone! Aging is human evolution in its pure form. And I still get sucked into advertising and buy face cream.

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