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  2. Le Rire de l'ogre
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Pourquoi l'absence du vieil homme pendant la nuit? Les Aventures d'Arthur Gordon Pym titre original en anglais: Les Papiers posthumes du Pickwick Club titre original anglais: George Gissing et G. Dans son essai de , Ten Novels and Their Authors , Somerset Maugham le cite en seconde position parmi les dix plus grands romans.

Henryk Sienkiewicz , dans son roman Quo vadis?

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Le Satyricon ou parfois: L'histoire du texte est complexe: Walden n'est ni un roman , ni une autobiographie , ni un journal naturaliste. Ne disposant pas d'une fortune personnelle, il tire l'essentiel de ses revenus de sa plume. Plus qu'un simple loisir, la peinture est pour lui un refuge dans les moments difficiles. Anne a alors treize ans environ.

Le Rire de l'ogre

La vague gothique avait pris naissance avec The Castle of Otranto de Horace Walpole , puis Vathek de l'aristocrate William Beckford , pour trouver un sommet avec les ouvrages de Mrs Radcliffe Il est surtout connu en Europe pour deux ouvrages majeurs: Kaputt et La Peau. Mais sa nature profonde est celle d'un libertin cynique et sans principes: Il publie quelques articles, sans effet majeur.

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Mais la rumeur enfle. Il est principalement connu pour ses romans Le Hobbit et Le Seigneur des anneaux. Il prend sa retraite en Les Monstres et les Critiques La Famille Flopsaut titre original en anglais: First, a little history of this book and how it found in my hands. I found this book lying around the corner of Booksale A Philippine used book store for 45 pesos 1. I liked translated books to English; the wealth and beauty of the narrative is a big draw for me.

Plus, some of the First, a little history of this book and how it found in my hands. I read the book while riding the MRT, read during my free times in the office, and pretty much, I had little sleep more like 4 hours, finishing the book 24 hours after I bought it. Peju had me in a spell. The book is cut in 2 parts. The first one flits between a summer vacation of a 17 year old lad in a quaint German village in , and a campaign in Ukraine where 2 young men at the height of their careers are forced to do atrocities of unspeakable kind to the Jews in Paul Malbreau meets Clara Lafontaine in this quaint village of Kehlstein while spending his summer vacation.

In between the chapters, alternating, the spot shares the history between Moritz, a German lieutenant who had succumbed to the ills of the German Nazi campaign in Ukraine and Arthur Lafontaine, the young doctor who has to save his ass off by shedding off sympathy rather than risk being killed. War ills have seeped into their lives, forcing Moritz to go insane after his return to Kehlstein and Arthur, which had grown distant from his family leaving to tend for his roses.

In the second part of the book, Paul becomes a successful sculptor, marries off a girl and rears children, while Clara becomes a successful war photographer. While their lives entwine, they never end up with each other, and instead, their lives lead to revelations, growing older, wiser, yet knowing the cycle that they had before them. For some odd reason, the sins of the father, as the blurb of the book is never fully eked out, and what remains were the infrequent presence of Clara. As I closed the last pages of the book, I feel a sigh of relief, sorrow, and wonder at such an existential prose.

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The translation, I could say, is brilliant, and the transition to old age went well. And, in the original hardcover, why is the model holding a Nikon, when it was clear that the only known make for the Camera that Clara held was an Agfa Movex? And yet this book is essentially about Paul, and the crossings of his life with Clara over the years.

Clara is a mystery, appearing when she wants to, and disappearing from Paul's life at whim. Paul is French, the son of a resistance fighter who survives the war only to die in mysterious circumstances, and Clara, the daughter of a German doctor who has tried to live with the memories of the atrocities he witnessed during the war.

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  5. Both children have been surrounded by their parents' Clara's Tale. Both children have been surrounded by their parents' past involvement with the war, and carry the weight of their parents' grief.

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    Translated from the French, the prose is beautiful, on every level this book was a 5 star book for me. I do not know what happened to me after reading this. It's as if a part of me becomes nothing but air.

    And it is true that no matter what we do, the past haunts us, even those who do not witness it. What a beautiful tale! Jacqueline rated it really liked it Apr 01, Fede rated it liked it Jan 17, Ellen rated it liked it Feb 18, Sam rated it really liked it Apr 24, Grial rated it liked it Sep 06, Camille rated it liked it Mar 14, Elohello rated it liked it Jan 03,