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A Dream in Polar Fog by Yuri Rytkheu | Quarterly Conversation

It was when the white men started coming to our shores, they took to robbing even the dead. First, the matter-of-fact tone about returning from the afterlife to use the sled is spot-on, as though they understand a dead tribesman as a naughty boy is eager to rejoin life on earth unless they take the necessary steps. Then sentiment itself does not tell us much about Orvo, but it cuts very deep to the spirit of the Chukchi people.

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Here, Rytkheu describes a nascent winter ice field threatening a ship. There appeared on the horizon a harmless-looking white stripe—the most terrifying sight in the whole of the Arctic Ocean. For three days they ran, and the ice field relentlessly followed, always gaining.

A Dream in Polar Fog by Yuri Rytkheu

But by morning, as soon as pale dawn rose over them, the ice shone more brightly than morning light, and the sailors, standing around in despairing silence, could hear the grind and crackle of the ice floes. In my interview with Dalkey Archive director Chad Post, he said that even though it sounds cliched, one of the most important things about reading works in translation is to be able to interact with a culture foreign from your own. A Dream In Polar Fog provides an ideal space for this interaction, stringing interesting episodes in the life of John MacLennan together via an apt portrayal of the Chukchi people.

Forster Over and Under. A seething, underground mine fir Horses places Western readers in a familiar literary landscape. It is the territory of W.

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Coetzee in the Promised Land The novel Promised Land might have been the first "alternate future" book of post-aparthei One emerges from the novel and its sudden, jarring, most unusual but spot-on ending dazed, dazzled, snow-blind. Yuri Rytkheu is a world-class writer. Part lyrical ethnography, part uncanny adventure movie, part historical saga, part spectral tone poem, this novel miraculously brings Siberia to the center of our lives.

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About A Dream in Polar Fog A Dream in Polar Fog is at once a cross-cultural journey, an ethnographic chronicle of the people of Chukotka, and a politically and emotionally charged adventure story. Also by Yuri Rytkheu. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Praise Kiriyama Prize Notable Book For Thousands of books have been written about the Arctic aborigines by intruders from the south. Looking for More Great Reads?


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