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Should I pay a subscription fee to always have free shipping? No, you will enjoy unlimited free shipping whenever you meet the above order value threshold. Be the first to rate this product Rate this product: They didn't want to go in the first place but when they realized there was a cute guy, they both decided that they wanted to go.

Then, Sarah realized that she was being used for her insider status. Will Chace keep company? I say it is a very good book. I think my fa The book, Camp Confidential: I think my favorite character would be Sarah because she acts a lot like a person I know. I like the part when everybody started talking about the cute guy because those are how teens act. I am very glad I chose this book to read because it was one of my favorite books.

I think I could name at least ten people that I know would want to read it but out of those ten, I think I would choose my friend, Madyson. I would choose her because we usually have the same taste in books and she has read a book just like mine which is also from the same author. I think the book is called Camp confidential: I would also recommend it to my other friend, Kamiyah because she reads a lot of stuff that have fashion and drama in it.

I am very glad I chose this book. Dec 06, Karrin rated it it was ok Shelves: I thought this was an exeptional book. An enjoyable book to read, but it's not something I couldn't put down. May 12, Corrise rated it really liked it. Margaret Lyon rated it it was ok Jul 19, Unknown rated it it was amazing Dec 27, Ninja rated it really liked it Jul 01, Amy rated it really liked it Oct 14, Gabby Hillary rated it really liked it Nov 30, Millie rated it really liked it May 29, Maddie rated it it was ok Mar 22, Trevor - He used to date Alyssa.

He didn't go to Walla Walla, and wasn't heard from or seen in the book after that. Blake - He appears stuck-up at first. Blake's uncle is Dr. Steve, the director of the camp. The more the series progresses, he seems to be an honest friend. He is also a prankster who makes Jenna think they might be able to make friends, but like Jenna he can drag pranks and prank wars too far. He didn't go to Walla Walla, and was not heard from or seen again. David - He appears to be annoying, but he is sweet, daring, and funny.

He has two crushes, Jenna and Sarah; he first goes out with Sarah before realizing he likes Jenna. He is actually Jenna's first crush. He later realizes he likes Sarah and gets back with her at Camp Walla Walla. Jordan - He is Priya's best friend and is dating Brynn. He later breaks up with her but then they get back together. He has a hard time focusing in school. He appears disgusting around the guys and Priya , and picky with his food, but he is loving and funny. Spence - He is known as the flirt.

He wears glasses and has blue eyes. He has a crush on Priya, Chelsea, and Grace. Takes Grace to social in book Logan - Dated Natalie. In the 19th book, they get together again but then break up because of the long distance.

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They get back together though in book Donovan - In the 19th book, he takes Spence's place as the flirt. Every single girl at Camp Lakeview is in love with him, especially the girls in 6B. Tori states that she is "off the market" because of Michael. At the end of the book, Donovan asks Candace to the Midsummer's Dance with him, and Candace says no because she doesn't want a boyfriend, and she said if she won the boating race she wouldn't go. Gaby willingly asks Donovan to the dance right after and he says yes.

Finally, in mid-dance, Donovan takes Gaby to the woods and kisses her on the lips; and even a French kiss. Reed - He and Natalie go out, and he comes to Walla Walla with her, but apparently likes pampering himself more than Natalie and he was flirting with Brynn, which is why Natalie broke up with him. In the middle of camp at Walla Walla, he can't handle it, so he goes home.

Miles -He is part Inuit and falls for Sloan in book He helped her to organize the Green Festival. Connor -Meets Chelsea at Walla Walla and develops a crush on her which leads to a relationship. Peter Chace -He is Avery's twin brother and is into acting.


In book 22 he pretended to like Sarah because he wanted to get connections but failed since that was the lie that Sarah told everybody at camp. In book 25, he is forced to go to the Walla Walla reunion and dress as a cheerleader and the girls as the football players. Natalie coaches the cheerleaders and when Natalie finds out that Peter is here, things get slightly out of hand. She was still angry at him for hurting Sarah. Into the book, Peter finds out that he has feelings for Nat and she gives him another chance. They get together after. Julie counselor - She is the counselor for 3C in the first summer.

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She acts very peppy. She is very responsible for the girls and she challenges the girls to new limits. She is also very girly and bonds with Natalie in the first summer and helps Jenna overcome her fear of diving. She is Stephanie's best friend and also works in the mess hall. She apparently gives great advice. Nate counselor - He is the counselor for 3F in the first summer. He is trendy but not a "push-over" even though he lets some things go. Pete counselor mess hall staff - He was a camp counselor until the first summer when he changed to the food staff.

He's one of the most popular staff. The final summer at Lakeview though, Pete hadn't appeared. LJ mess hall staff - He is a funny kitchen worker. He said that he would reveal what his initials stand for at the final banquet.

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Steve camp director - He is nice and has many great ideas for the camp. He dresses very tacky sometimes and can be strict when it comes to pranks. Alex and Jenna nicknamed him Dr. Flutterbug because he tends to blink a lot and twitch while making speeches. Belle counselor - She is the girls' counselor in the third summer.

She does Tae Kwon Doe and the girls think she's a vampire at first.

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She is said to be a camper the summer before. Andie counselor - A bubbly counselor in the second summer who surprisingly supports the rivalry between bunks. She is new to Camp Lakeview and it is said that the summer before she worked at a camp in upstate New York. The counselor for Bunk 4A. She is the CIT for Andie. She also has a twin sister who was in Australia at the time. Tyler swim instructor - He is stated one of the hottest guys at camp; even Jenna admits it.

Stephanie and Tyler seem to like each other, even though Jenna played an embarrassing prank on her. He's sweet and fun. Roseanne nature counselor - Very active and always thinking up new activities for the campers to do. Mandy counselor - She is the counselor in the sixth division. She does not believe in magic until the end of book Nate counselor - He is 3F's counselor.

He always disapproves of Jenna's pranks on Adam and the rest of his bunk. Brian sports counselor - He is in charge of sports. He came from Australia and has a thick Australian accent. It is important to him that everyone has a good time. He tried hard to get Natalie to participate more, but she still wasn't interested. Keith newspaper specialist - He worked on a small computer magazine published in New Jersey but has never worked on an actual newspaper.

Beth swim instructor - She is always coming up with new ways to convince Natalie how to get in the water.

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They do not work, but Nat gives her an A for effort. She is the counselor for 3c's rival bunk in the first summer. Stephanie is a CIT with her. Hannah - NYC, fashion opposed girly-girl. Her mom is an African ambassador. Nat's home best friend. She might be like Natalie, but sometimes she feels like Natalie is growing up way faster than her. In one book Hannah meets Nat's friends and doesn't like them. Nicole - Jenna's best friend. Kallista Goldman - Tori's best friend. Her father is a famous director in Hollywood. She was with Tori when she met Michael.

LaToya - Valerie's stepsister, she tries to keep Valerie from doing her best in dance but even though she's mean she might have been the one who pushed Valerie into dance. Kyle - He is a boy who is from Natalie's school. He was crushing on Natalie and he was jealous of Simon. He has a kind personality but can get too carried away.

He told everyone Natalie and him were a couple, just because they hung out once when skating in Central Park , which Natalie is very used to doing. Max - He is Candace's brother and only appears in book